The ethics of hunting for traction

Male or female?Photo: Rep Jury For a long time it was believed that if a hunter drawn swooped couple woodcocks, it is best to refrain from firing, in an extreme case, you vytselivat second bird, since it is a male. So we do recommend VE German, VF Ryabov, GE Rachmaninoff, and with them all hunting aids 50–80s. They were very correct advice: better to be safe than to make a mistake and kill the female.In fact, by no means always a pair of flying woodcocks – is male and female. Most often there are two males, and this flight – only aggressive pursuit of one another. Read more [...]
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Spring meeting with the woodcock

Can you imagine a spring without a murmur of crystal streams? And waking forest - without birdsong and the first snowdrops? And we go on craving to meet a mysterious forest hermit - woodcock. Photo: Yuri Slavuta April 2009. Evening. Snow only places vacated land dirt road is broken, but the rover Yegorycha persistently takes us to a place known to him.We arrived. Across the road is a foreign car, around the same as we are prisoners of the goddess Diana, greet us, and congratulations on the opening of hunting. He answered them the same.It's time. Expenditures in places. But do not Read more [...]
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On the river Magpie

Many different meetings gave me hunting. It helps to learn how to understand people and understand them. Some stories were forgotten, slipping from memory, and some are tightly slammed into her. For example, the spring meeting. Photo by Sergey GulyaevaStrelba woodcock on traction, undoubtedly the most beautiful, poetic hunting. Places traction spring, usually from year to year are the same. Woodcocks are choosing low, mixed, rising in the low areas of the forest, crossed by ravines, glades.Spring That year late. Sprinkled with snow showers, cold winds played, choking nature awakens strong Read more [...]
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Woodcock «in the trash»

April 12th, 2008 turned out to be a very significant date. Besides the fact that this day is a national holiday - Cosmonautics Day, this day opened spring hunting in the Moscow region.At this time I intensely preparing for a major expedition to Kulundinskie steppes and therefore, it would seem, the above date was supposed to be for me a traditional holiday. If it were not for one thing.The fact is that during the autumn of last year expedition Siberian my friends asked them to bring a woodcock for the manufacture of stuffed birds for their outlandish, if not legendary. Me and my brother Sasha known Read more [...]
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Woodcock and snipe: present and future

The results of the 7th European Symposium on woodcock and snipeTokuyuschy snipe. Photo: Olli 38 / 16–May 18 in St. Petersburg hosted the 7th International Symposium a group of European experts on woodcock and snipe. The first meeting of experts on these types of waders was held in Russia. It was organized with the financial support of the French Embassy in Russia, the National Agency for Hunting and Wildlife France (ONCFS) and the Association of «RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz».The symposium was attended by 48 specialists from Russia, France, Britain, Portugal, Read more [...]
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Chinese scientists have tested a new type of engine livitiruyuschego

Chinese scientists have announced the successful testing of a conceptually new engine. Unusual power plant called "EmDrive" can be used in space technology and flying cars. China's development is based on the invention of a British engineer Roger Shayvera, whose home country ridiculed for pseudoscientific fraud. Engine creates a craving unusual way: without combustion and without any moving parts. "EmDrive" is a closed conical container which resonate under the influence of microwave radiation and creates a craving with a wide side "nozzle". Chinese prototype Read more [...]
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A means of having fun

3. A means of having fun. This type of motivation associated with addiction to alcohol, is also one of the most common. Psychopharmacological effects of alcohol is used to achieve a certain time of the mental and physical comfort and enjoyment are not available for various reasons, by other means. The basis for the formation of alcohol craving is here expressed hedonistic motivation, and finding acute and unusual sensations. Despite its apparent simplicity, and even the relative social acceptability of such a motivation, it may be a prerequisite for highly malignant course of the disease, since Read more [...]
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A means of increasing self-esteem and self-esteem to achieve

4. A means of increasing self-esteem and self-respect, self achievement. As noted in Chapter II, the desire for a high and stable self-esteem is one of the leading motives in both normal and in alcoholism. Due to various reasons, such as premorbid personality, wrong education, the unresolved problems of self-psychologically dysfunctional aspects of family relationships, unsatisfying patient's social status, and the effects of alcohol abuse in the form of deep-rooted in the structure of individual guilt, alcoholics have a sharply reduced level self-esteem and self-respect. In turn, alcohol Read more [...]
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Means of communication and communication

6. Means of communication and communication. The basis of this type of motivation are unmet needs in communication, leaving the lonely, in love, in kindness, in candor, etc., that occur when excessive isolation, in anxiety, in the underdeveloped communication skills, lack of range of communication and culture . In this group of patients in a state of intoxication, not only facilitated communication, but, as a rule, is the attribution of others (for example, participants in the feast) of positive moral values, friendliness, etc. The result is a looseness, a sense of security, identity overcomes Read more [...]
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Means of interpersonal manipulation protection

