Nutromer measuring choke and the transition cone

Many rooms "horns" drew attention to the need for hunters to know chokes and characterization of the transition cone of his gun. It is especially recommended to those who own equips cartridges for optimum results on various types of hunting. Recommended in the hunting literature "classic" method of using paraffin embedding and subsequent metering blanks is not always convenient.I propose, it seems to me, a simple and affordable way.To measure the caliper is made of two identical shaped plates as shown in Fig. To avoid scratching the barrel plate is better to make a soft metal or plastic (for me Read more [...]
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survival greenish pharmacy

PLANT ESTROGEN TYPE Acts: the HOPS.In the end many years of research, scientists were able to establish that in hop cones contain a bitter substance, alkaloid Humulin, kheledula and valeric acids, sugars, gums, resins, wax, essential oil, which comes more dukaten component. Many of them not deciphered to this day. In recent years, in cones found some drugs and hormones. Often doctors advise to use the infusion of hops to stimulate the appetite and improve digestion with catarrh of the stomach, also as a diuretic and antivectoriales tools for diseases of the gallbladder, liver and kidneys.Hop cones Read more [...]
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In the Valley of geysers found strong temperature anomaly

New outputs steam-jets volcanologists opened in the upper reaches of Clear Creek. A \"tip\" them scientists gave an infrared shot of the volcano kikhpinych showed strong temperature anomaly in this area. Active volcano kikhpinych, actually, and feeds the thermal areas of the Valley only in Eurasia geyser field is located on the South-Western slope.— Thermal survey on Savich cone volcano kikhpinych showed a significant expansion of terminali and warm lava. Changed and riverine part of the Valley, after the landslide part of major sources was washed or destroyed, but there are also new. Read more [...]
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For tourist: Morchella conical

Grows throughout the forest zone of the country, often in the pine forests, rarely mixed, in the midst of shrubs. Morels avoid dense turf, but because you need to find them along the forest paths, garyam have vyvorochennye trees near old willows, birches shabby, on the sandy cliffs on the southern slopes of steep ravines. Fruiting from April to May, and June occasionally; very earliest mushrooms. Hat narrow, conical, rarely ovate, fused with the stalk is hollow inside, the color brown, gray-yellow-brown, dark brown, yellow-red and other similar colors, length 3-10 cm, width 2-5 cm Leg longish, Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Unhook conical

Unhooked for ice fishing, consisting of 2-tin conical cages. Outer yoke is formed as a hollow truncated cone having a longitudinal through slit width of 3.4 mm. Inner ring, a languid, which is filled with lead, tin or solder, and has a frustoconical shape which is made in the longitudinal propyl width and a depth of 4.3 to 10 mm. In the upper base of the inner cone of wire soldered semicircle , which is attached to the cord. In the center of the side surface of the through-hole diameter of a few millimeters under the pin - to prevent inadvertent loss of cargo holder.Method of implementation:rotating, Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: fly line

We all fly line from the 1960s usually indicated on the box of their weight. This weight corresponds to the actual weight of the fly line, measured in grams. Excellent that the producers took the universal standard measure for measuring fly line. This standard measurement lists weight fly line to a numbered scale, which contains the division from 1 to 14. The lower the number, the easier it will lead. But determine only the first 30 feet. Weight fly line excludes at least some narrowing that can endure cord. So makarom if cord torpedo (WF), then the measurement starts at the first Read more [...]
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In five provinces of Ecuador introduced a state of emergency

March 8. The government of Ecuador declared a state of emergency in connection with the disaster in five coastal provinces most affected by rains and floods: Manabí, Los ríos, Guayas, El Oro and Loja. President Rafael Correa ordered the Finance Ministry to allocate the necessary funds to ensure the provision of all the necessary population of the affected provinces.Most of this winter has suffered the province of Manabí, where is registered the most problems, especially in the cantons of Portoviejo, Cone, Hopehope, Santa Ana, Tosagua, manta. In Portoviejo, for example, some streets are Read more [...]
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Lunar Eclipse — 28/11/12

The lunar eclipse of November 28, 2012 - penumbral lunar eclipse. Moon in Taurus. Moonrise - 16:03. Moon Set - 8:08. Penumbral lunar eclipse - around the shadow cone of the Earth there is a region of space in which the Earth is only partially obscures the Sun (penumbra). If the Moon is the penumbra region, but not in the shadow penumbral eclipse occurs. When it decreases the brightness of the moon, but only slightly, the decrease is almost imperceptible to the naked eye and recorded only devices. Only when the Moon passes near the penumbral eclipse cone full shade, under a clear sky, you can Read more [...]
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Lava lake formed by volcanoes in Kamchatka Tolbachik

