Outside Blank Post Leaking

Commandant Chris Hadfield tweeted from place this forenoon that the bunch of the External Infinite Place (ISS) is preparation a spacewalk to fix an ammonia outflow in a decisive cooling.NASA aforesaid the bunch is not in risk, but the coolant is expected to spill quondam nowadays. Since the cooling affects one of octet solar arrays that ply mightiness to the ISS, NASA mustiness reroute index sources to donjon all systems full operative.This comes at a fairly inconvenient sentence for the astronauts on the ISS. Ternary crowd members, including Hadfield, are scheduled to counter to Ground Monday Read more [...]
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.. here is the rest we are already at sea, in the Russian Crimea ;)The indescribable beauty , the mountains, the sea.. as they say, the Sun , Air and Water.. just the thing... the water is salty, sea.. on the Peninsula really is not a lot of sources of fresh water. What to do in such a situation, when fresh water is unattainable?well, let's drink the sea, just before that will opresnik it, i.e. distilleries.recall thatDistillation is a distillation, evaporation of water as the cooling and condensation of the vapors.(see Fig. 4 - scheme of the distiller)Water becomes fresh as the water evaporates Read more [...]
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Anomalous cooling recorded in Britain

Forecasters recorded in the northern areas of the UK abnormal for this time of the year cooling. Snow filled up with Scotland, rain fell as the cars on the roads just fell asleep. The release of drivers and passengers, local authorities sent teams of rescuers. Not without accidents - with one of the highway slid and overturned school bus, killing a child, several students were injured. And in Northern Ireland under the weight of wet snow broke off the wires on the power lines. As a result, more than 40 thousand. Inhabitants of the region were left without electricity. Source: Russia 24 Previous Read more [...]
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Started 13 000 years ago, the cold did not affect the southern hemisphere

Extinction of some species of large mammals OK. 12 900 years ago An international team of geoscientists has presented convincing evidence that the younger Dryas, a period of cooling in the Northern hemisphere, consistent with warming in the South. Younger Dryas began about 12.9 thousand years ago and lasted approximately 1.3 thousand years. The main reason for the cooling is called getting into the Atlantic ocean large amounts of cold water from thawing glaciers. This disrupted the Gulf stream, and the Northern part of the globe for some time, returned to the ice age for example, in Greenland Read more [...]
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Wind and temperature (temperature comfort and insulation of the body)

Like any physical body having a temperature above ambient temperature, the human body transmits (loses) heat in several ways: by infrared radiation, direct contact with colder objects and as a result of convection at the surface of the body. At low temperatures, we are trying to slow down these processes using a correctly sized clothing.Significantly enough to block infrared radiation any dense tissue, or in the ideal case - a material with high reflectivity. Typically, such materials are used to achieve high compactness in a folded state. Back in the Soviet army, to transport the wounded, used Read more [...]
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Half of the provinces of Thailand have become areas of catastrophic cooling

on January 19. Thirty-five of the 77 provinces of Thailand in January were at different times declared zones catastrophic cooling, writes on Wednesday, the Thai newspaper the Nation with reference to the Center of prevention of natural disasters in Thailand. Seventeen provinces in the North and centre of the country was considered an area of catastrophic cooling from 31 December to 9 January. Then in the center of the country has warm, but cooling was moved to the East and South. In some provinces catastrophic warning is still in effect.In Thailand considered catastrophic cooling below Read more [...]
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Israel. The threat to the supply

Jellyfish can leave cities of Israel without light. Large thermal power plant «Orot Rabin» at the present time, has been under threat of closure. The thing is that in the Mediterranean sea divorced so many jellyfish that tons of them are sucked into the water cooling system of power plants. Filter is very difficult, because the number of jellyfish is increasing day by day, so the accident is quite possible. The owner of the plant, the Corporation «The Israel Electric» decided to end this summer to stop «Orot Rabin». Now this facility produces over 20 percent Read more [...]
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Frozen cows in Vietnam

January 15, 2011. Frozen Vietnam is waiting for new anomalous cooling. After the temperature in the mountainous regions of Northern Vietnam fell to minus four degrees Celsius in these areas closer to Saturday it is expected the new cooling. Deputy Director of the National hydro-meteorological forecast centre Le Thanh Hai said that the new cooling will reduce the temperature in the mountainous provinces to ?10 degrees Celsius and even lower in mountain areas. This center also predicts that this cold front will increase on January 21 and runs until January 26. Due to record low temperatures this Read more [...]
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Report: air Pollution in Asia caused the stop warming

In one study, the United States, published on Monday, says that the emission of smoke in economically fast developing Asian countries largely responsible for stopping global warming after 1998. The cooling effect caused by sulphur emissions, although emissions of greenhouse gases has skyrocketed. The study increased the chances to slow down the process of climate change as soon as possible, otherwise the developing economy will eventually collapse due to pollution. As shown by various data, global temperatures did not rise between 1998 and 2008, while anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide Read more [...]
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Scientists are trying to understand the reasons for the medieval cooling

on January 31. A new study conducted by researchers from the University of Colorado at boulder (USA), claims that the mysterious cold, marked on the planet several centuries ago, was caused by a series of powerful eruptions of volcanoes that triggered the chain of a number of climatic fluctuations, in particular the significant expansion of the polar ice caps. In the scientific literature, the cold snap in the middle ages is often referred to by experts as the little Ice age. Climatologists have investigated chemical deposits within the Arctic circle, has analyzed a large number of soil deposits Read more [...]
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The closure of the Gulf stream can lead to cooling in Northern Europe

