Hiking, fishing, small repairs of the car on the way to nasty cold weather, when no longer listen to the frozen fingers of the hand, there appears a need in an ordinary heating pad. Naturally, a great warm up by the campfire, but not always it can be diluted, so it will demand time and daze. And if you make a little chem pad? It does not take much space and will always be at hand.For such heating pad will come in handy the most common reagents. Conduct easy experience. Take of salt, two teaspoons of salt (20 g), then slightly copper sulphate three teaspoons (40 grams). Will resotre them separately Read more [...]
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Yakov Litvinov and Sons

Jacob Litvinova rightfully should be put first in a series pervoosvoiteley Ural bowels. Because it involves the emergence of a new Russian state and very important for the country's industries - non-ferrous metallurgy. It was he who first pointed out the deposit, which was soon put the firstborn of the domestic industry mednoobrabatyvayuschey - Pyskorsky copper smelter. Who is he, Jacob Litvinov? Remained very little information about its origin, the path that led him to the Urals. One can only assume that, judging by the name, Jacob was the son of a Lithuanian - "Litvin". Probably because of those Read more [...]
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Eneolithic URAL

Eneolithic URAL transition period between the Neolithic and Bronze Age. century. occupied III may beg. II millennium BC., Coincided with the transition from the Atlantic to the Subboreal period of the Holocene climatic optimum to the cool and uniform in the first two phases of the humidity Subboreal. At this time, ur. us. acquainted with metallurgy and metal copper. E.N.Chernyh shares Lv. Mining and met. region. (UGMO) on Priur.-Volga and Zaur. Mining and met. c. (GCMs), within a three-ryh functioned met. hearth (MO): yamny, Garinsky-Bor and kysykulsky. Yamny (pit-poltavkinsky) MO based on the Read more [...]
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The evolution of the tribal system. The Bronze Age and Early Iron Age

The transition to the era of metal was long and because of the particular historical conditions is not simultaneous. The earliest metal tools Turkey, Iran, Mesopotamia refer to VII-VI millennium BC. e., in our country (southern Turkmenistan, Caucasus, south-western Ukraine and Moldova) - to the line V-IV millennium BC. e., and the Urals - the turn of the IV-III millennia BC. e. In the era of early metal distinguish two periods: the Chalcolithic (proper use of copper tools) and Bronze Age (the use of bronze tools). In the Urals, has developed one of the six oldest centers of metallurgy in the USSR Read more [...]
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Broad River. Plot Copper

From the eighth kilometer Moscow highway asphalt left out road to the village of Broad River (5 km), the center of the same name peat enterprise. Circle of thick pine and mixed forests, which are famous for mushrooms and berries. There are a lot of green lawns, surrounded by birch and pine trees, where you can sunbathe, collect bunches of flowers. In the vicinity of the village located pioneer camps. Old peat career-long deep grooves filled with water and surrounded by dense thickets of shrubs, summer days are attracted by recreational and fishing a lot of people. Idleness is not rest. Only motion, Read more [...]
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Cast-iron lace

The exhibition opened at a branch of the Revolutionary Historical Museum - Museum DN Mamin-Siberian to hang out, introduce the Urals with the artistic products of iron, copper, bronze. Art metal in Russia is known since ancient times. And the Urals, from the XVIII century, played a special role in it, not only in Russia but also by international standards. Evidence of that - numerous awards received in overseas exhibitions. Since the middle of the XVIII century Ural art made of cast iron is known for quality castings. Executed in Yekaterinburg and Nizhny Tagil lattice, statues, busts adorned Read more [...]
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Leaning tower bell Chesovoe

