Snowfalls in Russia and the United States

At the same time there were heavy snowfalls in Russia, Vladivostok and the United States, Michigan and Texas. In Primorye, heavy snow cyclone moved further north. On his way caught Khabarovsk, Sakhalin and the Kuriles. Vladivostok was the biggest snowfall in 12 years On Saturday and Sunday (December 6-7) at night in Vladivostok fell more than two months of rainfall, heavy snowfall in the southern Primorye brought cyclone of the Yellow Sea. It is the largest snowfall in the past 12 years, forecasters said. In the United States a strong snow storm covered the states of Michigan and Texas Read more [...]
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Vladivostok is coming strong tropical cyclone

July 16, 2013. Typhoon Soulik, raged in the past two days in Taiwan and south-east coast of China, is coming to Vladivostok. On the way to us, he weakened and became a tropical cyclone, but will bring in Primorye heavy rain and wind. As REGNUM in the United duty dispatching service and the management of the Civil Defense and Emergency Administration of Vladivostok, July 16 in Vladivostok expected heavy rain. He will start the morning with a gradual increase in the evening and in the night of July 17. Precipitation is predicted to 45 mm in 12 hours or less, which may exceed the rate fortnightly. Read more [...]
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United States in the grip of a blizzard

As reported by BBC Radio and Television on Saturday, the most powerful winter storms raged on Thursday evening and Friday - the day of Christmas, in some areas, the thickness of the snow reached 60 centimeters. In South Dakota, Texas and Oklahoma due to a series of accidents closed some highways. Thousands of people in Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Illinois were without electricity. According to the Associated Press, warning of a blizzard effect in Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas and Wisconsin. The cyclone caused havoc on the roads and the cancellation Read more [...]
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Circulating climate factors KhMAO

As noted above, the dominant in the temperate latitudes of the northern hemisphere Western transport is one of the most important factors in the formation of climate KhMAO along with the influence of the continent. The combination of these factors, as well as the influence of topography give the atmospheric circulation over KhMAO some peculiar features that are not typical of more western and more eastern parts of Russia, and lead, in particular, to a large variability of the weather. Under the influence of the Ural mountains change their direction and enhanced cold surround invasion, and under Read more [...]
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Tropical cyclone «Rene» hit the Cook Islands

Tropical cyclone "Rene" hit located in the South Pacific Cook Islands. He is already assigned to a third category of risk. As the Minister of Foreign Affairs Murray McCully, New Zealand, the brunt of the elements came to the island of Aitutaki. According to preliminary data, about 60 percent of the buildings on the island destroyed, knocked down trees, damaged communication. "The Cook Islands have a good warning system of impending disaster, so locals and tourists have enough time to leave their homes and seek refuge in special centers," - said the Minister. "The New Zealand Government plans to Read more [...]
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Siberian temperature drops

Cyclone passed through the Siberian region, in addition to snow and gale force winds, brought a significant increase in temperature. On Thursday afternoon in the southern regions of both Western and Eastern Siberia, the air temperature reached -1 ... -6 °, and in the southern part of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the thermometer rose to as much as two degrees, and it's in the middle of February. Altai and all breathed in the spring, in the Gorno-Altaisk and Kyzyl-Ozeki temperature rose to + 7 °. As a result, the average temperature for February 18, were at 8-12 ° above the typical values ​​for Read more [...]
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Climate: Why in the Arctic is warmer than in Sochi?

The maximum temperature on 22 July. Surface height H500 hPa contour surface configuration can be seen as a distributed wave in the middle troposphere July 23, 2013. Not for the first day in the north and north-east of the EPR, in northern Siberia (even in the Polar regions) held unprecedented heat! Daytime temperature rises to 30 ... 34 °. Vorkuta, Salekhard, Dixon, Norilsk, Arkhangelsk and many other weather station - fix the maximum temperature records. Meanwhile in Sochi and Krasnodar only 27 °. And the residents of the Center of European Russia, which are entitled to 23 ... 24 ° in the Read more [...]
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Cyclone in Primorye beat 13-year-old record

July 24, 2013. All online services Primorye are on high alert. On the region hit a new cyclone. In southern edge downpour continues with few interruptions for more than 12 hours. Rain accompanied by gale-force winds. Go on holiday to the coast residents is not recommended. Flooded several streets in Vladivostok. Source: Conduct  Flooding caused by cyclone podtopilo in Primorye and Yakutia dozens of homesJuly 25, 2013. After Primorye to hit a powerful cyclone, bringing with him the heavy rains in the village were flooded Ternei 30 farmsteads. Water at the confluence of Fork and Read more [...]
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On Primorsky Krai struck a powerful snow cyclone

A powerful cyclone hit tonight on Primorsky Krai. In Vladivostok, Nakhodka and other cities marked precipitation — snow and rain. However, the temperature is kept at about zero degrees, glaze observed phenomenon. Temporarily halted the movement of coaches on the route Vladivostok-Nakhodka, where two mountain passes, other vehicles on this road goes.

According to the maritime weather forecasters, the weather will last two days, March 16 expected cooling to -8 … -10 °.