Melting ice in the Arctic and the growth of Siberian rivers leads to the freshening of the Arctic ocean, which ultimately can lead to the transformation of circulating currents in the Atlantic and, according to one of the scenarios, to a noticeable cooling in Northern Europe, told RIA Novosti, the head of Roshydromet Alexander Frolov. However, he stressed that this is only one of the possible the scenarios and further research is needed, new observations, new calculations to narrow the uncertainty and find out exactly what scenario will become a reality.In the last two decades the area Read more [...]
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Faulty supercomputer Japan Meteorological Department

Because of a failure in the cooling system stopped working supercomputer, c through which Japan is mmo regular weather updates.Breakdown in the cooling system was quickly resolved, but the supercomputer can not get back to normal, according to ITAR-TASS.Meteorological Office has assured that the failure will not affect his activities related to the notification of earthquakes and tsunamis, because it uses different computer systems.Faulty supercomputer released corporation Hitachi. It was launched in June last year in a suburb of Tokyo, and is capable of producing about 800 trillion calculations Read more [...]
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Syria has fallen short of war and cold

Day in Damascus, but warmer than 10, in the mountains the temperature is less than 0. For a heat-loving population - is a serious cold. Given the strong wind and high humidity locals feel much colder.Of Mediterranean cyclone is accompanied by intense rainfall, strong winds and significant cooling. Even in coastal areas the snow fell, freezing nights observed.In time of war, famine and devastation weather is no longer the background. In the long term precipitation stops, but cooling will increase. Cold nights forecast to £ 5 in the mountains - to £ 18 degrees.Category: Climate Read more [...]
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Earth is on the verge of a new ice age

Abnormal cold updated records of observations - so cold in December, last week, Russia has never happened before. The average temperature in the country - minus 22 degrees. Pleases only that from the middle of next week will begin warming and New Year's Eve, at least central Russia will meet with indicators of near zero. Scientists also interpreted these signs of frost - no, not the end of the world - a new global cooling (the previous was 200 years ago). What to prepare - it turns out, our correspondent Konstantin Rozhkov: This video was taken in Novosibirsk, a few days ago, when the Read more [...]
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Russian scientists predict the beginning of Ice Age in 2014

Russian scientists refute thesis on global warming and predict the onset of the next few years of global cooling. Head of Laboratory "VNIIGAZ" Vladimir Bashkin and Rauf Galiulin Institute of Basic Biological Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences in the pages of the scientific journal "Natural Gas Industry" reject anthropogenic influence on global climate, reducing everything to a multi-year cycle of solar activity. Last warming period, when the average temperature has risen by 0.7 degrees Celsius, says since the beginning of the industrial revolution - the second half of XVIII Read more [...]
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Extraterrestrial impact at a young driase was nevertheless

Extraterrestrial impact could shatter ice sheet and accelerate its melting, strengthening thus cooling An international team of scientists made a detailed report about the discovery layer of nanodiamonds in the Greenland ice shield, thus having added fuel to the debate about extraterrestrial causes of extinction of some species of large mammals approx. 12,900 years ago. Nanodiamonds, including lonsdaleite (hexagonal diamonds) could be formed only as a result of the high temperature and high pressure, that is, presumably, in the collision of a celestial body with the Earth. This is the first Read more [...]
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Which began 13,000 years ago, did not affect the cooling of the southern hemisphere

Extinction of some species of large mammals approx. 12,900 years ago An international team of geophysicists presented convincing evidence that the young driasu, period of cooling in the Northern Hemisphere, consistent with warming in the south. Young drias began about 12.9 thousand years ago and lasted about 1.3 thousand years. The main reason for getting into the cold spell called the Atlantic large amounts of cold water from the glaciers tayavshih. The result has been violated during the Gulf Stream, and the northern part of the world for a while back in Ice Age: For example, Greenland, temperatures Read more [...]
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Sea level rise may lead to the cold weather and storms

Catastrophic sea level rise, which we expect by the end of the century, may have side effects, so far eluded scientists. Melting icebergs will cool down the sea around Greenland and Antarctica so that the average surface temperature of the planet will fall a degree or two. This is the conclusion in the not yet published work comes climatologist James Hansen from Institute for space studies NASA to them. Goddard. But nothing to rejoice. This effect will only lead to the strengthening of climate chaos caused by the warming. For example, the intensity of winter storms depends on the temperature Read more [...]
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Frost, who came to Mexico claimed the lives of 29 people

January 20, 2013. No less than 29 people were killed in Northern Mexico in the cooling in this region, which has been celebrated since the end of last year. This information was made public on the eve of the civil defense of the country, reporting on the intermediate data of the consequences of a number of «cold fronts» afflicting a significant territory of the Republic. The greatest number of tragic accidents involving cooling, registered on the territory of the Northern state of Chihuahua, where as a result of hypothermia or carbon monoxide poisoning during heating killed 18 people. Read more [...]
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Weather prediction for temperature

Signs of bad weather If the day and night are equally warm (ie, the difference of day and night temperatures a little lower than 10 ° C) and the humidity is high and the day of the order of 70-80%, - all this speaks of the approach of bad weather. If you do not see a night of cooling air, especially if the evening and the night air is noticeably warmer ("night float") - is approaching bad weather. If in the lowlands and the uplands, in the woods and in the open air temperature is the same - it points to the approaching storm. If the day there is a powerful and high Read more [...]
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