    The story of one of the most remarkable Russian architecture of the Urals - Leaning Leaning Tower, its mysteries and legends attracted attention of many historians, writers, and researchers.     During the year, it takes about 30 thousand tourists, among them hundreds come from abroad. Invariably, they are told that Tower built in During the decade between 1722 and 1732 years.     Documents on the history of the tower remained very small: the main archives were destroyed famous Nevyansky fire in 1890. From what is left, you can see that at the beginning Read more [...]
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COLOR STEEL one of the most important industrial sectors. W. Includes mining and refining of non-ferrous metals, met. Manuf. and handling, brings together the 15 sub-sectors (aluminum, titanium, magnesium, nickel, cobalt, lead, zinc, etc.). The cm-products chemical compounds miner. fertilizer, building materials and others. W. is the most important source of raw materials the cm Russia. Of the 55 major minerals W. has 48, including reserves of bauxite, nickel, cobalt region ranks first in the country and the second largest reserves of copper, zinc and silver. Birth of the cm as a branch of ur. Read more [...]
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UST-solderable II

UST-solderable II architect. memory., pos. yurtikovskoy culture (end of the first quart. II millennium BC.). Kirov region., Nolinsk district, the first terrace lion. coast of the river. Vyatka, 2 km along the river from the mouth of its tributary, the solderable. Open and Inst. L.A.Nagovitsinym. On the village. noted 22 lived. depression. They are located along the edge of the terrace very close to each other. Pl. pos. about 12 thousand square meters. 3 dwellings excavated podkvadratnoy form pl. 45-82 m. m with one or two outs, hearths, households. and pole-mounted wells. Vessels on the village. Read more [...]
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Difficult by today’s standards as significant annual production of ten mine copper furnaces

Difficult by today's standards as significant annual production of ten mine copper furnaces Nizhny Tagil plant in the second half of the XIX century in 1120 tons of copper red bayonet. Let alone the volume of production of such industrial giants as Kirovograd copper smelter, even a small joint company "ECONT" receives many times more than that of the metal, however, in the form of copper concentrate. And not from the rich ore on the open ground Tagil in 1816 Mednorudyanskogo field and waste VGOKa sinter production, the so-called "Tails",     Nevertheless, one Read more [...]
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Mystery Island Pine

    In the south-western part of Chernoistochinsk pond is a group of Islands: Birch, Linden, Cedar and most big Pine. He is shrouded in legends and legends associated with coining false coins. Unsolved mysteries of the island is on a par with the legendary Leaning Tower, on the Fox and mountain Tagil dungeons. If follow the chronology according to the literature sources of the Pine, the events unfolded follows.     The first person who mentions it, was a German explorer Peter Pallas, who Chernoistochinsk visited the factory in 1770. The book "Travel to different Read more [...]
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Pages of History Gumeshevskogo mine

Gumeshevsky copper mine, one of the oldest in the Urals, its history dates back to the Bronze Age and continued in the early Iron Age. From the middle of the II millennium BC. e. here developed a powerful oxidation zone of copper ore (35 to 30 m). Work continued intermittently for many centuries. Ancient mine workings did not elaborate more than 30 to 40 m. To maintain workings used wooden lining. In trapped mines were found the remains of the dead miners, copper and wooden tools picks, shovels, etc.., Drying carrying ore and leather gloves. In the I millennium BC. e. ore smelted far away from Read more [...]
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SIBAY of rep. subordination rep. Bash. Located 457 miles southeast of the from Ufa. S. on the site of the village. Novo Sibaevo mentioned in lists us. points Orenbah. lips. compiled in 1866, the history associated with the mining of copper-pyrite ores, opened in 1913 on the basis of-cerned in 1948 was created Bash. copper and sulfur comb t. S. pawned away from the train. d., and energy sources. Official titles. he received from the refs. slave. pos., formed in August. 1938 mine Sibai. Nov 21. 1955 slave. pos. S. received the status of In 1952 the railway was built Magnitogorsk-Sibai, opened in Read more [...]
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Sulfuric KEY

