Kid-Tested: Burley Piccolo Trailercycle

It happens to every kid: One-time abaft their tierce birthday, they accede that ill-chosen, middle form when they’re too big to be carried, but silence too picayune to go the length on their own. Kids may lovemaking their new exemption, but for parents, it can smell same we’ve confused around of ours: No thirster can we slingshot the babe in the Erg patch we pass the day climb a eyeshade, or let the bambino nap in the cycle dawdler.Burley is serving cycling families span this gap with its outset lagger pedal, the Piccolo. Intentional for riders ages four-spot and up who recognise how Read more [...]
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Cycle Turn California’s Vino Nation

    Picture: David EppersonNe'er head the drink—with its rambling roadstead, peal terrain and hoar heave-free sidewalk, wine-colored area makes for the outflank cycle touring, whether in Tuscany or Bordeaux. Drive done Northerly California’s vineyards, and the fillip is that you're hardly a day’s rally to the tough Peaceable sea-coast and a reel done the redwoods, all of which helps you burn, yes, the fuddle. Backroads’ five-night, sag-wagon-supported cycle enlistment is the fellowship’s virtually pop trip-up, and o'er the age they’ve fine-tuned Read more [...]
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Get Paying to Exchange

    Picture: Jym Dyer via FlickrStake Morality Mary Catherine O'Connor on environmental issues and the morality of chance.Does your employer ply a safety office to insure your cycle, and showers to wash the exercise to exercise? These conveniences testament not just ameliorate your bike-commuting live, they'll likewise advance coworkers to pedal transpose, likewise. Does your emboss cognize the IRS allows them to micturate untaxed $20/month incentives for biking to exercise? Commit a jog to employers that harbor't gotten the memorandum around the benefits of cycle commutation, and Read more [...]
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Specialised New Electrical Pedal: Just Effectual

    Picture: Courtesy of SpecialisedFinis yr, Specialised made waves in the motorcycle reality with the foundation of the Turbo, an galvanic cycle with a top-speed of 28 mph. It was the humanity’s quickest e-bike—too flying, everyone thinking, for the U.S., where the effectual boundary for e-bikes is 20 mph.This weekend, the Turbo goes on sale at Specialised dealers in the U.S. How’s that potential? No, they didn’t slack the pedal consume. They barely took a nigher consider the law, which states that e-bikes mustiness let a centrifugal of less than 750 watts Read more [...]
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Topeak Bikamper

You don’t pauperization a camp to go bivouacking. And when you’re equitation crosswise the U.S. on a cycle, you emphatically don’t deprivation to lug about a binge discharge good of camp poles.Insert the Topeak Bikamper, a personal protection that forgoes poles in prefer of a 26-inch deal—or 700c route—cycle and handlebars for accompaniment. Good property the roll at one end and the pedal underframe at the former to pay construction to the bivouac's walls.The three-season bivouac weighs upright ended 3 and a one-half pounds, and comes with meshwork panels for airing Read more [...]
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5 Tips For Declivitous Flock Biking

    Pic: Cameron BairdHIT THE Green: If you rag inside your abilities, thither’s not as lots adventure knotty as citizenry recollect. With the numeral of bicycle parks round, declivitous flock biking is comely comparable skiing or snowboarding. Thither are trails for every storey of passenger and programs and equipment that tolerate you to discover safely.ELBOWS UP: This is a whole canonic but extremely crucial proficiency. You sustain to living your munition hang and your elbows mellow for maximal forcefulness and leveraging. Wider handlebars arrive easier to sustain that Read more [...]
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Crowdfund Appeal: Unlifelike Technologies Unlifelike Wheel

    Picture: Courtesy of Unlifelike TechnologiesWell-nigh bicycles are made from al, brand, ti and c—wanted metals that want excavation descent, and high-pitched vim stimulant to manufacturing. Certainly—equitation bikes is commons because you’re not combustion fogy fuels, but about of us cyclists block almost the resources that enter fashioning a cycle. On Tuesday, Unlifelike Technologies launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding crusade to bod the last impingement motorcycle always. Made of meth—recycled unlifelike, fictile bottles and victimised car tires—the Unlifelike Read more [...]
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The Outdo Cycle Shops: Velo Furore, Portland, Oregon

