Greenpeace Drumhead Arrested on Rig

Greenland patrol officers took hands of Kumi Naidoo, the Greenpeace executive, afterwards he and another militant boarded the Leiv Eiriksson, an oilrig owned by Scotland-based Cairn Muscularity. Naidoo evaded a Danish naval vas, so climbed a virtually 100-foot ravel up the rig, which is stationed off the glide of Greenland. Earliest this hebdomad, the Danish governing blockaded Greenpeace from harassing the boring process, and a intrusion of that enjoining may be Greenpeace 50,000 euros a day. The arrests adopt a like manifestation by Greenpeace on June 4 in which 18 activists were detained. Greenpeace Read more [...]
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Rasmussen Dismissed for Lost Doping Tests

Danish bicyclist Alex Rasmussen was laid-off by Squad HTC-Highroad on Thursday subsequently wanting his 3rd doping quiz in 18 months. A two-time racetrack man genius, Rasmussen, 27, had barely gestural a cut with Garmin-Cervelo in the consequence of HTC-Highroad's crack conclusion month. Garmin has too complete that correspondence. Rasmussen leave drop future hebdomad’s route humanity championships in Copenhagen and moldiness now cheek a earreach ahead of the Danish sports direction. Rasmussen told reporters on Thursday that the lost tests were mistakes, not knowing evasions. “Roughly Read more [...]
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In the lakes of the Danish capital, the reason for dying swans

COPENHAGEN, 6 March. In reservoirs in the Danish capital last month for some reason had lost about 30 white birds. Most of them, according to the Danish ornithological society, were older and had enough food. Scientists believe that perhaps an attacker or crazy poison swans in the capital of lakes and ponds. At the same time conducted at the National veterinary Institute study showed that birds died as a result of infection caused by the bacterium \"Leuconostoc\" /Leuconostoc/. Because this pathogen in the region is not detected, the experts came to the conclusion that they are the victim of an Read more [...]
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Hit the Faeroe Islands hurricane struck the island of serious damage

on November 25. Storm in the night on Friday fell on the Faroe Islands, causing numerous destruction and evacuation of hundreds of residents, reports the AFP news Agency. «We've already been informed of many cases of damage, but data on human victims has not yet been reported», — said a police spokesman, tórshavn — the administrative centre of the Danish possessions in the North Atlantic. According to the Danish mediacentre gusts of wind on the Faroe reached 55 meters per second. «With a large number of buildings by the wind took the roof. We had to Read more [...]
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Showers and snow disrupted normal life in India

Last Friday, the northern parts of India have fallen snow and heavy rains. Particularly hard-hit went to the hill states of Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. No luck and the capital - New Delhi. City fairly "battered" downpours and hail. According to meteorologists, for 36 hours in the capital fell to 33.5 mm of precipitation, and maximum temperature dropped to 16.4 degrees Celsius, four degrees below normal.© Danish Ishmail | ReutersWhat's more - on Friday morning in New Delhi was broken record for most precipitation in 24 hours, which was held in January 2003. Read more [...]
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Greenland: the struggle for independence

Greenland and the Faroe Islands may confuse the West all the cards in the fight for resources in the Arctic. Their population is confidently leaning towards independence from Denmark. The reason for that - oil and ignoring its interests Copenhagen, as well as reluctance to compensate genocide recently. Russia can use this to get the Arctic riches and strike at the unity of NATO. Of particular interest is the largest island of the world Greenland area of 2.2 million square feet. km, which could confuse the West all the cards in the fight for Arctic resources. What does it represent? It was Read more [...]
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