Sulfuric KEY multi-layer memory. mountain forest Zauralye. Chelyaba. region., Nyazepetrovsk Ave. bank of the river. Ufa. Ancient city of capes odnoploschadochnoe. Located on the western. outskirts of the city, on a high cliff, steep precipices on three sides, with the fourth floor, limited arcuate shaft of rubble and ditch approx. 40 m. Total Space. memory. approx. 1000 square meters. m. hillfort openly VA Borzunova and Inst. V.A.Borzunovym, G.V.Beltikovoy. Stages of settling SK .: Chalcolithic settlement. Lipchinsky culture with traces of open fireplaces and plentiful. remnants of stone processing Read more [...]
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SAUZOVSKY COMPLEX group memory. Eneolithic. Resp. Bash., Krasnokamskiy district. Located on Ave. Shore wellhead h. P. White. Represented by three unfortified settlement. Opened in 1954 and I.K.Golunovoy V.I.Zabelinoy. SK Located on the southern terrace of four-meter. shore of Lake. Sauze. Pl. pos. Sauze I approx. 700 m, pos. Sauze II approx. 1000 sq.m, pos. Sauze III approx. 300 sq.m. On the village. C. I found 5 homes poluzemlyanochnogo type sizes m 8_8, 9_9 m 8_7 m. Three of them are connected by transitions. Inside the homes and hearths pole-pit. Pottery from households of two types: Novoiliynskiy Read more [...]
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With green copper pipes

     He is firmly on their feet step, a massive cylindrical shaped body seemed to be in contrast with graceful ringed handles and intricate crane with a curl at the end. One of the hallmarks certifies that Tagil samovar the end of the last century "first grade" (And executed "coachbuilt").     93 antique samovar are now part of the collection of the Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art in Moscow. Researcher museum SV Volkov has been recently a catalog, presenting a detailed description of each exhibit, following "geography" Read more [...]
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Records Mansi metallurgists

Today, many specialists believe that metallurgy in the Urals, at that time, was developed much higher than when­measure» The neighboring Slavic tribes. This is easily explained. Where it is not in the region since time immemorial cultivating the manufacture of metals, where untold mineral wealth, many of which look out directly on the surface of the earth, where it is not there, and grow mighty metallurgy! Archaeologists found­hidden many places where melted and processed before our­Ki metal. One of these ancient villages is not­far from Yekaterinburg, on the mountain Petrograd Read more [...]
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Pyshminskaya Copper Electrolyte Plant (PMEZ)

Pyshminskaya Copper Electrolyte Plant (PMEZ) located in the Upper Pyshma Sverdl. region., was put into operation in 1935 to produce electrolytic copper, copper powder, foil, selenium, tellurium, precious metals, copper and nickel sulphate (nickel sulfate). Rab. team of 6 thousand. pers. Design is powerful. achieved in 1939, on the eve of the Second World War zd recycled approx. 70% of the blister copper in the country. During the Second World War zd took its pl. evacuated from Podolsk enterprise Mfr. copper powder, developed no. copper-nickel, and others. alloys going to manufacture ammunition Read more [...]
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Preobrazhensky copper smelter

Preobrazhensky copper smelter Regular. in 1748 JB Tverdyshev and JS Myasnikov in Orenbah. lips. on the river. Urman-Elair (Zilair), etc.. Tributary. Sakmara. In the city of the Cross. War 1773-75 zd burned and rebuilt in 1777. In the beginning. XIX century. at a factory have 6 smelters, dec. kilns, 15 water wheels, blowers fur 15 operating mines. Since 1789 the plant was owned by mosk. eminent citizen P.M.Gusyatnikovu then M.V.Pashkovu, and since 1870 the British company Progden, Lubbock and K. Due to the depletion of mines zd in 1884 ceased to exist. Lit .: Gudkov GF, Gudkov ZI From the history Read more [...]
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POHODYASHIN Maxim (1729, Kazan 1781), eq. mine owners. Beg. shall trade in Verkhoturye carting and carpentry, but DOS. source of accumulation of funds was distilling, wine and repurchase contracts. In 1744-56 he and his brother Peter was holding the mercy of the horse fees Pelym. In the beginning. 1750 VP in the company Verkhotursk merchant A. Vlasyevsky owned distilleries in rows and s-supplied wine in Siberia and the U., including Verkhoturye, Turinsk, Tyumen and Pelym. P. also had their own distilleries s-dy to-rye were in Siberia. Having saved a lot of money, he began to invest in meth. Manuf. Read more [...]
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