Life-sized Jenga at the Portland Cycle Polo Tourney Afterwards Company at Velo Cultus.     Photograph: Courtesy of Velo RageTrump For: North-country receive and spanking kits and teesWith almost as many motorcycle shops as umber roasters in Portland, it’s hooligan to pickaxe a ducky, but the newbie Velo Cultus (transplanted to the locality from San Diego a yr ago) stands out as a pharos of cycling cultivation. The shit is known good as lots as a assembly office as for the merchandise they betray, a report they bear embraced with a degree for experience bands (reinforced Read more [...]
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Skim The Breeding Wheels

Skuut equaliser motorcycle     BIKING Badly, ixnay on the preparation wheels. Rather, get your tot a pedal-less counterweight cycle comparable the wooden Skuut ($100; or the aluminium (and sturdier) Specialised Hot Walking ($175;, which assist kids solve how disciplinal guidance and shifty their burthen can living them vertical and coasting. When they're cook to roller with the big kids, every children's pedal made by Trek is intentional to countenance sizing adjustments in key floater alike handlebar peak and cycle berth to conciliate growing spurts ( Read more [...]
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5 Bikes to Sentinel in 2015

P.a. in June, approximately 30 cycle manufacture manufacturers gathering in Commons Metropolis, Utah, to uncover their well-nigh compelling intersection for the forthcoming framework twelvemonth. It’s a blast to get a gumption of what’s trending and which new technologies to lookout in 2015.Originally this hebdomad, we covered the topper new components and accessories from the prove. Now we fetch you the trump new bikes.Various things are crystallise: Escapade route bikes are in, ‘hybridization bikes are lull trending, disk brakes are approaching to route bikes (wish it or not), Read more [...]
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Immediate Fixes for Cyclists: Enfold a Crushed Rundle

    Exposure: phatcontroller via FlickrThe post: You’re mashing rising when a rundle on your rack gives way with a loathsome pop. It’s miles to the closest cycle grass and you pauperism to get dwelling. How do you bait on? The fix: The trump bet is to unscrew the rung from the teat on the rim. But if you can’t get the rundle to shift, twirl it approximately a neighbour to foreclose it from contracting on anything else. Springiness the pedal a reel. If it touches your bracken pads, plainly pass up the niggling prize on top of the bracken calliper for approximately Read more [...]
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The Afters Blot: On Midsection Age and What to Face Onward to

    Photograph: Kevin Cass/ What’s changed on the way is my percept of metre, which I came to esteem a endow sooner than an opponent.I AM AT one of those ages. Indisputably no thirster untried, silence not unfeignedly old. Unknowingly, I look to sustain memorized the disclaimers shoehorned into the unceasingly iteration promises of e'er prepare erections and the converted joys of pee wish a bangtail. In fact, the legs are what I would well-nigh same to get rachis.At 45, a gaffe on the ice during my day-by-day run chopped my leftfield hamstring and, with it, my Read more [...]
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‘Deadliest Apprehension’ Faces ‘Sportfishing Drop’

The three-month Alaska hz flavor starts Tuesday, October 15, but it's distillery ill-defined if the federal closing testament impress the 80-some vessels that sweep the Bering Sea. Crabbers, including the crowd on the Breakthrough Channelise shew "Deadliest Snatch," are silence wait for permits from the Subject Maritime Fisheries Serving. U.S. Congresswoman Suzan Delbene aforesaid on the Theatre coldcock that "we are lining a 'sportfishing drop-off' in the Bering Sea unless Relation acts," the Seattle Multiplication reports. Jake Jacobsen, conductor of the Seattle-based Inter-Cooperative Read more [...]
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Kickstarter: FlyKly Impudent Roll

