Dangerous if the boar?

Dangerous if the boar for a man? I think that for a normal, peaceful man is not dangerous. The fact that the forest people are very sensitive and he is trying to avoid meeting people, which is why we so rarely see it, even though we live in the neighborhood.From personal experience in sport hunting economy with high numbers of wild boar, I made a firm belief that these animals may pose danger to us only in two cases: when the mother protects her cubs in the first months after birth (spring and early summer); when a wild boar wounded and very angry, and his assailant accidentally tucked a man come Read more [...]
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What good dungeon

The relief of our planet is very diverse. Man in extreme conditions should make maximum use of all terrain features for their own purposes, for survival. Today we talk about natural dungeons, caves, grottos. What value can give the dark places of the person. Firstly, Caves – very shady places where great hiding in merciless heat of a tropical afternoon. Secondly, in caves and grottoes it is often possible get water. It must be said that often the water flow at the time and created these moves in the mountainous, volcanic rock. Normally, the thread is not strong, but it is present. Also, water Read more [...]
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The dangers of the jungle

The jungle and tropical forests pose a lot of dangers. How to survive in the jungle and to protect itself from covert and overt threats, we will discuss today. In the jungle, very rich in flora and fauna. Many animals pose a serious threat to health and life. In the jungle inhabited by dangerous large predators such as jaguars, Panthers, black bears. Represent a serious threat to most of jungle of snakes: poisonous vipers, snakes, cobras, rattlesnakes, and Boas, snakes, the Anaconda.No less dangerous to man various small insects: ticks, mosquitoes, leeches, Scorpions, tarantulas. In addition Read more [...]
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Danger in the mountains

Mountains – perhaps, one of the most attractive places for tourists and they tend to the thousands of snowy summits around the world. However, this the most dangerous regions of the Earth. Hundreds of tourists every year get into trouble on the slopes. In this article we will talk about the dangers of people in the mountains. How to behave when lost, how to stay alive. Mountains dangerous primarily because of its difficult terrain. There is always a risk to fall in a hole, fall off a cliff into the abyss, to stumble on the rocks covered with snow. So «to catch a Raven» in the Read more [...]
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Avalanche Seli Rockfalls

Today we talk about the dangers peculiar to mountain. Traveler in the mountains lurks a series of dangerous and deadly phenomena: avalanche, mudflows, rockfall. It is clear that fell under one of these kinds of elements – too late to do anything. We can only pray to God and «glue fins»… But it is possible to predict avalanches, rock falls, and avoid dangerous areas. About these precautions will be discussed. Avalanche. Moving on snow-covered mountain slopes, always be wary of the southern areas of the quarter. Here the snow is most susceptible to the sun. It melts, ryhleet Read more [...]
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Large predators

When traveling in the wild are particularly dangerous large predators. In different parts of the world they are different, they are not everywhere, as such, in many places, their number is minimal. But that's no reason to drop them off! After all, a raging bear or the lynx would be enough to kill a person. In the wild, we are not always top of the food chain.Of particular danger to humans of: brown, black, and White bears; Tigers; trot; Panthers; jaguars; lions; Wolves; various kinds of crocodiles. How to protect yourself from attacks such dangerous fauna? Strategy behavior when meeting with Read more [...]
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River rafting

We have already said in our note that the ponds, especially River – a true opportunity to find a way to civilization. So you were in the ravines in the lowlands, we came to a small river or stream, and then – to a large river. Logically, it is necessary move along the river, until a settlement or signs of people. But there is often a serious problem – riverbanks are usually impassable and move along the difficult, long and dangerous.That is why, the most effective way to move along the river – an alloy. Float down the river, and faster and more efficiently than to break Read more [...]
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Top 10 things that can be better not to meet

Let's start with the tenth place. It rightfully occupy poisonous frogs that live in Central and South America, Madagascar. Located on their back glands that produce toxins. Poison one - only golden frogs inhabiting Madagascar, can kill ten people. albeit weakly but one consolation - frog produces toxins gradually and very slowly.In ninth place is the wild Indian and African buffalo. This is a very dangerous animal, as fears neither man nor other animals. Full-grown male reaches 2 m at the withers at a mass greater than 900 kg. Horn can curl up in a semicircle or diverge widely from either Read more [...]
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Stone Gorceac

Stone GorceacDistance from Stone Dog Rib (Kourovskaya hostel)According to the measurements of the Soviet Union time to route number 58 According to modern measurements, according to the map-sailing Chusovaia River (UCC 2010)285 km 299 kmStone Gorceac is located on the 299 kilometer Tchusovaya River on the right bank. He stands just around the bend of the river, in the former village of Ust-Kumysh.It was a very dangerous fighter, which crashed on the set of barges. Danger was heavily favored in the water rocky ledge. In the XIX century stone partially blown up and he was no longer Read more [...]
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Capital of Mexico falls to the ground

Mexican capital and the surrounding villages, located in the Valley of Mexico, sink into the ground at a speed of 44 centimeters per year. Reported by the Director of the National Commission on Water Jose Tamargo, indicating that this process becomes one of national security issues, ITAR-TASS reported. The main reason is happening Tamargo called groundwater use to meet the needs of the residents of the Federal District. In particular, Mexico already exists more than 2.7 thousand. Wells daily pumped through which significant amounts of fluid. Groundwater more than 60% of the moisture consumed Read more [...]
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Products with preservatives (E), decoding preservatives

