Hunting Conference at VVC

The International exhibition "Hunting and fishing in Russia" February 26, 2014 held an organizational conference "Hunter, hunting and hunting in the realities of modern Russia." It will take place at the All-Russia Exhibition Center (VVC), Pavilion 75 Conference Hall (Moscow, Prospect Mira, d.119, Metro ENEA). The conference begins: 11.00; Registration of participants from 10.00.The organizer of the conference on the state of hunting Russian and preserving the traditions of Russian hunting acted as a social movement «Russian Hunting Union» with the support of the initiative group to Read more [...]
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Fish processing tends to consolidation

Yuri Alasheev, Chairman «Fisheries Union»February 1 in Moscow, in the Pavilion «Fishery» VVC held a landmark event for the industry – The first All-Russian Conference of fish processing plants. The scope and status of the event is the best evidence of the changes taking place in the fish market of our country. Following the processing of the fishery tends to get rid of labels «gray area» and «Black Box»Become more transparent both for the authorities and for the average consumer, to establish certain standards and be able to influence decisions Read more [...]
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Newsletter — invitation

Russian State Agrarian University - Moscow Agricultural Academy named after KA Timiryazeva All-Russian Research Institute of hunting and farming behalf of prof. BM Zhitkova Moscow City Society of Hunters and FishermenState Darwin MuseumCompartment «Nature Protection and Biodiversity» Russian Academy of Natural Sciencesconducted 14-15 February 2013 5-th International scientific-practical conference«Preserving the diversity of animals and Russian hunting»The main objective of the conference – discuss current issues, trends and methods of preserving the diversity and Read more [...]
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Washington Outflank Land for Cyclists

Washington is the scoop posit for rockers, piece Northwards Dakota is the least cycle-friendly, according to the Conference of American Bicyclists' one-year higher-ranking. The Conference graded all 50 states in five-spot categories: legislating and enforcement; policies and programs; base and support; didactics and boost; and rating and provision. Colorado likewise introduce a famed screening this twelvemonth, jump from quaternary to endorsement berth. "An crucial contribution of devising Colorado the healthiest province is supporting mass to be more alive in their workaday Read more [...]
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ESPN Pressured Out of NFL Infotainment

Subsequently climax below insistency from the Interior Football Conference, ESPN has pulled out of an investigatory undertaking centered on brain injuries with "Frontline," The New York Multiplication reports. Both ESPN and the N.F.L let denied the reports."Frontline" and ESPN, which pays the N.F.L more a $1 trillion a class to circularize Monday Dark Football, had been workings on a two-way docudrama for 15 months, set to air in October. According to two sources, ESPN came below ardour later a poke was discharge in betimes Lordly, preeminent to a merging 'tween high-level officials Read more [...]
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The schemes of complex use and protection of the river Ob

For the river Ob reservoirs and its basin Russian Research Institute scientists embracing the use and protection of water resources to develop a scheme embracing the use and protection (SKIOVO-Ob), and standards of permissible exposure (NDV). Upper Ob basin aqua management reports on the conduct of the period from 21 to 25 January 2013 public hearing of the project. Presentations were made by the developers (FSUE RosNIIVH). Public hearings on the project is scheduled for: 21.01.2013 at 11:00 at Novosibirsk, Reddish Avenue, 18, the great hall; 22.01.2013 at 14:00 at Tomsk, ul. Shevchenko, 17, 4th Read more [...]
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A Museum. Like many in this

    165 anniversary Nizhny Tagil Museum-reserve "Ural Mining And Metallurgical" the city noted quiet, but solemnly. Over one hundred guests from the entire region became participants scientific-practical conference, the names of thanked all the heroes of the occasion on the festive meeting in the Palace of culture students discussed the prospects of development Museum Old facts and new forms     Scientific-practical conference "Regional Museum as a center the preservation of the historical memory of the territory" was held in Nizhny Tagil three Read more [...]
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Climate change can change the taiga to steppe, says scientist

The Russian taiga is already beginning to feel the adverse effects of climate change, which provoked the growth of natural fires, leading to the destruction of ecosystems, said Monday in Khabarovsk head of forest program of the International Institute of applied system analysis (IIASA), Professor Anatoly Shvidenko. «Analysis of climate change over the past 30 years have shown that the warming process continues. And if this dynamic continues to the end of this century in the Northern territories of Russia, in Siberia, the temperature will increase significantly, the climate will become Read more [...]
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Is it true that the end of the world will come from space?

Online conference November 19, 2010 from 11:00 to 12:00 presenter, Man. Earth. Universe\" Anatoly Cherepashchuk will take part in an online conference on the website of \"AIF\" What awaits us in the near future? The end of the world, solar flares, and maybe the invasion of aliens? Colorful headlines and sensational facts about the future of humanity decorate today, many Newspapers, but how to distinguish truth from fiction? Our science does not stand still, however, much of what I write is a blatant lie. Director of the State astronomical Institute. Pccharge Moscow state University, academician Read more [...]
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Climate change is expensive

November 22, 2013. For anybody not a secret that climate change is not only natural factors, but largely economic. According to experts, losses due to natural disasters since 2000 annually approximately $ 200 billion. Now in Warsaw in the 19th time passes, the conference of the parties to the UN framework Convention on climate change. The main issue to a new global agreement that will be ready by 2015, and begin to work by 2020. Last of the Kyoto Protocol, adopted in 1997, regulate emissions of greenhouse gases in the developed economies. He is already recognized as inefficient and led to speculation Read more [...]
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The ANWR Argument

