liquid currency)

nice to have a house in the village. Better yet, when the house-full cup! during BP Camping will survive. but only on the condition that you are not lazy and will provide their own food and life. suggest to your review moonshine. during and after the alcohol is a liquid currency. and a man who knows how to cook it no where lost. So, I think, who reshayte.mozhet and interested?Braga is produced from apricot. 1000 liters of wash fruits took 500 kg, 60 kg of sugar, yeast and water packaging to taste))) Read more [...]
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Yuan continues relentlessly to replace the U.S. dollar

It's no secret that China in bilateral trade is increasingly replacing the U.S. dollar its currency. Obvious to everyone that the yuan will soon be at least equal to the dollar on the status of the "global reserve currency."In many ways, the economy reflects one of the basic principles of physics: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If farmers produce additional grain and demand grows, prices fall. Also, if the demand for corn drops, crumble and price for it, so the jump in output, falling demand and turn one and the same: the excess supply. A consequence Read more [...]
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Russia and China are going to bury the petrodollar?

Since the seventies of the last century the U.S. dollar is the currency used by the international community in the oil trade. This fact has created a huge demand for U.S. dollars and U.S. debt. But what happens when the rest of the world will start to abandon the increasingly unstable U.S. dollar and come to the realization that as currency in international trade, you can use the gold? The truth is that this realization of the imagination is required.Of course, this does not mean that a country's desire to move to gold right now is reprehensible. The world's media suggest that we are Read more [...]
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In anticipation of the third world: Iran, Russia and China against the U.S.

WASHINGTON, DC - Now that we have chosen a commander for our upcoming war, let's look at how we have come to this. As always, to understand the future, one has to look at the past. Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, July 22, 1944 - 730 delegates from 44 allied countries on World War II signed the Bretton Woods agreement, while also creating the International Monetary Fund and established the U.S. dollar as a global reserve currency. This system meant that one troy ounce of gold will cost 35 U.S. dollars, and that the U.S. will exchange notes on this course the Federal Reserve to other countries, Read more [...]
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Common European money

The first plan is the introduction of the single European currency was proposed in the 1970 Agreement at Bretton Woods, prevented the creation of the European Monetary System. In 1979 came a standard unit for International Settlements - ECU (European Currency Unit) It was not a bill, and the unit to which all currencies were tied for International Settlements ... Introduced this item European Monetary Cooperation Fund. Coming as long as no one is allowed: not over "post-war" time. But before she staggered "postwar" system, and in 1987 proposed, in April 1989, became a widely Read more [...]
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Colonialism is dead. — Long live colonialism!

Take a map of Africa of the 1940s or the 1950s. All of it was divided between the colonial empires of Britain, France and Belgium. Only four countries - independent: Union of South Africa, Egypt, Ethiopia, Liberia. Then these empires of European countries disappeared. In one 1960 became free 17 African countries. Thus disappeared territorial empire. But then he began to form another type of empire: financial. Money is the new states were not readily convertible. All of them were tied to the currency of the country - the former owner of the colonial empire. The most important currency zones Read more [...]
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The first blow to the Bretton Woods

Statute of the International Monetary Fund changed twice: in 1968-1969. was introduced the first series of amendments. This time Europe groaned, but said nothing. In 1976-1978. was the second series of amendments. The old Bretton Woods monetary system replaced by a new Jamaican currency system[76]. Europeans Jamaican system did not like, and they began to create their own convertible currency. Europe already in 1973 established the European Monetary Cooperation Fund (EFVS) - in the framework of the European Monetary System. And from 13 March 1979 launched the European Monetary system in the Read more [...]
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About convertible currency

Americans from the outset ruled through money. Giving or not giving money, they ran and expensive allies, and the world. Here, of course, needs to be clarified - what kind of money do you mean? Money can be very different. Cowrie shells in New Guinea and the cows off the African Masai - also money. For most modern people, money - these papers. In China, paper money known to XIII or XIV. They found the IP Kozlov in a dead city Hara & #8209, Hohhot in the Gobi Desert. China to XVIII-XIX centuries. the money - a common occurrence. They even wrote "provided with all stocks of rice and Read more [...]
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International Monetary Fund

