Tucson Crampoon Launch Idle on Mt. Hopkins

A manlike crampon, lacking since Friday, was institute idle Monday in the Santa Rita Mountains suspension from his mounting ropes and covered in bee stings. According to the Arizona Day-after-day Champion, Sheriff’s deputies went to lookup the locate astern Steven Johnson, 55, failed to surface for exercise. Johnson’s dog was too launch deadened and covered with bee stings at the top of the drop-off from which Johnson had rapelled.The killer is hush incertain, but an postmortem bequeath be conducted by the Pima County Coroner’s post. Santa Cruz County’s Lt. Raoul Rodriguez Read more [...]
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Europe has become a snowdrift

From all over Europe are now reports of heavy snowfalls. At the airports of Frankfurt, Paris, Vienna canceled hundreds of flights. Tens of thousands of passengers on the eve of nowhere and have not taken off and are still waiting in the terminals. Dusseldorf airport closed at all due to the fact that the runway could not be cleared drifts. Now covered many roads. There have been numerous accidents, there are casualties. In Austria alone, at least five dead. The same situation in Belgium, the Netherlands, in the Balkans.At least 19 people were killed as a result of heavy snow and a sharp drop Read more [...]
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Europe in the grip of snow and frost

In Switzerland snowfall resulted in casualties. In the Alps, as a result of avalanches killed seven people - tourists, skiers, as well as a doctor of the rescue team. People looking for a few days, but found too late. Another six victims were rescued a few days ago. Continued snowfall in the UK. Thermometer goes there to -15 ° C. Throughout the country, schools are closed, airports operate intermittently. No better, and the situation on the railways: rail swept snow and ice-covered, trains are. On the highway, people give up their cars. Many cars are literally buried under snow drifts. In the Read more [...]
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Rampant floods in the United States. Photo

Rainbow over the flooded area of ​​the city in the same state of Arizona January 22, 2010. (David Kadlubowski / Arizona Republic via AP) We already told you about the bad weather here in California (video) and here (photo), and yet here, but the rampant disaster affected not only the "Sunny" state, and walked around the south-west of the country. Arizona desert covered with a blanket of snow in Las Vegas fell to 4 cm. Precipitation. Floods, snow drifts and icy roads have caused the death of about a dozen Americans.Left the car at the railway station on Friday, 22 January 2010 in Arizona. Read more [...]
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In Europe, the snow and cold. Photo

Berlin covered with snow Small Photocross Europe. That picture is, you need to look holistically.Berlin covered with snow Berlin Snow in Madrid Snow in Amsterdam Germany, children are skating on the frozen lake. Snowfall in Kiev Frosts in Bucharest Snow in Istanbul Man feeding seagulls in Istanbul Park Snow in England Frosts in Poland Source: Inosmi Read more [...]
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By the rivers of Russian children are dying while riding on a sled from the banks

Skating with the river banks on a sled, "cheesecakes" sled pulls a mortal danger. On the way skiers will probably hole, polynya or lane, which are formed in places frisky river flow, even when there are severe frosts. Overtake them at high speed or time to the brakes can be virtually impossible. Cracks or breaks in the ice are covered with snow. As a result of collision with them there is a risk of injury or a dip in the icy water. The wells were made by fishermen from time to time across achieve 1 meter. They are usually tight narrow captivity of ice and covered with snow. These wells are also Read more [...]
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Sandstorms sunk to Hong Kong and Taiwan

Sand storms raging in China, got to Hong Kong and Taiwan. In Beijing and other cities, residents and tourists are forced to cover their faces with scarves, going outside. Graceful bridges tourist Hangzhou covered with sand and dust. Over the southern part of China hung sand clouds. Sand storms that struck China on Saturday, covered with sand, most cities in the country and got to the island of Hong Kong and Taiwan, reports Associated Press.Overgrazing, deforestation, urban sprawl and drought have led to the expansion of deserts in the north and west of the country. Now quicksand switched to Read more [...]
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Merapi volcano ash covered the neighboring villages

July 23, 2013. On most unpredictable Indonesian volcano Merapi eruption called is in full swing. The crater of the volcano, which belongs to a. Java, constantly throws into the air ash huge portions. The last such release forced local villagers to begin the evacuation of unauthorized fuming away from the mountains.Column reddish volcanic ash reached a height of 1 kilometer. Formed above the crater of Merapi thundercloud accumulated ash and took him to the villages located on the slopes of the mountain. Virtually all of the property of people living in the village Kankringan and neighboring Read more [...]
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HUNGER social distress caused by the absence or lack of food. Takes two forms: latent (chronic) or explicit (hunger strike). G. generated by various causes: natural disasters, adverse and extreme weather conditions, wars, and other anti-social policy. Between G. behavior takes dec. form, to-rye depend on the scale and depth of the social disaster. The first information about the lean years and G. W. are in ser.XVII. It is estimated in the XVIII century. was 34 lean years, accompanied by G. For the period 1801-54 more than 30 grave consequences of poor harvests and the parish at the end of the Read more [...]
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White calls

    White Mountain is located in the thirty kilometers to the southwest of the Lower Tagil, majestically located between village Uralets and Chernoistochinsk pond. With Fox mountain out her blue silhouette rising to 715.4 meters above sea level.     Each mountain has its own the legendary story of the discovery, conquest and development of its natural resources. There she and White.     One of the first mentions of Mount refers to 1770, when the Urals traveled German scientist PS Pallas. He said: "Mountain in the south-west side of Read more [...]
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In China, a raging sandstorm

