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Solar corona photographed at the highest resolution

With the help of High Resolution Coronal Imager (Hi-C), scientists have coronal images with the highest resolution to date, according to the website NASA. Resolution made in extreme ultraviolet image was 5 times better resolution images obtained previously by other devices. Images of the solar corona (of 165 images) were made Hi-C on July 11 last year for 620 seconds. The telescope is focused on a large active region on the sun, allowing the details to consider the ever-changing structure of the solar atmosphere. The unit Hi-C 1.8 m and a mass of 210 kg is able to photograph the sun at 150 Read more [...]
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The first time scientists were able to see the magnetic spit in the solar corona

The first time scientists were able to see the fine structures - so-called "spit" - in the solar corona, by which the crown is heated to millions of degrees, wrote in an article published in the journal Nature, a team of scientists who conducted the experiment suborbital Hi-C.The high temperature of the corona - the top layer of the solar atmosphere - still remained a mystery to astrophysicists. The lower layers of the Sun - the chromosphere and photosphere - heated to a temperature of tens of thousands of degrees Kelvin. In the boundary layer between the photosphere and corona thickness Read more [...]
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Why and how the sun watching the waves of different lengths

Each wave - its temperature and its material. A yellow, it seems to us, because in this range of the visible spectrum sun radiates particularly bright.Observations of the Sun at different wavelengths can accommodate the various aspects of the surface and the atmosphere. (Image NASA / SDO / Goddard Space Flight Center.)If you take a picture of the sun with a normal camera, you get a yellow featureless disk. If you do, when the light is close to the horizon, it will add a bit of red (and nothing more), because between you and the star will be more of Earth's atmosphere, the scattering waves Read more [...]
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Scientists have spotted coronal cells in the Sun

April 13. These strange structures in the solar corona, astronomers from the Laboratory of Naval Research in Washington noticed by chance by studying images of the Sun obtained satellite Heliophysics System Observatory. High up in the solar atmosphere, the scientists saw something that's never seen before - cellular structures with clearly defined boundaries of tens of thousands of kilometers. Such structures can be seen on the solar surface, but high in its atmosphere, they were first discovered. These "cells" or "supergranules" like bubbles arising on the water surface Read more [...]
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