8. Interpersonal means of protection - manipulation. Manipulative behavior is one of the characteristics of alcoholic patients during remission. In the previous chapter the main options manipulative games that are enjoyed for their own patients, subjectively meaningful goals. The main motive in all cases of such behavior is the desire to maintain proper patient "alcoholic" style of behavior and achieve unilateral advantages in interpersonal relations: financial benefits, elimination of liability, and so are the subject of manipulation is usually an emotional relationship to the patient Read more [...]
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Means of changing the emotional state

2. Means of changing the emotional state. This mechanism is probably the most versatile, because alcohol acts as a psychopharmacological agent through biochemical processes in the first place on the emotional sphere of man. While working on the physical component of an emotional state, alcohol for some time can get rid of anxiety, depression, apathy, and other negative emotions, achieve euphoric, happy excited state, which is a prerequisite for the formation of craving for alcohol. An extreme version of this type of motivation is inclination habits, formed on the basis of pathological affective: Read more [...]
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The result of learning or imitation means of maintaining adopted ritual

7. The result of learning or imitation, a means of maintaining the received ritual. In this case, the main factor contributing to the formation of alcohol craving, may be the systematic use of alcohol in the traditions and alcohol companies. Psychological basis of this type of motivation is personal orientation externalities, the dominance in the motivational sphere conformal motivation. Social reinforcement in the form of binge drinking rituals for these patients play a much greater role in the formation of alcohol dependence than the direct effect at the time of intoxication. This is observed Read more [...]
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The critical role of psychologists and psychology in general, however, lies not only in the practical application of psychological knowledge in the treatment process. The main task of medical psychology as a science in this area lies in the development of the psychological foundations of psychotherapy, science-based definition of the goals, objectives and methods of the psychological impact on patients, to assess the effectiveness of measures to secure the criteria on the basis of deep research psychology, the sick, and especially their personal and psychological characteristics. Psychotherapy Read more [...]
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The main direction and the main purpose of psychotherapy of alcoholics meet the general problem of alcoholism treatment and formulated as reaching patients abstinence from alcohol. Its implementation depends on many factors and mainly on the effective reconstruction of the system of relations of patients, which, in our opinion, is due to the formulation and implementation in the psychotherapeutic work a number of specific tasks, among which we have identified six major groups. The first group includes tasks that are not specific to the sick alcoholic and implemented in most versions of personality-oriented Read more [...]
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Motivational direction-4

On its theoretical basis, the concept BS Brothers related problems of our study. The most important is the idea that in the process of alcoholism is "learning" to use alcohol and its effects in various individual personal purposes. It is shown that in the course of disease reduction up to the individual moral degradation is primarily by way of changing needs and motives, and the destruction of premorbid installations, narrowing the range of interest. This is based on a process called Leontiev shift motif on the target, in which an increasing number of needs starts objectified in alcohol Read more [...]
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Motivational direction-2

Some authors oppose social (communication) motives after the "escape" from itself (similar to an escape from freedom, fleeing to the disease, and so on with nervousness in psychodynamic interpretation). G. Edwards et al. (Edwards is a., 1972) showed a relationship between the type of motivation and some parameters of the flow of alcoholism. In contrast to the communicative motives atarakticheskie (associated with the weakening of negative affect and escape from trouble) motives lead to heavier drinking. Similar data are contained in the work of the American psychologist G. Jung (Jung, Read more [...]
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Motivational direction-1

Building classification motives alcohol-another major step towards the creation of a psychological theory of the personality of alcoholics. Among the local authors most successful attempt in this regard made VY Zavyalov [1981, 1986, 1988]. Using techniques he created was studied three groups of motives of alcohol consumption. The first of these were the social and psychological reasons, which were divided into: a) traditional, socially and culturally sensitive, and b) submissive reflecting submission to pressure others or reference groups, and c) psevdokulturnye expressed desire to accommodate Read more [...]
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Personality and alcoholism

This monograph, based on a generalization of modern literature, clinical and psychological studies of personality psychology of the main problems of alcoholism, developed the concept of medical and psychological craving for alcohol, analyzes the main problems and methods of psychological care in this disease, highlights the issues of training of health psychologists to work in drug treatment. This section is intended for psychologists, addiction psychiatrists, psychotherapists, educators, advocates. Table of contents Introduction Chapter I. The problem of personality in general and medical psychology Personality Read more [...]
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Questions psycho craving for alcohol-1

Third, is the level of self-respect and self-esteem. Low self-esteem contributes to more frequent occurrence of responses that characterize the test is negative from the regulatory point of view, and high contrast, increases the chance of positive characteristics in the self. Inherent sick alcoholic ambivalence in self-detected by the presence in their responses to the two extreme tendencies. Important to consider not only leveled, but the structural and substantive aspects of the self, because the degree of transformation of the various components of the relationship to her is indirect evidence Read more [...]
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Questions psycho craving for alcohol

Proposed psychological concept of alcoholism implicitly contains strategy psychodiagnostic research and psycho work. In this section we will focus on topical issues of psychological diagnosis. Based on the provisions that are psychodiagnostic main task is to establish the exact type of craving for alcohol on the basis of clinical and psychological research. Single method that would ensure that this problem does not exist. Therefore, the main focus is on the use of an already well-known and reliable method by which the perception of alcohol craving at different levels of mental activity, primarily Read more [...]
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