URI Turov

URI Turov (27.01. 1924 der. M.Turovo More Sosnowski-District Level. Region.), Physicist, Corr. Russian Academy of Sciences (1991), Dr. of Physics and Math. Sciences (1964), prof. (1966), Honored. Worker. of Science (1992). Outcast. WWII. Rod. family servant. He graduated from the Ural State University (1949). In 1949-51 and from 1954 worked at the Institute of Metal Physics (1963-88 Head. Dep., 1977-82 Deputy. Cond., 1988, Ch. Scientific., Et al.). Regular. Work Dedicated. physics of magnetic phenomena and solid state physics. They carried out a series of seminal works by Inst. magnetically ordered Read more [...]
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Nicolae-lance Maximilianovskaya

Nicolae-lance Maximilianovskaya opened in 1857 as a geologist V. I.Redikortsevym and named in honor of the President of the St. Nicholas Society Петербургскогоминералогического Maximilianovich Romanovsky. Nicolae Maximilianovskaya-lance is a series of shallow pits irazvedochnyh passageway extending from the foot of the mountain to its top. Lance  is divided into two parts, otlichayuschiesyasostavom species. The northern part of cumulative (so called epidote hill) slozhenagranatovoy and pyroxene-chlorite rock, and the southern минерализованнымизвестняком. Read more [...]
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Zhukovskaja lance

The study and description of Zhukovsky Accumulate engaged in 1853 recognized geologist Koksharov. In 1926, geologist recognizable  Sergey SergeevichSmirnov gave geological description of the field, having studied opticheskieanomalii topaz, best for those long way. Together with topaz in cavities of quartz veins and are always kristallygornogo crystal varieties of quartz. A  from time to time and is short-kristallysalatno green tourmaline, very beautiful gem. Crystals of topaz imeyutdlinnoprizmatichesky habit with true pronounced rhombic cross-section; them- mm length of 2-3 cm, thickness 0.1 Read more [...]
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More stores treasures “Mokrusha”

In the Urals, there are many areas with boundaries established by nature, millions of years in the bowels of the earth distributing its own laws various treasures.     Along the river ... One of them around the world known as "semi-precious band of the Urals." Under this title for the first time at the beginning of the century combined deposits of precious and semi-precious stones, along the eastern slope of the Urals Alapayevsk latitude in the north to the south of asbestos, Konstantin Matveev, founder of the Department of Mineralogy of the Ural Mining Institute (now Academy). It was Read more [...]
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Ashab Ashab Magomedovich

Ashab Ashab Magomedovich (08/17/1948, s.Hushtada Tsumadinskogo district DagSSR), a physicist, a mineralogist, Dr. geological and mineral. n. (1990), prof. (1994), Corr. Russian Academy of Sciences (1997). After graduated. Dagestan State. University (1971) worked as a teacher at the school Vorkuta, in 1972 at the Institute of Geology, Komi Scientific. Center RAS, at the pres. time manager. Dep. A specialist in the region. Theoretical and experimental mineralogy, crystallography and mineralogy crystallogenesis. He obtained new data on the processes and mechanisms of crystal formation, the effect Read more [...]
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Two false sun in Lipetsk. Video

Residents of Lipetsk early morning of 17 January, observed a rare atmospheric phenomenon - halo, which was accompanied by a false appearance of two suns. Usually halo occurs when the coincidence of frost, ice crystals in the air and bright sun. The reflected and refracted by ice crystals light is often decomposed into a spectrum, which makes the halo looks like a rainbow. Source: \"You — reporter Read more [...]
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The Raging Lodge

    Exposure: Jason HolleyQ) Is it e'er too coldness to c?Putz Haggart, Moscow, IdahoA) IT'S A Democratic misconception that it can be too frigidness to snowfall. According to Andy Heymsfield, elder scientist at the Internal Centerfield for Atmospherical Search in Bowlder, Colorado, the key to acquiring c in utmost frigidness lies in humidness. As foresighted as the temperature is at or infra 32 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidness is supra 60 percentage, says Heymsfield, so ice crystals?lilliputian dustlike motes of coke?bequeath mannequin inner the clouds and may be pulled to Read more [...]
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International On-line Archives

Out-of-door cartridge, February 2000By Jim CollinsI've heard that snakes get hip clappers. Is this for genuine?—J. Wilson, Washington, D.C. Conceive this an evolutionary prospect for the Weird-but-True Lodge: No ophidian live tod can pivot its hips, but a few tropic species do variation end hip clappers remaining from leastwise 100 1000000 geezerhood ago, backbone when they werelizards. As reptiles evolved into yearner and slinkier snakes (a Read more [...]
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Plasmoids – a special form of life. Part-3

More than 100 years ago, a brilliant scientist KE Tsiolkovsky proposed a hypothesis about the origin of life on Earth from the Sun's plasma formations. And now, this assumption seems more convincing by modern scientific research. Universe at 99% of the plasma, the main component of the stars - too plasma. Solar wind magnetic field can transport the plasma, which in the process of transportation often comes into contact with the dust cosmic clouds. From this mixture of dust and plasma can form structures called "plasma crystals." An international team of experts in Read more [...]
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In the sky over St. Petersburg – strange lights

on January 16. Readers of \"Fontanka\" were eyewitnesses of atmospheric phenomena, which are defined as a kind of \"glow\". So, reader Jan reported that today from 9 a.m. to Pulkovskoe shosse visible color vertical column, similar to a rainbow. And it is not the sun - it was left from the strange glow. And the reader Dmitry witnessed the \"lights\" last night at the Baltic station. He was unable to determine the source of this phenomenon. After the publication of the photos reader Roman explained that on Pulkovskoe highway, most likely, was observed phenomenon of light (or sun) post - this Read more [...]
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Moscow was covered with diamond dust