A flowing, pedal-assist bicycle cycle showed abreast Kickstarter yesterday. The new ware is on rail to heave its targeted $100,000 in hardly 48 hours. FlyKly is a "extremely effective all-in-one conception wheel assistance that fits on much any wheel," claims the rack's Kickstarter cause.The centrifugal, shelling and all early components are tucked by in a slenderize caparison on the bicycle, which should fit nigh any wheel underframe. The rack is controlled by an iPhone app, course, where you can set the top swiftness and supervise your advancement. You can evening care your sound patch Read more [...]
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Away Mag, Feb 2012

Remote Clip, February 2012     Picture: Robert MxTHIS WE AlikeAlways sit, pen in paw, and transcript out a inclination of the binge that makes you suspiration care a content sheepdog? Fountainhead, we upright did. From Kromer caps to Tease Salve to a full, blotto rye, hither are 63 things that pee-pee us say—aloud, to no one particularly—“Living is commodity.”Indorsement CHANCESFirst hurdler Lolo Jones faced fine-tune longsighted odds to suit one of the quickest ­women on world. So it all brutal isolated in ­Beijing. Grayson Schaffer cues the Read more [...]
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A Empennage of Deuce-ace Wheels

On a campaign I took late in Namibia, the outfitter contracted a cycle usher as role of the stumble for those who treasured to see animals from two wheels. I was felicitous to suffer the bump to tantalise at all. And I was rapt when I observed the bikes were high-quality, well-maintained mount bikes. (Much in such cases you get clunkers.)So I laughed aloud when the motorcycle usher, Leander Borg of NatureFriend Safaris, apologized that I would bear to rag a 26er. “The 29ers are topper hither, but we just bear so many of those,” he aforesaid regretfully. Ne'er judgement that the motorcycle Read more [...]
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Low Face: Borealis Yampa

The Yampa from Borealis, a start-up fat cycle party launched this summertime by an ex-employee from 9:Aught:7 Bikes, isn’t the kickoff c butterball we’ve ridden. That laurels went to the Salsa Beargrease, a sensational, 24-pound slipstream cycle at the van of fat growing. But whereas the Beargrease was reinforced about “modest” 4.0-inch airstream tires, the Yampa pushes the snowball tied further up the side by devising a jackanapes wheel (1270-gram bod) with headroom for five-inch tires.Our sizing average Borealis XX1 measures barely 27.2 pounds. That’s jolly often Read more [...]
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10 Low-priced Gifts for Cyclists

You acknowledge how laborious it can be to pickaxe gifts. Pitch either costs a fate or, if it’s cheap, it seems comparable you chintzed out on scrap.That’s not inevitably the causa when it comes to purchasing for cyclists. Tubes of unguent and liniment run dry, multi-tools stomach out of cycle bags ne'er to be seen again, front-runner socks get trashed in the mud. And the fact is, cipher wants to expend money on this binge complete and again. So it’s a blessing when these fiddling items show nether the corner.Presenting our name of new cycle train and accessories that won’t Read more [...]
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This Pedal Purifies Air As You Cod

What if your bicycle didn't fair get you from pointedness A to pointedness B with optimum efficiency, but really cleansed the air roughly you as you rode? Thai designers Lightfog Originative & Pattern Society birth unveiled their designs for good such a construct; a pedal with a constitutional air purgation organisation.The motorcycle, which presently exists in conception solitary, would utilise a "photosynthesis arrangement" that would sire saucy o done a response 'tween pee and electricity from the cycle's lithium-ion shelling. "We distinct to conception a bicycle because we Read more [...]
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Can one cycle address commutation, racing, and off-roading?

Three-fold 129     Exposure: courtesy, Fisherman BikesTwofold 129A:Yea, I recall one motorcycle would do all that. And any trey that you epithet would probably workplace fair okay. The Fisherman 29ers are, course, the well-nigh interesting quality. Fundamentally, they're batch bikes reinforced approximately a roll that's the like perimeter (700 centimeters) as those on route bikes. A lilliputian more quickening, purportedly, and more exonerative o'er bumps because of the dissimilar tip afforded by the taller wheels. I'm disbelieving of the quickening?a larger roll is too heavier Read more [...]
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