Loosestrife common

A perennial herb with creeping rhizome, long creeping stems and erect hairy stems 50-100 cm tall Leaves lanceolate, entire, glabrous, with points, glaucous below, shaggy haired, with short petioles, are located on the stem opposite or whorls of 3 - 4. The flowers are bright yellow, up to 2 cm or more in diameter, clustered at the tips of stems in pyramidal paniculate inflorescences. Calyx deeply lobed with lanceolate long-pointed stakes at the edges shortly ciliate, with red-brown stripes. Corolla 20-23 mm in diameter, with a short tube and oblong-ovate lobes, lined on the inside of numerous Read more [...]
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Thyme — Bogorodskaya grass

Small creeping thyme or half-shrub creeping thyme at first glance grass, and so his name is - Bogorodskaya grass (Thymus serpillum). But after looking on this small (15 cm) plant height, you will find that barrel and branches, except the young leafy and flowering tips of his woody, became hard and dark brown or even black. In appearance all thymes are very similar, but differ in the shape of the stem, hairs, inflorescence structure. If you're wondering how much thyme exists to this question is no answer. There are several hundred species growing throughout most of Eurasia (except the tropics) Read more [...]
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Zhivuchka Geneva

A perennial herbaceous plant from 5 to 40 cm, similar to zhivuchku creeping, but completely without creeping shoots and with stems hairy on all sides. Leaves densely covered on both sides bristle jointed hairs. Basal leaves (at flowering available) collected in the outlet, they are oblong-spatulate, krupnogorodchatye, sometimes almost entire, up to 12 cm and a width of 5 cm, narrowed into petiole. Stem leaves sessile, wedge-shaped, are moving in-lobed bracts or Tridentata often painted. The flowers are blue (rarely pink or white), sessile, arranged in a 4-6 (8) in the axillary false whorls, Read more [...]
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European wild ginger

Zimnezelenoe perennial herb with creeping rhizome and braid creeping rooting branched stems. The leaves are of two types: membranous, ovate, acute, folded lengthwise, normally developed - dlinnochereshkovye, kidney-shaped, dark-green, glossy, paler below, both sides covered with small bristly hairs, the leaves green winter, persisting until mid-summer of next year - up to 14-16 months. Flowers solitary, drooping, on short stalks, develop in the leaf axils. Perianth campanulate, up to 9 mm, trifid, with triangular-ovate lobes. Stamens 12. The flowers are pollinated by ants and flies. Fruit Read more [...]
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Zhivuchka creeping

Description: A perennial herb of the family yasnotkovyh, height 10-40 cm stem tetrahedral, creeping plant. The flowers are blue in whorls collected spicate inflorescence. It flowers in May and June. Fruit-chetyrehoreshki. Grows in the Perm region in the forests of various types, forest edges, thickets of shrubs along the edges of swamps, near the shelter. It often occurs in 1-5 botanical areas. In folk medicine uses herbs and leaves zhivuchki. The chemical composition has not been studied, it is known alkaloids. Zhivuchka astringent, diuretic, diaphoretic, "krovoochistitelnym" Read more [...]
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