Argentina is likely to lose the crop due to flooding

After severe flooding caused by prolonged heavy rains, Argentina is likely to lose the lion's share of the wheat harvest. Province of Entre Rios - the only one where the acreage of grain crop this year has increased compared to the previous one, has been hit hard by the disaster. According to experts, showers and impact on quality and quantity of grain.Ministry of Agriculture of Argentina noted that this year wheat was planted 2.8 million acres - and it is 40 percent less than last year, and in general a record low. Grain harvesting is completed in the country in January, and then we will Read more [...]
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In 80% of the districts of Tatarstan recorded drought, the president enters a state of emergency

July 19, 2013. At a recent government meeting Marat Akhmetov, Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tajikistan, said the increased to 35 the number of areas where the drought has been fixed. In the republic of all w 43 districts, which means that 80% of the region is suffering from drought, there declared a state of emergency. Harvesting began in almost all areas: the number of namolochennyh grain exceeded 80 thousand tons. Drought, according minsehozproda Halve predicted earlier harvest of five million tons. If the forecasts are correct, the republic will gather at this year's 20% Read more [...]
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Farming systems

Farming systems a set of interrelated agrotechnical., reclamation and organizational measures to restore and improve soil fertility. On ter. W. Naib. ancients were primitive SZ .: fallow and slash and burn. Of shifting at SZ has gained acceptance in the steppe zone D, after the removal of a number of crop land was left without treatment within several. years. When the agricultural development of the forest zone using slash-and-burn SZ Liberated from the wood (cutting, burning) land several. years grew crops, and then plot and threw mastered new. After Russian. colonization while retaining elements Read more [...]
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In Morocco, floods and mudslides

More than a dozen people are still dead in different parts of Morocco as a result of flooding and mudslides caused by heavy rains that struck the kingdom in the past few days, said Wednesday the Moroccan agency MAP. The authorities added that hundreds of people were affected, flooded or destroyed hundreds of homes. Bad weather bothers Morocco over the past three months. The country's authorities have declared that the rains and floods caused by them have caused serious damage to agriculture, in particular, the main export crop Morocco - orange trees. Manufacturers say that this crop were missing Read more [...]
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The heat in the Russian dry river

Debilitating heat and scorching sun. Thermometer "crawl" up and not encouraging. Unusually hot and dry standing in the central regions of Russia. Another temperature record was broken yesterday in Voronezh, Belgorod and Lipetsk regions. The thermometer climbed to 37 degrees. And, according to forecasts, the abnormally high temperature will last a few more days. In the Saratov region had not seen rain for more than two months. Now sandstorms, or rather, prairie tornadoes, here - a common phenomenon. The heat became a serious challenge not only for the people. Penza save the inhabitants from Read more [...]
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In the Kuban hail destroyed 4 hectares of fields

In Novokubansky area professionals determine the damage inflicted on July 4 agriculture hail the size of a pigeon's egg. - Hail beat a field of sunflowers, wheat, sugar beet, corn, - the "Yugopolis" Michael Verbov, deputy head of the district Novokubansky. - Today, we surveyed the field management of LLC "Innovator". Here, damaged more than 4,000 hectares. On the sidelines of the crop is destroyed completely, at best, 90%. It seems that on the field just past the ice rink. In the coming days, experts will analyze the fields of farmers. Every day, information on the damage caused Read more [...]
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In Dagestan because of the drought was imposed emergency situation

Because of the heat wave in 26 of the 42 districts of Dagestan introduced a state of emergency. Losses from lost crop can be about 360 million rubles. As BelTA «Caucasian knot» in the MOE of Dagestan, abnormal high temperature has caused great damage to agriculture. The loss of the crop was recorded on the square more 24 thousands of hectares. Recall that hot weather was a cause of forest fires in Dagestan. The fires were recorded 26-27 July on the territory of the forest GU «Makhachkala forestry» GU «Peri-urban forestry» GU «Derbent forestry». Read more [...]
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Israel: heat killed 70% of the harvest of vegetables and 50% of the fruit crop

The heat wave that lasted almost the entire month of August, have killed a significant portion of the harvest Israeli farmers, which in turn has led to a spike in prices for vegetables and fruits. According to figures published on Thursday, September 16, Association of farmers of Israel, because of the heat killed almost 70% harvest vegetables, and to 50% fruit. Farmers also noted that the surviving crop was severely damaged, causing possible, store it in the fridge markedly decreased. In the result, the price of tomatoes has doubled, cabbage rose 2.5 times, cucumbers 3.5 times. Today tomatoes Read more [...]
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The wheat crop in Australia, may be adversely affected

The wheat crop in Australia is highly vulnerable due to inadequate rainfall in the West, where the main volume is grown cereals. An approximate figure of up to 45% reduction on the previous year. While Eastern areas of flood rains, geographically opposite site was established drought. Experiences of farmers regarding early termination precipitation confirms President of the national Association of farmers. Many believe that the rainy season in Western Australia came to an end. However, the Eastern part of the country, where the earth receives more than enough moisture due to the abnormal rainfall, Read more [...]
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Brazil expect the unexpected loss of the corn crop

Corn production in Brazil can be reduced more than expected by analysts. Torrential rains in one of the main areas of production, Central-Western state of Mato Grosso, impede the normal course of sowing. Mato Grosso is the second largest area of cultivation of maize in Brazil. Due to weather conditions, farmers can lose 2.2 million tons of harvest. Last month, the rains prevented the planting of about 30% of the area, according to the Association of producers of soybeans and corn in Mato Grosso. besides the fact that the crop is at risk because of late sowing, farmers may lose the crop, which Read more [...]
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Teton Gravitation Search: Crop of the Hebdomad

