All Creatures Fanged and Swine

Destinations: Newsworthiness for Adventuresome Travelers, November 1996All Creatures Fanged and SwineIn the near biologically divers region on Land, scout your feet.By Bob PayneOn the Osa Peninsula, wildlife is abundant, alien, and striking--sometimes too salient. Snakes of all description, including respective lethal varieties, are park. Remain the tail and surveil the maxim offered by the guides at Rib Rica Expeditions: When you'relooking up, don't movement Read more [...]
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Mermaids — life in water

From a school course in biology, everyone knows that the origin of life on Earth was in the water, and in the process of evolutionary development of water being constantly improved. Modern science has completely agree with the fact that man's ancestors lived in the water element. However, so far there is no consensus about whether there was (and maybe still is) a highly developed civilization ichthyoids people. Mermaid, siren, undine, Vila, sous-kz, merrow - all names for the same unusual aquatics in the languages of different people. For information about meetings with mermaids found in Read more [...]
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Who is afraid of the sea in overseas?

Unfortunately, you can always bring your leave some positive emotions. For some, holidays abroad ends tragically. Options spoil spa week there are many, we also consider the incidents connected with the meeting of Russian tourists and marine life. Generally, coming to a new country, check with local residents, public water snakes to fear. Perhaps, at this new hotel is a small crab mortal danger, and you did not know. Each hotel stand there with the rules of conduct in and under the water, guests are usually ignored, then we advise you to read this information. Reading will take about five Read more [...]
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Thousands of squid stranded on the beaches of California

Marine biologists are doing research to find out the reason that prompted thousands of Humboldt squid washed up along the coastline Santa Cruz County Sunday. The beaches are covered with thousands of dead creatures. Thousands of dead squid covered 12 mile stretch of coast from Aptos to Watsonville and have not yet found out what happened to those with sea creatures, and that caused them to commit mass suicide. Authorities and scientists recommend not to touch or eat these squid, as they may contain harmful toxins.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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Androids: new — is well forgotten old

The word "robot" entered our lexicon relatively recently - only in the last century. But it seems that with the robotic creatures familiar humanity for much longer, since the dawn of civilization, people were able to create (or create them) amazing mechanical machines and intelligent action which still raises doubts: could you androids were described in ancient times strange creatures? As you know, android - a humanoid robot that can execute orders and sometimes make their own decisions. Mention of such creatures exist in many old books, and they are often covered with images of myths Read more [...]
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Backbreaking Parts

External clip, Abut 1995Difficult PartsA emaciated survey of trilobites and over-the-counter objets d'artBy David QuammenLet me affectedness an intrusive but well-meaning motion: When you walk from this sprightliness, what bequeath you leave? And don't try to distinguish me you oasis't intellection around it.Leave you bequeath children, apiece of whom carries a random half-share of your genes and remembers you (if you've been loving and prosperous) with Read more [...]
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The textiles of Sucre

<%=[TAN_psinet_include "/includes/include_ad_goingplaces.html" ]%>Andean HazardThe textiles of SucreSeptember 2, 1997Weavers producing their intricate designsThither are many reasons why we view Sucre to be our ducky metropolis in Bolivia. Cheerily quick clime, the well-preserved tweed compound buildings, pasteles and hot api from the ladies in the daybreak commercialize, not to acknowledgment flick theaters with $1 duplicate features. Read more [...]
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Not far from the Earth can live mysterious creatures

Near the star Fomalhaut in the constellation Pisces South, found a planet that can be populated by mysterious creatures. Mysterious exoplanet, called "planet-zombie", U.S. researchers have found using the new telescope Hubble Space Telescope, invented in NASA, writes Daily Mail. Who exactly can dwell on it, is not clear.Externally, the celestial body resembles the famous "Eye of Sauron" from the trilogy "The Lord of the Rings", based on the novel Tolkien. Scientists attribute this to the fact that the gravity of the planet, apparently, formed around a unique disk Read more [...]
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The attacks of goblins in Zimbabwe have closed hospital

Employee of the clinic in Zimbabwe refused to return to work because they were afraid of goblins, who allegedly attacked them, writes local newspaper NewsDay. The incident with the mystical creatures in hospital occurred in late 2012, and local residents claim that the clinic is free.According to a local resident Mheleti Moyo, the clinic was made "sweep" of the goblins. "We wanted to prove it by the nurses, but they do not want to go because they are afraid that once again attacked," - said the source publication.Currently, medical facility, was closed because of maintenance Read more [...]
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Mass mortality of marine life, including crabs and fish

In September of last year in Avacha Bay (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky) was recorded mass mortality of small marine organisms: jellyfish, crabs and shrimp. And we are not talking about kilograms and tons of dead sea creatures. Presumably, the reason is contamination of water runoff from urban drainage networks. In January 2011, received information that on the shores of Great Britain released more than forty thousand dead crabs. It is believed that the cause of death was severe hypothermia marine life since December last year was colder than usual. Along with dead crabs were found dead sponges and Read more [...]
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Invasion of mysterious creatures on the coast of Oahu, Hawaii

July 14. The southern coast of Oahu (Hawaii) suffered invasion of strange creatures from the sea, because of which even the sand crabs were quick to take refuge in shelters. "The first time I saw these!" - Said Bruce Kwan, strolling on the beach."They really weird, look like small berries, which are to be eaten," - reported Sonya Lake, also at the beach. "They are here, probably, millions" - said Scott Paddock. On closer examination, the entire coastline is dotted with tiny purple creatures. "It looks like they have to 6 feet on each side," - said the Read more [...]
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Specter Waters

    Exposure: Map by Andy PottsCelebes Sea Entree & Resources THE Pocket-size Larboard Township OF MANADO, on the northerly tip of Sulawesi, is the springboard for trips to Bunaken. Singapore Airlines (800-742-3333, flies from Los Angeles to Manado from $1,450 round-trip, likewise as from Newark to Manado from $1,740. If you check at Froggies, the stave bequeath fulfill you at the drome and whip you off in a honkytonk sauceboat for the 50-minute stumble to Bunaken. Where to Check: Froggies has octonary well-heeled seaboard bungalows with verandas initiative Read more [...]
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