Look crack

A lot of bass can fit in a small pit, which is typically the size of one meter onPhoto: SHUTTERSTOCK Fishing at last ice usually takes more dynamic than the entire season, remaining in the background. Usually At this point, Volga practically everywhere cleaned. Ice is only bays, but will soon hand over their positions, and they — first destroyed and carried away over the ice of the great Volga bays, last cleaned the smallest bays.In the middle lane on Volga reservoirs, this process ends up somewhere in the the end of March — Read more [...]
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The properties of the ice and security

Ideal picture freezing ice thickness greatly changes the existing snow cover on itauthor photo For fishermen, winter roads, onto the ice of different type reservoirs, just need to know and understand what conditions the evolution of ice cover determine the safety or the impossibility of finding it. Thus the main characteristic of the ice will be its strength, which is a quantity of volatile, strongly dependent on the type and structure of ice, its thickness and the temperature.Often, the beginning of winter with frequent thaws accompanied by precipitation in the form of rain or Read more [...]
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Between sky and water …

That's right side, and it is better to say - from the bank, looks fisherman walking along a pond on the first, thin and transparent as glass, Ledkov. Photos from the archives of the fishing department But do not be too cautious and wait until the ice starts to withstand a medium-sized tank – By this time, the fish almost ceases to bite, and bite fortune gambling which sometimes happens on the ice first, so experience will not succeed. If sensibly assess the situation and not make «heroic» actions, the fishing on thin ice would be meaningful and therefore completely Read more [...]
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Freeze-up and behavior on thin ice

Natural phenomenon of formation of solid ice on the surface of ponds is surprising and is primarily due to the properties of water – unique fluid. So, at zero temperature, all the water molecules in some extent linked to the endless chain, so that in this state the liquid is a compound with the amorphous characteristic properties. However, when the water cools below a certain temperature value, ice formation begins – in fact, this means that the chains are broken into individual water molecules with their distribution in the crystal lattice. The water from the liquid Read more [...]
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Enduro Helmets: Sup Shelter?

Don’t refer Sedona expecting smoothen equitation. The trails hither—near solely singletrack—are riddled with red tilt stairsteps, beat, and chunder. It’s the rather spot where a five-inch cycle is sufficient, but larger is improve. No surprisal so that Toll, the 59-year-old helmet shaper that got its starting in motorsports, chose this northerly Arizona venue to found their new all-mountain helmet, the Swallow.I’ve been retard to tender to the theme of an all-mountain helmet, part because I’m more of a XC rather guy. But likewise because I’m mistrustful Read more [...]
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Oklahoma Twister is the Widest Always

A pestilent twister that formed external Oklahoma Metropolis conclusion Friday is now formally the widest on immortalise. Not to be unconnected with the monolithic twister that devastated the township of Moore, Oklahoma, on May 20, the Friday crack that stricken El Reno metrical a thumping 2.6 miles in diam, with winds of well-nigh 300 mph.The Internal Conditions Help initially rated the crack as an EF3, but upgraded it to an EF5 abaft surveying the wrong and mensuration the winds. 19 citizenry were killed in the tempest, including iii rage chasers.The record-breaking cruller smitten the countryside Read more [...]
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Twister Hits Denver Drome

A crack that affected polish at Denver External Aerodrome on Tuesday afternoon entertained flights and strained passengers to issue protection in restrooms, but did not crusade any injuries, a voice for the aerodrome aforesaid.Laura Coale told the Denver Office that thither was no major geomorphologic impairment from the tornado, which lasted around one-half an minute and downed various index lines. Exterior older editor Grayson Schaffer was at the airdrome when the crack hit. In an netmail, he described the prospect.TSA agents were sharply ushering mass into the bathrooms, which two-bagger as Read more [...]
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Crack 7 Skis

    Pic: Inga Hendrickson

Clasp the semitransparent, honeycomb-patternedtips or tailcoat of Rossignol’s Crack 7 Skis capable the ignitor and they gleam. Eventide tank is the pattern, which reduces sway burthen, lightens the ski, and makes these fat boys much hover in mild hoodwink.

Mark: Rossignol$850
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In China, on the ground there are deep cracks

This event took place on November 28, but we know just now.China. In one of the miner villages in southern China began to appear deep cracks on the roads and fields, from which crack and structure. People thought it was a harbinger of the earthquake and afraid to return home. According to the publication "Xiaoxia Morning", it happened during the day on November 28 in the village of Gokuan Hunan Province. Already cracked more than 30 peasant houses, over a hundred people now have nowhere to live. People stood and watched the scene from afar, afraid to come closer. You could see that because Read more [...]
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Which packsack should I fancy Ride Rainier?

Twister 4900 rucksack     Photograph: courtesy, KeltyKelty Crack 4900Crack 4900 haversackA:That?s a aboveboard doubt, but naturally thither are a few variables to the solvent. It depends on the eccentric of actuate you?re provision?guided, or un-guided?and what season.Let?s say you?re doing the formula subroutine: Nirvana Inn to Cantonment Muir, a dark at Muir, so on to the crest the following day, then crawfish to Eden. That is a misstep you bequeath not leave, leastways not until the annoyance in your thighs subsides, and that could return weeks. I cannot accentuate sufficiency Read more [...]
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survival note vyginalnye stuff

REPAIR Wood BUTT (fixed crack yourself)Crack ON the BED:When choosing a rifle very fundamental factor is the material stock . From the material stock depends on the convenience and the total memory of the rifle, and aesthetic and tactile pleasure of owning it. Because the butts of wood so popular.But with all the advantages of a wood bed, like beauty and excellent weight (balance), there is a very severe disadvantage, the tree might just crack while all of this is absolutely not fundamentally did You rifle for 50 thousand rubles or 7WHAT CAN CRACK:- incorrect appeal the bed rifle- hauling screws- Read more [...]
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How Practically Cautionary Volition I Get Ahead a Crack?

