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September hunting season is in full swing. For most of us it was opened in August, but ask anyone, especially the owner of the gun dog, and he says that in September - the most interesting for hunting month.Show all cooler nights on morning dew falls abundant and there is heavy fog. But Here prigreet September sun, it shatters mist, obsohnet dew, wind rises and fly cobweb spiders is settled by air — a sure sign of the beginning of the Indian summer. It is believed that it is necessary to From 14 to September 21, but sometimes it comes a little Read more [...]
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Shepherdess on stamps

Family Pastushkova (Latin - Rallus) one of the largest, but also the least studied family of birds. According to researchers, there are between 130 and 165 species.Illustrations from the author's archive The most diverse they are in the forest zone of the subtropical and tropical zones of the planet. Many of the shepherds have long settled many oceanic islands and archipelagos, where, in the absence of enemies, have become bad to fly, and some have lost their ability to fieldthe.The stamp depicts Bogotá Colombia shepherd (rullus semiplumbeus bogotensis). The stamps of the USSR Read more [...]
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Relatively rare bird, which is found to the south of Novgorod, Moscow, the Middle Volga, Omsk Amur to the Caucasus and Central Asia. Lives mainly in the dense reed thickets near water. Swain - extremely cautious and timid bird, leading secretive, nocturnal. Cowherd size slightly smaller and much smaller corncrake moorhens. Its plumage is dominated by brown, light ocher, black and white. The beak is relatively long, dark brown with orange-red base. Eyes light red, brownish-green legs. The female differs from the male smaller. We observed three subspecies Shepherds: Western, Eastern and eastern Read more [...]
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Widely distributed throughout the CIS. He dwells in the bush floodplain wetlands along rivers and lakes, wetlands and densely overgrown with reeds, reeds and other vegetation meadows. Crake much less cautious than the shepherd, and the latter is much more common. Other species are distinguished from ordinary Crake Crake size and plumage coloration. As well as other members of the order cowherd, rails split into pairs, and the parents are equally involved in the derivation and growing chicks. The number of eggs in a clutch is usually about eight, but sometimes reaches up to fifteen. Duration Read more [...]
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