Eric Greitens

    Pic: Pic by Chloe CrespiVocation All Heroes Greitens was nominative by booster and swain reader Adam Flath. Live individual who deserves to be our adjacent Lecturer of the Yr? Let us recognise.Age: 35 Arrangement: The Deputation Continues Greitens's résumé is heavy to trust. Twelve-time marathoner with a 2:58 better. Maven packer. Wishful mountaineer. Rhodes student. Oxford alumna. Writer and lensman (his humanist oeuvre in Rwanda, Bosnia, and Gaza, among former places, was promulgated as a script of essays and photographs). College prof. Navy Stamp. 4 tours Read more [...]
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Residents of Buenos Aires are drowning in the streets. Video

The Argentine capital is on the brink of disaster - so rescuers describe what is happening now in Buenos Aires. The town was almost completely flooded. Drive through the streets impossible in many areas cut off electricity and showers, because of which there was a deluge continues. At least two people were killed in floods in Buenos Aires. Search continues for eight year old boy, who, according to witnesses, blew a stream of water. From the middle of the day the city was literally paralyzed. Heavy rain began suddenly, although it warned about the day before. The air temperature dropped sharply Read more [...]
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Turkey continues to shake. A summary of

We constantly hear about the ongoing earthquakes in Chile, Haiti, sometimes. But there is one place that the media ignored - Turkey. Yes, Turkey continues active seismic processes and they clearly localization. Earthquake on March 8 in 6 points, which occurred at the junction of tectonic plates could have been a trigger. The total number of about a hundred earthquakes. The average strength of 3-4. Most recorded substantially at the surface 10 to 2 km. Most likely there proihodit active process of mountain building. By Turkish activity, you can add trend of earthquakes that occur in the same Read more [...]
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In the Far East continues to increase the likelihood of damaging earthquakes

High probability of destructive earthquakes in the Far East will continue over the next two years, said Head of the Laboratory of Seismology, Institute of Marine Geology and Geophysics (IMGiG), Far Eastern Branch (FEB RAS) Ivan Tikhonov. On it informs "Interfax". "In our opinion, in the next two years there is a high probability of damaging earthquakes in the Far East and, above all, in the South Kuril Islands - Kunashir up from Urup. This is indicated by the observed medium-term precursors. This probability continues to grow rapidly, "- said Tikhonov. According to the expert, alarm mode, announced Read more [...]
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The drought continues to worsen the condition of American crops

September 5, 2013. Drought in the prairies of the USA continues to pace the sowing of spring crops. As a result, the state of the crops of corn and soybeans is gradually deteriorating, and signal NASS data. Thus, the share of maize, which is in good and excellent condition, over the past week decreased from 59% to 56%, and soybeans - from 58% to 54%. The plant growth still lags behind normal, transmits IR ProAgro. Harvesting spring wheat is much slower than last year. By the end of the previous week were removed only 64% of the crop, compared to 42% a week earlier and 93% at the same time the Read more [...]
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The hunting of dolphins in Japan continues

In Japan in the town of Taiji, which has become infamous thanks to the documentary \"the Cove\", continues the hunt for dolphins. Activists opposed to the hunting of dolphins, don't expect big changes, despite the success of the award-winning documentary film. Source: NTDRussian Read more [...]
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Icing continues in China

In the East China continues distress caused by freezing rain. Suffered greatly for 19 provinces. Economic losses exceeded three billion dollars. In the disaster areas to grow food prices, the authorities are not able to help the affected farmers, who are forced to cope with the loss yourself. Currently precipitations in the form of freezing rain continues in the provinces of Hunan, Guizhou, Jiangxi, Hubei, Anhui, Guangxi and Zhejiang. Officer forest County, Guangan Guangxi Juancho Autonomous region by the name of Zhao told The Epoch Times that their forest has suffered 105 thousand hectares Read more [...]
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Australia distress. Photographic

> Photographic floods in Brisbane, Australia > Flooding in Australia continues. Part one > Flooding in Australia continues. Part two > Floods in Australia in photographs > In Australia continue floods. Part 2 Pictures are clickable. Source: The Voice Of Russia Read more [...]
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The flood in the Samara region continues

April 21, Samara region. In the suburbs Gratifying continues Stroitelno lifting water to the houses, some houses are already flooded. Where the water had subsided, there was a lot of garbage. Sunday April 17, the water rose almost 4 meters and more. Source: Mobile Reporter Read more [...]
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In Oklahoma continues to die fish

on July 12. County Marshall, Oklahoma. A large number of dead fish continues to appear in reservoirs throughout Oklahoma, reports «I don't know, die whether they are due to lack of oxygen or some other reason, possibly water samples that will show» says Jack Campbell. Jack Campbell is engaged in fishing on the river Wilson all my life. He said that 3 weeks ago started to die small fish, but now perish and large individuals weighing more than 40-50 pounds. Here, on the river Wilson in Marshall, you can see literally thousands of dead fish along the whole coastline. People Read more [...]
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In the Congo continues to erupt the volcano Nyamuragira

on January 16. In the Congo continues to erupt the volcano Nyamuragira, the height of the fountain of lava from 50-150 m, and the emission of red-hot stones fly within a radius of 600 meters Volcano Nyamuragira is considered the most active volcano in Africa since 1885 he erupted about 40 times . The latest eruption began in November 2011. According to the materials: Source: The Time Factor  Photo: Read more [...]
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Lake of hydrogen sulfide in Sernovodsk

