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In the United States set up a sperm bank in the case of animals of the Apocalypse

August 11, 2013. Issue is a strange color, because the field while still filled with cows, sheep, goats and other animals that provide us with food, writes However, the Ministry of Agriculture has created a special storage of semen of animals in Colorado. It is located in Fort Collins. And now here is stored about 700 000 copies of sperm from 18 different species of animals that float in the liquid nitrogen in anticipation of some catastrophic events that could end life on Earth.When we talk about the impending danger, we think less about giant asteroids and more of the Read more [...]
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Frozen cows in Vietnam

January 15, 2011. Frozen Vietnam is waiting for new anomalous cooling. After the temperature in the mountainous regions of Northern Vietnam fell to minus four degrees Celsius in these areas closer to Saturday it is expected the new cooling. Deputy Director of the National hydro-meteorological forecast centre Le Thanh Hai said that the new cooling will reduce the temperature in the mountainous provinces to ?10 degrees Celsius and even lower in mountain areas. This center also predicts that this cold front will increase on January 21 and runs until January 26. Due to record low temperatures this Read more [...]
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Mass death of animals continues: found hundreds of dead cows and seals

Individual cases or something more disturbing? 17 January 2011. Concern about the mass deaths of animals continues to grow. So in the news it was reported that in Wisconsin, USA, was found about 200 dead mysteriously cows, and the coast of Labrador, in Canada, the sea threw hundreds of dead seals. It is reported that cows were killed by a mysterious infection. Tissue samples of dead animals were sent for analysis in the laboratory Madison, but officials can't yet name the exact cause of death.According to rapport, the owner of the cows, said the representative of the Sheriff, that in his Read more [...]
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200 dead cows found in Wisconsin

on January 15. Stockton, Wisconsin, USA. The farmer suspects that the virus has killed about two hundred of his cows. On Friday, assistant County Sheriff Portage were directed to one of the farm fields in Stockton after reports of dead cows, writes Wausau Daily Herald. In a press release, Sheriff's office reported that the cattle owner said he used to work with a veterinarian and suggests that the animals were killed either from infectious bovine rhinotracheitis, either from bovine viral diarrhea. As they say in the newspaper, with dead animals, samples were collected for the study. The Sheriff's Read more [...]
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Biobullets Not Allowed on Bison

The herds of approximately 4,500 bison that range Yellowstone Interior Parkland are the sole leftover pureblood bison in the state, but they are septic. Local ranchers were hoping to remotely inoculate the bison, which are carrying a disease that can be transferred to cows, victimisation biobullets.On Tuesday, the federal administration sour fine-tune the ranchers’ virtually $9 trillion proposition, accentuation that the task would price overmuch and could finally impact the wilderness nature of the bison.Environmental and wildlife protagonism groups are applauding Yellowstone’s determination Read more [...]
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The invasion of starlings in the Krasnodar region

on January 13. On one of the farms of Krasnodar region starlings — migratory birds — accumulated so much that it became impossible to farm. Threatened the elite herd of cows imported from abroad. On the farm — picture is like from the Alfred Hitchcock film, where American town was also terroritory birds. The village of Kanev threaten starlings fly in the winter for many years. But this year, the avian invasion struck by its size. Several cows have become victims of sharp beaks.«Starlings sit on the ears, the nose, around the eyes. It happens that timely Read more [...]
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The number of cows in the United States is the lowest in the last 60 years

on February 28. \"Probably 60% to 70% of the herds had to sell. I started doing it a year and a half ago, when the drought began\", — Mark Scott. The number of cattle in the United States fell to its lowest level in 60 years. First, due to a record drought that was experienced in the past year, the southern States of the country. As a result, the price of beef increased by 17%. Agriculture is the most affected, Texas, suffered losses of more than five and a half billion dollars. Many local farmers were forced to close their farms. Those that remained in business, doing everything Read more [...]
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Pakistan: A mysterious disease that has infected 1.5 million animals

After the outbreak of cholera and measles, which killed more than three hundred children, and another thousands ill in northern Sindh, currently fixed unknown mysterious disease outbreak in the same region, which killed more than 360 animals, including buffalo, cows and goats. The greatest number of deaths observed in the Schottky and Sukkur, the massive loss of livestock occurred within just one week. According to the owners of the dead animals - buffaloes and cows, they experienced difficulty in breathing and died in a short span of time. According to reports 1.5 million pets suffer from this Read more [...]
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The Broken Remote: How Roughneck Is Yobbo?