Western part of China covered powerful sandstorms. Many villages were plunged into darkness — the solar light is not making its way through a thick layer of sand. In the province of Gansu visibility on the roads does not exceed a few meters. Residents of cities covered by the element chosen not to go well, the street. According to experts, this is the strongest sandstorm in the region over the past 17 years. Chinese scientists have repeatedly stated that due to deforestation, urbanization and frequent droughts desert spread to 16 percent of the country. As a result, over the past half-century Read more [...]
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British Columbia was covered by a landslide

Internationally renowned Canadian agricultural region was the victim of a brutal and uncontrollable elements, suddenly collapsed to British Columbia in the form of unbridled landslide. It is reported that in the town of Oliver rapid mudslides killed at least ten buildings, five of which were houses. Home of the highway of the village is covered with several feet of mud. Reports of casualties are not available. The main cause of the landslide locals call their banks fast mountain river, the water level are significantly improved due to the heavy rains that lasted almost the entire Read more [...]
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Landslide covered more than 150 people in south-western China

Landslide in southwest China has covered at least 150 people, is a rescue operation, according to a news portal «Sina». Mudflow came down near the village of Dazhai in Guizhou Province on Monday afternoon. According to preliminary data, in the area of ​​the tragedy lived about 50 families, so that the number of victims could exceed 150 people. The exact number of victims is still unknown. On-site are rescue operations. Earlier on Sunday, forecasters said that the rains in southern parts of China finally stopped. In the affected regions, where since the beginning of Read more [...]
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In China, a landslide covered the village

More than a hundred people were buried in a landslide in southern China. Rescue from time to time suspend because of the threat of new mudslides. Until the work of emergency teams in Guizhou Province has brought no results. On the search for the dead and wounded connect hundreds of military and civilian personnel. In the south-western China landslide covered village Rescuers search for mud and stones more than 100 people, but hope that they will find the living is not enough. 300 residents were evacuated - put in a camp. How many victims - hard to say. Hit a hill and fell asleep about fifty Read more [...]
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Unusual cold for Australia established on the continent

In Australia, where it is winter, established unusual even for this time of year the cold. In Sydney, the thermometer dropped to minus 10 such frost, and the locals call it so the weather outside the window on a green continent had almost 30 years. Most Australians are not used to such cold and prefer to stay at home. Those who failed to defer the case and had yet to go out, dresses, hats, mittens and warmed tea at roadside cafes. Source: The first channel Previous News: · New Zealand was covered by snow · In Africa, it snowed. Video · Austria covered with snow on the eve of the summer Read more [...]
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In China, about 100 people remain in a landslide

About 100 people remain in a landslide in southern China, the operation to rescue people continues the fourth day, a third buried alive - the children, said on Thursday the news portal "Chzhunsinvan." On Monday afternoon, a landslide covered the village of Dazhai in Guizhou Province. According to local authorities, under the lahar were, at last count, 99 people. According to experts, people have virtually no chance of escape: agricultural covered residential area just two minutes. According to local residents, including buried at least 30 students of rural primary school. Children Read more [...]
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South America was covered with snow. Video

In South America almost 200 people have died recently due to abnormal cold. The temperature drops to minus 23 degrees. Even though now it is winter, so frosty it was not never. Snowdrifts to reach a height of 2 meters. In Brazil, Bolivia and Uruguay freeze homeless. And in Argentina, trying to warm by a faulty stove, death was having 26 people. In Chile and Peru, people gather at indoor stadiums where get warm clothes and hot food. In addition, considerable damage caused to agriculture - from lack of food animals die.South America is now looking for a way to warm up. Chile, Paraguay and Read more [...]
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Brazil was hit by an unprecedented snowfalls

Meanwhile, the Russians suffer from abnormal heat, on the other side of the world almost fifty degrees colder. In some areas of Brazil together with negative temperatures was hit by an unprecedented snowfalls. Antarctic cyclone brought in the southern province of these storms. Strong wind, absolute humidity meter drifts. Local residents, who are not used to such vagaries of nature, spreading his hands: what to do in such a situation, they just don't know. In the southern hemisphere now is winter, but cold weather here never was. Usually the temperature is kept above zero. Source: The first Read more [...]
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Landslides in Italy was covered by one of the resort towns. Video

In Italy on the Amalfi coast rescuers search for missing during a landslide. Element literally covered one of the resort towns. Damaged dozens of cars and buildings, restaurants and cafes, located in the basement, and the apartments on the first floor. The footage Amateur video captured the moments of the convergence of many residents escaped the landslide literally at the last minute. Source: Capital TVRead more [...]
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Australian Tasmania has covered abnormal snowfalls. Video

Australian Tasmania has covered anomalous snowfall On the Australian island of Tasmania due to snowfall, thousands of homes were left without electricity, the main roads are covered with ice. Hundreds of tourists were forced to prematurely terminate the trip around the island. People can't come to their cars because of the snow. Many cars were stuck on the roads and await the arrival of the Rangers. Rescue service receives many calls asking for help. To heavy snowfall was added and gusty winds. The weather Bureau reported that wind gusts reach 120 kilometers per hour. Such weather conditions Read more [...]
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