Holiday Frantisek Horela

Among the participants appeared kurzhaar German, Czech fouseki, Weimaraner, two pointer, English Setter and GordonPhoto: Anton Borisenko The idea is not known to It appears out of nowhere. Her preceded by various thoughts, plans, experiences,… That's our thoughts, supported by heated debates about advantages and our shortcomings and «their» dogs inevitably come down to the need to see with your own eyes.So, a year ago, we are going to go on the most representative and monobreed prestigious competitions in Germany — Read more [...]
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Sugars Konstantin V.

Sugars Konstantin V. (1881?), In Russian. military leader, General al-Lieutenant (1919). Of the officer's family. He graduated from the Acad. General Staff (1908). Outcast. first world. War regiment., participation. Kornilov revolt in August. After October 1917. roar. arrested. In Sept. 1918 passed the line Eastern. fr., arrived in Ufa, and from there went to Omsk. Was at the headquarters of the gene la A.Noksa, then went to Vladivostok hands. training. Since Apr. 1919-L gene for orders under Kolchak, gene-l-Major. Since May, the beginning. Staff from June com. Zap. (3rd) arm. Gene-l-Lieutenant. Read more [...]
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With the Czechs fraternized a long time ago

     Exactly 85 years ago, during the initial period of the Civil War, our city was an important strategic base, covering the path to Perm. The main striking force in "orders" Bolsheviks was, as is well known, White Czech housing formed of former prisoners of war (the Czechs in World War I fought for Germany). But Czech "housing" fought on the side of the Reds. And those were many, including in our hometown. How did they get here? What did you do? Why in 1918 found themselves on opposite sides of the fence? About this question.     The fact Read more [...]
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As the friendship grew stronger

    How were born sister relations with the Czech town of Cheb and what role in strengthening them played "Taghilsky working".     At first there was just sharing delegations: acquainted, stared each to a friend, looking for partners for useful industrial contacts and purely human relationship. Each delegation from Heba turned around hot reporter Springtime. Turning into a shadow of guests, followed them everywhere, managing to pass between meetings operational information in the next issue "Tagil working"And late evenings - write detailed reports.     Read more [...]
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The Czech Republic is dominated by tropical heat

July 28, 2013. This tropical heat had to go through the night on Sunday, residents of the Czech Republic. As ITAR-TASS, in most areas of Prague temperature exceeded 20 degrees, that, according to the norms of meteorologists, is the boundary of «tropical night». For the Czech Republic is a very rare phenomenon. Meteorologists record such high night temperatures no more frequently than once every five years, usually in July and August. On the eve of the day in central Bohemia air temperature ranged from 37 degrees. Sweltering people bathing in the fountains and on the streets doused Read more [...]
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Their name is legion!

    "Here before land rose on its hind legs, and now Granite Plate". (Vladimir Vysotsky) Read more [...]
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Record warm weather in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic in recent days established unusually warm weather, on Thursday in 20 cities across the country was recorded record high temperatures - more than 20 ° C, according to the Czech Weather Service. In particular, in Prague, the thermometer rose to 21 ° (maximum temperature was noted here in 1974 - + 19,3 ° C), which has pleased many tourists in the Czech capital. In the south of the Czech Republic in Husince Thursday afternoon was 20,6 ° of heat (in 1955 19,5 °). It was very warm in Moravia and Central Bohemia, in Brandýs nad Labem meteorologists recorded a temperature Read more [...]
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Czech Republic swept tropical heat

August 4, 2013. Abnormally hot weather prevails in the Czech Republic. On Saturday, the country had recorded 115 temperature records. According to the Czech news agency CTK, citing data from the State Hydrometeorological Service, the air temperature in the shade reached almost 40 degrees Celsius. Thus, the thermometer in the Brod-Over-Dyje (South Moravia) climbed to 38.7 degrees. Nearly the same high temperature was recorded in Prague, Plzen, Ostrava, Brno and other cities of the Czech Republic. Over Prague, Central Bohemia, Liberec and Ústí edges hanging smog in the air dramatically decreased Read more [...]
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Photos from the European floods. Part 1

Czech Republic, the city Bogumin (AFP PHOTO / MICHAL CIZEK) Eastern Europe which day dominated by floods. Weather forecasts are disappointing. Large parts of Poland, Slovakia, Serbia and the Czech Republic were flooded after several days of heavy rains that led to river flooding.(REUTERS / Piotr Deska / Agencja Gazeta) Czech Republic, the city Bogumin (REUTERS / David W Cerny) (AP Photo / Bela Szandelszky) Czech Republic (REUTERS / David W Cerny) (REUTERS / David W Cerny) (AP Photo / Petr David Josek) Czech Republic, the city Carwin (AFP PHOTO / MICHAL CIZEK) Czech Republic, the city Read more [...]
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About knives in different situations

