Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski and the Ascent of Enduro Heap Biking

Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski equitation in the Subaru Cup     Exposure: trekbikeusa via FlickrFor the retiring quartet geezerhood, hatful biker Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski has owned the cross-country backwash at Vail’s GoPro Lot Games, victorious the case annually since 2009. The 34-year-old Coloradoan is one of the almost experient riders on the prospect, with 20 age of free-enterprise equitation, 17 Humans Patronage squad appearances, and a sojourn to the Olympics nether his whang.Now, afterwards two decades, Horgan-Kobelski says he’s set for a vary of stride. “I Read more [...]
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How to Ski the Beach

A tranquil, rockless beach is key for shoring skiing     Photograph: Kyanna Sutton/FlickrI go an island off N Carolina, and I'm the monster of my locality. I'm the guy who skis the beach. It started one day when I was jogging on the prop, knees and backrest achy. Since moving from New England, I'd lost c and mountains, and as I stared at the matt sandbar I base myself yearning for cross-country skiing, with its velvet-textured cycle. I looked at the gumption again and mentation, Why not? Measure one is acquiring terminated any plethora. (Hey, Neb Koch, success of Olympic cross-country Read more [...]
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The Six-Month Trial: Moots MX Part

Let’s beginning with a wide-cut revealing. I am a big fan of Moots. I get friends at the Steamboat Springs, Colorado, society, and consider in their small-batch, high-quality commission. I besides dearest ti frames and, having ridden nearly major offerings out thither, stillness flavour that Moots puts out around of the virtually attractively crafted ti bikes on the satellite. My Mooto X YBB, which I purchased in 2007, is the one bicycle that has remained in the static year-in and year-out.It’s just surprising, so, that the MX Fraction, Moots’ up-to-the-minute full-suspension Read more [...]
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Which cross-country skis oeuvre better in the backcountry?

XCD Tenth Flock cross-country skis     Photograph: courtesy, KarhuKarhu’s XCD Tenth Heap SkisXCD Tenth Lot cross-country skisA:I heard your country touristry plank had form jealous eyes at places such as Aspen and Jackson, and aforethought to plunge a jazzy ?Ski Iowa" crusade in an exploit to sip approximately tourer dollars from elsewhere. The design was to chassis ski ramps fine-tune a silo situated at Hawkeye Detail (the highest detail in Iowa at 1,670 feet, which proudly stands supra the encompassing topography by a sooner miserable 50 feet), so habitus a hangout Read more [...]
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Which GPS volition permit folk to running a cross-country bicycle misstep?

iPhone     Photograph: courtesy, AppleApple iPhoneiPhoneA:Mom, I infer your angst. But hither?s my advice: Unlax a lilliputian. I adopt your son is a competent bicyclist, alternatively he would not be attempting such an challenging?uh, postponement. Did I understand this veracious? January? As in, the month that follows December?You cannot cycle cross-country in January. Not flush if you do the Florida-San Diego road, via Mexico. Thither?s overmuch bump for crappy, frigidity, white brave, not to reference the want of day. Did I annotate on the snow-white brave? And the deficiency Read more [...]
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What eye pitch do you advocate for cross-country skiing?

A:The job, course, is that you're functional gruelling during cross-country skiing, specially so when passing rising. At that stagecoach, you're not generating sufficiency airflow to elucidate the lovesome, damp air acquiring cornered bum your goggles. I sometimes deliver the like job when bicycling up a farsighted, sluggish mound. I annoy the top and am one-half unsighted.Nigh downward-sloping ski goggles would be peculiarly prostrate to this, so I'm unsurprised you're having problems, eve though the farting you acknowledgment should assist air them. You mightiness utilize one of respective anti-fog Read more [...]
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What’s the better cross-country ski gearing?