Icy Reef, a roadblock Island on the seashore of the Frigid Safety and chancellor nesting smear for legion migrant shuttle species.     Pic: Subhankar BanerjeeIn the February 2005 issuing of Extraneous, Senator Bathroom Kerry argues that oil maturation in Alaska's Frigid Home Wildlife Asylum would work irreparable injury to a unambiguously American prize. His examine is the up-to-the-minute in a serial of Remote reports exploring the pros and cons of boring in ANWR. Hither, we represent a spotlight careen of our reporting of this on-going struggle. Lav Kerry Takes the Gloves Off Read more [...]
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Complex phenomena in the dynamics of earthquakes

January 31, 2012. Increasingly in our day scholars recognize that the tremors and vibrations of the earth surface caused not only by natural causes — tectonic processes or the eruption of volcanoes. Tectonic forces that move the earth, the discharge of their energy is relatively shallow from the surface. Solid rocks resist these forces. At the moment when the limit is reached rock hardness, they crack, split, collapse. Echoes of these powerful processes reach the earth's surface in the form of earthquakes. Sometimes the movement of individual sites \"split\" of the earth's crust can Read more [...]
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Assigned to the exact date of the big press conference Putin — December 20, 2012

The Kremlin announced the date of the big press conference of President Vladimir Putin - it will be held December 20, 2012. 20/12/12 Putin will hold a press conference with reporters, where there will be the maximum number of media."Press Conference will be held December 20, 2012 at 12.00", - stated in the Kremlin press service for accreditation to the press conference.Press Secretary of the President, Dmitry Peskov said that Putin intends to return to the practice of annual press conferences, which are held in the course of his first term (2000-2008).About the place and manner of passage Read more [...]
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Press conference of counterintelligence: In the interest of homeland security. From studying UFOs to search for contacts with aliens

In Moscow on Tuesday was an unusual press conference: "In the interest of homeland security. From studying UFOs and search for contacts with the aliens to prevent terrorist attacks." Get in touch with the press counterintelligence led Chelyabinsk "meteorite". In the near future they are going to write to Putin: oral already asked at the press conference and asked the president assist financially in further study of extraterrestrial life.The main sensation of the press conference was the story of Lieutenant General reserve, the former head of the Expert Department of the General Read more [...]
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Most of the press conference will be held on December 20 Putin

16/12/2012 The Kremlin announced the date of the big press conference of President Vladimir Putin - it will be held on December 20 at 12.00.Press Secretary of the President, Dmitry Peskov said that Putin intends to return to the practice of annual press conferences, which are held in the course of his first term (2000-2008). About the place and manner of passage for the upcoming press conference will be announced.ria.ruCategory: Political Factors Read more [...]
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Russia and China withdraws offer for the control of the Internet

12/11/2012 China, Russia and other countries in which there are frequent cases of restriction of freedom of speech, at the World Conference on Telecommunications refused to put forward proposals that would provide them greater control over the Internet. At the disposal of the publication of the conference paper shows that several countries, including the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, wanted to have more control over the laws and Internet infrastructure. The representative of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has confirmed the publication that "these proposals are removed Read more [...]
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Prince Charles is concerned about climate change

on June 17. At the UN conference on sustainable development held in Brazil, the Prince of Wales expressed concern about the possible «catastrophic» the consequences of inaction in addressing climate change issues. In the video Prince Charles says with despair watching the slow progress on «critical problems». He urged world leaders to adopt a more integrated approach to issues such as climate change and food security. Waiting for serious consequences, you can miss the moment and act will be late, said the Prince. He also added that there is scientific evidence of the Read more [...]
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From the world of beauty: the physics of fluids in photos

Physics at times is so beautiful that it seems as if it is not of this world. At the annual conference of the American branch of hydrodynamics Physical Society in San Diego, an exhibition of amazing images on the topic. The best of them will be published in the journal Physics of Fluids, and once again on display at the conference of the American Physical Society, which will be held in Baltimore 18? March 22. In the meantime, let's look at some of them. Head-on collision of two drops of water thick with two human hairs here leads to the formation of the pancake. Researchers are interested Read more [...]
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Is it true that the end of the world comes from outer space?

Online conference November 19, 2010 c 11:00 to 12:00 the host of "Man. Land. Universe "Anatoly Cherepashchuk will participate in an online conference on the website" AIF "But what will come to you in the near future? End of the world, solar flares, and, perhaps, the invasion of aliens? Headlines and sensational facts about the future of humanity today adorn many newspapers, but how to distinguish truth from fiction? Our science is not static, but a lot of what they write about today, is a blatant lie. Director of the State Astronomical Institute. Sternberg State University, Read more [...]
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Climate change may change the taiga to the steppe, said the scientist

Russian taiga already started experiencing the disastrous consequences of climate change, which sparked the growth of wildfires, leading to the destruction of the ecosystem, said Monday in Khabarovsk forest program director of the International Institute for Systems Analysis (IIASA), Professor Anatoly Shvidenko. "Analysis of climate change over the last 30 years has shown that the warming continues. And if this trend will last, but by the end of this century in the northern territories of Russia, Siberia, the temperature will increase significantly, the climate becomes drier and replace Read more [...]
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