At Domodedovo stopped the export of falcon eggs worth about 25 million rubles

Customs officers of the Moscow Domodedovo airport detained a citizen of Bulgaria, in a bag that were found during the inspection of 25 eggs «Red» the birds, the Federal Customs Service (FCS).«When carrying out customs controls at the «green» hallway international departure hall of Domodedovo airport July 8 at night was stopped by 54-year-old Bulgarian citizen, who flew from Moscow to Malta», - Said the press service of the Federal Customs Service.«During the customs inspection in his bag were found cardboard containers in which eggs are brown spotted in Read more [...]
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CALENDAR OF AGRICULTURAL W. preserve traditional obscherus. basis. It fixed term early. and end with a / c works, allocated days of mandatory religious rituals. A big role in KA played winter and summer solstice, vernal and autumnal equinox. The four moments of the sun, the times all DOS. Cycles Cross. customs and celebrations. The most important holidays are Christmas (December 25.), Epiphany (January 6th.), Mardi Gras (last week before Lent), the Annunciation (March 25), Easter Radunitsa (Tuesday at St. Thomas week), Yegor day (April 23. ), Nicholas Day (May 9), Trinity (late May-June), St. Read more [...]
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The O District

    Photograph: Exposure Courtesy NixonBamboozle Jerk Customs BrewageCustoms Brewage Heller SCDevil SCBrass ImplantedAnti-fog coatings, UV-radiation tribute, hypoallergenic fizz: None of it agency diddley if your helmet is pull your goggles off your expression. SCOTT's new Looker Gawp?which has all that asset orbicular lenses?attaches the welt with a curtail organisation that keeps everything snuggery against your cutis, eventide with the bulkiest of helmets. $78; scottusa.comTicking TOPThe adjacent meter you motivation to checkout the hr on the slopes, pressure the clitoris on Read more [...]
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A deadly threat: from China to Russia is swine flu

In Primorye, on the border with China, introduced enhanced control measures. Sanitary doctors measure temperature tourists and conduct initial inspection. The fact is that in the neighboring country registered mass outbreak of a dangerous virus H1N1. From the so-called "swine flu" has killed two people.On the border with China tour measure temperature. At checkpoints in Primorye health officers were watching the terrible virus H1N1, which registered an outbreak in neighboring China. According to official information, in four provinces of China recorded a sharp increase in infections, Read more [...]
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Clinton: U.S. will not allow reconstruction of the USSR under the new name — The Customs Union and the Eurasian Union

U.S. authorities intend to prevent the creation of a new version of the Soviet Union under the guise of economic integration, the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Clinton noted that the new USSR could be created under new names - "The Customs Union and the Eurasian Union." U.S. Secretary of State said that the Russian government supports the plan to deepen economic ties with its neighbors."Let's not make mistakes. We know that is the goal, and we will try to find an effective way to slow or prevent this process," - said Clinton, reports Financial Times.Hillary Clinton Read more [...]
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Customs Declaration - a written or oral statement by the tourists to the customs authorities at the border, where the information carried by tourists on things and objects* (71). All the goods through the customs border of the Russian Federation shall be subject to customs clearance and customs control. Customs declaration is filled by each person under 16 years of age. Items of a minor under the age of sixteen years shall be declared by a parent, adoptive parent, guardian, or trustee, accompanied him, and when organized exit (entrance) and back entrance (exit) of minors without their parents, Read more [...]
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Why not take

Take only, without which can not do without. Leave the house unnecessary credit cards , badges, letters and other papers, where there is your home address. Avoid cards with the words "Secret Agent" and "Secret Service." Abroad, you may need an explanation. Leave expensive jewelry deposited in the bank or keep it at home. Even a simple jewelery can draw unwanted attention. Military uniforms, even the military books, notebooks or flashlights can lead to trouble. Do not take a political or pornographic literature. Misinform the literature on country, its political system and Read more [...]
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