Moving in the Far North

Often, it is necessary to carry out long passages of snow and ice deserts of the Arctic. Such maneuvers involve a number of features of the North, and of the dangers of too. To learn how to make the transition to the polar regions we'll talk in this article. The complexities of the Arctic during the transition associated with surface features. Open land in the region is not to find: only snow of varying degrees of looseness; ice; rarely rocky ledges. Conveniently only go on a dense, ulezhavshemusya snow. To move on smooth ice only with a special climbing shoes with spikes. Difficulties also arise Read more [...]
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Scientists have analyzed the noise before the eruption of the volcano

July 15, 2013. Redoubt Volcano in Alaska before the eruption has issued an unusually high-pitched sound that arose due to fluctuations in the Earth's crust in a series of small earthquakes preceding the eruption, according to an article published in the journal Nature Geoscience. Volcanic eruption is often preceded by the slack of the earthquake. They can go after each other with such a small gap that the crust, fluctuating, low-frequency issues «trill». Scientists led by a graduate of the Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography Ksenia Dmitrieva at the University of Stanford Read more [...]
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Became known causes anomalous uplift of the ocean floor

Scientists have found the reason why the ocean floor instead of the expected rises abnormally its tectonic subsidence that might help identify previously unknown patterns of movement of the Earth's mantle, according to a study published in the Friday issue of the journal Science. According to current models of the formation of the ocean floor, it is formed in the so-called mid-ocean ridges where tectonic plates "are leaving" in different directions under the influence of flow mantle - the layer of hot matter that lies directly beneath the crust, and performing the role of a kind of "Ocean", on Read more [...]
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Underground, the heater will melt the Greenland ice

August 12, 2013. Climatologists reported that unusually thin crust beneath the surface of Greenland partly explains the abnormally high rate of melting of its ice cap, as the hot magmatic masses beneath the surface serving as one giant «boiler», reports the journal Nature Geoscience. The temperature at the foot of the glaciers, and accordingly, their condition, at the same time depend on the flow of heat from the Earth and temperature fluctuations on the surface. Thanks in Greenland there are areas where the foot of the glaciers melt, and which are located adjacent to absolutely untouched Read more [...]
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The earthquake in Haiti should be repeated

Data obtained by the Japanese space satellite, showed that the January earthquake in Haiti, which killed about 300 thousand people, was caused by a previously unknown fault. Judging by the results of computer simulation, disaster again. NASA experts together with the staff of the national geological service of the USA and scientists from the California Institute of technology came to the conclusion about the existence of a previously unknown fault in the earth's crust after analyzed caused by the earthquakes deformation of the soil. The earthquake in Haiti that killed about 300 thousand Read more [...]
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Recovery from the earthquake. Russia’s unique setting allows you to attenuate shocks

MHD generator could prevent natural disasters. Photo by the author The recent tragedy in Indonesia once again forced to talk about the problem of the difficulty of accurately predicting seismic events. Over the last 70 years of the earthquake on the territory of Russia and CIS countries took about 200 thousand lives In the world of material damage, UNESCO estimates, billions of dollars annually. Some cities are literally on tectonic faults. These include Tokyo, Mexico city, new York, Shanghai, Calcutta, Jakarta, etc. the Number of people living therein greater than 161 million people. Alas, Read more [...]
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The German covered with a crust of ice

Emergency Germany translated into enhanced mode. On the Northern and Western parts of the country hit a new powerful snowfall.The already difficult traffic situation has deteriorated. The number of accidents has increased in several times. Local authorities have restricted the movement of freight transport. The highway is covered with a crust of ice, so even the most insignificant rise becomes for drivers insurmountable obstacle. The effects of snow cyclone eliminate and in Ireland. Snow removal equipment is not enough, on the streets half-meter of snow. Dublin airport is still functioning Read more [...]
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Freezing rain in Moscow. Photographic

Freezing rain over Moscow on Saturday, this phenomenon is caused by the large temperature difference between air at the height of the surface of the earth. Early on Sunday morning Muscovites felt the consequences of this phenomenon. Almost everyone on the street was covered with a thick ice crust.On Saturday (25th December 2010) was held in Moscow \"ice rain: rain drops that are formed in the layers of the atmosphere with a positive temperature before reaching the earth, instantly froze as he met with a cold surface air, where the temperature was almost 4 degrees of frost. Which resulted Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Perch fillet in mustard crust

For the manufacture of perch fillets in mustard crust with: 4 sea bass fillets (150 gr. Each) Salt and pepper 2 tbsp. liter. vegetable oil with lemon juice and 60 g butter 1 onion 1 clove garlic 2 tsp. mustard and consistency of Italian spices 2 tomatoes 125 g 60 g Myagenkaya cheese breading 1 tbsp. liter. toastRecipe perch fillets in mustard crust with:Fish with salt and pepper. Fry in vegetable oil and pour the lemon juice. Put in a baking dish greased with 1 teaspoon butter. Garlic and onions are chopped. Stir both with mustard, spices and pepper texture. Lubricate mass fillets. Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Grouper in vegetable crust

For the manufacture of redfish in vegetable crust:600 g potatoes pepper, salt and 1 jar of canned peas and carrots 4 slices of the white bread 1 bunch parsley 1 egg 4 sea bass fillets oil for baking 2 lemonRecipe redfish in vegetable crust:Preheat oven to 200 degrees. Peel the potatoes and cook for 20 minutes in salted water. Carrots and peas in a colander and discard the ground in a food processor. Remove the white bread with crust, crumble the pulp and mix with crushed vegetables. Finely chop the parsley. 2/3 add the parsley, along with an egg mass to the vegetable mix and everything Read more [...]
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Under the Yellowstone is 2 times more magma than previously thought

