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Modern crossbows — the characteristics and scope.

Since then, as the first man on the tooth zaimevshy neighbor picked up a gnarled stick, the human mind with a persistence worthy of a better cause, developing ways dolbanut his neighbor with the greatest possible distance. Dubina allowed to do it with a half to two meters, javelin - with two or three. Sling increased distance of 40-50 m, onion - more than 100-150. Significant shortcomings with onions were his size and inability to always keep the weapon cocked with an arrow on the string. Crossbow same time increasing the distance of impact nearly tripled and also could be a long time in the cocked Read more [...]
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Homemade Crossbow arrows for Jaguar

BOOM Long wanted to share the experience, as I his crossbow arrows set. Even someone asked about it. Here, expounding. It all started with the long-awaited purchase - Jaguar company Interloper, crossbow gun type was written on it here, I will not repeat. Boom in the kit were aluminum, plastic and steel-tipped feathers.Carboxylic buy - expensive, and aluminum identity 150-300 rubles apiece. Naryl on YouTube, like arrows of wood for bows do, he tried. Buy wooden bead with straight fibers (along without knots) and drives it through the plate M8 (M10 can) drill. Get round, flat foundation for the Read more [...]
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Backpack for Crossbow

Good time of day! I want to share with you my next product masturbation. Namely, backpack crossbow. One I've already done, but it's a little bulky. This decided to sculpt a more compact, versatile and pretty. Started with a backpack that got old laptop. The old man is torn to pieces, and carry it was neither very convenient, many do not add up.The first step has marked him and ripped the strap from the left on both sides of the side wall. Ruthlessly cut unnecessary pieces front and rear walls.Sidewall with zipper and handle touch did not. So I saved time and material.Made measurements Read more [...]
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Reflection on the theme: Why so much junk!?

Good day! This is my first article on the site, although saytok read a couple of months already ... Generally brewed a few questions and would like to discuss them with you.Here I look at the ability to make some reviews mention, so once there is a question, but what for all this??1)Well for example 5-10 torch to them in addition to the twice more sets of batteries??:?! After all, this is not the most necessary? And anyway IMHO, of course, but it seems to be called the most autonomous. (All of your time to spare, you need to learn to live without it ... well, or MIIIInimum)NEXT, weapons ... Read more [...]
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Weapons and poor vision

Good afternoon. I have very poor eyesight - without glasses see the first line on the Snellen test. In the glasses that I wear constantly lines 3-4. There are also more powerful, but they can not walk steadily. With 10 meters of man see, and do not distinguish facial features. It is clear that not become a sniper. And do not drive a car for the same reason, especially at dusk seen bad. No, on the sly half-empty road can probably pass. Bought for pneumatic thrush family entertainment, from 10 - 15 meters (with collimator) in a plastic bottle hit it. Of firearms fired in 1989 (at an army shooting Read more [...]
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Review: Crossbow pistol MK-50A1

Good time comrades, citizens, comrades, ladies and gentlemen, seniors, senorita, and other readers resource!Christmas holidays come to an end. I hope many more unique gifts, well, who have not got, so my sincere condolences. This year I was not even expensive, but a welcome gift. Crossbow-pistalet MK-50A1. Due to the slightly warmer weather on the street, I felt it at home. The street was afraid to break the plastic arrows, and the lower hemisphere of the brain did not want to freeze.And to start with infa advertising booklet. The lightest of the proposed crossbow pistols. Housing and locking Read more [...]
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Overview crossbow Scorpio

Hello fellow survivalist! Before buying this crossbow I browsed many forums. But nowhere nebilo full and active ilyustrirovannogo review crossbow. So I decided to write a review about it. Overall a decent crossbow, comfortable butt pleasant to oschyup handguard. When assembling nebilo no trouble, though, and the instruction was to Search result.Here are the specifications taken from the manufacturer's website. Features Tension force 43 kg/80 kg (95/175lb) Initial velocity of 74m / s (245fps) Working stroke string 25cm (10 ") Dimensions 88sm/67sm/15sm Weight 2.5kg Boom length 14'', 16''Options Bowstring Read more [...]
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Amateur test: Bow, Crossbow and Shotgun

Had never engaged in shooting, with zero tried to shoot from just getting to that. The results, I think, will be of interest to everyone: those who only thinks about guns, and those who are already thinking about how to train untrained home, happen that.Was: 1. Block onion 2. Crossbow 3. 4 charger rifle (semi-automatic) 12 gaugeSighting system: Bow - native ("window" on the string + label to "handguard" + level indicator) Crossbow - collimator Shotgun - "fly"Targets: Bow and Crossbow - stationary circles Shotgun - FrisbeesResults to be expected - a lot by not always clear "why did all Read more [...]
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Archery / crossbow shooting May 26 in Moscow. SVL

Good day, comrades! Decided here postrelushki arrange archery, crossbow. Who cares - Wellcome. Along the team plans to further discuss the summer. This section has left a post about bringing people in our humble ranks of the team SVL - please consider this event one of the good reasons for dating.More details on the meeting. Sunday, May 26. Starting at 12.00. w / d Art. Larks. (For details in a personal or tel. +7 (916) 439 4542) Children, wives, friends, etc. welcomeWill block and recursive crossbows, crossbow pistol, block and recursive bows (including children), pneumatics.If the wind Read more [...]
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Coil for Crossbow

