Dangers polar latitudes

Today we'll talk about the dangers that await in the Arctic, in the polar regions. We analyze in detail each factor and opportunity to defend himself, to withdraw from the snow captivity to the people and be saved. Frost, wind, cold. The main and the main enemy in the Arctic. To keep warm, do not freeze of course, need to have a good winter clothes with natural fur. The same shoes with thick soles. But this is not enough. When it is the polar night, blowing strong katabatic wind and frost to -60 degrees. and you can not sit in a shelter, a person can protect only the clothes with an additional Read more [...]
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The dangers of the desert

Desert full of dangers for the traveler. In this review we will talk about the threats that are waiting for a lone traveler in the desert and how to avoid them. It often happens that during a trip to an exotic country, and is a tourist lost in the desert. The desert is one of the most disadvantaged regions to autonomous survival. Terrible heat; scorching sun; no vegetation, and therefore shade; dangerous poisonous snakes, scorpions; lack of water, and not a lot of food; Well and sandstorms as the last straw. The heat need to be protected clothing, in every possible way to close the exposed skin. Read more [...]
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Dangers of autonomous navigation

If you are drifting in the middle of the ocean, then get ready to confront a number of threats and dangers. In this article we analyze the main risks faced by a person in distress in the waters of the high seas. The danger of drowning. If there is a shipwreck or other accident, as a result of which a person is left alone with the waves, then there is a risk of drowning. Even a professional swimmer, sooner or later, will be beaten out of the forces. Even in order to keep afloat need to expend energy. And it's still in good conditions, when the water is quite a comfortable temperature. To make a Read more [...]
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The dangers of the jungle

The jungle and tropical forests pose a lot of dangers. How to survive in the jungle and to protect itself from covert and overt threats, we will discuss today. In the jungle, very rich in flora and fauna. Many animals pose a serious threat to health and life. In the jungle inhabited by dangerous large predators such as jaguars, Panthers, black bears. Represent a serious threat to most of jungle of snakes: poisonous vipers, snakes, cobras, rattlesnakes, and Boas, snakes, the Anaconda.No less dangerous to man various small insects: ticks, mosquitoes, leeches, Scorpions, tarantulas. In addition Read more [...]
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Many dangers lurking traveler in extreme conditions. In different regions of our diverse planet these dangers very differing. But there is a need for all of us, are not satisfied that we die very quickly, regardless of the natural area, which is in distress. it water demand! And the dangers we have in the absence of moisture saving – this dehydration. Of course, in some areas of natural water simply get hold of (Antarctica, jungle, forest, mountains), while others are extremely difficult or even impossible (ocean, steppe, desert, savanna). Yes, the ocean was in the list of water-scarce regions, Read more [...]
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Kamchatka volcanoes threw the sky with ash and gas

08.05.2011 Kamchatka's Shiveluch volcano threw ash and gas to a height of 7.5 km above sea level. With it resonates Karymsky volcano, on Sunday from its crater gas-and-ash emissions reached 3,5-4,5 km From both restless mountains avalanches come down, said Kamchatka branch of the Geophysical service of Russian Academy of Sciences. Volcanoes assigned «orange» aviation code, a warning about their increased activity and the dangers of emitted gases and ashes are for engines of flight technique. About the potential dangers informed service, ensuring flight safety. The height of Shiveluch Read more [...]
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Mountaineering: New Path, Like Dangers

International cartridge, June 1994Mountaineering: New Path, Like DangersBy Todd Balf (with Martin Dugard and Eric Hagerman)Because of a well-earned report as the man's about severe 8,000-meter visor, K2 doesn't see lots of new routes--the old ones are yobbo sufficiency. This month a well-credentialed warhorse triplet hopes to waggle things up with a two-day alpine-style ascension on the hatful's unclimbed W Aspect. "We've precious to try this affair Read more [...]
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Dangers to watch for in Colombia

Hebdomad of November 20-26, 1997 Dangers to watch for in ColombiaGet hitched so header for the beachRafting trips for figurer programmersForemost tilt climb good KansasTrack trips in the gay SouthwesternDangers to watch for in ColombiaInquiry: I am contemplating a stumble complete Christmas to Bogota, Colombia, and circumferent arena. I'll be encounter my swain who has been employed on an oilrig exterior of Bogota. He hasn't had the probability to do often Read more [...]
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Locomote dangers in Egypt and Libya

Hebdomad of December 4-10, 1997Near roughing it on your honeymoon Locomotion dangers in Egypt and LibyaExceeding deals on dive vacationsGuided expeditions south PuntMother-son canoeing in the EvergladesGo dangers in Egypt and LibyaMotion: Are thither any two- to three-week pedal tours useable that search the southerly land of the Mediterranean? I would ideally same to oscillation and research Tunisia, Libya, or Egypt.Gord HarderWinnipeg, CanadaRisk Consultant: Read more [...]
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Dengue dangers in Thailand

Hebdomad of April 23-29, 1998Exploring Iceland by substructureSelf-guided tramp in the Pyrenees Dengue dangers in ThailandTrenchant for all-women move groupsDengue dangers in ThailandEnquiry: I'm sledding to Thailand in Lordly and I heard that thither is a substantial hazard of dengue. What are the risks of catching this disease? I'm passing to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Koh Samui for trey weeks.Microphone AaronsDisk, MiddlesexThe frontage of the columned Read more [...]
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The dangers of the mountains

Mountains live a kind life. Seemingly dead and real estate from afar, they are in constant motion. Silent silence followed by the roar of thunder storms and landslides. A warm sunny day changes harsh freezing night. When a person falls in the mountains, he has to join the fight against the elements - a force many times greater than the physical power of man. And in this struggle man emerges victorious only when he is stronger than the mountains. Climber armed with technology, experience, knowledge, and the power of his mind with these powerful tools to deal emerges victorious. At every Read more [...]
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