A:I cogitate I'm capable the job. Essentially, you'll demand to recollect in price of backcountry use, as groomed-trail geartrain is lone marginally operable when off-trail, piece the off-trail binge is a piddling gawky but plant utterly amercement on the groomed.For skis, a amercement well-rounded ski is the Fischer Recoil Cap ($210). You'll cogitate it looks ilk a downward-sloping ski, and it does?the shaped-ski frenzy hit cross-country a few eld ago, so the Rebounds suffer a inscrutable sidecut that helps with turn. Wide alloy edges sustenance a clutch when you're on heavy skank or traversing. Read more [...]
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Which quiescency bag’s outdo for a cross-country pedal misstep?

650 Red Rock-and-roll     Photograph: courtesy, Moonstone650 Red ShakeA:I erstwhile had the opinion that I'd comparable to do the cross-country bicycle actuate. So I took a nap and the opinion passed. That was mostly because such a stumble bypasses 99 percentage of the area's worthwhile biking roadstead. Punter, in my horizon, to bicycle from Canada to Mexico, or contrariwise, hit the 1000 Canon, Arches Subject Commons, the Tetons, Yellowstone, the Bouldered Heap Breast, and Glacier Home Commons. Now thither's about scene. Likewise many, many, rattling much, of hills. But, the cross-country Read more [...]
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Epiphany     Picture: Crisscross WiensThe head: Do you buy a off-roader with big travelling or less burden, stalls angles or live treatment? Ellsworth's Epiphany eliminates the compromise, equitation an elysian job betwixt cross-country and declivitous. You get a pedal with five-plus inches of strawman and arse traveling in a parcel that weighs hardly a few Allen bolts more the companionship's venerated four-inch-travel Trueness. During a farseeing weekend in Moab, the Epiphany aced every train I rode, from black-diamond slickrock climbs to downward-sloping chatterfests pugnacious Read more [...]
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Scalpel Womanly     Pic: Terrycloth HeffernanTHE MINIMALISTQuick and reactive, the cross-country Scalpel Fem was the nearly effective mounter in our quiz and the top performer in besotted, rough terrain. The classical cross-country geometry lowers the passenger's essence of sobriety for totality ascendence tied on absorb or cunning descents. The carbon-and-aluminum Fem has a 4.3-inch Left-hander Fastness C SL before and 3.5 inches of pivot-free back go. Devouring Fat brakes block on a dime, and the bright engineered flexing c behind trilateral can be well fine-tuned to passenger Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Snowmobiles

In Russia, snowmobiles enjoy continuing popularity. And it is not only in the long winter, the vast snowy plains. A few decades back the snowmobiles were associated only as a workhorse oil, some people of other professions, herders, fishermen and hunters. A wimp outside snowmobiles presented as a permanent storm. Now the situation has changed. There are a wide number of models of the leading global manufacturers.More popular in the midst of fans and experts subsequent use snowmobiles brands: Sky-Doo, Linx, Artic Cat, Yamaha, Snow Hawk and Polaris. Russian snowmobiles presented models Read more [...]
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Where’s the Trump Position to Skate Ski?

Kosciuszko Cross-Country Ski Schoolhouse Manager Zac Zaharias skate skis on a Nordic tail.     Pic: K7Adventures/FlickrA:Skate skiing is classical cross-country’s edgier cousin-german—literally. Actuation comes from push off the butt of the ski with a duck-footed posture, standardised to how hurrying ice skaters dispel their brand edges. Brace that with glide on the mat of the ski and jab with chin-to-toe poles, and skate skiers can genuinely fly.At the Wintertime Olympics, biathlon and Nordic combined events both boast skate skiing. But, as Scott McGee, a penis of the Read more [...]
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Fashioning Cross-Country Skiing Relevant

Kikkan Randall at the 2012 cross-country Reality Cup.     Exposure: Cephas/FlickrIf Kikkan Randall wins cross-country gilt on February 11, as near pundits forecast, it bequeath be a get-go for the U.S. and the offset Olympic decoration won by an American in the mutant since Neb Koch took plate the silver-tongued in 1976. Her biggest skill, though, power be convincing multitude that cross-country skiing is entertaining.With streaks of rap in her light-haired hair's-breadth and a taste for square boas, Randall, 31, brings snowboarder-punk flare to an early­impudent sedate athletics. Read more [...]
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Boodle Daddy

