What’s a dear wheeled duffel/pack?

The Investigator Creature     Exposure: courtesy, REIThe Detective CreatureA:I?m not a big fan of the zip-off "daypack," either. One of those things good screams, "Tourer!!!!" I choose to looking about at the locals and assume whatsoever they are victimization for a day-satchel?much around rather cheap berm bag. Often meliorate.But, the daypacks can course be zipped off?and leftover habitation. The extra toll of the daypack to the chief clique is diminutive. We?re talk $20.Largely, I recollect a wheeled duffle plant amercement. In many cases, it's easier to paradiddle Read more [...]
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Three rare creatures found dead on the coast of California

New findings of rare sea creatures. Within one week. This week it was reported that team training ship Tole Mour and instructors from Katalanskeho marine Institute has caught a giant fish-strap (which is otherwise called the herring king). The length of this creature turned out to be 5.5 metres.Instructor Jasmine Santana fins and breathing tube submerged in the southern coast of California and suddenly saw on the bottom of the creature, as if from the ancient legends - giant monster in silvery scales. In order to pull out the giant on the beach, they needed help, at least 15 people. The Read more [...]
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Secret of Bigfoot

< ![endif]-->Bigfoot, Yeti, Sasquatch, Bigfoot - as they call this elusive resident uninhabited places, or distant from our predecessor, or a stranger from other dimensions. Judging by the fact that the name of the creature made by representatives of many nations, it is found almost everywhere, but people see him mostly transient and accidental. In ancient Russia illiterate peasants called him "goblin" or "master," and ended up at him more often in the woods, and in the winter it is being could move closer to people's houses to find something to eat and sleep in a relatively Read more [...]
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The British took the sea mouse for the stranger

Bizarre marine animal found on a beach resident of Kent, lie down with your child. It turned out to sea mouse - kind of sea worm that lives at depths of more than 2 meters below the sea surface. She was washed ashore during shtorma.Neobychnoe creature was seen Julie Sherrard, who drew attention to a strange lump of wool, shimmering with bright colors, lying in the middle of pebbles and seashells. An employee of the University, 48-year-old Julie Heath walked along the shore near Folkestone with his 6-year-old son when she noticed the creature more than 10 cm in length "At first I thought Read more [...]
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Examined the body of the alleged alien Atacama Desert

The experts made an X-ray and computed tomography prepolozhitelno alien body, the site of the project disclosure. Head of "Disclosure» (Disclosureproject) - Dr. Steven Greer reported the completion of the study of a small body, presumably alien. Mr. Greer (born June 28, 1955) is an American osteopath and. ufologist who founded the project "Orion» (Orion) and "Disclosure." Steven Greer says, "After many weeks of traveling, we're back and happy to announce that the amazing results were obtained in the course of our research to a possible extraterrestrial origin Read more [...]
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Somewhere in the vast expanses of Australia walks creepy creature that can tear a man to pieces and destroy your home in seconds ... This - boar, giant and ruthless creature, ugly and terrible product of nature, four hundred pound creature with razor-sharp fangs. In those places as boar roam, without a trace of an American journalist disappears. Her disconsolate husband goes in search of the missing wife and into a fascinating whirlwind of horror and terror.Category: Cinema Read more [...]
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Bogorodsk area residents tell of meetings with snowman

Nizhny Novgorod ufologists in a forest area Bogorodsky found traces of Bigfoot. Although because of the thick vegetation outlines stop Bigfoot could not be found, the experts drew attention to the strange intertwining trees, which are usually in their place stands leaves snowman.Never caughtFirst started talking about the snow man in the early 1950s. Then in many American magazines contained articles about meetings climbers with a mysterious creature Bigfoot in the remote Himalayan mountains. Then it began to meet in the mountains of the former Soviet Union. In 1954, British newspaper The Daily Read more [...]
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Chupacabra — a mysterious creature that sucks the blood of animals

Have you ever seen that you can not explain, for example, animals that live outside of nature, as it were? Or, perhaps, have heard stories about these creatures that come out of nowhere, leave strange marks on the ground and look at you with burning red eyes. Such beings are outside the scope of science, have been seen numerous eyewitnesses. Talk about them since ancient times. They are a source of night terrors and the myths and legends around the world. Monsters of the skies, forests and deep waters were part of an alternate history for thousands of years. The appearance of one of these creatures Read more [...]
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Demonic creature found in Mexico. Biologist: his humanoid body and four wings

Unknown substance, found in Mexico, can not be attributed to the fabulous, mythical creatures, such as the good fairies or elves. Rather, it is something from another planet come to live with us on Earth. The term "demon" is used to describe the appearance of this creature, and has no moral judgment. Essence, according to biologist Enrique Ortiz, relevant biological organism, has a humanoid body and two pairs of wings. Not yet determined its origin. It may even be a new animal, the specialist said. Owners of the body indicated that it was found in a national forest in Mexico, Read more [...]
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Bigfoot show children in Kemerovo region

School children from the village of Russian-urrish (Kemerovo region) captured on a mobile phone camera huge footprints in the snow, and being that they have been abandoned. Experts of the center hominology carefully reviewed the video and concluded that the children saw Bigfoot. Movie was the first videosvidetelstvom existence Yeti filmed in Russia. The site "Riddle of the Kuzbass Bigfoot" reports that the meeting took place with the snow man near the village of Russian-urrish Leninsk-Kuznetsk district at the end of January 2013. Yevgeny Anisimov schoolboy with his friends, teenagers Read more [...]
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