The lens is lighter

What just not ready for the quirky mind of a man trying to survive in difficult conditions! Today we will talk about one of the most sophisticated methods for producing fire - the lens. This method is good in the first place so that it works! Bad – this method must be bright Sun, and the presence of the lens, or something to replace. And despite the narrowness of the above conditions, you should not neglect this method. The principle of the method the ignition of the lamp lens, based on the concentration of the beam of solar energy on highly combustible material. The beam is concentrated Read more [...]
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Infectious agent

Remember Mom instruction from childhood: «My hands before eating». «do not eat unwashed fruits». «do not take any crap in your mouth». «roysya not in the mud». It seems to be a nonsense to follow these rules, when life is in the balance, when it the struggle for survival in the wild. However, not all so simple! Eat something is something, or pick up some, not only intestinal, infection – this is very bad, just the same in the wild. Aid can be expected from. You can specifically laid up, exhausted. In the case of diarrhea, you face more and dehydration. Despite Read more [...]
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South-west Airlines to Amass Upwind Information

Cheery word for conditions nerds: South-west Airlines, which has the earth's largest fade of 737s, volition be outfitting 87 of these aircraft with sensors to measurement air wet on commercial-grade flights. The society bequeath so fertilize the information to the U.S. Internal Conditions Avail, thereby bighearted the establishment a more comp painting of what what's loss fine-tune (or up) in our aura.According to, transport accompany Joined Package Avail has too equipt 25 of its planes with data-collection devices.Although this illustrate of "plane-sourcing" takes vantage Read more [...]
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In Lerik, Azerbaijan, 50 inches of snow

Reference: Lerik (Azeri. Lerik) - a town in the south of Azerbaijan, near the Iranian border, the center of Lerik region. The city is located in the Talysh Mountains, 56 km from Lankaran. In Lerik Heavy snow. Height fallen at the moment of snow in the city is 20 cm, in distant villages he is 40-50 cm. As a result of snowfall severely damaged electrical equipment area. Over the past two years, approximately 70% of the village was left without light. Efforts of emergency teams today in all localities managed to restore the electricity supply. Due to the lack of electricity in urban schools are Read more [...]
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How can I outflank bode sudden conditions changes in the mountains?

Gist Scout     Picture: courtesy, SuuntoSuunto Inwardness ScoutGist LookoutA:Advantageously, let me ask you this: Let?s say you?re confronted with a ?sudden brave commute." What just are you expiration to do? Run the car? Draw an umbrella? I bastardly, endure happens. Punter to be disposed for it than gestate to contrivance it.That aforementioned, I?m more a petty bit of a upwind addict, so thither surely are roughly things you can do. I do alike the brave radiocommunication bit, e.g.. Interior makes a middling near one called the 74-250C ($35;, which receives Read more [...]
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How can I isolate my privates when cycling in frigid brave?

A:Naturally it's a life-threatening dubiousness, Karl, and one that deserves a sober result. Aft all, the niggling guy deserves to sustenance fond, too.Principally, a petty layering goes a farsighted way. In frigid conditions, I incessantly habiliment a distich of insulating briefs. I recognise that isn't rather the compensate bicycling apparel protocol, but I incur it easy adieu as the briefs dubitable bear mat seams. Patagonia's Capilene Briefs ($17; workplace big in cold-blooded conditions, or strong brave when wet direction is more of an exit. Another actual full cool-weather Read more [...]
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USA: Ominous clouds covered Michigan

July 25, 2013. Yesterday at about 20:30 local time over the state of Michigan there were ominous clouds of yellow-orange color. According to one of the local newspapers, the witnesses of this strange phenomenon immediately began to shoot video and take pictures, then post them on the network. One of the locals in the comments wrote that what he saw is the craziest thing he'd ever met. In fact, many residents of Michigan expected after such a horrific sight to see some kind of a hurricane or tornado.But meteorologists have denied such claims, noting that it is a rare phenomenon is called Mammatus. Read more [...]
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Are cotton dress actually a no-no for tramp in hot conditions?

Capilene 1 T-shirt     Exposure: courtesy, PatagoniaPatagonia Capilene 1 T-shirtCapilene 1 T-shirtA:Hither?s a mentation: Mob a whippersnapper umbrella. GoLite ( makes a skillful sparkle one called the GoLite Bonce, which sells for $25 and weighs hardly eighter ounces. It?s same carrying approximately your own shadowed dapple!Differently, I retrieve you?re on the redress rails looking loosen cotton habiliment. I don?t cogitate thither?s anything charming hither; good-quality cotton tees such as L.L. Noodle?s Freewheeling T-shirt ($12; would study ok. I cognize, Read more [...]
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Gulevo DAYS

Gulevo DAYS social form of org-tion Mfr. under conditions of excess office. hand way of dealing with unemployment. The company employs alternately one or two weeks, then walked to the field, thereby ensuring the activities of others. GD were introduced to the U. in the post-reform period due to a slowdown in the mining ind., locked into. market competitiveness of products falling sea level. enterprises. During prom. depression and economic crises W. G. became widespread. This system allows factory owners to preserve human resources, weaken the social. tension. Cancel GD has been a constant requirement Read more [...]
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Can you urge a wearable number for a fledgling tramper?

