Stupendous Whodunit Crater Appears in Russia

A monolithic crater has appeared on Russia's removed Yamal Peninsula, and scientists deliver no estimation where it came from.According to the Cable, whirlybird pilots observed the crater patch quick supra bare tundra and attested the fix—which appears to be some 260 feet all-encompassing—on YouTube.The crater is big adequate to deliver earned the byname "the cakehole at the doom." Impudently retrousse ground approximately the rim indicates its late foundation, but no one knows incisively how it was formed.Initial assumptions that a meteoroid smash caused the crater bear been Read more [...]
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In the Philippines, waiting for the explosion of the volcano. Photo + Video

Filipino scientists are sounding the alarm and predicting terrible eruption. Volcanic activity is constantly increasing. In their view, everything points to the fact that the violent eruption is imminent. When viewed from the aircraft Philippine volcanologists have found that in the crater of Mayon formed two domes of the solidifying lava, indicating that increased pressure in the crater vulkana.Veroyatnoe collapse domes can start up the slopes of the "fiery mountain" red-hot pyroclastic flows that carry the death of all living things.Experts put the fourth level of danger of a possible Read more [...]
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Woke up the volcano Piton de la Fournaise

On the French island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean, the eruption of the volcano Piton de la Fournaise - the largest and most active volcano in the world. Over the past three years, there was about 10 eruptions, during one of which is from the crater of the volcano emerged more than a hundred million tons of lava. The current eruption - the third since October 2009. So far, the lava flows are within the central crater of the volcano - Dolomё, where they form the lake of fire. Frequency tremors and eruptions gradually increase the intensity. Due to the increased risk of all the tourists who Read more [...]
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From a volcano erupting lava Kluchevskoy

As reported in the Kamchatka Branch of the Geophysical Survey of RAS, the flow of lava erupting from a volcano crater Kluchevskoy Kamchatka, down to the level of 3.7 km in the north-western slope of the giant threat to settlements not. Per night on a volcano 150 registered earthquakes. Above the crater to a height of 700 meters thrown columns of vapor and gas from the ashes. The height of the emission of lava reached a height of 100 meters above the summit. This phenomenon was observed in the dark. The volcano began to increase activity since August last year. Source: ITAR-TASS Read more [...]
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In Kamchatka volcanoes intensified

In Kamchatka during the week recorded increased activity of the volcanoes Kluchevskoy, Karimsky, Shiveluch and Nameless. Threat to human settlements is not. Interested service informed of the dangers that may be gas-ash plumes from eruptions for aviation. Itar-Tass reported today in the group Kamchatka Volcanic Eruption Response Qwerty. Shiveluch volcano during the week was recorded high seismic activity. Giant threw ash to a height of 5.1 km above sea level. 11, 13 and 17 February plumes from the eruption stretched over a distance of up to 70 km in the north-east and north-west from the volcano. Kluchevskoy Read more [...]
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Merapi volcano ash covered the neighboring villages

July 23, 2013. On most unpredictable Indonesian volcano Merapi eruption called is in full swing. The crater of the volcano, which belongs to a. Java, constantly throws into the air ash huge portions. The last such release forced local villagers to begin the evacuation of unauthorized fuming away from the mountains.Column reddish volcanic ash reached a height of 1 kilometer. Formed above the crater of Merapi thundercloud accumulated ash and took him to the villages located on the slopes of the mountain. Virtually all of the property of people living in the village Kankringan and neighboring Read more [...]
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Iceland has opened a new crater

Hundreds of tourists were evacuated from the slopes of the volcano in southern Iceland - there opened on the eve of a new crater. The eruption lasted for two weeks. Past 200 years, the volcano considered dormant, and its revival was a surprise to scientists. It can cause the eruption of a nearby, more powerful volcano - Katla. In the meantime, volcanologists claim that up to settlements you reach the lava, however, about five hundred people decided to leave their homes. A crowd of tourists, on the other hand, rushed to the crater of the volcano. Wildest watching eruption at a distance of five Read more [...]
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In Kamchatka active volcano Kluchevskoy

Volcano in Kamchatka Kluchevskoy threw ash more than 2 km. As reported in the Kamchatka Branch of the Geophysical Survey of RAS, the last day on the volcano registered a series of emissions of ash to a height of 2-2.5 km above the crater. Scientists claim that the threat to settlements not. Emissions were observed from the townships Keys and Kozirevsk located a few dozen kilometers from the foot of the giant. At night, their inhabitants could watch as well as a giant ejected from the crater of molten lava to a height of 200 meters. Vulcan assigned "orange" aviation code, warning Read more [...]
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Kliuchevskoi of Kamchatka lava flowed

During the last hours of the glow of the lava flow was observed from the village Kozirevsk. According to the Kamchatka branch of the Geophysical Service of the Russian Academy of Sciences, on a volcano marked thermal anomaly: background temperature minus two degrees, in the vicinity of the crater - plus 65 degrees. Per night on a volcano going to 400 seismic events. Now steam and gas from the crater Kliuchevskoi rises to a height of 800 meters. Threats people eruption can not be held. Recall that the height of more than 4700 Kliuchevskoi meters. Last poishodit powerful eruption here Read more [...]
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On the Kamchatka volcano began a powerful eruption

The Klyuchevskoy volcano in Kamchatka throws pillars of ash to a height of two kilometers. Crater ash plume stretches 125 miles to the southwest. In the dark over the volcano was observed luminescence. For days on restless mountain height of 4750 meters occurred more than 400 seismic events observed temperature anomalies. The background temperature of minus 3 degrees in the area of the crater — plus 65 degrees Celsius, told ITAR-TASS in the Kamchatka branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The last powerful eruption of Klyuchevskaya was in 1994. Then the crater of the Read more [...]
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On Kamchatka volcanoes erupt Kluchevskoye