Greetings to all! Of course, the knife in extreme conditions the most important and versatile tool for a normal, healthy (head) men love a cold steel genetically determined. Very pleased to read your article about your favorite dear comrades blades of homemade, about experience and practice. That's decided to share his, not that experience ... just look at life in the annex to the situational melee weapons. This Carnival expecting guests, my wife started a cleaning in the apartment and asked me to remove (temporarily) to something all his "sword", ie knives. I laid them out on the cape to wrap Read more [...]
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In the Czech Republic are dying pine forests

Pine forests in the Czech Republic in some places are starting to resemble the desert mountains of the Ore end of the last century. Affected by a fungus, dry trees are most often found in or near Miller, in the valley of the Elbe and near Nymburk. Pine trees in the Czech Republic is destroying fungal disease. Pine forest killed by Cenangium ferruginozum, and black pine from Sphaeropsis sapinea. In addition, the black pine still suffer from the same disease, as a result of which they turn into dust. In order to stop the spread of the disease, infected trees must be cut down and burned. A similar Read more [...]
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In the Czech Republic and Slovakia due to the heat melts the asphalt

In the Czech Republic and Slovakia from the intense heat melted asphalt road. For this reason, the decision to close to traffic devyatikilometrovy land speed international motorway near the city of the west Bor. Repair work will last there until the end of August, told Itar-Tass in the regional management of public utilities. Slovakia also consider the possibility of a temporary cessation of movement on the most affected areas of the heat speed highway between the cities of Trencin and Zilina, in the center of the country. In these hot days, when the air temperature in both republics Read more [...]
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The Czech Republic is suffering from unprecedented heat. Video

Because of the increasing heat, the likes of which was not at all nearly 300-year history of meteorological observations in the Czech Republic, there is a threat of life for the two of 10.5 million citizens of the Republic - that so many people suffer from hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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Heavy rains threaten the Czech Republic flood

North and West of the Czech Republic may suffer from floods, triggered by an abrupt change of weather. The temperature dropped from 34 to 16 degrees, there is a strong wind and heavy rains. Overflowed the river bílina. In other reservoirs, the water level also increased sharply. In Prague there are reports of heavy rains that flood the basements of hundreds of homes in dozens of settlements in the North and West of the country. The wind, which sometimes acquires the scale of hurricane felled thousands of trees. A cold weather front moving through the territory of the Czech Republic Read more [...]
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In the Western Czech Republic first reported tornado

In the Western Czech Republic first reported tornado. This is unheard of here earlier phenomenon confirms the theory of accelerating climate change and global warming on the planet. \"Natural disasters, characteristic of non-European territories subject to intensive influence of humid tropical climate, watched the villagers Clean, near the city of Rakovnik,\" he told reporters today the representative of the Czech hydrometeorological Institute Radek Dvorak. Victims and no serious damage as the tornado passed Cisco. In the surrounding forests broken and uprooted hundreds of trees. Source: ITAR-TASS Read more [...]
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In the Czech Republic heavy rains stopped trains

Heavy rains, accompanied by a Gale-force wind gusts, have become a cause of partial stop train service between Prague and one of the largest cities of West Bohemia — Shackles. The railway track on one of the sections of the track was damaged broken by the wind venerable tree. The driver of one of the trains travelling on this route, time did not notice the obstacle, dramatically inhibiting composition crashed into him. «Nobody has suffered, arose only material damage, the amount of which now calculate the experts», — informed correspondent of ITAR-TASS in the Read more [...]
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The rains flooded the Czech Republic. Video

The Czech Republic began flooding. The cause — struck on Saturday for the Republic of rainfall. The most difficult situation is observed in the North of the country. Only in the Liberec region in the last hours fell more 80 mm of rainfall. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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In the Czech Republic appeared poisonous spiders

In the Czech Republic spread poisonous spiders. Their bite can be fatal for children and poses a serious threat to the health of an adult. Scientists have linked the occurrence of dangerous insects with global warming, which resulted in the change of climate in Central Europe. «Spiders that live in the tropics and subtropics, already feels at ease in the temperate zone. A considerable number of them settled in southern Bohemia. Previously, except Africa and Asia, they lived just South of the European continent», — announced today by the expert on ecology františek Zwettler. It Read more [...]
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In the Czech Republic and Poland first snow fell

In the Czech Republic the first snow fell. Thin shag carpet covered the last summer day of the peak of the Ore mountains and the krkonoše mountains in the West and North of the Republic. The mercury thermometer was down to zero degrees. In the greater part of the Czech territory, the air temperature varies from four to fourteen degrees, ITAR-TASS reported. In the Czech Republic this past summer, as emphasized by meteorologists, was «non-standard for local climate». The heat, when the temperature rose in the shadows until the level is above 35 degrees, followed by rains caused Read more [...]
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In Poland and the Czech Republic the first snow fell. Video

The weather was a surprise Europe: in Poland and the Czech Republic the first snow fell. And while we are talking about mountain areas, but winter there were no earlier than October. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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