The Skies Belonged to Them

    Picture: Courtesy of CapRoger Bearer Cathy Kerkow from the 1969 Marshfield High yearly Source Brendan I. KoernerFifty-fifty if you were round during the flower of airway highjacking, you’ll be astonied by the details in Brendan I. Koerner’s new leger, The Skies Belong Us: Bang and Threat in the Lucky Age of Highjacking (Jacket, $26). Koerner combines a plenteous overview of this menstruum with a cryptic deal a i loony installment of sky plagiarisation: a 1972 highjacking that featured a sick Vietnam vet, a beautiful hipster miss from Coos Bay, Oregon, the Melanize Read more [...]
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Diana Nyad Fashioning (Another) Endeavour at Cuba to Florida Float

Diana Nyad lands in Cuba now for her 5th assay to float from Cuba to Florida. She wrote on her blog yesterday that the conditions did not face favourable, but that she would persist.The endure prognosis, ostensibly complete as of yesterday, is now turn against us middling. We testament pee-pee net decisions erstwhile in Havana. On one deal, can't cowherd it up and leave in something really unrealizable. On early mitt, i.e. nonesuch and promises to be a gestate of duress and boisterous seas, departure to put my caput consume and pressure done.Before this yr, Nyad told us that she would "either Read more [...]
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Adventurers of the Yr: Bather Diana Nyad

Nyad in Cuba suiting up for her 2012 bid     Picture: APFOR THE Preceding two summers, Diana Nyad has generated general attending for her unyielding attempts to swimming the 103 miles from Havana, Cuba, to Key W, Florida. But the about awe-inspiring matter almost her pursuit isn’t the milage she racked up in her quadruplet failed bids but the fact that, at 63, she wouldn’t hatch forsaking. “I’m either sledding to die or brand that drown,” says the Los Angeles–based Nyad, who plans to try again this summertime. Nyad, who has been long-distance naiant Read more [...]
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Cuban authorities urged people to conserve water

Cuban authorities urged people to saving and rational use of drinking water due to a severe drought and depletion of reservoirs, said on Monday the local media. "The low availability of water resources (2 billion cubic meters less than in the same period last year), entails very strict control of water resources, their management and the optimal use of strict control over the technical condition of water conservancy facilities," - said newspaper "Granma". According to the publication, in the month of June in the country fell to 135 millimeters of rain, which is only 69% of the average historical Read more [...]
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Travelling to Cuba: One-on-one Tours

Tourists inflict a duomo in Havana.     Exposure: Tupungato/ShutterstockA:This is likely your easiest connective. A one-on-one spell is a truthful ethnical rally with Cubans and their singular refinement and traditions, not a sit-on-the-beach actuate. You’ll let a jam-packed path that’s nearly supervised. The circuit costs are blanket, and the U.S. regime keeps a besotted flowing on these trips. Subject Geographical Expeditions offers week-long one-on-one tours start at $5,795 and Perceptivity Cuba offers four-day trips start at $1,995. Read more [...]
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Travel to Cuba: Spiritual and Educational Tours

Havana’s Graveyard Cristobal Colon.     Exposure: Tupungato/Shutterstock

A:The spiritual grouping Friends in Cuba sends exercise groups to bod and fixing Trembler encounter houses, and Worldwide Change organizes week-long grouping educational trips. In either vitrine, gestate to ferment difficult. These organizations are given licenses by the federal governing alone because the trips they ply are lawful exchanges of ideas, aid, and task—not easy vacations.

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How Can I Visit Cuba Lawfully?