<%=[TAN_psinet_include "/includes/include_ad_goingplaces.html" ]%>The Tough Remote: How Bully Is Ruffian? Workings the oxen.avi initialise (656K) or .mov (743K)Picture courtesy Northerly Dominion Holidaymaker CommittalThe where, when, and howLogistics of arrangement your own remote have.Your questions answeredThe writer responded to your questions on outside jaunt in Australia.'I had been yen to sojourn an remote send for age. Novels, Read more [...]
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In Costa Rica erupted volcano Turrialba

may 24, 2013. On Monday morning the Turrialba volcano, located North-West of the city of Cartago in Costa Rica, began to erupt. The height of the ash cloud emitted from a volcano, reached four kilometers.The farmers of the villages that are located around Turrialba, complain about the ashes, to cover their areas. Local residents fear that the ash will damage their crops of carrots, broccoli, cabbage and potatoes, and will also damage the health of dairy cows. The authorities are recommended to the farmers living in the vicinity of the volcano, to leave their homes. However, many residents Read more [...]
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Big Bivouac Company

Cows Ward     Pic: courtesy, Pappoose Brook Auberge

Montana’s Sun Spread is fetching a new, bulletless attack to holding wolves off from stock. By placing safari-style invitee tents among the crowd, the Quiescency with the Cows plan provides both an upscale housing live and a substantial canid handicap. The stoppage includes two nights at the deluxe Pappoose Brook Hostelry. Tone: The guild&#151;though commons&#151;offers hunt. Deuce-ace nights, $1,450 per somebody;

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In Transcarpathia case of rabies in a cow

The villager Vydrichka Rakhiv district said in his cow intense salivation, there was photophobia. Vets, do your best, the animal could not be saved. January 17 cows died. Studies conducted in the regional veterinary laboratory showed that the cause of death is rabies. As Deputy Chief of Veterinary Medicine in the Transcarpathian region Yuri Sadvari, animal died from the usual, and not mad cow disease (which has done so much noise in the world in the early 2000s). Until October last year, a cow grazed on the meadows, probably there she became infected through contact with foxes, which Read more [...]
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Wheat — the best plant?

However, in subsequent years, the picture is changing. A growing number of nutritionists, mostly natural therapy professionals, started strongly recommend to their patients the bread baked from barley, corn and oat flour. Experiments conducted in 1906 in the United States (Wisconsin), have shown that this view is quite reasonable. The purpose of the experiment was to determine whether the difference, if feed measures of wheat, or corn, or oats, or a mixture of these three crops. Provided that the calories and minerals in the four experimental groups will be the same in quantity and quality. The Read more [...]
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The role of milk in the spread of infectious diseases

Milk a favorable environment for the preservation and development of microorganisms. The most abundant and significant source of bacterial contamination of milk during milking are fur and skin of cows. Dairy utensils and equipment, poorly washed or scoured unsatisfactory sanitary water is also a major source of bacterial contamination M. M. notable development contamination can be in the case of indoor air dust it dry feed before milking or during it. Relatively rare M. dirty hands milkmaids. The possibility of contamination of milk increases when overfed cows succulent fodder (silage, roots) Read more [...]
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Helpless in Quad

    Nix turns an Australian misty-eyed care talk roughly the Kimberley, the stray northwesterly tableland where the Remote intrudes into the tropics. This brobdingnagian, abandoned landscape has had fabulous position since the Eighties, when the low flannel cows ranchers arrived. What they institute was a abrasive eden, its plains riven by colossus river gorges, the sandstone cliffs fulgent a hot, blinking blood-red at sundown, the coastline awake with the wiggly outlines of flagitious, man-eating crocs. The Kimberley quick became an Aussie saw for frontier, for all that's instantly Read more [...]
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The number of cows in the U.S. — the lowest in 60 years

February 28. "Probably 60% to 70% of the herds had to sell. I started to do a half years ago, when the drought was just beginning, "- Mark Scott. The number of cattle in the United States has fallen to its lowest level in 60 years. Primarily due to a record drought that has survived the last year the southern states of the country. As a result, beef prices rose 17%. Agriculture mostly affected Texas, suffered losses in more than five and a half billion dollars. Many farmers have been forced to close their farms. Those who remained in the business, doing their best to keep their animals.Mark Read more [...]
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Invasion of starlings in the Krasnodar Territory

January 13. On a farm in Krasnodar Krai starlings - birds - There were so many that it became impossible to farm. Threatened elite herd of cows, imported from abroad. On the farm - a picture of a movie like Alfred Hitchcock, where American town also terrorize birds. Kanev village threatened starlings who come here for the winter for many years. But this year, the bird struck its scale invasion. Some cows have been victims of sharp beaks."Starlings sit on the ears, the nose, around the eyes. It happens that the time to notice, to treat. And sometimes becomes disabled, "- says Read more [...]
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