The new geographical object on the outskirts of the village of Sernovodsk Sergius district. Right in an open field just a few days appeared a lake. Moreover, water is not simple, and hydrogen sulfide. Key scored 28 may. At first it was a fountain height of only 5 cm. Currently, the lake continues to increase in size. The water came almost close to residential homes. There is a possibility of collapse of the soil and the formation of sinkholes. The locals joke that they get rich by selling hydrogen sulfide water and mud, but really, funny, little, people simply fear for their lives. Mos keys Read more [...]
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Huge coronal hole on the sun continues to rise

Coronal hole in the southern hemisphere, the sun continues to rise and spewing streams of solar wind into space. This picture was taken by NASA satellites, the morning of 23 January.Coronal holes are places in the solar atmosphere, where the sun's magnetic field opens and allows the solar wind to erupt into space. The flow of solar wind flowing from this coronal hole is expected to reach Earth's orbit on January 26-27. Whether it will be a devastating blow to our planet, scientists still can not tell. Category: Sun Read more [...]
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Chelyabinsk again complain Tremors

For the last day in the One duty and dispatchers South Ural capital received 66 reports complaining of explosions and vibrations of buildings. Russian Defense Ministry denies that the landfill, where with a few interruptions continues disposal of ammunition, to fluctuations in Chelyabinsk buildings and damaged homes in the surrounding villages. Chelyabinsk shakes again - for the last day duty officer in the city has received more than 60 messages complaining of vibration of buildings, the agency news "Access" referring to the United duty and dispatch service to South Ural capital. "For Read more [...]
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The monsoons? Huge hail? This Is England!

on June 29. This summer was in England wet and cool, but what happens the last days in the North, amazes seasoned meteorologists. Heavy rains with wind, hail the size of Golf balls, flooded homes and roads — this is all probably for the southern countries, but not for temperate British climate. see also: is There a \"European monsoon\"? Fortunately, the list of victims of the recent floods short, but property and machines caused a multi-million dollar damages. Source: BBC Russian Service   The UK continues to \"float\" in rainwater on June 29. A large part of England, Read more [...]
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Ivan the terrible on the Kuril Islands continues to throw gas

on August 17. A giant jet of hydrogen sulfide with smoke emits volcano Ivan the terrible on Iturup island in the Kuriles. Phreatic eruption, which is not accompanied by lava, continues for several days. The residents of nearby settlements until lucky the wind will be in the other direction, so the strongest smell takes away from people. From the message of the Department of civil DEFENSE and emergencies of the Kuril district: \"the combined-cycle emissions on a volcano continues, it can be seen visually. But ash emissions in the settlements and their surroundings do not. Changed the wind direction, Read more [...]
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The volcano continues to erupt Flat Tolbachik on Kamchatka

In Kamchatka volcano continues to erupt Flat Tolbachik. Its activity is increased. Periodically emits fiery mountain ash to a height of about 3 kilometers. At night you can watch the glow lava flows. Seismologists continuously monitor the behavior of the volcano. According to the researchers, while the danger to the nearest settlement Keys eruption is not. Category: Volcanoes Read more [...]
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Cleveland Volcano lava dome continues to swell

January 24, 2013, scientists from the Alaska Volcano Observatory recorded poavyshenie temperature lava dome Cleveland. Since then, scientists are in a state of "alert" and lead round the clock surveillance of the volcano. According to information received last week from a satellite, the lava dome continues to grow in size, and its diameter reached almost 100 meters, says "Igzeminer." On Saturday, volcanologists said the volcano continues to be active. However, the ejection of lava and ash emissions are not observed, as confirmed by satellite images. The last major eruption Read more [...]
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The hunt for dolphins in Japan continues

In Japan, in the town of Taiji, which has become notorious because of the documentary film "The Cove", continues hunting on dolphins. Activists opposed to hunting dolphins, do not expect major changes, despite the success of award-winning documentary. Source: NTDRussian

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Regular flooding in the Philippine Islands

January 24, 2013. Since the rainy season for the Philippines is still far from complete, the amount of precipitation that falls on the state, continues to grow. With them continues to increase the areas subjected to flooding or are at risk of flooding. In the South of the Philippine Islands the number of flood victims has risen to six people, five of them were drowned, and another died from shock in the aquatic environment. More than 150 thousand Filipinos were forced to evacuate in a prepared shelter (there were 48 661 persons) or to temporarily move in with relatives not living in the South. Read more [...]
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