It is known that the same company can produce three types of the same product: 1st - for domestic consumers (in industrialized countries); 2nd - for export to other developed countries; Third - the worst quality parameters for export to developing countries, including us. This category refers to 80% of food products, cigarettes, drinks, as well as 90% of medicines. This company in the Bahamas, Cyprus, the Philippines, Malta, Puerto Rico, Senegal, Israel, Morocco, Australia, Kenya, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, South Africa. Placed on products such markings (the letter E and a three-digit Read more [...]
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Dangerous Decorations: myth or reality?

Read more [...]
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Potentially dangerous dog breeds

Hello) from July 1, 2011 shall come into force a law "On the responsible treatment of animals" and it would seem to visitors of this site, it has nothing to do BUT! here are some zadumyvayutsya that dog is not only a friend but also a helper in different situations, and many already have a dog, and in this law there is an item titled: Appendix number 2 to the Federal Law "On the responsible treatment of animals" potentially dangerous dog breeds . and the number of species constantly uvelichivaetsya and soon it will be impossible not to get a dog or puppy get away from it, nor quietly with her where Read more [...]
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Typhoon Conson hit China

Typhoon «Conson»From which two days ago hit the Philippines, reached China. Authorities were warned in advance about the possible threat, so to the disaster have been canceled all flights, thousands of Chinese people have been evacuated from the most dangerous areas. In the Philippines, the number of victims of the hurricane has reached 39 people, and 84 are unaccounted for. When approaching the Philippines wind speed «Conson» reached 120 kilometers per second, however, after the impact of such a destructive force, faced by the inhabitants of the Philippines, Read more [...]
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Dangerous-whether in Israel

Americans know that Israel can not go - it is dangerous.Israelis know that in fact Israel is not dangerous, dangerous only in Jerusalem. Jerusalemites know that all this nonsense, really dangerous only in Gilo - shoot there.Gilo residents believe that it is dangerous only in the street, "Ha-Anath."On the street Ha Anath all know that it is dangerous only at number 15, which can be caught in the shelling.The whole house is number 15 in the know that a dangerous apartment - it's 36, but she is on the firing line.The apartment has 36 any moron would understand that it is dangerous Read more [...]
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Bought at a flea market today razor labor vaca '49 issue as much for 250rCondition is very good. Only one drawback - killed with a bunch of cutting edge chipping. Reground and corrected. Was much better. Shaved without any problems, but all in good timeHere's a picture of my successful acquisitionand will now be a small instruction on the use of razorImmediately write, I used the grinding materials that were at hand, I hope snobs and sharpening guru not cast aside my shit. If razor killed, you must first sharpening on stones with different gritnostyu. I have limited natural Read more [...]
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On the application of legislation on self-defense

Ask - we answer! Last time on "survive" actively budiruem issues related to defense. Here you have the position of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation (Resolution of the Plenum of the RF Armed Forces number 19 from 27.09.2012) almost svezhak! Give in exposures to meet the established limit, I remove an unnecessary "water." Who are interested - it is in the internet, the name - see above. So: Ensuring the protection of individuals, society and the state from socially dangerous encroachments is an important function of the state. Criminal legal provision on self-defense, as one of the guarantees Read more [...]
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Medical notes 9. Few words about tetanus. updated 03/04/2014

CtolbnyakWho can get? When and why? The answer is very simple - anyone can get sick injured in any unsafe conditions (eg, after a severe injury in the woods, in the field, at home). Tetanus is more common in the southern regions with constant humidity and "comfortable" for the pathogen temperature. Tetanus is in dust, soil, water, on any potentially contaminated items. Harmful if tetanus? In the world, on average, there are nearly 200,000 deaths from tetanus (under 1 million cases), in Germany, for a year, about ten diagnosed cases. And with very good German medicine against tetanus 25% Read more [...]
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WWF: the Number of natural disasters in the world will double in 15 years

13.10.10 @ Jay Fine Climate change will lead to a doubling of the frequency and increase the power of severe weather events around the world in the next 10-15 years, the number of victims of the disaster will also increase. About this informed the head of the climate program WWF Russia Alexey Kokorin the international day for the elimination of the risk of natural disasters, which is celebrated annually on the second Wednesday of October. «There is a fear that it (the number of dangerous meteorological phenomena — amended) will even double that would lead to a large number of Read more [...]
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Because of the blooming of ragweed in one of the districts of Odessa entered quarantine mode

The scale of flowering in Odessa dangerous quarantine weed — seconds exceeded in the current year allowable. This \"Reporter\" reported the head of the Odessa paragraph quarantine of plants Galina Dorofeeva. According to her, due to the fact that in August were heavy rains, the area of the blooming of ragweed compared with last year has increased several times. The most active concentration of the weed occurs in the Suvorovsky district of Odessa, where he currently works to remove dangerous plants and even temporarily installed quarantine regime. \"There are still pockets, but Read more [...]
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