Siberian anticyclone brought to the capital a rare meteorological phenomenon - ice crystals. Even meteorologists are called diamond dust. By jewels it has nothing to do .. Ice needles - atmospheric phenomenon, solid precipitation in the form of tiny ice crystals floating in the air, forming in the cold weather (minimum temperature in Moscow was -15.6, the region of up to 20 degrees Celsius). Ice crystals have spike or star shape. They are hollow (unbranched) crystals or snow stars, the largest of the crystals have a significant rate of incidence. Of these elements are clouds in the upper tier. Read more [...]
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During the drilling of wells to Lake Vostok discovered unusual crystals

Russian polar explorers in drilling wells to the Antarctic Lake Vostok discovered unusual giant ice crystals, which are interested in physics, told journalists Hydromet Alexander Frolov."Very interesting, unexpected application - this ice interested Kurchatov Institute. They say there crystals - no lake ice, and mainland - a giant crystals of 5-6 meters. And they have only the right form," - said Frolov. Lake Vostok in Antarctica is a unique aquatic ecosystem that has been isolated from the surface of Earth's atmosphere and biosphere for millions of years. His study plays an important Read more [...]
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On the optical effects in the atmosphere – Solar Halo

Recently received a lot of messages about Halo, false or second sun light or solar poles, which are sometimes regarded as the "Northern Lights." Many saw themselves these beautiful natural phenomena. What science says about this phenomenon?Halo - is refraction and reflection of light ice crystals in clouds in the upper tier, are light or bright circles around the sun or moon (lunar sample photos halo), separated from the heavenly dark spaces. Halo often seen in front of the cyclone (in cs their warm front) and therefore can be a sign of their approach.As a rule, the halo appear as Read more [...]
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Grand Canyon, probably older than previously thought

Famous gulf already seems old. But it is believed that in reality it is much older.According to most geologists, the Grand Canyon came 5? 6 million years ago due to the fact that the Colorado River eroded the rock layer by layer. One of the proofs - huge piles of washed gravel on the western end of the canyon, which appeared just at this time. But the new study focuses on other breeds, naked throughout the canyon. When erosion takes the material on it, stone cold. Traces of the cool stores in several ways, including in the form of helium in apatite. "When apatite hot helium leaves the Read more [...]
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Cambridge filmed inverted rainbow

English astronomer from Cambridge managed to videotape an amazing and very rare natural phenomenon known as an inverted rainbow. As the British television channel Sky News, this phenomenon has never been seen in the area.Unusual photograph was taken by Dr. Jacqueline Mitton (Jaqueline Mitton). Scientists call the inverted rainbow effect zenith arc (circumzenithal ark). It is curious that it does not need either of rain or clouds necessary for the appearance of an ordinary rainbow - an arc equal in length to a quarter circle, appears on a clear blue sky in the presence of ice crystals.Inverted Read more [...]
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Shafts of light in Omsk

Last night in Omsk on eyewitness reports, there was a very strong halo: all lights high up rising columns of light, even from the headlights of cars and trams. Photos by said - "Well, not very rare, but this much I had not seen before. Moreover, it can be observed in a very limited near the street 10 years old in October and Lermontov. If you drive off slightly to the side - no pillars. General This effect arises from the flat ice crystals in the air, but why these crystals were only in a small area - an enigma. " Category: Atmosphere Read more [...]
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Signs in heaven shimmering fiery rainbow over Arizona

Residents of the town of Douglas, Arizona were surprised by a rare and amazing phenomenon - fire rainbow, reportsDaily Mail.It occurs when ice crystals refract the sunlight in different colors, which causes color flicker in the sky. Brandon Rios, who captured the amazing images with his father, said he was "quite surprised" by this phenomenon. Fire rainbow, known under his own name-round-horizontal arc to occur when the sun gets a plate of ice. "Scientists call it okologorizontalnoy arc and are assigned to one of the few types of optical effects that occur in the atmosphere. Read more [...]
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Solar halo and light poles in Togliatti, Kramatorsk, Petrozavodsk, Rostov-on-Don, Taishet, Fryazino

Today, 18 December, in the district of Togliatti Autazavadskaya could observe a rare phenomenon for our places - solar halo.It tells the photographer "Fotovzglyada to Togliatti," "It is not very pronounced, but it is assumed that the appearance of a halo precedes onset severe frosts. From the point of view of physics, solar halo - a rainbow around the sun. Rainbow, which is not created by water droplets in the summer, and the rainbow, which is created by ice crystals. Online a lot of pictures, where the halo is a complete closed circle, but, in fact, the science described dozens Read more [...]
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Sundog seen in Koltsovo

In Koltsovo - urban settlement in the Novosibirsk region, having the status of science city of the Russian Federation December 10 observed today Sundog or Pargely. Eyewitness Elena Kharitonov (meteorologist)'Indeed, today it was quite rare - Sundog or Pargely. Sun dog - a kind of halo phenomena. Halo appears around the sun or moon. This phenomenon occurs in clear weather, the presence of ice crystals in cirrus clouds (today it was just such a snow). Reflected and refracted by ice crystals light into a spectrum, which makes Halo look like a rainbow. The word translated as halo aura or halo, Read more [...]
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Light poles in the sky Stockholm

Residents of Stockholm, Sweden, looked at the night sky on Sunday night and thought they were above the Arctic Circle, and have seen the Northern Lights. These lights were not aurora, they are known as "pillars of light." According to the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, it is the light that is reflected in ice crystals formed in the air when it is cold. Similar pillars of light were photographed in a different place - the United States.A similar phenomenon in Nebraska Arctic air, combined with the steam of the river and steam factory chimneys, shafts of light produces Read more [...]
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