    Picture: courtesy, TGRExtremum mutant the TGR way: the man's topper kayakers, surfers, skiers, and snowboarders negociate barf and exorbitant feats for the quiver of the stuntA—and the bewitch of the digital camera. SEE THIS Hebdomad'S Crop: TGR ARCHIVES: OUR Favourite CLIPS THE 1999 NOVEMBER Visibility: Super-fat Years, Comatoseness nights, and the Pursue Tearjerker Footy Chit-chat the Teton Somberness Search site for a entire account on their adventuresome exploits. Crop the TGR Shop for videos and DVDs, prink, stickers, patches, posters, and more. Read more [...]
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Drought continues to heat up the market of oilseeds and grains

on February 13. The opinion of the analysts of Morgan Stanley for the future of grain crops and oilseeds in Latin America remains pessimistic. Although experts do not exclude that in February the weather in Brazil and Argentina will improve, remains a high risk for crop corn and soybeans. Recall that weather factor at present is one of the major tsenoformirovaniem. Drought in Brazil and Argentina warms not only soy and corn sector, but also affects the wheat market in Chicago. The analysts think that the corn crop in Argentina will be about 23 million tons.In its latest report, the Ministry Read more [...]
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In the South China drought has dried up hundreds of rivers

The drought in Yunnan province. February 2012. Photo: AFP 4 March. Severe drought does not stop in the southern Chinese province of Yunnan. Currently, there is already dried up hundreds of rivers and reservoirs, as well as much of the crop. Millions of farmers are affected by water shortages. According to the information that was announced on February 29, held in the city of Kunming meeting on measures against the effects of drought, all weather stations 112 Yunnan record drought varying degrees. Kun Kuiju, Deputy provincial Governor, said that in the three-year drought in the entire province Read more [...]
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Photographic: Volcano Sinabung left the inhabitants of Sumatra without crop

January 9, 2014. In the North of the island of Sumatra in Indonesia increased volcanic eruption Sinabung. In the beginning of 2014 \"fire mountain\" made thirty emission of ash and sixty eruptions of lava. The volcanic ash cloud reached a height of 4 km. In addition, experts managed to secure not less than 115 separate mini-eruptions, which indicates the approach of magma to the surface of the volcano. Natural disasters, which is assigned the maximum degree of threat caused serious damage in the surrounding villages destroyed the entire crop, hundreds of people were left homeless — Read more [...]
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Wheat prices rose because of the threat of drought

on may 26. Wheat prices over the past week on the stock exchange rose by 16.5%, which is the highest since June 2007. As reported by Bloomberg, may 21 contracts for wheat for delivery in July continued to grow and reached 7.22 dollars per bushel (35 liters). So expensive wheat has not been evaluated since September 2011. Investors are buying up contracts for wheat and other crops, mainly corn, fearing the dry summer and, as a result of crop failure in the main suppliers of grain to the world market, primarily in Russia and the United States. In addition, the drought may occur in Kazakhstan and Read more [...]
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UFOs — Crop Circles

UFOs — Crop Circles. Documentary
Category: Crop Circles
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The world expected a new wave of price increases for cereals

Russian authorities declared an embargo on the export of grain in supplements to crop failures in other exporting countries will cause serious fluctuations in the commodity markets and provoke a direct threat to food security in the "third world", warn researchers from Maplecroft. Russian experts believe that the country is now such problems are expected, but do not rule out that the next year will be empty coffers. In the case of a new crop failures have nothing to cover the shortage, according to RBC daily. The world expected a new wave of growth in grain prices, which directly Read more [...]
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Late blight destroyed the potato crop in the Murmansk region

Now many potato fields in the Murmansk region are burnt ashes. Within a few days the plants shriveled and blackened. Farmers are alarmed and complain a release from industrial enterprises of the region. A resident of the village of Galina K. Vernetulomsky bitterly shows what is left of the crop. Gardens to the pensioner had good help, but now in place of potato plots only charred stems. Tubers do little more than peas - not yet grown up. A similar attack from the neighbors. If last year, on average, from the garden to collect 140-160 buckets of potatoes, this - 20. According to the farmer, Read more [...]
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The wheat crop in Syria is suffering from drought and yellow rust

Farmers Syria for the past three years of age suffer from drought, and in the current season's wheat fields of the country struck a new problem - yellow rust. In June, USDA reported that the outbreak of plant pathologists in Syria wheat crop up to the season will be 3.3 million tons, which is 18% lower than a year earlier, and 35% less than the record production figures for Syria. According to experts, in the most drought-affected areas and rust yield losses range from 35 to 50%. At the end of the 2009/10 wheat crop in Syria amounted to 3.2 million tonnes, despite the fact that the government Read more [...]
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Russia will be left without buckwheat

Heat waves and drought threatens Russia not only deficient crops, but almost total absence of buckwheat, which is rapidly running out of stock. As one of the representatives of the big supermarkets in Moscow, recently they received a letter from "Angstroms" - a major supplier of croup the Russian market.It warned the leadership of partners that very soon they will not be able to deliver the buckwheat in the previous levels. In this case, the authors changed the style of writing with official-business. Their lines are read as more disturbing reports of news agencies. According to the Read more [...]
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