The inevitable process of confrontation between the U.S. and Russia?Usually, the situation in Ukraine and around it is considered by analysts in the long - term plan in the plan, so to speak, "stationary" policy. From this point of view the countries parties to the conflict (including those who have been formally remains neutral "honest broker") are in complex political maneuvering, trying to take more effective geopolitical position on naiblezhayshie decades. To gain an advantage in the never-ending chess game going on the global Board.But such maneuvering may be either in the framework of instant Read more [...]
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"In 1983, the company ABC showed the film under the title "On the next day about how a nuclear exchange between the superpowers destroyed the lives of ordinary Yankees in 2 towns in the Midwest. The conflict began with the building of the Russian troops in Eastern Europe (Moscow initially called military exercises), and later uniformly reached the point where both sides have launched nuclear missiles," writes columnist of Forbes. The Americans seriously thought about similar scenarios with the time ended the cool war, says the Creator. But the conflict that erupted in 2014 because of the Ukraine, Read more [...]
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Echo Manege riot

On December events in 2010 related to Manezh Square, written for 10-ki, if not hundreds of, entries. The reader was presented a huge number of evaluations and interpretations of mass unrest that occurred in most of the walls of the Kremlin. Much has been written in general about the dilemma of international relations in our country. Here we try to give a theoretical explanation of the localized mass ethnic conflicts, more often flashing on the terrain of our country, to draw parallels between past and present "Russian revolt" that broke out on the basis of ethnic hatred. Now with 2 more vserasprostranennymi Read more [...]
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The five-day war. Anniversary

On the night of August 8, 2008 armed conflict broke out when Georgia was heavy shelling the South Ossetian capital, and then attempted to capture South Ossetia. Fighting continued until 12 August.
I want to recall these events as a demonstration — despite the long «prehistory» of the conflict, the military action took place at lightning speed, extinguished life, was in fact made an attempt to commit genocide of …

You can read up on wikipedia

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On the impact of climate change on human behavior

August 9, 2013. Researchers from Princeton University and the University of California at Berkeley, in his article for the journal \"Science\" reported that even small fluctuations in temperature and precipitation will lead to a significant increase in the risk of violence and social upheaval. Very likely the result of climate changes on the Earth and the air temperature increase to 2°C by 2050 is to increase the number of conflicts between people. However, for some nationalities Africa will be enough warming by 0.35°C to potentially dangerous conflict, for example, the civil war, became 50% Read more [...]
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Warming will wipe the middle East conflict from the face of the Earth

Canadian «International Institute For Sustainable Development» published a report on the prospects of global warming in the middle Vastated is called : « Rising temperatures, rising tensions: the Risk of conflict in the middle East». The report analyzes the consequences that will result from global warming in Israel, the Palestinian authority, Syria and Lebanon. The report States that the middle East is the region with the greatest shortage of water on the planet. In most countries the demand for water exceeds the available reserves. Rising temperatures and changing Read more [...]
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Conflict and functions, structure of the conflict. Methods of resolution.

Conflict-collision of 2 opposite goals, attitudes, interests, which must be solved. K.Tomas identified 5 behaviors in the conflict: 1.Podavlenie - realization of their interests at the expense of others; 2.Podchinenie - one of the parties to sacrifice their own interests; 3.Izbeganie - avoiding conflict; 4.Kompromiss - style of concessions (alleviating the conflict); 5.Sotrudnichestvo - the solution is fully acceptable to both sides, requires the ability to contain the emotions, to listen to the other side, the right to express the essence of their interests. Classification of conflicts: Read more [...]
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Media: Assad is on a ship in the Mediterranean Sea under Russian supervision

Syrian President Bashar Assad and his family, probably most of the time in the Mediterranean on board the ship, which is "under Russian supervision," write the Belgian media on Monday, referring to the intelligence services of Saudi Arabia.According to them, when Assad appointed or that a meeting in Damascus, he takes off on her helicopter, RIA "Novosti".According to the newspaper opinion, a number of Western and Arab countries insist on withdrawal of Bashar Assad as president of Syria, as a necessary condition for the crisis. Russian authorities believe that the Syrian people Read more [...]
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Provocation against Russia is prepared to Syria with the Slavs

Allies Syrian opposition intend to arrange provocation with individuals of Slavic appearance to discredit Russia as one of the key mediators in the talks, said the military-diplomatic source.According to him, representatives of interested in the overthrow of the current Syrian regime structures conduct the recruitment of persons of Slavic appearance - citizens of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, which will play the role of the Russian "mercenaries", allegedly fought on the side of Assad and captured fighters so-called Free Syrian Army.These "mercenaries" have to give the cameras Read more [...]
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Russia sent a fleet to the coast of the Gaza Strip

Missile cruiser "Moskva", frigate "Smetliviy" and amphibious ships "Novocherkassk" and "Novorossiysk" protect Russian citizens in the event of an escalation of the conflict between Palestine and Israel. In the Black Sea Fleet of the squad, who had gone to the conflict zone, also includes marine ship MB-304 and a large sea tanker "Ivan Bubnov." "The ships were ordered to stay in a designated area of the eastern Mediterranean," - told RIA "Novosti" a source in the Navy. In addition, during an expedition in the Mediterranean crews Read more [...]
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Do scientists believe that the aliens — peaceful aliens