The crater of a small cone on the side of a volcano in Kamchatka Flat Tolbachik formed lava lake. Saw him volcanologists who flew over the erupting giant, reported in the village of Volcano Observatory Keys.While continuing emission of lava at the surface. Fountains of hot material reaches a height of 100 meters. In addition, the lava flows from the lake into a kind of river flowing from the cone to the east. Height of sides flow places reaches 15 meters and more."Also circled showed that for the month Tolbachik formed a large crack, a length of approximately 5 km. During the flight, volcanologists Read more [...]
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MOE and witnesses argued, exploded a cone erupting volcano in Kamchatka Flat Tolbachik

Kamchatka volcano eruption Flat Tolbachik passes without "extraordinary" event, assure the MOE, despite eyewitness of the strong explosion at the time of the eruption. "The explosion occurred at around cone two am on December 16," - said Tuesday the site KGBU "Nature Park" Volcanoes of Kamchatka ". Meanwhile, in the emergency department of the Kamchatka Territory and the Institute of Volcanology and Seismology, Far Eastern Branch of RAS assured Itar-Tass that the eruption is in the "old regime." However, a group of employees of natural park, believed Read more [...]
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In the Valley of Geysers found strong temperature anomaly

New outlets opened volcanologists steam jets in the upper reaches of the stream transparent. "Pickup" they gave scientists infrared photography Kikhpinych volcano, which showed a strong temperature anomaly in this area. Kikhpinych active volcano, in fact, feeds the thermal fields of the Valley - the only geyser field in Eurasia is at its south-western slope.- Heat shooting on the cone of the volcano Kikhpinych Savitch showed significant expansion termoanomaly and heating lava. Changed and the riverine part of the Valley, after the landslide of the major sources was zamyto or destroyed, Read more [...]
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On the cone — the bomb

Before the New Earth we walked for two days, and once in the black lip. I found it a bit of a lake: five kilometers in circumference, on all sides of a hill, and from the sea a narrow entrance. Entered. On the right bank, about 150 meters from the water tower saw a truncated cone tower was painted with red lead into the red. In the cone towers, we were told, was the atomic bomb. In most Bay, approximately 500 to 1000 meters from the tower, the moorings were already towing ships - and submarines, minesweepers. And on the shore - military equipment - tanks, armored vehicles, guns, planes and Read more [...]
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Explosion of Krakatoa

Another giant disaster occurred in the Sunda archipelago in 1883: Volcano exploded Krakatau. Before the eruption it was a small archipelago of islands, the largest of which was the size of Krakatoa 9x5 km. It consisted of three conjoined craters: Rakata (800 m) - in the south, Dana (450 m) - in the center, Perbuatan (120 m) - in the northern part of the island. North-west there was another, smaller island, known Ferleyten (Desert), and to the east island Lang (Long) and a few very small islands. The entire archipelago to be remnants of a volcano a height of about two thousand meters, which was Read more [...]
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Natural consequence

How many wrote that it was not the Soviet Union inevitable decay, that the collapse of the country took place exclusively in & #8209, For the machinations of the West, of the U.S. intelligence. Just say - there were CIA operations and policies to collapse ... But there were also internal reasons. Without them, no infection, and would never have stuck to a healthy body. Disease had two: 1) irresponsible leadership and USSR in general, and the "republic." These people wanted to "grabbing", like power in the new "independent states" and not think about anything Read more [...]
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The left ventricle

The left ventricle (Ventriculus sinister) has a cavity in the form of a channel at the top and narrow at the base of advanced heart. The outer boundary of the left ventricle is at the base of the heart through the coronary sulcus, front and back along the longitudinal interventricular sulcus. Ventricle communicates with the atrium of atrioventricular orifice (ostium atrioventriculare sinistrum), where there is a mitral valve (valva atrioventricularis sinistra), consisting of two wings: the front and rear. Accordingly, the leaflets on the inner surface are ventricular papillary muscles. From Read more [...]
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Toxic shellfish

Under normal conditions, almost all shellfish that inhabit the seas and oceans, are edible. However, in some cases, some of them are dangerous to humans. This strange transformation - the result of a bacterial infection or shellfish due to the fact that eating toxic dinoflagellates, they become toxic properties. These mollusks are cockles (Cardium edule), donaks (Donax ser-ra), spizula (Spisula solidissima), blue shell (Schizothaerus nuttalli), Mia (Mya arenaria), the California mussel (Myti-lus californianus), the edible mussel (Mu -tilus edulis), volsella (Volsella modiolus) and dr.Otravlenie Read more [...]
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