Vivid Cycles

Tracer 27.5

Acute Tracer 27.5     Exposure: Inga Hendrickson

Track Orgy

It rides wish the Highboy LT, but 650B wheels pee-pee the Tracer a commodity selection for littler riders and those who wish steeper terrain. 31.3 lbs

Blade: Acute Cycles$5,200
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Metalworks Cycles

Thrasher B1

Metalworks Thrasher B1     Picture: Inga Hendrickson

Survival Fling

The graven, matte-black c skeleton gives the Thrasher a bump-silencing tantalise, and its through-axle, outsized branch accommodates vast tires and record brakes for less task on the levers. 17.9 lbs

Stain: Metalworks Cycles$5,125
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Yet Cycles

SB-95Yeti’s behind linkage, the understanding for ?its unstable rag     Photograph: Inga HendricksonOur Darling Cycle of 2013THE Trial: Cross-country racers and down-hill devotees like loved this five-inch-travel c chase maestro. Thanks to Nevertheless’s clever rear-travel organisation (the pin really reverses management midcompression for a reproducible spirit passim), it pedaled with the efficiency of a motorcycle various pounds igniter but skipped done ledges and step stairs with the simplicity of a downward-sloping rig. Add thereto a 120-millimeter Fox 34 furcate, a tapering Read more [...]
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PEOPLE'S HISTORY reflected in the folklore of all its genres, ranging from epics, ist. songs and ending with proverbs and sayings, so folklore has a value source of factual information. But keep in mind that the IN it is thin., figurative expression cum. ist. consciousness means and capabilities folklore. W. existed at the time the epic, ist. songs, ballads, reflecting the events and facts obscherus. values, but still portrayed in stories, memoraty songs bearing ist. information of a regional nature. You can call the cycles of legends about the settlement of Ur. edge, the event s-ing, the first Read more [...]
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Salsa Cycles

Mamasita     Picture: Scrape WiensA BIG-WHEELED RACERThither's sole one job with a motorcycle this beautiful: You may waver to impose the offset scar. Luckily, the belief passes. We barbarous infatuated with the Mamasita's recherche skewers and gorgeous rouge job, then our heart deepened later we banged it round the defect trails away Tucson. This hardtail 29er furled ended skull-size rocks that slowed up its smaller-wheeled brethren. And the backside c seatstays, combined with the lush rally of the bigger wheels, micturate this motorcycle improbably absolvitory for a hardtail. Scarce Read more [...]
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Pin Cycles

Mach 4     Exposure: Ryan HeffernanCROSS-COUNTRY DisclosureThe Mach 4 is the offset cross-country offer from MTB-design fable Chris Cocalis's new launched Swivel blade. It's reinforced round the like dw-link chopine as the Appurtenance of the Yr–taking Ibis but tuned 96 firmer to hitch dynamic spell eliminating energy-sapping treadle bob. The cycle blessed up climbs and carven clean, effective turns. The lonesome hiccough was Shimano's new low-profile XTR Trace bum derailleur. We had two go on us. Follow the accompany's striking old XTR derailleurs until they get the Phantom Read more [...]
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Even Cycles

ASR C     Picture: Shana NovakFrom a humanity title–victorious raceway bicycle to a subversive all-mountain submarine, piles of bikes took our misuse for months on trails everyplace the South-west. Our verdict: Dangling engineering is doing things we couldn't sustain imagined 5 days ago, and c roughage is ever-changing our expectations of what bikes should librate and how they should flavor. The Still ASR C exemplifies all of this, but we gave it Pitch of the Yr because, though it's not chinchy, you'd let to drop lots more to obtain its equate.Nonetheless Cycles ASR C1. Read more [...]
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Salsa Cycles

SpearfishSalsa Spearfish Wheel     Photograph: Courtesy of Salsa CyclesTHE Trade: A big-wheeled racer made for heroic rides. THE Essay: The Spearfish's empyrean mix of no-nonsense pattern, electroneutral treatment, and train ease was perfective for farseeing years in the charge. "This cycle disappears below you," one quizzer aforesaid. The sculptured aluminium anatomy and bare single-pivot abeyance eliminated cycle bob, and the big wheels gave a lots sander tantalise than the tercet inches of bum move intimate. Salsa sagely splurged on stiff but twinkle Stan's Implike rims Read more [...]
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Yet Cycles

575 EnduroYet 575 Enduro     Picture: Craig YieldTHE Deal: A inflexible all-mountain steed. THE Examination:  Though the 575 is a treasured six-inch understudy in the Nevertheless pipeline, its lightness on the lumpiest terrain calm surprised us. Cite the through-axle Fox FIT 32 furcate—which many intellection was too runty until they rode it—and the new narrowing headtube. On the absorb drops in the boulders northward of Tucson's Catalina Commonwealth Commons, the new stiffened behind, which couple a lumpy chainstay innovation to a revamped swivel backing, matte Read more [...]
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Ahearne Cycles

Cps MotortruckAhearne Oscillation Motortruck     Pic: Jim GiltAssume one of these cunning bikes and you may good finish merchandising your car. The key to this heavy-duty chromoly haulier is its frame-integrated forepart torment; preferably than attaching to the branching, its twofold supports protract backbone to the buns pipe for convinced treatment with vast, differently indefensible payloads. It comes in deuce-ace sizes, and you can configure it nevertheless you same for a customs habitus. TAGS: payload, workhorseMake: Ahearne Cycles$2,750 Read more [...]
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Cielo Cycles

