Mednogorsk of p-tion n. Orenbah. region. Located 224 km to the south-east from Orenbah. In 1932 was opened Blyavinskoe copper deposit near to-eye in 1936 was built copper and sulfur comb t, around-cerned originated pos., Received the status of city in 1939. In the years. WWII in M. 5 were evacuated enterprises, including Several. shops nearby Tula Arms s-yes, that allowed an 8-fold increase in vol. prom. production. In the postwar years. prom. protentsial M. strengthened. Tula Arms zd was reorganized into Uralelektromotor. In the city there are s-dy concrete products, dairy, brewery. MY. products Read more [...]
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CAST COPPER ICON kind of thin. casting, Izv. W. on the works of masters and Solvichegodsk Solikamsk with XVII. In XVIII-XIX centuries. developed and was common among the local Old Believers. Availability of cheap raw materials copper spawned craft, serving the village of Old Believers. edge. Decrees of Peter I (1722), Nicholas I (1832) were officially banned relief carved and cast image. As the nest split and Ch. c. manufacture of illicit injection U. Math. Nevyansk, Kushwa, Nizhny Tagil, Casley, ECAT .; in the Urals Tyumen, birch, Tobolsk, Coorg. and Yalutorovskiy y. After the decree of 1883 Read more [...]
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"This stone shall be deemed to be a truly Russian, as no field in the world (Australia, North America) can be compared with the wealth of this ornamental material in the Urals". This phrase academician Fersman in the book "Precious and colored stones of Russia" begins with a description of malachite. Deep connoisseur of stone Alexander Evgenievich Fersman was attracted to the expansive person. Not too enthusiastically and biased? Not too. Here is the testimony of "outsider" to Russian authority. The famous naturalist Alexander von Humboldt visited the Urals in 1829. His companion, who was making Read more [...]
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The chronicle of copper Vysokogo plant (1722-1918,). Part 4

(Continued, beginning at No. 44, 97, 121) 1834-1835,In August Efim and Myron finished construction on the first ground of the ship and made it a trial test on cast-iron road length 200 yards, with a cargo of about 5 tons and a speed of 15 miles. Then they began to build a more powerful steamer with regards to the construction of an English steamer. Drawings and facilitated the installation of a new machine, and construction progressed well. By April 1835 land the ship was completed. The tests were carried out in the presence of personnel management. The second land boat Read more [...]
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The chronicle of copper Vysokogo plant (1722-1918,). Part 1

Today, at the request of our readers, we begin the publication of the annals of the oldest in Nizhny Tagil copper Vysokogo plant, where at one time worked by such well-known far beyond the borders of our city master nuggets, as Efim and Myron Cherepanova, Stepan Kozorezov, Savva of Chelakov. In 1702 Mogul James Savin found near the river Neck deposits of copper ore. But Demidov about this discovery found only in 1714. In the same year began the development of the richest deposits of copper ore, construction Vyskoc dam and construction of Vysokogo plant for copper, which was in demand not only Read more [...]
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The chronicle of copper Vysokogo plant (1722-1918,)

     On copper Lyskom plant in their time worked such famous far beyond the borders of our city master nuggets, as Efim and Myron Cherepanova, Stepan Kozorezov, Savva of Chelakov.     In 1702 Mogul James Savin found near the river Neck deposits of copper ore. But Demidov about this discovery found only in 1714. In the same year began the development of the richest deposits of copper ore, the construction of the dam and Vyskoc construction Vysokogo plant for copper, which was in demand not only in Russia but also abroad.  1722     Completed Read more [...]
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Kyshtym Gornozavodsk COUNTY

