Dishes from kabanyatiny

Wild boar meat is better to use for main dishes. Bulls meat tough. It can improve long soaking in whey during the day or in the 2 - 3%, vinegar. Lactic and acetic acids soften the connective tissue so treated meat becomes soft and tasty. Fried foods are recommended for upper portions of the lumbar spinal cord, for cooking - lower parts of spinal lumbar, thoracic part and parcel carcasses above ahilova tendons, cooking and stuffing of cooked meat - neck, forelimb area below the elbow joint, and the abdominal wall plot, ahilovu adjacent to the tendon, for fire, cooking and minced raw meat - the Read more [...]
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Making fire and cooking

Fire needs to warm, dry clothing, signaling, cooking and boiling water disinfection. The chances of survival increase or decrease depending on whether you will be able to build a fire, when it is required. To start a fire, you need at least three major components: labor, firewood, and fuels. Bonfire to raise skill, there are many different ways of kindling fire. Often little heat from the fire, but a lot of smoke. Fireplace must give a lot of heat and not be visible from a distance. About the ability of plant fires good writer said E.Seton Thompson in his book "Rolf in the Woods": Read more [...]
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serves on tour. like for cooking, heating, drying clothing and equipment, lighting and alarm systems. A place for K should be open, but sheltered from the wind, preferably near water. For breeding C. Use an old fire or trampled ground. If K. suit the new location, then the selected area to remove sod and otgresti dry leaves, pine needles and grass in 1 - 1.5 m K. Bred no closer than 4 - 5 meters from the tents, and 1 - 2 m of canopies (barriers) on the leeward side. Must not be made directly at the K trees in conifer saplings, in areas with dry reeds, reeds, moss or grass, clearings, where Read more [...]
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Dining in the journey: cooking. Recipes for a hike

Facilitate the preparation of food can knowing the weight and volume ratios listed below. In a normal half-liter mug includes (in grams): monkey - 370, -400 buckwheat, millet - 410, oatmeal - 350, peas - 420, noodles (scrap-tion) and vermicelli - 210. In a tablespoon full of running out to the edges, is placed (in grams) butter (ghee or butter) - 15, of sugar - 12, condensed milk - 15, milk - 8, salt - 15. Rice and buckwheat cooked long. Before going buckwheat should be wiry and sifted, millet - washed and dried. Little margin semolina required for when the weather conditions are cooking is Read more [...]
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Features cooking of wild plants

To maximize the preservation of nutrients, in the manufacture of food from wild plants must comply with the following rules. 1. It should not be long in the open chopped greens. 2. Green plants need to put cooking in boiling water, cook with the lid closed. 3. Young greens cook for 10-15 minutes, grasses mature plants - 15-20 minutes. 4. Fragrant plants should sauté or add at the end of cooking. Harvesting plants drying and storage for future use. Plants spread in a thin layer or tie into small bundles. Materials containing a lot of moisture (berries, fruits, roots, rhizomes) Read more [...]
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Dining gone camping

It is well known that diet plays an important role in human life. Important and catering during the tourist trip, when you have a long time to bear behind the backpack, carry bivouac work tolerate cold or heat. If a complete rest to maintain vital people spend on average about 1 kilocalorie (kcal) per hour per 1 kg of body weight, during the movement of the march with a rucksack weighing 10-15 kg, these costs increased to 400 calories per hour. The average day in easy walking across the plain young tourist spends 2.5 - 3 thousand calories. For a normal state of health, which guarantees the Read more [...]
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Useful tips about mushrooms

Do not eat too many mushrooms (in whatever form that may be). Although edible mushrooms and tasty, though they require a good digestion the best mushrooms, eaten in immoderate amounts, can cause people with low and irregular digestion difficult and even dangerous indigestion. The aging of mushrooms before cooking them, you should always remove the lower, spore-bearing, layer hats: the plate of mushrooms - a plate with sponge - sponge, which in most of the mature mushroom becomes soft and can be easily separated from the cap. Mature spores contained in a variety of plates and sponge mushroom ripe, Read more [...]
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