Flood of homeless 30,000 Kenyans

More than 30,000 Kenyans made homeless by the floods, according to the local office of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. "The situation has caused us serious concern, especially because of the possibility of initiating the spread of cholera, as it was in the northern parts of the country in early December of 2009," - express opespokoennost UN officials. According to the police at the moment, floods have claimed the lives of 34 people. Severely damaged fields with crops, killed tens of thousands of pets that people have thrown to escape from the elements. In addition, Read more [...]
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Gale in Stavropol

Several buildings and power lines were damaged in the area of ​​Stavropol Izobilnensky on Friday because of the strong wind. The city Izobilnyi storm wind gusts that reached 30 m / s, the roof blew off a five-story apartment building, said Friday the head of the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation on the edge Oleg Degtyarev. In the village of Christmas in a comprehensive school damaged roof, demolished about 40 sheets of slate. Children were taken to their homes by bus. In the private sector of the village in several houses and damaged roofs. Wind Read more [...]
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Hurricane in eastern Georgia

The eastern Georgia on Monday hit a hurricane, which uproots perennial trees and tear the roofs off houses, damaged power lines. Smashed bus stops and billboards. Hurricane winds in the capital of Georgia, David the Builder in the alley, pulled out a tree that fell on a car "Mercedes". As a result of this incident, killing the driver of a motor vehicle. Strong winds seriously damaged building in Gori. Remained without a roof high school Gori №5. In different districts of Tbilisi hurricane wind knocked out as high-and low-voltage power lines, said in Tbilisi Electricity Distribution Company Read more [...]
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Earthquake in northern Kyrgyzstan damaged about 400 buildings

An earthquake measuring 6.5 points on a 12-point scale, UT, which occurred on Tuesday in the Kochkor district of Naryn region of Kyrgyzstan, damaged about 400 buildings, including schools, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, spokesman of the government of the country. To assess the effects of the earthquake in the area created a special commission, which revealed the extent of damage of houses and office buildings. "According to the data in the villages of the district commissions were partially damaged six schools, three obstetric stations, four clubhouses, two libraries, as well as a post office, Read more [...]
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China dominated by snowstorms and snow

China is once again at the mercy of the weather. Blizzard struck the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Just a few hours tens of centimeters of snow fell. Roads covered with ice and the cars lined up in a multi-kilometer traffic jams. According to local residents, this winter was the worst in the last 60 years. Meanwhile, in the central provinces of China was played sandstorm. Hurricane winds uprooted trees. In one of the settlements fell crane. There were no casualties, although dozens of parked cars were damaged. Was also damaged the facade of the building was next. Visibility on the streets Read more [...]
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Hurricane in Bashkiria threw 625 trees

On Saturday, June 5, in the October suddenly bumped hurricane, began to rain and hail. Wind gusts were so strong that they have broken and uprooted 625 trees and power lines poobryvali. Here is how an eyewitness Vladimir Kochkin:  -Two minutes hurricane laid at least a hundred trees, so they are almost gone in Victory Park. Wind racked and wrenched with the roots of poplar and birch. Fallen trees damaged cars. A plurality of residents were left without electricity. Completely destroyed several private homes, many no slate, corrugated, chimneys. Severely affected the organization of the city: Read more [...]
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Flooding in southern France

Heavy rains that hit the south-east of France, caused flooding. As of Wednesday, victims of floods became 10 people, four more were missing in the Var. This was reported by sub-prefect Draguignan, Corinne Orzechowski, guiding the work of the rescuers. Torrential rains that began on the night of Monday to Tuesday, summoned an emergency in the region Provence-Alps-Cote d'Azur. In Draguignan less than a day has dropped 300 mm of rainfall, the water level in the flooded streets exceeded two meters. The city's infrastructure has been damaged, damaged roads, broken cars, flooded homes. About Read more [...]
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Destructive hail in China. Photo

China. In more than 40 villages in Henan Province about two hours went deg. Hailstones the size of a hen's egg reached. In many homes, broken windows and roofs completely destroyed almost all the wheat crops, damaged fruit trees and other crops.According to the website "Dahe Hebi", many people have been injured, killed hundreds of animals and birds, significantly damaged 3342 hectares nearly ripe wheat, economic losses amounted to more than 50 million. Yuan ($ 7.1 million.).Source: The Epoch Times Read more [...]
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De-energize the element of the houses in the Rostov region

Squally wind and rain, last Wednesday afternoon, de-energize the houses in three villages in the district of Rostov region Remontnensky, damaged roofs, felled trees, according to RIA Novosti spokesman of the Department of emergency prevention and response in the region. As specified press service, repairing damaged village, towns and Podgornoe Denisovka. According to him, currently set extent of damage specified number of residents who are without power. In place of the Task Force left the Department. It is planned that on Thursday morning for the emergency response to the affected Read more [...]
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Tornado Kolpino, a suburb of St. Petersburg

As a result of the tornado in the suburbs of St. Petersburg Kolpino was damaged six cars, the TV channel "Russia 24". The footage broadcast by the channel, it is seen as a whirlwind lifts into the air passenger car and pours it into a parking lot. People will not be affected, RIA "Novosti".On July 9, after 18 hours Kolpino locals are very rare for our latitude phenomenon of nature - a brief tornado. How to tell "Fontanka" witnesses (in the near future we will put a video filmed), the house 56 to the factory car park avenue behind the fence were parked "Lada" 9 model. According Read more [...]
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Whims prirody.Obzor per day