Cuba.     Picture: Nathan Laurel/FlickrA:Those aren’t urban legends you see most Americans who hop a mastermind fledge from Canada or Mexico to Havana, solitary to be hit with an fulgurant mulct in the thousands of dollars subsequently they reappearance. Thither are federal laws against devising a misstep to Cuba exclusively for touristry, and the administration takes them rattling earnestly.The reasons the anti-travel restrictions to Cuba flush survive are as composite as boilersuit U.S. dealings with the state concluded the conclusion 50 eld. In possibility, Americans are Read more [...]
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Tornado in Cuba

Sometimes it seems that the prophecies described thousands of years ago in the Bible, begin to come true. Fires, floods, tsunamis, hurricanes - this is an incomplete list of natural disasters that hit recently on our planet. But tonight, on the Eastern provinces of Cuba walked powerful tornado (wind speed over 102 km/h), the epicenter of which was concentrated in Granma. Local authorities report that a tornado completely destroyed 16 residential buildings in the small village of El-Ahi (Kupechesky municipality), 32 houses caused severe damage, and with 7 living quarters completely tore the roof. Read more [...]
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Victims of tropical storm Nicole in Jamaica steel eight people

Storm "Nicole 29.09.10 @ NOAA/NASA GOES Project Eight people in Jamaica were victims of tropical storm «Nicole» struck in addition, the island state in the environment heavy rains to Florida, the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands and Cuba, said on Thursday, Reuters, citing local authorities. According to the U.S. National center for tracking hurricanes, located in Miami, at the present time, the speed of the wind accompanying the storm reaches 65 kilometers per hour, which is sufficient for the recognition of the elements of a tropical storm and assigned a name. In Jamaica in the Read more [...]
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Several settlements in Cuba isolated due to heavy rains

Several localities in Central and Eastern Cuba was cut off due to the intense torrential rains that hit the island on Wednesday, said on Thursday the local media. In the Central province of Ciego de Avila river flood Gamegames (Guamajales) cut settlement Limones-Palmero (Limones Palmero) in the municipality of Managua (Majagua). Also isolated were the small towns of Guaranies (Guayacanes) and Orlando Gonzalez (Orlando Gonzalez). On the East of the country cut off was the municipality of GUAM (Guama) from an overflowing river, Seville (Sevilla). In addition, because of the flood of GUAM Read more [...]
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The earthquake of a magnitude of 5.1 happened in Cuba

Photo: EMSC The earthquake of a magnitude of 5.1 happened Monday morning in the East of Cuba, information on casualties or damage were reported, said the Cuban news Agency AIN. Center aftershocks were located at a depth of 25 kilometers near locality Playa Casional (Playa Cazonal), in the province of Santiago de Cuba. The earthquake was also felt in neighboring provinces of guantánamo, Granma and Holguin. This is the second earthquake of similar magnitude for this year in the Eastern regions of Cuba. The strongest earthquake in this year (magnitude 5.5) in Cuba took place on 20 March in Read more [...]
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Cuba is prepared to withstand hurricane Paula

Hurricane "Paula" 13.10.10 @ NASA Cuba prepares to meet hurricane «Paula» National headquarters civil defence announced on Wednesday «the readiness phase» in the Western province of Pinar del Rio and Isle of pines, «information phase» declared in the provinces of Havana, Matanzas, Villa Clara and the capital of the country. Usually «Information phase» declared civil defence for 96-72 hours before the possible collapse of the element. 48 hours is declared «the readiness phase» 24 hour alarm is declared. «The province Read more [...]
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In Cuba registered a record low temperature

Cuban meteorologists have registered a record low temperature HAVANA, 16 Dec. The cold front brought a chill throughout Cuba: on the night of 15 December, the weather station of the country has registered nine absolute records, according to the national Institute of meteorology of Cuba. The lowest temperature was 1.9 degrees such parameter is fixed station equipment «Colon» (Colon) in the province of Matanzas. Usually at this time of year at night the temperature drops below 15 degrees.«A large amount of cold and dry Arctic air of continental origin, light winds and partly Read more [...]
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The capital of Cuba was left without water

The capital of Cuba was left without water. The reason is the strongest over the last 50 years drought. In the disaster zone were more than a million people, mostly residents of Havana. City water is completely empty, the drain also works intermittently. In order to provide at least the minimum needs of the residents, the authorities mobilized all available trucks. Precious water is distributed to homes. Metropolitan residents urged to conserve and ask less to wash. Source: NTV broadcasting company Read more [...]
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61-Year-Old Preps For 103-Mile Swimming