    Picture: Minerva Studio/Shutterstock.comA:Tornadoes aren’t comparable tropic storms or hurricanes, which forecasters can racecourse for years as they approaching the seashore. “What we’re dealings with is on a practically, practically littler exfoliation,” says Greg Carbin, the cautionary coordination meteorologist at the Ramp Prognostication Centerfield run by NOAA's Subject Conditions Avail. “It forms quicker, it dies quicker, and it covers a practically, lots littler are.”Course, as we saw in Moore, Oklahoma, a twister can quieten do ruinous Read more [...]
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The N Brass

Spectrum 23     Photograph: Scratch WiensBehold a world-record bearer: In wind-tunnel examination, the ultralight Spectrum withstood 130-mph-plus winds, says The N Brass, thanks to a new figure that funnels air done the camp via a front-awning exclusive. Spell we ne'er constitute a ridgeline where a Katrina-level coke was brewing, we assembled the fast-pitching Spectrum supra Washington's Stevens Crack and were impressed with its bunkerlike spirit. Crack shelters are perpetually cramped, notwithstanding: You get upright one smallish threshold, and the lebensraum—37 inches Read more [...]
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Will enjoy the crack in Mexico

The crack that appeared on July 13 in the region of Santa Maria Huejoculco, Chalco (Chalco), Mexico, has already reached 1500 meters in length, but the authorities took no action to prevent it, noticed Jacobo Espinoza Ilario, the person responsible for social planning Project Sierra Nevada Autonomous Metropolitan University.In addition, after provedenii examination it was found that in Santa Maria Huejoculco there is one fault length of about 4 km, which reaches La Candelaria Tlapala, in the community of Miraflores, in Chalco, explained Professor in an interview with Martin Espinosa, Grupo Read more [...]
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Tajikistan: On the Rogun dam there was a crack

on July 22. The earthquake occurred in the night from 19 to 20 July, caught many by surprise, including residents of Tajikistan. In the city of Isfara, in Soghd oblast sudden tremors destroyed 17 houses. Killed at least 3 people. On the walls 8 residential multi-storey buildings in the town, Kim field, there was a huge crack.The devastating effects of the disaster was in the village of Chorkuh, where because of the earthquake were destroyed 34 homes, under the ruins of the houses were 4 families - a total of 11 people. In the enclave of Vorukh was destroyed 50 private houses, members of 4 Read more [...]
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Cleveland, USA: the Crack in the St. Clair remains a mystery

3 August. The incident occurred over a month ago on St. Clair Avenue. The crack is on the sidewalk from Ontario to East 6th Street. Experts are at a loss whether it was caused by the fragile structure of the pavement, temporary geological fault, or was it something else?Research planned budget of $465 million, funded by taxpayers. Jeff Appelbaum has been a representative of the project. He says that many minds and technologies was thrown into the battle, trying to find out the cause of crack formation and whether it can be repeated. Nakadomari, inclinometers, ground radar, and the rig Read more [...]
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Breaking ground in Arizona, USA

Click to enlarge. 3 August. A large crack in the ground near highway 191 and van ness road has raised concerns among local residents, reports willcoxrangenews.com Faults deeper than 2.5 feet began to appear here about a month ago, after the first rain. «We don't know what will happen with these cracks further. I have two children 7-9 years, and it is very dangerous»- said a local resident Dale DeWitt. His wife Helen adds that «children ride on the road bike. And every time it rains, the crack gets bigger.» Source: FinalNews Read more [...]
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The mountain cracked after the earthquake in Almaty region

On the Northern slope of the mountains in Almaty region due to the recent series of earthquakes was cracked six meters long, with a width of 20-30 centimeters, correspondent Tengrinews.kz with reference to the Ministry of emergency situations of Kazakhstan. According to the Agency, in that location on the hillside opposite the former sanatorium «Spikelet» and then there was a crack of 7.5 meters. The location exhibited a warning shields. Detailed examination with the participation of specialists LLP «Almatygidrogeologiya» scheduled for may 19. Recall that in early may Read more [...]
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The 15-meter crack in Thailand

The 15-meter crack in Thailand, in the area of Thung Khao Luang, appeared just under the residential house. In the depth - first was a meter and a half. The crack was filled with sand, and in the morning - the sand is gone. Called the Sheriff, the Sheriff has caused geologists, and so this simple news appeared in the local press. Translation: NYK Source: Hilight.kapook.com Read more [...]
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A huge crack in the ground in southern Peru. Video

on February 25. The sudden appearance of a huge crack in the ground 100 meters in width and a length of 3 kilometers, early on Wednesday morning caused confusion among the residents of the district Huacullani in the province of Chucuito in southern Peru.The exact cause of cracks in the earth is still unknown. Geophysical Institute of Peru has not confirmed the occurrence of earthquakes in the region, but it is clear that the earth opened up and large clods can be seen scattered throughout the area. This event caused the destruction of one of the houses located in the rural community Read more [...]
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