CACCIA, or hunting in Italian

Semi - not "Italian", is immediately evident. Reliability is present, performed "under the sign of quality", ie in the era of the Soviet Union. Ready to compete - not far behind ... but that's why I extended store .... I do not know .... The program has been extremely busy. In addition to the presentation of the new embodiment of a gun Raffaello CrioComfort we also had the opportunity to meet and visit with the production design department.His program was extremely rich. Judge for yourself: in addition to the presentation of the new embodiment of Raffaello CrioComfort shotgun with Read more [...]
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First Grace steppe

I peered intently into the thicket on the opposite side of the gap in the hope of seeing the beast still among the treesIllustration: MANUEL SOSA Whitish, nearly colorless dawn slowly gaining strength. The outlines of the vast fields with scattered amongst them and birch groves Rakitova gradually emerging on the left and right of the desert steppe road.With the dawn began to be painted in the steppe the usual yellow, green, white tones of harvested wheat fields, reeds, vast spaces, overgrown with wormwood, and separate islands birch forest. Finally, my friends, and Volodya Jura Read more [...]
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Two stories about hares

On the hunt for a long time or stored large fortune, or, conversely, unexplained failures. Do I remember two very successful hunt hares.Photo: Vladimir Motkova HOLIDAY OPTIONFrosty, but it turned out to be snow-free November. Land zadubela huddled on the roads and paths in the rock rolls. That's when I invited friends to his dacha to drive birds. I must say that I have a cottage very close to Moscow, what some forty kilometers away, and there is not a lot of hares. But I really like that this time they will meet us.We drove seven people, three of them – without guns, plus Read more [...]
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Exemplary pens

On a clear day, the middle of November had visited Nalibokskaya hunting in the forest. This large forest, located near Minsk, was preserved thanks to the Polish magnates who hunted there. Photo: Anton Zhuravkova The organizer of hunting hoofed game manager has been farming Vasily Vladimirovich Shakun. On the work of managers and rangers, and the results of the hunt you want to tell.Start the day failed. In one of the vehicles struck the wheel – a slight delay. Finally, our manager hunt Vasily Vladimirovich admitted that he forgot authorization form – I had to go back. Read more [...]
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“Crime and Punishment

Photo: Anton Zhuravkova When talking with "loser" often turns out that he picks up his gun once or twice a year, and about training at the stand does not think. Otherwise, how frivolous such training for the hunt will not name. And the leaders of the groups do not have the right to take responsibility for this state of affairs.  It seems that many are in captivity stereotypes of bygone days. After twenty or thirty years ago, to get a license for moose, deer, wild boar was a lot easier than it is now. And the price for it was almost symbolic. People reasoned thus: Do not get the hunt today, take Read more [...]
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Well, what could be hunting when night again swept up the whole yard! But the agreement was, leaving at eight o'clock, thermos tucked, and the entire complex hunting belongings at the door.Neaten snow from the windows "Niva", as my friend smokes Petrovich impatiently at the gate. We stopped by for the third member of our team Michael and the crew is fully staffed. - Hare no longer get up - sadly pulls Misha. - And if they get up, swept up anyway - echoes Sasha. - Guys, what if we do today chanterelles? - I suggest. - Have to - easily agree Aleksandr Petrovich. Mikhail is more reserved, but I have Read more [...]
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About corral elk

Each embarked on the number of hunting or senior ranger indicates its sector obstrela.Kazhdomu embarked on the number of hunting or senior ranger indicates his field of fire. Returned Check for the presence of the beast rangers, and all go to the place of hunting. Rifle line consisting of hunters with smooth-bore guns, are arranged either on their own or carry about (if available fare) in freight transport. With the advent of high-quality snowmobiles and ATVs it was very comfortable on the road impassable shooters hooked on them sleigh. This is a mobile and fast. Sometimes using Read more [...]
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In early December, went close to an elk license. We went on a rotational machine with hardtops. The stove worked, the car light, dry, warm, comfortable. Outside, a heavy snowfall. Snowflake big, wet, sticky. The snow is very thick. Almost no wind, and the snow is a solid wall, like a summer rain. It stopped all evening and night transitions.Tracks will not, and pens have to do blindly. We had to hunt in the area of ​​the lake, which over the Kashira and night – in a camp of our institute, which is located near the village of flint on the opposite bank of the Oka, right in front of Kashira.Comfortable Read more [...]
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Hunting for “professor”

It argued that especially beginners luck, first went on the hunt. They have a really some mystical ability to attract game. However, this ability is lost after the first hunt. I had the opportunity several times to make sure.Photo: So, on his first hunt with one shot shot three ducks that more has not happened then never, even in flooded areas of Astrakhan. At my brother Sergei on his first hunt of all time in my life came a herd of wild boars. Confirming this view event occurred on the eve of hunting «professor».This was at a time when there is, almost Read more [...]
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The corral elk

Unfortunately, after the innovation department of hunting on the issuing of a hunting license, without checking prior knowledge ohotminimuma hunting almost any material you have to start with the rules of safety and conduct in the hunt.Photos Cameron Maddux / FLICKR.COM Collective driven hunt to impose participants rather stringent requirements and behavior discipline during hunting. Terms battue hunting is not sophisticated yet Only they do not provide strict performance Only success Production trophy, but and full security as the shooters at rooms Read more [...]
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Threaded Semi-automatic pen

Carbine Merkel SR1 Carbine Merkel SR1 is the deep processing of carbine H&K SLB 2000 with a much more successful design. SR1 — gazootvodka it, carried out by rotary locking bolt on the two lugs. Carbine compact and not too heavy with a standard barrel weighs less than 3.2 kg.Butt direct comb, laser incision, very decent wood. The stock allows adjustment of camber and drainage through a set of gaskets. The rifle can be easily disassembled for cleaning and maintenance. Box SR1 from an alloy is equipped with a strap «Picatinny» fourteen slots. The fuse is located Read more [...]
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This is a raccoon!