Finnish scientist Janne Korhonen the University believe that the risk of conflict with extraterrestrial civilizations could experience the "cold war." His work provides the first assessment of the risks of preventive attack by aliens who have discovered the Earth. This kick can be directed to kill humans as potential competitors.Whether the inhabitants of the earth are threatened by conflict with the aliens and what they write about it, users social network Facebook, experts tried to figure out the section "science news"Magazine"Market Leader".   Probability Read more [...]
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Assad: War in Syria are the views of extremists Al-Qaeda

President of the Syrian Republic on Sunday appealed to the people about the situation in the country, saying that the Syrians oppose extremists supporting the views of the "Al Qaeda", which helps to fight from the outside other countries.President at the beginning of his speech, said that he "regretted refers to the situation in the country due to which people are killed and many become refugees."He noted that in Syria there is a conflict between the people and the armed gangs who are killing civilians, destroying schools and infrastructure, "Interfax"."This is Read more [...]
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The military report — the world's largest war media coverage

Picture of the world's "hot spots," painted by the Western media, does not agree with reality. Few people today can answer which of the current wars, the most ambitious. Meanwhile, many people mistakenly believe that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict - the most dangerous in the world conflict zone.Harshest criticism coverage of international events in the media, I have ever seen, can be found in virtually unknown academic research Virgil Hawkins 2008 "Invisible conflicts." It is only natural that a book about the unsung war and she went past the radar of the public. After Read more [...]
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A classic example of a network operation

One of the best examples that have become proof that the territory of the North Caucasus is Islamist network, not isolated groups of fighters, was once an episode of the attack on the building of law enforcement agencies in Ingushetia. The basic element of the network war is any information effect this action. Then the attackers clearly demonstrated a commitment to the latter approach. The attack reached its peak effectiveness in information operations in the information society. This was the main purpose of these terrorist actions. The seizure of buildings and military facilities, from this Read more [...]
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Fightin’ Run-in

Later the competitiveness     Photograph: Shoot by Ryan HeffernanI Footfall Inner the coop, or octagon, or what my get formerly called "that prison-looking affair," on the level of the Albuquerque Conventionalism Plaza. I see the cheers of 2,500 mixed-martial-arts (MMA) fans, though the stagecoach lights pass unimaginable to see bey the nigrify chain-link fence that surrounds me. They've get for FightWorld MMA 16 Outside, a dark of 13 inexpert and pro bouts. I'm in the scuttle competitiveness. A reader erosion melanise pliant gloves gives instructions in my ear, but I can't Read more [...]
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The Raging Lodge: Near Brawny Species

To see a bigger scene of this conflict royale, purview the pdf     Raging Register Pinkish-orangeQ. What is the almost potent species?A. You signify wish whether a carcajou could raze Nancy Pelosi? Yaw. Tod's powerfulness animals are the ones delivery in dollars or belongings up maturation. "Endangered species bear this power to effloresce, overdraw, and resolution long-standing problems," says Centre for Biologic Diverseness give Kieran Lactation. Check our conflict royale in the lifelike supra. Read more [...]
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Warming will wash the Middle East conflict from the Earth

Canadian "International Management Institute of Development" published a report on the prospects of global warming in the Middle Vostoke.Doklad said: "Rising temperatures, increased tension: The risk of conflict in the Middle East."The report examines the consequences that global warming will result in Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Syria and Lebanon.The report states that Near East now is the region with the greatest water scarcity in the world. In most countries, the demand for water exceeds the available reserves.Rising temperatures and changing (shortening) the rainy Read more [...]
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Conflict situations, the ways and means to resolve them

Prolonged exposure to extreme conditions of the autonomous existence of two or more people often raise complex relationships between them, related to changes in psychological adaptation and transformation. In extreme conditions, some members of the group appear alienated from the common problems of the group, there is a lack of understanding and acceptance of actions aimed at saving, increased tendency to constant wrangling disagreement with common objectives and common actions. This often leads to an acute conflict situation. For some members of the group there is a greater understanding Read more [...]
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Features of the Mujahideen fighting against the Russian in Ichkeria in October 1999

  The commanders of our fronts knew that more Russian forces and equipment, and their aircraft causes great losses to our forces. Poet Amir decided to start not frontal attacks on Russian checkpoints and gates, and to continue a guerrilla war.We continued to use the tactics of focal defense, ambushes, "traps" swift raids and attacks mobile units, especially at night. To this end, defense units were converted settlements Ischerskaya, Goragorsk, Naurskaya Alpatovo and Grape. We, as in the First Chechen War of Independence 1994 - 1996's., Using the method partisantion Read more [...]
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Effect on the process of communication asthenia

By increasing the length of stay in the changed conditions of existence and the absence of measures to prevent the system of stable relationships in the group becomes a system of unstable relationships (phase unstable mental activity). As already noted, in the extreme conditions on the person has a number of psychogenic factors, including public information and exhaustion, each of which after a certain time may cause asthenia nervous system. Based on the analysis of a large number of our studies we can conclude that the stability of the system of relations in the isolated group is a certain dependence Read more [...]
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