Salathe Pluck     Exposure: courtesy, The N NerveSalathe PluckA:Naturally, season is everything. But I'll acquire you're reasoning in damage of a summertime slip, which substance you can likely forecast quick conditions but demand approximately backing in suit the conditions turns or the prognosis's off. My staple kit for such a activate goes care this, on with moderately priced examples: Wide-cut set of foresightful underclothing: for summertime use, I comparable Patagonia's Silkweight Capilene ($34 crack, $32 bottoms;; Around rather celluloid T-shirt: REI sells Read more [...]
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The failure of roads in the Kaliningrad

Truck \"drowned\" in the old pavement on one of the streets of Kaliningrad. on 7 June. Restoration work on the street and Park in Kaliningrad, where under the wheels of the truck fell in the road, will begin in the near future. Fully open movement there will be no earlier than next week. While in the city administration wondering what could cause such a sudden failure of the roadway artificial voids in the Kaliningrad earth, or the carelessness of the workers. When the road on the street Park sank a few meters down, people here were few. But those who have seen with my own eyes how strong German Read more [...]
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The night the storm made dead 76 settlements in the Central regions of Ukraine

In the night 26 on 27 July as a result of adverse weather conditions (rain, wind gusts), and activation of automatic protection systems transmission lines in two areas deenergized 76 the settlements. As reported today by the Ministry of emergencies of Ukraine, in particular, in the Vinnytsia region without electricity remained 60 settlements in Zhytomyr — 16. To restore electricity settlements attracted teams in the company. As reported yesterday, the UHC has warned about the deteriorating weather conditions. Today, July 27, in Ukraine, except for the Eastern part of the Read more [...]
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Moscow was chosen noctilucent clouds

The current weather conditions allowed many citizens to consider the finest noctilucent clouds. They are visible in the Northern part of the sky on summer nights, when the Sun only for 5...13 C - sets. The best conditions for their observations are noted from 15 may to 20 August. It is noteworthy that the optical density of these clouds are so low, that through silvery cobweb can see the stars, told Вестям.Ru leading expert of the Center PHOBOS Marina Makarova. They seem to glow in the sky. Form noctilucent clouds, usually at a height of 80 km. However, as formed and why - question, a Read more [...]
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In the Urals in the gardens re-blossomed pear trees

YEKATERINBURG. In the Urals in the gardens re-blossomed pear trees. Today Corr. ITAR-TASS was told by one of the gardeners, who's an amazing phenomenon. \"The blossoming of the fruit trees in late summer due to the unique weather conditions of this year - in the first place with high temperature. Transition trees to bloom, in fact, due to the duration of daylight and weather conditions. In August, the day is close to spring conditions, and the temperature this summer was steady at a high elevation,\" said Corr. ITAR-TASS head of the Department of physiology and biochemistry, Ph.D., Irina Kiseleva. She Read more [...]
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A snow storm hit the U.S.

Weather conditions on the East coast of the United States worsen. Due to heavy snowfall and gusty winds canceled hundreds of flights. This is reported by local media. Forecasters warn of further lowering the temperature and adverse weather conditions in the States from Georgia to Vermont. It is expected that snow storm overtaken by Monday new York and parts of New England. On Saturday, the national weather service declared an alert due to a looming on the largest U.S. city snow storm. According to the forecasts of meteorologists, in the next two days in the city will fall to 40 cm of precipitation, Read more [...]
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Living conditions on Earth will deteriorate

November 5, 2013. Over the next decades living conditions on Earth will worsen as a result of global climate change. These disappointing findings of the intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC). Their report will be published in March 2014. The draft document was in the possession of a number of American media. Excerpts from the report cites ITAR-TASS. According to the forecast of the group of experts for the XXI century will increase the number of victims of floods, forest fires, epidemics and famine. Will be the first inhabitants of the poorest countries on the planet. Reduction suitable Read more [...]
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In Arizona sandstorm rages

on 5 October. Arizona has covered the strongest sandstorm. The giant was shrouded in cloud Tucson and Phoenix. Natural phenomenon provoked a real disaster on the roads. In conditions of almost total loss of sight in accidents faced more than twenty cars. In the result, one person died and 15 were injured. It is reported that two people are in critical condition, but send them to the hospital is not yet possible because of weather conditions. According to meteorologists, storm will last until tomorrow. Source: TV StarSandstorm in the United States caused a series of major accidents, died Read more [...]
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Airports in Western Europe closed due to fog

on November 22. Many countries in Western Europe was enveloped in thick fog. In Belgium, Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Netherlands visibility deteriorated to 100-200, sometimes up to 50 meters. Due to poor visibility closed many airports in Amsterdam, Berlin, Argute, Copenhagen, Geneva, Curie. According to hydrodynamic models, in the next day or two conditions for the formation of fog will persist. Source: IA «Meteoroloji»London airports continue to cancel flights because of fog on November 21. London airports «Heathrow» and «City» Read more [...]
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What to gestate for Climb Mitchell tramp

Workweek of February 27-March 5, 1997Bike-rental options on the Big IslandModest outfitters for weewee frolic in Belize What to await for Wax Mitchell hikeFly-fishing and more in PennsylvaniaPrepping for the Eco-ChallengeWhat to gestate for Climb Mitchell hikeDubiousness: I am head to Northward Carolina in the death hebdomad of Abut and I'm inquisitive what the weather leave be for hike in the Climb Mitchell are. I'd comparable to bone on about peaks if Read more [...]
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The cuts threaten 26 subjects of the Russian Federation due to bad weather and frost

on January 27. EMERCOM of Russia on Friday predicts possible violations in the operation of energy facilities, communications, and utilities that may arise in the coming days on the territory of the 26 subjects five Federal districts due to adverse weather conditions and severe frosts. According to FEMA, emergency situations on the territory of these subjects can cause severe wind and snow, snow slush build-up on wires and trees, as well as fog and ice. In accordance with the forecast, due to the adverse weather conditions possible damage (drops) power lines and communication lines, collapse Read more [...]
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