International currency Fund (IMF) was created by the International Monetary & #8209, Financial Conference at Bretton Woods (USA) in 1944 and became operational in March 1947 Board of the IMF in Washington, and his office - in Paris. The board consists of five main departments: for Africa, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Western Hemisphere. IMF official purposes are: to promote the development of international trade and monetary cooperation, the elimination of foreign exchange restrictions. At Bretton Woods, it was agreed that all the world currency peg to the dollar, the price of the Read more [...]
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World currency as a basket of goods

What would be the original or local, regional and national money in the future, definitely need some common money. Bernard Lietar put forward the idea of the world reference currency, and gave it the name Terra. In his book he wrote that Terry should not be tied to any state, and its main purpose will be to ensure the stable and secure international contracts and trade. We told him that at the time not so long ago such a goal served as the "transferable ruble" as used in the calculations between the countries - members of the CMEA: bank, interest-free, are equally beneficial to all Read more [...]
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How to introduce its own currency

Now we briefly describe how to introduce an additional currency in small communities (and this experience will be useful after Armageddon), and in the next chapter - how to enter the currency in large regions. The most difficult thing in the creation of a new currency - it is not to come up with it. The hardest thing - to make sure that it is accepted and began to use it. The "normal" national currencies have a history, they are used to, not to mention the fact that it is "legal means of payment for the payment of debts, public or private." If you have the money to someone, Read more [...]
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Unstable money

There has recently been new social trends, in fact reviving we mentioned earlier "gift economy." If services are to each other (gifts) are becoming common, we need something to fix the acts of donation: there are interest-free medium of exchange, in which can be anything. The highlight of that society is money, not the economy. They are equally accessible to all, and most importantly, available to mothers with children and the elderly. It turns out that children and the elderly society needs! That kindness, peace, mutual respect, stable relationship is more important than profit. The Read more [...]
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The order of movement through the border of some products. Rules for import and export of currency

Import to the Russian Federation and export from the Russian Federation, the goods and means of transport may be banned on the grounds of: - national security; - protection of public order; - morals; - life and health; - protection of animals and plants; - environmental protection; - of artistic, historical and archaeological heritage of the people of the Russian Federation and foreign countries; - protection of property rights, including intellectual property; - protect the interests of Russian consumers of imported goods; - based on other interests of the Russian Federation, according to the Read more [...]
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Recommendations for tourists traveling from the Russian Federation

Thus, the direction is, the country too, the tour has been paid, furnished all the documents collected bags and you're ready to go. Before you slam the door, be sure to check again that all things that need to take to the road, but the most important thing - the presence of the passports of all participants travel, tickets, vouchers for accommodation, insurance policies, birth certificates of children , notarized permission to leave children from their parents or guardians, as appropriate, a driving license of international standard, if you are planning to hire a car. Under existing rules Read more [...]
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Bells ring on the dollar

Empire dominated the world economy and more thanks to lie than force. At the end of World War II, she had the privilege to print hard currency, it monopolized the nuclear weapons possessed almost all the gold in the world and was the only manufacturer of a large scale industrial equipment, consumer goods, food and services to the global level. But she was a limit to the printing of paper money: a guarantee in the form of gold, at a fixed price of $ 35 per troy ounce. This lasted for more than 25 years, until August 15, 1971 by order of the United States Richard Nixon unilaterally canceled an Read more [...]
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Worst case

Today I read that the U.S. Federal Reserve opened a new line of credit to central banks of Mexico, Brazil, South Korea and Singapore. In the same statement says that it provided similar loans to central banks of Australia, Canada, Denmark, Great Britain, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland and the European Central Bank. Under these agreements, it provides central banks dollars in exchange for foreign currency reserves of the countries that have suffered significant losses due to the financial and commercial crisis. Thus, the increasing economic power of the U.S. currency - a privilege granted at Read more [...]
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