Etching Damascus steel

Talks about his amazing experience etching Damascus steel when sharpening a knife on a stone scratched drawing Damascus since tilted it too much for a more acute angle. This attrition did not like me very much and I decided to re-etch the steel pattern to show and hide the scratches. Actually that's how I started trying to spoil his knife sharpened at an acute angle: All photos are pressed, you can treat them with higher resolution.On the Internet there are plenty of tips on how to poison damascus, accessible just turned acetic acid or malic or citric. Because all the stories all turned beautiful Read more [...]
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Help with identification!

Comrades, it is necessary to identify the possible assistance of the blade. Recently one of my good friend from the distant snow Norilsk and gave me a present this masterpiece of Norilsk gunsmiths. The assurances of the manufacturer is Damascus. FOX, unfortunately, lost somewhere in Norilsk and look at it I was not lucky. Actually the question: Is there a method able to confirm that this is really damascus and not electro-chemical. etching or just drawing a marker?Read more [...]
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The Trump Southeast Outfitters: Mt. Rogers Outfitters, Damascus, Virginia

Mt. Rogers Outfitters.     Picture: Steve HutchinsonA:Mt. Rogers Outfitters becomes the core of the packer macrocosm for a bingle day annually, during the one-year Track Years fete that’s held every May in Damascus. The township is a pop stop for Appalachian Tag thru-hikers, and near every one of them makes the pilgrimage to this abase denounce to lade on equipment and fire. Mt. Rogers Outfitters likewise runs a lodge, and operates a bird avail for rockers and hikers to the Virginia Crawler Train and the nearby wild. Read more [...]
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Syria: Damascus snow

on February 18. Here is a rarity, even for mountain areas. This Blizzard in the Syrian capital began at night and continues till now. Unaccustomed to such weather locals rush to capture the palm trees in the snow on mobile phone cameras. Weather forecasts, winter has arrived in Damascus for a while, up to a maximum of Monday. Source: The first channel Read more [...]
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The knife in the kitchen (part six)

Author: Andrew Kozlowski Date of songwriting: December 2008 Material posted with the permission of the author. The previous part ... JAPAN  AL MAR There since 1979. Basically company is known for its fighting knives, but also kuhonniki are on top. Each knife is hand-finishing and sharpening. Very nice handle, a few years of work was not satisfactory. The picture shows a knife from the series «Mirror Polished Edge Laminated Steel» with a core of VG - 2, HRC 60-62, from Micarta handle on three rivets. The cost of 20 cm-gui is $ 130. Issued Read more [...]
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Israeli aircraft bombed a suburb of Damascus

The Syrian government has accused Israel of bombing of the research center, near Damascus. Spread the message about this state news agency SANA. It is reported that at dawn on January 30, Israeli warplanes violated Syrian airspace and bombed Institute in Damascus Jamri province. As a result of an air attack two people were killed and five were wounded. The building of the center and one of the neighboring buildings were completely destroyed. Earlier battles for research center led government forces and the opposition, RBC reports. The fact that the bombing of Syria Israeli military confirmed Read more [...]
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Romania withdrew some of its diplomats from Damascus

Romanian ambassador in Damascus, as well as most of the embassy staff moved to Beirut in response to concerns about the level of security in the Syrian capital. "From December 7, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reduced the number dippersonala Romanian Embassy in Damascus for security reasons" - said in a statement, Foreign Minister of Romania.Most of the embassy staff moved to Lebanon, where they will monitor the situation in Syria and if necessary, provide consular services. According to Reuters, the Syrian Embassy in Bucharest is working normally.The conflict, which broke out in Read more [...]
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Fierce fighting with artillery passed near Damascus

Around settlements in East and West on the outskirts of Huta Damascus fierce fighting, said "Al-Watan", emphasizing that among those killed, wounded and captured fighters dominated mercenaries from Libya, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and several Asian countries.Artillery of the Syrian army is shelling out for the remaining guns in the hands of the rebels on the outskirts Darayya areas in the south-west of the capital.Gunfire is heard from Erbina and Zamalki. Aviation bombed from the air by a stronghold of armed groups in the northern suburbs and Kabun Haraszti.On Wednesday expired allotted Syrian Read more [...]
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Insurgents publicly hanged four year old child in Syria

12/13/2012 Syrian terrorists who call themselves the "Free Syrian Army" and the opposition, publicly hanged in Damascus, dressed in pajamas, four boys after they had killed before his eyes all his family, writes Schweiz Magazin citing Iraqi human rights defenders.Armed rebel groups storm broke into the home of the family of Iraqi Shiites in Sayed Zainab in the capital Damascus, killing his mother, father, siblings, grandparents. This family, according to some, has supported the current president Bashar al-Assad. The youngest child, looking at the murder of his family, attacked the Read more [...]
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Western analysts have described the possible scenarios for the invasion of Syria: You can give at Damascus volley …

The White House for the first time publicly admitted the presence of his plan for the invasion of Syria. According to his press secretary Jay Carney, the U.S., concern over the situation with the Syrian chemical weapons have begun preparations for a possible operation in order to gain control over it. On Monday, President Barack Obama bluntly warned Damascus that if it used chemical weapons, the effects are not long in coming. Fuel to the fire poured portal, reported with reference to U.S. intelligence that professionals working in the regime of Bashar al-Assad started to mix the components Read more [...]
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Syrian army pushed the rebels from the capital

Devotees Syrian troops were able to beat off the attacks of opposition fighters on Damascus.Government forces launched a series of air and missile strikes on the positions of the opposition in communities along the road leading to the capital's airport. According to eyewitnesses, on Sunday raids "reminded carpet bombing" that were "almost constantly." While no data on losses, but, according to sources, killing dozens of people.Authorities announced that from Monday Damascus airport resumes normal operation by receiving and sending flights, the Internet media.Earlier it Read more [...]
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Syrian troops are fighting with the rebels on the outskirts of Damascus

Syrian troops are fierce battles with insurgents in the south and east of Damascus, trying to recreate the "safety zone" around the city within a radius of 5-8 km. According to news agency SANA, on the outskirts of the capital, "killed hundreds of terrorists and mercenaries." Regular army units with air support and artillery pursue militants in the eastern garden plantations Huta, near the outskirts of Haraszti, the Duma, Sheyfuniya, Hudzheyra and Beit Shechem. Syrian troops tighten the ring around Darayya where you created your main stronghold of armed extremist groups Read more [...]
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Washington, D.C.

Bypass begone: Tramp in Climb Rogers Subject Refreshment Are, Virgina.     Photograph: Laurence NurtureThe New, New Matter E'er HEARD OF powered jump? Astern husky into a 270-pound nerve coop that resembles a pushchair, you'll rpm the midget 52-horsepower locomotive and bumble devour the track for a 45-minute surge 500 feet supra the Chesapeake Bay. Connected to the guile is a 40-foot jump, which lightly carries you aloft as you profit swiftness. Bay Adventures Airsports in Albumen Rock, Virginia, 147 miles from D.C., leave supply all equipment and coaching ($75; 804-435-6660).THE Read more [...]
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Syria: In Damascus, snow fell

February 18. Here is a rarity, even for mountain areas. This storm began in the Syrian capital during the night and continues to this day. Unaccustomed to such weather locals rush to capture palm trees in the snow on a mobile phone camera. According to weather forecasts, winter came to Damascus for a short time, to a maximum of Monday. Source: Channel Read more [...]
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