Kyshtym Gornozavodsk COUNTY formed in the first quart. XIX century. in Perm. lips. wine-farmers LI Rastorguev of s-ing, formerly belonging to different owners. K.G.O. incl. a Upper Kyshtymsky, Lower Kyshtymsky, Karabashsky, Kaslinsky, Nyazepetrovsky, Techa, Shemakhin, Soymanovsky s-dy complex and yellow. and copper mines Soymanovskoy valley. Regular. env. were chug.-lit. , iron and steel mfr. In the 90s of the XIX century. enterprises env. held tehn. reconstruction, introduced puddling and open-hearth method of steel production. To obtain funds for the reconstruction of env. was founded in Yaroslavl-Samara Read more [...]
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Kishtim city ​​region. subordination Chelyaba. region., located 90 km to the north-west from Chelyaba. The first settlement. was established in the beginning. XVIII century. cursory cross. and Bashkirs. Regular date. K. considered in 1757 when N.N.Demidov early. page. Kyshtymskoye domain Upper and Lower Kyshtymskoye iron-s-ing (Kyshtym Electrolytic Copper zd; Kyshtymsky heavy machinery. zd). In 1842, formed around the z-ing village. began p. Kyshtymskoye mountain env. In 1895, K. was w / d art. ECAT on the line. Chelyaba. In the years. first world. War Upper Kyshtymsky zd was adapted for Read more [...]
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Krasnoural’sk (BOGOMOLOVSKY) copper smelter

Krasnoural'sk (BOGOMOLOVSKY) copper smelter Built in 1927-1931, 75 km north Nizhny Tagil in place of large deposits of copper pyrites. In the district of the page. Grew Krasnouralsk. For its equipment, tech. equipment comb t is the most advanced facility in the industry and annually smelted flotation method more than 12 thousand. tons of blister copper. In the late 30's he Mfr. approx. one-third of blister copper at U. During the Second World War on the comb are built the largest sulfuric acid plant, which allowed hundreds of thousands of tons of sulfuric acid. In her Mfr. team regularly won prizes Read more [...]
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City Krasnoural'sk located on the eastern slope of the Urals in the area between Tours and Salda. on the river. Kushayka (Ob basin), 12 km from the railway Upper Station, 119 km north of Yekaterinburg.The economic development of these areas began in the middle of the XVIII century. At this time, there were the first settlements: Teal, low-flow, Alexandrovka and others. In 1823—1824. started mining gold on the banks of. Salda and its tributaries. In 1843, the river was found Kushayke copper-pyritic field, which was organized by Spassky sernokolchedanny mine. In 1913, geologists discovered Read more [...]
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KRASNOTURINSK city ​​region. subordination Sverdl. region., is 426 km to the north of ECAT., in the bend of r.Turi. Starting from October. 1758 on the lion. shore r.Turi N.Pohodyashinym laid copper mines Vasilevsky, Nikolaev, Pershino, Suhodoysky, Frolovskii on to-ryh and was established miners' village. Turinskie Mines. In the beginning. XIX century. here early. gold mining. By the beginning. XX century. in the village. was 4 churches, 2 clubs, 4 UCH-conductive, Geol. muses. (1894), 48 retail shops, zemskaja sick., Post office. During civil. War copper mines were destroyed. It was only in Read more [...]
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A. Korinskiy copper smelter

A. Korinskiy copper smelter Regular. L.Krasilnikovym in 1732 to approx. Bank. Kama near Elabuga rep. Tatarstan. The company had four furnaces, but because of the poverty of the mined ore output of pure copper at a factory does not exceed 2% of the original product. As a slave. forces used ascribed cross. partly civilian, number. no more than 100 people. Annual Performance A. Korinskiy s da was 600-800 pounds. copper, and to end of the XVIII in. decreased to 340-400 pounds. In 1820 the plant was ceased operations. Lit .: Liubomirov PG Essays on the history of metallurgy and metalworking industry Read more [...]
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KOKSHANSKY CHEMICAL PLANT Regular. in 1850 the cross. s. Bondyugi K.Ya.Ushkovym on the Kama river in Elabuzhsky y. Vyatka Province. Specialized in mfr. chromium salts, Ch. arr. potassium bichromate or potassium dichromate, worked on the basis of sulfur and copper pyrites mined in Verkhoturye y. Perm. lips. Zd given to th. T and bichromate in, Mfr. copper and yellow. sulfate, supplying them ext. and partly external. markets. The plant also manufactured ceramic pipes, valves, tanks, coils, and from 1890 and acid clay. Zd was Naib. large enterprise sector in Russia. By 1914, he had seven steam engines, Read more [...]
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Karpinsk city located in the north of the Sverdlovsk region. Distance to 436 km of Yekaterinburg. The city is situated on the left bank of the River Turia, with a railway line Serov Karpinsk. Highways city is connected to all the cities of the nearest neighbors krasnotur'inskikh Severoural'sk, Volchansky.Around there are forests, mostly coniferous (pine, spruce). Gornoholmisty relief, there are extensive wetlands area. Rivers Turia, Kakva, Lobva, Typyl, rear, Kosva, Olbia, Kyrya. Minerals: copper, bauxite, lignite, gold, platinum and others. Associated minerals. The construction of the highway Read more [...]
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Kargalinsky copper mine