Photo: In Kamchatka from the crater of the volcano Klyuchevskaya on height 300 m is a fountain of fiery lava. There was also the emission of ash to a height of 800 to 1500 meters, gas-and-ash plume extends from the crater to the East more than 10 km This was announced today a branch of the Geophysical service of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Two other Kamchatka volcano — Shiveluch and Karymsky — also active. On the Shiveluch registered the emission of ash to a height of 1200 meters and gathering debris avalanches. On the volcano Krymska gas-and-ash Read more [...]
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In Colombia began the eruption of Galeras

Colombian authorities began to evacuate about 9 thousand people living near the volcano Galeras eruption which began on Wednesday, in the region of high alert «red» degree. In this area has focused more 400 police to assist the civilian population. To receive evacuees prepared nine shelters in the city of Pasto (nariño Department) near the border with Ecuador. As said on the radio the chief of the National police, General Oscar Naranjo (Оscar Naranjo), representatives of the forces of law and order ensure residents safety of their personal property, as well as encourage them Read more [...]
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Two new mini mud-volcano grew up in the Kronotsky nature reserve

Two new miniature mud volcano increased after prolonged heavy rains in the crater of the volcano Uzon on the territory of the Kronotsky nature reserve in Kamchatka, told RIA Novosti the representative of the reserve. In the bowl of an old volcano intensified his old miniature copies, and appeared new. Two newborn dwarf volcanoes state inspectors reserve found from the observation deck of the lake Chloride during traversal\", - said the Agency interlocutor. According to him, previously, there was only dried lumps of clay. After rains hot couple has softened dirt, revived the old volcanoes, Read more [...]
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Tramp in Hawaii: Rhomb Header

    Pic: Eric TessmerA:Certainly, it’s jam-packed with circuit groups, and trusted, it’s in the halfway of Honolulu, Hawaii’s biggest metropolis. But the trip Hawaii’s touch crater is deserving your minute or two. The train, a footling nether a mil one way, gains 560 feet in aggrandizement on its way up from the crater story. The views are vast, and since you’re potential to be exit done Oahu’s major drome on your way to the islands, this is large smirch to warm your legs. Go betimes in the morn to heartbeat the estrus and the crowds. Read more [...]
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Kamchatka. The eruption of Klyuchevskaya Sopka volcano. Photo

We had a few other plans for the route, but when I first saw the eruption of Klyuchevskoy, it became obvious that in this place we will have all of the allotted time for us. When I corresponded with a colleague from Thermal, Denis said that we have a chance to see the eruption of the volcano. Honestly, I did not attach much importance. And even when we all day shaking on a jeep to reach the Klyuchevskoy, I was thinking about something else. But then came the moment when at night, we climbed the steep road to the next hill and saw the eruption... Pictures are clickable To the Kluchevskoy was Read more [...]
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The Shiveluch volcano in Kamchatka threw a plume of ash 5.5 km

September 12, 2013. A plume of ash to a height of 5.5 km occurred from the crater of the northernmost active volcano of Kamchatka - the Shiveluch, according to Department of EMERCOM of Russia on the Kamchatka edge. «The ash cloud from the emission spread over a distance of 30 kilometers South-East from the volcano towards Ust-Kamchatsk municipal district. Ash falls in the settlements is not registered»- said in the message. According to rescuers, the threat of human settlements is missing. «All travel companies informed about the dangers that may lie in wait for tourists in Read more [...]
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Mount Lokon, which caused another eruption

September 10, 2013. Located on about. North Sulawesi Indonesian volcano Curl early in the morning woke locals roar from the new eruption. From the active crater Tumpalan flew a column of ash up to 1 500 meters. About a day lava flows reached the border villages to the North slopes of the volcano. The sounds of the volcano during the eruption, were heard even in Manihera, remote from the Lock 10 km. Villagers Pineleng, Tanjangco and Those, as well as specialists volcanologists closely monitor the direction of flow of the fresh lava, but hurry with the evacuation of not going. In the region still Read more [...]
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The eruption of Merapi claimed over a hundred lives

The death toll on the island of Java exceeded 150 people, the fate of two hundred remains unknown. Today, local authorities reported official data about the victims of the recent eruption. One of the largest volcanoes in Indonesia woke up at the end of October. Although its activity is decreased, the crater continues to spew hot strip clubs. Scientists do not exclude and again, even more powerful series of emissions. Started and thousands of local residents have already evacuated to safe areas, and the remaining are threatened by possible mud slides. In Java, began the rainy season, when the Read more [...]
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The number of victims of the eruption of Merapi exceeded 200 people

The number of victims of the eruption of Merapi volcano in the Central part of the Indonesian island of Java has more than 200 people, said Friday the Agency The Associated Press with reference to the Control on the elimination of consequences of natural disasters (OPSB) Indonesia.Earlier it was reported killed 191. According to the Department, at present, the official estimate of the number of victims increased to 206 people, included in this list from the dead caused by the emission of ash exacerbations of lung diseases and of heart and other chronic diseases. One of the most active volcanoes Read more [...]
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In Schmalkalden failed again soil. Photo

The German town of Schmalkalden again looked into the underworldNext to an old funnel, which is now 10 days trying to fall asleep builders, took a new collapse. Destroyed the garage and part of a house. Again without being affected. Geologists began to drill the well at a depth of 120 meters, to understand the scope of karst caves, which falls city. In the German town of Schmalkalden, where 1 November because of the failure of the soil in the middle of the street formed a crater with a diameter of 40 and 20 meters deep, November 11, took a new collapse. This writes the newspaper Die Read more [...]
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