Source: Conduct

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Severe cyclone in Vladivostok

To Primorye got a strong cyclone. Gusts. Snow and rain. View - strong waves. The temperature jumped to plus three degrees. However, at night, it is expected to fall sharply - down to minus seven, and will snow. Given how strong the wind, forecasters say to expect a snowstorm. According to their forecasts, it will be the next two days. Meanwhile in Vladivostok prepared for the cyclone - the streets brought about a hundred snow plows, but motorists are advised to refrain from traveling. Source: Conduct Previous Related News · In Primorsky Krai struck a powerful snow cyclone Read more [...]
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Strongest hail storm in Australia. Video

Flew to Australia storm. Most went to the seaside town of Perth. The roads are turned into a river. The houses - water. And in addition, all covered with hail. Ice balls the size of an egg povybivali glass in cars, beat the roof. But the Australians did not panic - giant hailstones hide in refrigerators - in memory of the storm. The truth at several tens of thousands of residents of Perth - refrigerators do not work because of bad weather, the people were left without power. At the local airport - collapsed roof. Authorities considered the vagaries of weather, they cost the country $ 100 million.Source: Read more [...]
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Bad weather in Western Europe and in the south of European Russia

Europe Another Atlantic cyclone hit the country in Western Europe. In Norway, the wind increased to 24 m / s, in Ireland to 23 m / s, in the UK up to 26 m / s. Received good rains. Their number is in Ireland for the night was 39 mm, 33 mm in the UK. Bad weather is associated with cyclones that approached from the mid-Atlantic to England. During the day, the cyclone deepened to 20 MB; Now the pressure at its center is 975 mb. Dell cyclone spread far to the west, so there was an increase in wind and in Germany to 19 m / s, in France, up to 24 m / s, in the Czech Republic up to 22 m / s, in Austria Read more [...]
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Powerful Indian cyclone confined hundreds of dead

As a result, a powerful cyclone in the northern Indian state of West Bengal on Wednesday night killed 31 people, according to Associatep Press. Gusts of wind in the Northern District Dinazhpur destroyed several villages, and felled trees, which are found under the rubble of 31 bodies. In just the last night as a result of the cyclone had destroyed more than 50 thousand huts locals. — At least 116 people died as a result of a strong tropical cyclone that struck the Indian state of West Bengal and Bangladesh. According to local police, the cyclone ravaged 500 kilometers north-east of the Read more [...]
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HOW to Find out WEATHER WIND: signs of bad weather.

Wind blowing all day and growing with the coming of night, indicates the approach of a cyclone.If the wind changes direction clockwise ("behind the sun") this means that the cyclone captures the observation site own right (usually southern) side. The right side of the cycle is usually filled with warm air. The weather here is unbalanced (the pressure can also jumping), but, generally, no significant precipitations with weak or moderate South-westerly winds. In the winter it predicts low layered cloudiness in spring and autumn mists, in the summer sky and often remains quite bright. The threat of Read more [...]
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In Perm, heat and cooling

Heat to 25° at the end of last week was a real weather anomaly for the Perm region. Air temperature above normal third week of April 10-15°, April 23 sites along the central and southern regions of the edge has reached 20°, exceeding 1-2° even the rate of July! It is reported portal Natural hazards of Perm Krai. Record warming was caused by the fact that the Perm Territory was in the warm sector of a deep cyclone: ​​the Urals began to flow very warm air from the Lower Volga region. Played into our hands and the lack of snow from a cloudless sky. As a result, even in the north of the Read more [...]
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Emergency situation in Brazil because of the cyclone

State of emergency (Emergency) declared in 38 cities in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, in the south of the country. The reason was the recent past a powerful cyclone. This was reported on Wednesday the local civil defense service.Earlier it was reported only on the five affected communities. According to rescue services, as a result of flooding of houses 7500 people homeless, seen shortages of energy and fresh water supply. In all areas under reconstruction. According to updated information from the disaster affected 64 settlements. As a result of landslides and flooding caused Read more [...]
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Floods and storms in India: dozens dead

Floods and hurricanes that occurred in the Indian states of Utter Pradesh and Bihar in the north, claimed the lives of 43 people, more than 70 wounded, RBC reports referring to the Associated Press. Element caused by torrential rains the day before. Destroyed many houses, some trees uprooted. Furthermore, the power line is damaged. Flooding led to the death of the crop.According to Indian meteorologists, storms and downpours occur regularly in the country on the eve of the annual monsoon season, which begins June. Recall that in mid-April, a strong tropical cyclone that hit the Indian state Read more [...]
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Cyclone Phet in Oman

The number of victims of a tropical cyclone Phet, seized the eastern coast of the Sultanate of Oman in the last three days of this week, up to 17, said on Sunday the UAE newspaper «The National». Referring to the representatives of the civil defense, medical workers and witnesses, the publication indicates that the victims of the cyclone died primarily as a result of floods, collapsing homes and electric shock. The final results of the tragedy weather, the newspaper said, has not yet announced. Several people are reported missing. In hospitals, there are more than 50 wounded. «The Read more [...]
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Tropical storm «Dorian»

August 3, 2013. Last week, the American forecasters noted a decrease in the activity of a tropical system, "Dorian" with the level of a tropical storm to a less dangerous tropical wave. Now, however, the cyclone re-gaining strength, going to the east coast of Florida. This weekend in the Bahamas and the coast of Florida are expected heavy rains with thunderstorms and gusty winds. Although forecasters say that the cyclone is unlikely to again reach the level of a tropical storm, residents of coastal cities, including fishermen and owners of cruise ships, warned of possible floods. "Dorian" has Read more [...]
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In the Caribbean Sea formed cyclone

Photo: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Tropical cyclone, the first in the current Atlantic hurricane season, formed on Friday in the western Caribbean Sea. According to experts, its epicenter is located 555 km to the southeast of the Mexican city of Chetumal. The cyclone is moving in a westerly direction, wind speed reaches 55 km / h. Scientists believe that the cyclone may gain momentum and should reach the territory of the Yucatan Peninsula on Saturday in the afternoon. Mexican authorities have declared a storm warning along the east coast of the peninsula. If a cyclone storm Read more [...]
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