On Rybinka year round

Photo: Sergei Kolesnikov Rybinsk reservoir is so well known to fishermen and hunters Moscow, Yaroslavl and Tver region, do not still requires some words of praise this place. Beauty and variety shores attract not only fishermen, but and the lovers of the good and a relaxing holiday on Nature near water. Traditionally, fishermen and hunters and found are currently not very comfortable night in Coastal settlements. AT last several years successfully and relatively quickly evolving service, embodied in many Read more [...]
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Keuring in Russian

Kerung - is a comprehensive testing of breeding animals that have reached the required age for use in breeding.Photo by Anton Zhuravkova Of course, nostalgia for old times unproductive business, but still…...I remember once in four years, the total collected report-election meeting of the members of the section huskies.The hall was usually full. The bureau was re-elected, and members of the Bureau elected chairman of the section, from the Bureau formed sectors: breeding, field, orgmassovy…After the April city broods, each district was conducted the exhibition of hunting Read more [...]
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How are we going to spend the SCM?

November 14, 2014 order was issued FGBI "Tsentrohotkontrol" on the approval of a new, improved method of winter route accounting. Photo Paul Williams www.IronAmmonitePhotography.com The technique has been controversial in among hunters and hunting users. On a meeting of the Public Council under the Department of Protection, Control and regulate the use of wildlife for Vologda region technique has been subjected to scrutiny.What are the notes and suggestions on procedure were made — from such a question addressed to the editors Chairman Read more [...]
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Problems SCM more …

At the Council for Game and Hunting Ministry of Natural Resources, which was held on October 15, employees of the State Organization "Tsentrohotkontrol" was proposed to discuss the new version of the guidelines for the winter route accounting of game animals, so to speak, in the light option, given the numerous comments and suggestions hunting users in recent years. For example, it is proposed to reduce the number of routes and their length, renounce the use of GPS devices and others.Photo by Ilya Lipin Council members were asked to carefully examine these proposals and give their Read more [...]
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Special services type a surveillance dissatisfied with the authorities on the web

This year, the Federal protection service (FSO) will conduct daily monitoring of publications of all Russian bloggers in social media on the subject of their case to the political situation in the country. The way the authorities will try to listen to the desire of their own people and to look at existing obstacles sober eyes. The gag.In fact, the security forces will create a special database bad minded people who have their own Internet resources publications opposition direction. With all of this, representatives of the SSF want to look not only for a reputable bloggers, under control will also Read more [...]
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The total collection in Rostov on Don.

Appeared possible of the total harvest in Rostov on the territory of the former tubazy in midsummer. I would like to know about the number of those wishing to … then I will definitely talk to my superiors. collection of 3-5 days with holding forumof on interesting topics, as well as familiarization with equipment razlichnvh survivalist tasting food brought with them, master classes for working with machetes, familiarization with different types of training to bp

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Quest game Secret of the third planet

Time - 29 -30 September 2012.Venue: Nut station, Priozersky direction DWS. 30-40 minutes from the station on foot. Program activities: 1) Quest game "Blue Seagull" - Orthodox Youth Club "The Seagull"; 2) guests turslet - Orthodox Cossack youth - will present to your attention the game and master classes devoted to the Cossack culture; 3) guests turslet - Survival School "Bear" - appears to your attention the tour band and active games. 4) Large traditional bonfire; 5) Sunday morning Ivan Novikov and his aides in the movement "Life Energy" hold invigorating morning exercises; 6) sports outdoors.Conditions Read more [...]
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The number of radiation facilities in the suburbs grew by almost a third

The number of radiation facilities located on the territory of Moscow region, in the last five years has increased by almost a third — to 894 of materials posted Tuesday on the website of Rospotrebnadzor, Moscow region. According to the presented data, in 2005 in the suburbs, there were 697 radiation of interest, including 111 — industrial enterprises, 442 — medical roentgenology and radiology, 37 — scientific and educational institutions. In 2009, the number of such facilities has increased by 28% and reached 894, including 169 — industrial Read more [...]
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Features of the organization of tourism in children’s groups

General management of tourism activities among school children is carried out by Public Education - Ministry of Education of the USSR and the Union republics and Divisions Public Education. Direct guidance tourism held central, republican, territorial, regional, and where they are, the city children's tourist sightseeing stations. In towns and districts where there is no DTES, guidance assigned to one of the inspectors of departments of education. Schools that work in coordination with the Director of the Department of Public Education instructs teachers enthusiast with expertise in campaigns, Read more [...]
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Mahimahi Collides with Aussie Surfboarder

Skateboarders forever bear to concern almost collisions with dealings, but surfers let cipher to veneration, rectify? Alas, one Aussie surfboarder knowing the reply to this enquiry the arduous way. As ABC.net.au reports, a dolphinfish collided with 27-year-old surfboarder Jolly Wolfson—with a force-out tantamount to existence hit by a cycle.On Monday, Wolfson went with friends south Seashore of Australian submit New S Wales to observe his birthday at the beach. Wolfson is a muscleman, but eve he stood no bump when a pod of dolphins swam done the urine. One of the sea creatures knocked Wolfson Read more [...]
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