November 1, 2013. Yellowstone national Park in the United States is located in the West of the country. Magma flows beneath him rise from the depths of the planet, feeding the Park geysers and hot springs. A large part of the magma is at a depth of several kilometers beneath the surface. Scientists have new images of this underground system and found that the tank is 80 kilometers long and 20 wide. Magma underlies the greater part of the Caldera of Yellowstone is a giant pit formed by the last of the three great volcanic eruptions that occurred 2.1 million years ago. In recent years, this Park Read more [...]
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Geophysics confirmed that the Earth is not growing

A group of geoscientists using modern space measuring instruments and new computational techniques could «bury» popular in the past the theory of an expanding Earth, according to the jet propulsion Laboratory of NASA. Laboratory At Xiaoping (Xiaoping Wu) and his colleagues in an article published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, write that they have recorded variations of the Earth's radius does not exceed 0.1 mm — the thickness of a human hair — in year. This value is not statistically significant.«Our study gave an independent proof that Read more [...]
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The East African Great rift valley is a complex rift system

Part 1. The East African rift systemThe East African rift system is one of the geological wonders of the world, the place where the tectonic forces of the Earth and create a new plate, separating old. In other words, the rift can be considered to be expanding over time to fracture in the earth's crust. Scientific language is oblong pool, limited the opposite, steep ordinary discharges. Geologists are still debating about how precisely formed faults, but this process is presented so clearly in East Africa (Ethiopia-Kenya-Uganda-Tanzania)that geologists come up with your own name for the new Read more [...]
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USA: Geological faults on the Tahoe was more dangerous than expected

on may 27. According to the results of geological research, faults in the earth's crust to the West of lake Tahoe, California, USA, or the zone of the frontal fault Tahoe-Sierra, capable of generating earthquakes greater force than previously thought. Their magnitude can reach a 6.3-6.9 points, which may result in an extensive landslides along the steep banks of the Tagus. This poses a serious threat to Nevada and California.Faults in the Western part of the acting Tahoe. Solid line shows the possible presence of faults, points - hidden faults. Translucent white rectangles indicate the range Read more [...]
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Nepal was reset point tectonic couple in the Himalayas

Group of geologists led by Laurent Bolin (Laurent Bollinger) of the Commissariat of Atomic Energy in France Arpajon tried to find fault point Himalayan crust after earthquakes by studying photographs of the river valleys in Nepal.Faults in the earth's crust caused by the earthquake in Nepal in 1255, prompted the scientists that its territory is reset point tectonic "couple" resulting from the collision of the Eurasian and Indian plates, according to an article published in the journal Nature Geoscience. The southern part of Eurasia is composed of two large tectonic plates - the Eurasian Read more [...]
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Earth's orbital cycles can trigger volcanoes

The rhythm of climate change that occurred in the last million years of Earth's history, is determined orbital cycle: Depending on the amount of sunlight that glaciers are growing, then retreating. Responds to change the entire planet - from atmospheric and ocean circulation to ecosystems and even erosion and sediment transport.New research suggests that it affects the volcanism. Scientists in the past have noticed similar correlations for limited periods of time and at a regional level, and the new work provides a broader picture.fridgeirsson). "Height =" 399 "width =" Read more [...]
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The asteroid Vesta may have unexpectedly thick crust 100km

Computer model of a giant crater on the asteroid Vesta Reyasilviya pointed out that this celestial body has a surprisingly thick crust with a thickness of up to 100 kilometers, from the relatively light minerals, say astronomers in a paper published in the journal Nature.Asteroid Vesta long been considered the most likely candidate for the "germ" of the planet, which stopped in its development in the early days of the solar system. These assumptions were confirmed by the probe Dawn, who has studied the asteroid for several months in 2011 and 2012. In particular, NASA has found traces Read more [...]
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Rethought the most extensive eruption on Earth

We do not have much information about the Earth's mantle, so the correct interpretation of the lava flows into the mid-ocean ridges, is very important. And, apparently, so far it was not correct.The origins of lava pouring out in the largest modern eruptions, are the subject of debate. It is a mid-ocean ridges, which stretch for thousands of kilometers in the depth of the sea. In these places, the crust is broken and partially molten rock constantly fills the void formed by forming new oceanic crust. This part is unchallenged.The question is how accurately we interpret these eruptions Read more [...]
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Magmatic anomaly in the Andes

Radar data from ERS-1, -2 and Envisat render the Central rise of the earth's crust about 10 mm per year near the volcano Uturuncu (dark red). The surrounding region registers the slow subsidence of 2 mm per year (blue). Data obtained from 1992 to 2010. on 12 October. Geophysics from University Of California, San Diego has recorded a unique phenomenon that emerged on the Altiplano plateau, located in the Central Andes, on the border with Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. The magma under the Earth's crust, at one point causes the earth to rise, at that time, as the earth around the point falls. The Read more [...]
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Great work Nature

Chemical reactions and radioactive decay of elements in the depths of the Earth can cause heating and flow of the material in her womb like a liquid. This can lead to a change in pressure under terrestrial bark and the transformation of its form. In volcanic centers of mass of molten rock creates a lot of pressure, and then suddenly there it crash, accompanied by the eruption of lava. Something similar happened in 1943 when a volcanic eruption Parikutin (Mexico), piled in a cornfield huge lava mountain. This in turn caused the subsidence of the crust. Melting glaciers in the past covered the Read more [...]
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