Sportif by Chris TycoonCielo Sportif By Chris Mogul     Exposure: Courtesy of Cielo CyclesTHE Deal: The Cadillac of route bikes: tranquil, collected, and posh. THE Examination: Custom by the famed wheel constructor himself, this sword cruiser nixed route yak and took the hustle out of potholes but distillery mat surefooted and sprightly. The particularization hither is arresting, with inscribed dropouts and machined headtube collars. "Luxuria, thirst, crave," wrote one examiner. But this is no old-timer. The geometry is reasonable and unchanging, and the Chris Mogul hubs Read more [...]
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Climate records\» predict long drought for the Pacific Northwest

February 25, 2011. The researchers, led by members of the University of Pittsburgh extracted sediment cores from the lake bottom castor (Castor Lake) North of downtown Washington, which has a \"write\" state of the climate over the last 6000 years in this region. They found suggests that the usual humidity in the American Pacific Northwest will not be the same as in the 20th century, and most likely dry seasons longer. Sediment cores allowed the researchers to see periods of drought in the region about 4,000 years B.C. They found that wet and dry periods in the last Millennium has increased.This Read more [...]
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Fisher Captures Secret Wight

What fashion of detestation hath the sea shaped?This was equitable one of many thoughts that were probably rocketing done New Zealand fisher Stewart Fraser's nous when he pulled a eccentric, semitransparent, shrimp-like tool from the h2o.Fraser was sportfishing with his sons 43 miles from New Zealand's Karikari Peninsula when he saw the jellylike alienate configuration. "I was in two minds whether to cart it in, but peculiarity got the ameliorate of me, and I distinct to issue a nigher face," Fraser told Send On-line. "It matte lepidote and was rather strong, nearly jellify alike, Read more [...]
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Presented entirely new propulsion for exploding robots

Controlled explosions at the feet of "soft robot" of silicone make him jump thirty times higher than its own growth. Scientists led by the eminent George Whitesides (George Whitesides, leading Hirsch index of living chemists) of Harvard University (USA) have created a three-legged ... device (otherwise you could not tell), moved by something like a jet propulsion engine. In soft robot legs there are channels (one per course) with a soft flap on the end. Each of the channels is pumped methane-oxygen mixture (1:2). The inlet gas mixture and ignition timing is controlled by microcomputer Read more [...]
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British forecasters: Earth not be a sudden warming

01/08/2013 UK Met Office predicts that the climate in the next four years will change more slowly than anticipated before. According to the latest forecast of the British weather forecasters, the global temperature will continue to rise, but the change will take place at 22% slower than predicted earlier.Researchers say that because of natural cycles of global warming will slow down. This also applies to possible changes in the Sun and in the movement of ocean currents.But scientists warn that when the cycles will end, the temperature will rise again because of the abundance of greenhouse Read more [...]
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Touring Asia by wheel

Workweek of July 16-22, 1998Evasion lightning in the mountains and canyonsOff-roading in S Dakota’s Melanise HillsNavigating Nova Scotia Touring Asia by bicycleTouring Asia by pedalInquiry: I’ll be workings in Seoul, Southward Korea for leastways two age and was speculative some approximately of your testimonial for a enceinte cycling slip/turn in Korea or in the conterminous countries.Eunjee KimSeoul, S KoreaChance Consultant: It seems that Read more [...]
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Hiniofon (Chiniofonum, Synonym: yatren, Iochmolum; List B) - protivoamebnoe agent. Apply with amoebic dysentery, ulcerative colitis. Assign hiniofon inside 0.5 g 3 times a day cycles of 8-10 days, and enemas of 200 ml 2.1% solution. Higher doses: single - 1 g daily - 3 PM hiniofon Method of issuance: powder and pills to 0.5 g Save the banks of orange glass in a dark place. Hiniofon (Chiniofonum, Synonym yatren, list B) - a mixture of 7-iodo-8-hydroxy-5-hipolin-sulfonic acid with sodium hydrogen (3: 1). Contains 25-26% of iodine. Apply an antiseptic solution to 0.5-3% and 10% powder. When Read more [...]
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Physiological cycles of dreams-2

Almost all reported this sick dreams were built on Two Cycle type. Releasing factor, the patient was interoceptive stimuli from the bladder. Very demonstrative dreams in cases with symptoms of pathological inertia obsession. For example, the patient P., age 30, from an artistic talent, to day long, diverse compulsive ritual before going to sleep, waking up followed by a very long dream. They were detected divided by the period of the functions of the cortical signal systems. In connection with the pathological inertia prevails here, "three-cycle" and "high-cycle" type of Read more [...]
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Physiological cycles of dreams-1

The curves reflect the undulating nature of the movement sleep inhibition in the process of awakening. Naturally, these schemes are valid in cases of incomplete awakening when the night is disinhibition of deep sleep phase. This may also occur on the dreams of two-, three-, and high-cycle type, with the difference, what happens if a secondary immersion in a deep sleep without dreams. The latter case can be presented in a scheme (Figure 25). Neural mechanism described cycles of dreams is undulation of sleep inhibition at the cortical and subcortical signal system. Fig. 25. Scheme cycles dreams Read more [...]
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The reasons for the frequency of sleep biological clock

As we have seen, for the natural sleep of animals and humans is characterized by periodicity, although the duration of these periods can be very different. What is the reason this periodicity? For seasonal hibernation of animals we have concluded that her periods are due to adverse seasonal conditions. Well, dream man? Why in the world most people sleep at night and stay awake during the day? Is it possible to alter the rhythm and how it is durable? Only a day and night (Ie, light and dark) define the rhythm of sleep and as is the case, for example, the polar night? All these questions are Read more [...]
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