Diana Nyad, a 61-year-old tuner spreader from Los Angeles, is preparing to drown from Cuba to Florida and breakout a humankind immortalise that she set more 30 geezerhood ago. In 1979 Nyad swam 102.5 miles from the island of Bimini to Florida, with no shark coop and no wetsuit, establishing a immortalize that distillery stands nowadays. Afterward that float Nyad retired, finally comely a sucessful wireless newsman. But Nyad had e'er treasured to drown from Cuba to Florida (she well-tried and failed in 1978) and finale class, at age 60, she reanimated the approximation and resumed education. Now Read more [...]
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Yes, You Can Now Fly to Cuba

The outset commercial-grade rider fledge 'tween Key Westward, Florida, and Havana, Cuba in 50 geezerhood took off and landed safely Monday, reuniting two islands isolated by hardly 90 miles of pee. Chairperson Barack Obama sanctioned the road rear in October of 2011, but rent operators bear lone now been capable to sail done the miles of red tapeline.U.S. Customs and Borderline Shelter gave the go-ahead Monday cockcrow, and the trajectory took off from Key W 90 proceedings late at 10 a.m., carrying scarce ix passengers. The visitors are travelling to Cuba on ethnical interchange licenses, reinstituted Read more [...]
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Nyad Again Aborts Florida-Cuba Swimming

Survival natator Diana Nyad on Sunday aborted her thirdly endeavor at liquid 103 miles in outdoors urine from Cuba to Florida. Nyad, 62, was 67 marine miles and 40 hours into the float when she was strained out of the pee by Portuguese man o' war stings and hard cross-currents that had pushed her off path. It is her irregular failed endeavor at the hybridisation since Revered. Nyad aforesaid that the stings had paralytic approximately of her rear muscles, and doctors warned that extra stings could leading to long-run wellness problems. "I've ne'er been in any hurting, always, ilk that in my Read more [...]
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Disengage Cuba Now

Wraith hotel: The generator kayaks to the San Pasqual, a quondam payload embark, now a vacant, surrealistic recur.     Photograph: James RexroadI RAN THE KAYAK ended the sandpaper of a niggling cove on Cayo las Brujas, Cuba, and intellection approximately the Chinese and the Russians. It was really betimes in the daybreak to be intelligent some Russians. The sun had not yet clear the thickets of melanize mangrove that weasel-worded the bay. The sky was grayish, mealy with undissolved dark; it held the evenfall similar a amercement net. The h2o was slip and iniquity, and the backbone Read more [...]
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Impudent Tracks

    Exposure Chance What bequeath be doomed if we retain to destruct the reality's biologic wealth? Inflict Washington, D.C.'s Corcoran Verandah of Art from September 15 to December 31 and see for yourself. In Reply to Berth: Photographs from The Nature Conservancy's Conclusion Large Places features 130 images of the land's well-nigh threatened areas, from Indonesia's Komodo Subject Green to the tall-grass prairies of Oklahoma, by 12 top photographers, Annie Leibovitz and Mary Ellen Scrape among them. Middleman the Corcoran at 202-639-1700 or Madagascar's Wilderness Read more [...]
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A Squeamish Rotation You’ve Got Hither. Now Induce the Cohibas.

    Photograph: Gary Baseman I knew that the precipitation of Soviet communism had many effects, but I ne'er expected one would be my destruction from lust on a bike spell of Cuba. However, pedaling out of the decaying old metropolis of Santiago, I seemed to suffer rationality to interest. Breakfast in the diminished hotel where my "socially creditworthy" spell radical had washed-out the nighttime had consisted of one pocket-sized peal and an orangish. The turn leader warned us that our itinerary nowadays—all 80 kilometers of it—would birth few places Read more [...]
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