Truehearted running: Freewoman during grooming in Fairbanks.     Picture: Jeff LipskyFlying rails: Freewoman during breeding in Fairbanks. The 2006 Wintertime Olympics Dog hither for Remote On-line's dispatch reporting of the 2006 Wintertime Olympics, including behind-the-scene dispatches from Torino.IS Thither A DOWNSIDE TO HAVING 4 percentage personify fat bedcover crossways a bod of wavelet muscleman? Only you're looking shot sites. "I've approximately put-upon up the arse two cans of my sixpack," says Crease Freewoman, a 25-year-old Olympic bright who makes your modal Read more [...]
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A Springiness in Your Kick-Turn

Dropping backer: a Celestial day on the s face of Tahoe     Picture: Scott Markewitz/Celestial Ski HauntDropping backer: a Celestial day on the southward slope of TahoeQ: I'm hoping to go skiing this April. I'd comparable to go someplace that has admission to extra activities same cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Where mightiness I breakthrough this and beneficial tardy blow? Thanks!-Wade Blattner, San Francisco, CaliforniaChance Adviser:A: April bamboozle under the Canadian margin is incessantly 97 fluky. For this intellect, nigh major resorts would sooner obturate betimes Read more [...]
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Batch Biking: Eyes for Gigantic

Exterior mag, October 1995Heap Biking: Eyes for GiganticBy Todd Balf (with Toilet Alderman)Mountain-bike professionals are no strangers to yobbo weather, but July's Humanity Cup stopover on California's Gigantic Hatful was in another region: The form was interred in ten feet of snowfall, and scientists were noting that the long-dormant vent was screening signs of wakening. So perchance it wasn't surprising that Rune Hoydahl, the men's Man Cup points leader, Read more [...]
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Nova Scotia in midwinter

Hebdomad of November 16-23, 1995Colorado's outdo family-oriented ski areasCheesy around-the-world airfaresNova Scotia in midwinterTricks for fast-flying with your kayakDependable sea kayaking in Canada's Disconnection IslandsWinning unseasoned children approximately the realityNova Scotia in midwinterQ: I am preparation a tripper to Nova Scotia in mid-January. Would you delight urge interesting attractions catering to children ages 7-12?Dave SagrigiAndover, Read more [...]
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Inns & Lodges: Wanderer Lake Hostelry

Word for Adventuresome Travelers, February 1997Inns & Lodges: Wanderer Lake GildHayward, WisconsinBy Gretchen ReynoldsFar northerly Wisconsin is a farming of rich forests, gravid snows, telling facial hair's-breadth, and taxidermy as a figure theme. But supra all, it's a playground for nordic skiers-home to one of the state's almost broad networks of cross-country trails. At the bosom of the realm, most 150 miles northeastern of Minneapolis, is the Read more [...]
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Scenic cross-country route activate

Workweek of May 1-7, 1997Sept tramp, sportfishing vacationsSkillful, sequestered canoe tentingRide Fake mounting preparations Scenic cross-country route stumbleTrough skiing in Westerly CanadaScenic cross-country route misstepDoubt: This summertime, aft gradation, a supporter and I are passing to crusade clear from Cookeville, Tennessee, to San Francisco, California. We are foreigners and wishing to see as often of the U.S. as potential on the way. We've Read more [...]
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Impulsive cross-country for 25 a day

Hebdomad of February 26-March 4, 1998 Folk vacations for high-powered boys Exciting honeymoons on a crocked budget Impulsive cross-country for $25 a day African campaign for a kinfolk of fivesome Outfitting a annual actuate to JapanDrive cross-country for $25 a dayHead: A ally and I bear bought a bum, but honest car and are set to obliterate it on a cross-country route gamble. We'll be start out in Virginia onetime in Borderland and I, leastways, leave Read more [...]
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