Kargalinsky copper mine located 50-100 km from Orenbah. near small rivers bass. W. Kargalki (or Upper Kargalki Ave. Tributary. Sakmara) and Yangiza (pr. Salmysh inflow); sowing. edge K.M.R. accounted for most sources p. The current influx of Samara (bass. Volga). Huge diffusing lens K.M.R. size approx. 50&# 215, 10 km stretches from the northwest in the southeast Copper deposits are exposed at different times of active service, judging by surviving more. thousand. surface traces of ancient and old mining; including the mouth of the mines and tunnels, open pits, the so-called exploratory reprimands Read more [...]
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Karabashsky copper smelter

Karabashsky copper smelter built-tion of a joint-stock mining Kyshtym s-ing in Karabash now Chelyaba. region. Having mastered in 1910 Mfr., zd in 1915 MY. approx. thirds of the total copper in Russia. Since 1918 nationalized CMH worked and restored in 1925 In 1930 the company was reconstructed as a result of a swarm of blister copper smelting in 1940 increased by 4.2 times compared to 1915 in years. war and post-war period CMH Mfr. copper, selenium, tellurium, and precious metals, sulfuric acid. By 1960-70 zd continued to increase smelting of non-ferrous metals on outdated technology met. Manuf., Read more [...]
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Karabashev city ​​region. subordination Chelyaba. region. Located 96 km to the northwest from Chelyaba. The emergence of C. due to the discovery in 1822 of the rich gold placers in the valley r.Sak-Elgie. For its production was formed Sac-Elgin settlement. Were opened and Sugurskoe Soymanovskoe deposits of oxidized copper ores. For their development began in 1834 p. Medeplavilnogo s-yes, he worked for 5 years (1837-1842). Termination of copper smelting led to the decline Soymanovskogo pos. Until the end of the XIX century. he remained a small village. miners angry. mines and miners brimstone. Read more [...]
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KANANIKOLSKY copper smelter

KANANIKOLSKY copper smelter Regular. in 1753 the merchants of Mosolov on r.Kane, a tributary of Belaya, 140 versts to the south-east from Sterlitamaka. Prior to the Cross. War 1773-75 smelted communication. 7 thousand. Pounds. pure copper. In 1774 the plant was destroyed and rebuilt in 1777 As a result of the depletion of ore reserves, the company reduced the smelting of metal to beg. XIX century. After several. audits zd taken care of, and the owner was allowed to be, and at a factory, and in the mines. In 1861, with 20 mines and smelting furnaces 6, zd smelted only 5634 pounds. pure copper. Read more [...]
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KAMENSK-Ural Plant of Non-Ferrous Metals

KAMENSK-Ural Plant of Non-Ferrous Metals Built in 1942 on the basis of the evacuated from the Vladimir region. Kolchuginsk s da them. Ordzhonikidze. During the Second World War Vol. products for enterprises of military engineering. In the postwar years. zd remodeled, expanded, increasing gross Mfr. products and has become one of the industry's leading non-ferrous metal processing in the country. In the enterprise, more than 3.5 thousand naschivayuschem. Slave. and employees, handled more than 15 thousand. sizes of 100 dec. grades of nonferrous metals and alloys of copper, bronze., brass, nickel, Read more [...]
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Itkulsky I (DAUTOVSKOE I) Fortified Settlement

Itkulsky I (DAUTOVSKOE I) Fortified Settlement fortified settlement early yellow. in., site of the ancient met. Manuf. Chelyaba. region., Verhneufaleysky borough, village. Dautova (Davydkovo) sowing. Beach Lake. Itkul. Memory. V.Ya.Tolmachevym opened in the beginning. XX century. Hillfort occupies poorly defined high ledge (10 m) of the steep shore of Lake. Itkul. Has a semicircular shape with an area of ​​2 thousand. Sq. m. Line fortification consists of a shaft and the pit to-ryh noted two runs in q. and laterally. Playground memory. populated by three times: at the end of the II millennium Read more [...]
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