                                     Hurricane winds felled poles and trees in Adygea Hurricane winds on Wednesday threw poles and trees in the capital of Adygea — the city of Maikop, hit three cars, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday, the official representative of the republican administration Emergency Situations Minister Sergei Sergeev. «About 17.00 MSK Maikop was a hurricane for ten minutes. Due to the wind dropped two pillars of power lines and a tree, they crushed three cars, people have not suffered», — Sergeyev said. Currently Read more [...]
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In Chernivtsi region was the tornado

Photo:archive of RIA Novosti About a hundred houses were damaged in the tornado, held on the evening of July 19 in the Chernivtsi region of Ukraine, informs radio «Freedom». Are the words of eyewitnesses, according to which the tornado raged around half minutes, but during that time a large number of homes were left without roofs, part of the damaged wall. Human victims are not present. At the moment, going door-to-door bypass of the affected houses, Commission of the city administration determines the damage. The head of Chernivtsi meteorologist Tatiana Negatiave said that the Read more [...]
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Algeria has suffered in the floods

August 12, 2013. Torrential rains caused massive flooding in the southwestern Algerian province Adrar in which 11 people were injured, one of them is currently in critical condition in the hospital. Literally 45 minutes in Adrara've had so much water that its threads were damaged more than 130 buildings. 29 of them were completely demolished powerful streams of water, 103 more buildings, including residential houses were damaged partially. The Governor of the province of Abdulkader Baradei reported that the people were left without a roof over your head for the elements already provided with Read more [...]
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In Lviv region soaker podtopil residential home

Photo: news.wosir.ua On the eve of the Lviv oblast soaker podtopil residential housing, flooding the bridge and damaged asphalt in Sambir district, according to Ukrainian portal zaxid.net. The rain continued for two hours. Especially got Sambir district, Lviv region. The result have been flooded two basement houses, 16 plots of land, 4 of the well. Only in the village squirrel flooded 5 plots of land. In the village of Big susica there was a threat of destruction of the cemetery. Flooded was a pedestrian bridge that connects the two villages. Raging element also damaged the road \"Big susica — Read more [...]
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Argayashsky hurricane

The tornado hit the village Argayashsky district on Friday evening. Squally winds speed up to 23 meters per second was accompanied by rain and hail. The elements raged minutes 5-10. In the epicenter hit the village of Big Usmanov and Balance. Damaged 22 structure. Generally suffered the roofs of houses and outbuildings. The wind was so strong that he broke the electrical towers: she fell on the pipeline and knocked out from under him stand. Damaged 20 spans the line. Ragged fallen poplar electric wire caused the death of sheep returning from the herd. As told us tech-meteorologist Read more [...]
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Giant hail riddled Prykarpattya. Photo

On Coolmine Ivano-Frankivsk region has a strong hurricane with hail. Local residents told Gazeta.ua that hurricane damaged homes, damaged cars, felled trees, cut power lines. \"The hurricane began somewhere in 17 hours. There was a strong wind, hail fell like chicken eggs, - said the resident of district Koseva Oksana Kostyuk. - I have a private house. On the roof struck 12 holes, plastic visor entire pounded. The neighbor in the car cracked the windshield. My parents are from Verbose called and said that the roof like a sieve, poprobyval, the spotlight fell. In Roznov no hail, but there was Read more [...]
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Night storm left in the dark 17 settlements of the Tver region

Storm front that brought this night in the Tver region hurricane, and damaged more than 30 lines. The element came into the area on August 15 at about 21:00 and raged all night. Today it became known that as a result of hurricane winds and heavy rains in Vesyegonsk the area were damaged 16 lines, were left without electricity 7 settlements. To combat the effects of storms sent 1 team. The electricity supply was disrupted in CRH and 10 villages Firovsky district. There are two teams at a heightened pace restore job 17 power lines. The damage to the electricity system Spirovska district, up to Read more [...]
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The hurricane made dead 15 Testomat in Nizhny Novgorod

Nizhny Novgorod. 20.08.2010. As the press service of the government of Nizhny Novgorod region, resulting from the hurricane, more than 15 thousand homes were left without electricity, which account for about 40 thousand people. Most from the last storm suffered outlet Arzamas, community activists, Kstovo, Bogorodsk, Bolsheboldinskom, the resurrection, Lyskovsky, Knjagininskaja, Pavlovsky, Pochinok, the Saviour, Semenov, sechenovskiy, Chkalovskaya areas. And in Nizhny Novgorod from strong wind fallen tree damaged the gas pipeline on the street Gorokhoveckaja in Kanavinsky district. Now on Read more [...]
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According to the Georgian city of Poti is hit by tornado

Photo: from the archives svpressa.ru As a result of a tornado in the black sea Georgian city of Poti and its suburbs on August 21, ripped off roofs with more than 30 houses and buildings, many of them broken glass, city of fallen about ten trees. This was announced today by representatives of the authorities Poti. The tornado lasted about five minutes but that was enough for applying to the city and residents a lot of damage. The leaders of the Poti city hall told the citizens that the city authorities will assist in the repair of damaged buildings and reimburse caused by the elements of damage. It Read more [...]
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Strong winds tore the roofs of the houses in the village of Mangistau region

Strong winds tore off roofs, damaged power lines in the village of Borankol Mangistau oblast, the press service of the Ministry of emergency situations of Kazakhstan, IA news-Kazakhstan. \"On Saturday morning in the Mangistau region, Beineu district, the village of Borankol in the gusty wind power 25-27 meters per second was a failure of roofs: building the middle school \"Karakum\" square 1700 square meters, five houses, two stores, — the message says. According to the MOE, as the result of incident injured a woman born in 1935, which after first aid was allowed to go home. The Read more [...]
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