On the sun yawns a huge black hole, like a shark

Unusually large, to be similar to a shark or stingray, coronal hole time-consuming operations in the southern hemisphere of the Sun. Space Observatory SDO photographed a huge dent on the surface of the celestial body on January 23. Coronal holes are places in the solar atmosphere where the magnetic field opens and allows the solar wind to flow into the space.Geophysicists estimate that the cloud of charged particles emanating from this "dark matter" to reach Earth orbit 26-27 January. Will it be a major blow to our planet's magnetic shell is still unknown.Because Read more [...]
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UFO near the Sun and the maneuvers of UFOs in the coronal hole, the Sun December 22, 2012

Many larger UFO near the Sun December 22, 2012. In this review, you will see a large number of UFO maneuvers in the coronal hole on the Sun and UFO activity around the Sun.
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