In the late 60's - early 70's, I served in the Amur region. Our team of hunters consisted of 110 people. There were listed officers, warrant officers, civilians living in the territory of the military unit. In the taiga people regularly went 60-80. Photo surfneng / FLICKR.COM The commander was an avid hunter, and therefore Hunt has been organized in the military clearly excellent. Discipline and the procedure was felt throughout. Always have a license and tours every Saturday and Sunday were several off-road vehicles. Hunting with November 1 1st of Read more [...]
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Dashing 90th, reel in the people, free trade and freedom of love, capitalist working conditions, prostitution and drugs, a lot of drinking alcohol such as "White Eagle". Someone pours it into swill car washers, and the majority of his throat - like, almost a freebie! A huge number of stalls as grebes, covered area of ​​Moscow where you could buy everything from chewing gum to drugs. Photo by Vladimir Goryashin Commercial interests «filming cream» and fabulously rich in. In the late 90s, the time of universal wavering and fermentation, one of my friends Read more [...]
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When the yearlings in the paddock

The confusion of recent years with the terms and ways of hunting for prey not only from the Ministry of Natural Resources Department of the hunt, but hunting and local authorities, making some confusion in the plans zverovyh hunters. You can or can not be after the holidays to organize driven hunt? What trophy is now available - the boar or elk? Photo by Victor Zalogina On These and Other issues not Always get a clear answer. AT most cases there «age» Rating: licenses are issued only beast up year, i.e. on fingerlings.In general, such Read more [...]
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Paddock or ambush?

Hunters must know that in hunting platforms are needed not only for huntingPhoto: Andrew Fedichkin Specially preserved «HORN» Number 28 of 2011, where in the article hunters of the Nizhny Novgorod region Victor Ivanov «How are you, man?» was written: «I read here to «HORN» Zalogina a couple of articles about the exciting twists and turns of the night killing of piglets from the tower. Threw would you, Victor, a hunt, or at least did not describe her signature '' game manager. '' Well, yes, we shoot and enclosures are lovers. This is normal: Read more [...]
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The pre corral

Thank recently met with a huntsman Hunting Sonkovsky District Tver Oblast Vyacheslav, his namesake. He invited any hunting, which was ready to organize. New Year was on the nose. We have already missed the joint hunt. The soul yearning for the forest, and hands - on the rifle. Photo by the author We decided to go on a wild boar. Of course, battue hunting. We left on December 21 three cars. Will the circumstances of the first pair set off early in the morning, the second – after dinner, and a third – about nine in the evening. All were happy that finally the snow fell, Read more [...]
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Empty enclosures for a modest fee

With the adoption of the law "On the hunt ..." private farms already nikogone surprise. Photo by Ilya Antonyuk Private hunting grounds can be divided into two categories. First – land only for their own, without receiving any financial profit. A sort of closed territory where hunting is only the owners, their friends and the right people. Theoretically, nothing wrong with that, if it is a hunting management set aside small plots within about one Jaeger bypass 5–10 thousand. M instead of 30 square–50 thous. Ha (in some cases, they reach 150 thousand. Ha). Apparently, Read more [...]
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Hunting was

In the 70-80s of the last century when driven hunt on ungulates, in some cases, for small rooms overlook the wolves and lynx. Hunter was obliged to shoot these predators, even if it deprived the team of shooting opportunities in the paddock ungulate.Photo Fotolia In some hunting grounds hunting leaders (and they usually are chiefs and the main game wardens) were given permission to shoot foxes only after the shooting of ungulates, which conducted the hunt, and after the obligatory warning hunters shooting line repeated cry «Eliminated!». In all other cases, the shooting Read more [...]
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The sight of the pen

After the acquisition of the first rifles have any questions arrow appears on the optics. I remember how I wanted to put something more powerful, 10 times more postoyannik seemed weak, peremennik 4-12 or 6-18, that's what seemed acceptable for installation on "Tiger" or "Saiga MK". But it took a little time, and it became clear why the SVD set sights 4-fold increase, and the sniper mosinke even less — 3.5. A large increase has some advantages, but they are implemented only if the shooting is over a stationary target. It is necessary to start moving target, and all Read more [...]
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For elk in Tver

Swollen problems and phone calls asking for the head of the fresh, cold air. It seemed that the concrete walls pressured yearned for a free expanses of the soul and everything I wanted in this endless day, so it quickly escape from the hateful office home, jump in the car, turning the key in the ignition to hear deaf predatory roar of the engine and sinking gas pedal floor, whirl away from the night off the highway to meet friends and hunt ...The dreams still come true! Gender nine in the evening, carrying a comrade Kohl we finally start at the center of Moscow. The machine gently carries us on Read more [...]
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