Dear vyzhivuny! Please do not swear much if something is wrong, it is my first article. Question interested me fishing using a crossbow (I crossbow Interloper Cayman arc 43 kg.). And, accordingly, was the question: what kind of coil (or anything else) to use for this purpose? How to fix the cable on the boom (front or back)? If anyone have experience, please share. And who can saw where Old? Only issue is exactly crossbows and bows are not as bow much weaker and solutions for it is not suitable for crossbow (tried to hitch a "round plastic donk", she does not have time to drop a rope and pulls Read more [...]
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Manufacturing crossbow pistol

Healthy friends and girlfriend. Today I will please you excellent report on manufacturing in the form of a pistol crossbow, with a tension 11kg.It was evening, there was nothing. Decided to engage in the manufacture crossbow as my medieval crossbow was not very easy to handle, or too powerful, I gave his father played Schaub and currently in executing small and reliable as a pistol. Inherent property of the pistol crossbow is that it is compact and lightweight. Every step I imprinted on the photo. Well let's begin. So we need a bed for the future crossbowSaw off unnecessaryNow the hardest Read more [...]
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Arcs crossbow epoxy resin and cotton

All healthy. The people I have a problem, but the problem is that there is no glass. Recently, climbing across the expanses of the Internet I came across an article which describes the production arcs crossbow of epoxy resin and fiberglass, but changed I do not per se but there is cotton fabric. I had experience in manufacturing handles for knives of this fabric but alas their flexibility not check but the fortress strong quartet. So I thought to make easy arc crossbow from this material. all will do so: take the fabric and we will cut to pieces I needed, then all cooked already impregnated with Read more [...]
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Arc crossbow

All healthy people. Sharyas recently on the Internet found a video with a homemade crossbow, and it was a feature: arc crossbow made of several layers of glass FES. Well, I thought maybe stir. Material has even experienced the fragility (difficult to break) and after bending back in the reverse position without defects. Well, you ask where the thread is seen themselves or had to deal with this. And then the metal tired as that, and then plastic. It is necessary to try something new.

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Housing for a family (weapons available for each).

Time now hectic at a difficult time, everyone who has eggs in his pants must stand up for the weak, family, loved ones homeland ... in the end ... This article will talk about how a weapon that every citizen of our country is able to have personal use legally with the appropriate budget. And so, try to systemize:1. Baseball bat. Gopoty have found acceptance all over the world. Available in stores sports orientation, is worth a penny, I have these two pieces, one (smaller) in the car, the other at the entrance to the dwelling.2. Knife. In the sale of their weight: folding, fixed, tactical, Read more [...]
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Bolts, lugs to crossbows (not for pampering)

Long wanted to seal the bolts themselves than for hunting as well, at least hog! Case misrepresented that standard that stores sell is usually china kakashechny or superfood carbon that if fly into the swamp, you can immediately shoot themselves remnants of arrows, not chob toad strangling, potamu such as the cost of arrows 500 in all its splendor! Then you can still write a lot of prose, Mariah clean piece of their online blots, but closer to the work of the Lord! On the occasion of the poles got tekstalita holyavu naturally (textolite sticks 8.7mm in diameter, at radio may be more likely), 17 Read more [...]
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Crossbow bolt-masters themselves …..

Two months ago, bought a crossbow Scorpio, which I will not write a review of this device unnecessarily on the site is ... I wondered for this purpose make crossbow arrows ... for the price of them, we 150rublikov apiece ... It fell to the base material for most boom ... but after obzvanivaniya many shops to buy me a lucky 10prutkov of an aluminum tvubki 8 * 1mm fit for izgotovyleniya 50! arrows just 300rublev.Operenie had to buy for 10 rubles. Unit ... lugs and machined ending itself ... tried to glue manually ... spat - all at random and vkos.No going to the store where he took a crossbow saw Read more [...]
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Crossbow Scorpio

Recently managed to finally try your novokuplenny crossbow "Scorpion" with the following: - Crossbow itself (recursive, wooden butt); - Open sight (sight is made of metal and has a convenient adjustment and vertical mount for optics such as "Weaver"); - Wax 4 aluminum arrows with replaceable tip (length 40 cm) Shoulders standard - pull force of 43 kg. Was applied to crossbows certificate that he is not a cold weapon.Technical characteristics Recurve crossbow with high range and accuracy of fire, designed for shooting at moving targets. The butt is made of wood, with the shoulders of a Read more [...]
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Crossbow with their hands

Recently on this site and decided to first publication, most have long been wondering how to make a crossbow with their hands, found a quick tutorial on this site / info / kak-sdelat-arbalet-svoimi-rukami Old took there. Shooting of projectile weapons (bows and crossbows), as a sport, has long enjoyed success in humans. An indicator of this is the numerous competitions with various types of bows and crossbows. One of the oldest types of projectile weapons is a crossbow. Emotionalism of the day resonates competition archery and crossbow.Crossbow shooting sports in Ukraine is not Read more [...]
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Crossbow recursive Man Kung 150 (Wood)

So I begged long and my parents gave DR crossbow. I just wanted a rifle, not pistol. I was presented with «Man Kung 150" suede crossbow and quiver of arrows additional eight. I gathered it up fast enough: fixed shoulders and foot rest (hexagons letter) Difficulty caused only pulling the string. I decided to try it once, and did not regret. 1) Crossbow really easy (you can hold in one hand). 2) Recoil I hardly felt. Recoil force, roughly a air rifle. 3) Crossbow sighted enough. 4) It might hit me, boom came in whole log into 3-4 cm But there is one drawback. The same arm was removed from logs Read more [...]
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crossbow pistol

I’m new on this site. guys tell me whether it makes sense to buy not expensive crossbow pistol for self-defense in the case of BP and what their killing power in byutzhetnom embodiment, as well as whether it is possible to use them for hunting? Sneakers catch!

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