Kings and hunting

Hunting base "Royal Hunt" is not far from Moscow. In total 164 kilometers from Moscow on Novorizhskoe highway and you will find yourself in an unusual place.On the basis of all created  conditions for hunting, fishing and recreation. The beautiful nature, comfortable rooms,  home cooking, sauna and billiards. In addition to the base has its own system for making antler baths.  Antlers - it neokostenevshie horns filled  blood, velvety-looking.  Blood,  resulting from antlers  deer,  called the elixir of longevity. And if in the past, in order to get the Read more [...]
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Russian fishing in the Norwegian fjords

In early September, at the invitation of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway, the Council for Tourism of the country and the company Din Tour group of journalists from the four leading Russian hunting and fishing publications and two television stations visited sea fishing. This tour has been organized so that journalists have an idea about the features of fishing in the fjords and the open sea in central and northern Norway. Although Russia is surrounded by seas, sea fishing for a variety of reasons (economic reasons are not the main) for the majority of our compatriots is not available and, Read more [...]
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At the root, or DuckTales

To come back from the hunt is always a little sadPhoto: SHUTTERSTOCK What begins Motherland? I've been born in Moscow, but his childhood and youth were held in the Baltic lands, where up to 80% of the people living there were Russian, and the others were not perceived by us as «other».(From the diary of memories)Now Riga and Polygon «military City» when it is used by NATO soldiers. My parents moved to Ancient Capital and on boundary father, a retired colonel, and subsequently deputy. director of the Riga wagon plant, tears, turning Read more [...]
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Hunters against burns

It has not yet begun to dawn when we stood on the porch and waited for the hunting base rangers detained in a barn. Quietly pokryakivali decoy in their baskets but the huntsman rustled in the rickety wooden structure, through the cracks in the walls of which methane is the light of his lantern.Photo by Anton Zhuravkova For the rest, — full of wonderful silence. And a special air. I noticed that the smell only when going away somewhere far away from the city. In suburban forest of sensations there. Soon, load the oars, we walked across the meadow to the broad reaches. Under Read more [...]
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Blog goose hunting

Article TwoPhoto: Sergey Losev April 9th. Geese are very few, but stories began to turn the wheel of the spring, and the first group of «builders» I see off at 9 am at the crossing. With this group left my friend – Viktor Shapovalov. At 12 o'clock I meet the rest of the hunters.Numerous unloaded luggage from the ferry while it is being prepared, the last I put the car into the parking lot and already walking back to the main group of 15chelovek. We crossed over to the general good. The entire transition to the base we took 3:00. Tired great, but a little rested Read more [...]
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Guys, look, a very exciting video. Another fun one time. they speak of NATO bases for war, at 3:59 look, in the Central part of the Russian Federation, marked base, approximately at the place of Ulyanovsk. There are judgments or ideas?

South American ""illegal advertising all Russians look here they are the scum of the Americans is their handiwork 9:26Sergey Vladimirovich28 Mar 2012 at 16:44|I like1713 commentsIlya Chasovskikh Bitches.28 Mar 2012|5Dalivit Wolves I would have sworn,but seriousa the keyboard will break.28 Mar 2012|5Alexander Ballbustin x*y I was forced chip CE sew bastards28 Mar 2012|6Viktor Prokofiev I think soon we'll see all that they had planned so long) CRP why tanks on the marks they are so convinced in their own Abrams? Read more [...]
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survival fire survival

FÁKel. Fackel, lat. facula) - type lighting device capable of prolonged intense light outdoors in any weather.The torch should not burn the base and filler. Then he will burn for a long time - the principle of candles or oil lamps. A base is better to take dense vegetation (not synthetics) material: tightly rolled or stitched fabric, tow, hemp rope, felt. The thicker and denser the disc, the longer will be blazing torch. As filler, we took the engine oil (mineral seems). The disc height is 10 cm long and 8-12 cm in diameter, is lowered into the oil container for a few hours. Better constantly Read more [...]
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Item temporary dislocation

Our group returned with another departure, this time were on the Novgorod region. Content out to the subject site has nothing to do, so it is not covered. But one thing I think will be interesting for the local public. It is a variant of the time base, a transitional stage from shelters, huts to long-term capital settlements. All of these are quite capable and means to collect and prepare the group of like-minded people. And thus secure a relatively long existence in unusual conditions. We have a temporary base infrastructure was designed for 35 people, and included: Living tent CSS-56, one-tier Read more [...]
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survival hunting

CROSSBOWS FOR HUNTING.Luke many peoples of the planet were used for hunting and as a stand-alone device, firing at the right moment and without roles arrow. These bows are installed, for example, about trails and a passing animal hitting disturbing thread or grasping tied the bait, he was shot through simple improvements of this device, it is clear where. These quite ordinary devices typically produced already in the right place from scrap materials, because shots were fired at small distances (from a few cm to several meters), and particularly high-quality bows was not required. But the strength Read more [...]
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Go with the kids in the woods 2 (note traffic)

As some will remember I was going to a heroic act - the first (both for children and for me) winter output with children in the forest. But thanks to a happy occasion, invited us to the beginning of the winter forest together with the Center for patriotic education. Thank you so much for this Komrad zakat. ] We're going.At the station we met a detachment of 3 (6-10 years), their parents and older (leading). Next on zimnimu forest transition, 3.5 - 4 km. No photos, no time to get the camera out of his backpack. Came to the base, not on the Base! base and not a dream! tent spruce, dug for sugreva, Read more [...]
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The Russian line / Library repetitive printing / chip implantation begins…

Link The Russian line / Library repetitive printing / chip implantation begins...30 Nov 2012 14:05|I like18 commentsElena Aetherialis Yes the U.S., it will be worldwide, more precisely, have already voluntarily in Mexico, Brazil, the Russian Federation has "strategy development mineconomy" illustrating cedrene of nanochips in biological objects (people), there are already a member of Fedorov (video) open govorit about it. And only one in Russia protest. Earlier,another 10 years it was fantastic, but now the reality absolutely will Read more [...]
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The Ministry of defense dissatisfied producers su-34

The command of the air force will complain Sergei Shoigu and Dmitry Rogozin on "Dry" and NAPOThe air force of the Russian Federation has received a total of 16 latest front-line bomber su-34 instead of the 26 planned in the framework of the state defense order. Create JSC "Company "Sukhoi" and the Novosibirsk aviation production Association (NAPO) named after Chkalov. As said "news" familiar with the situation, the representative of the PCR, a plan thwarted due to late deliveries for their radar (radar) S production "Holding company "Leninist" in St. Petersburg.According to him, the base of the Read more [...]
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BP Zenko Shrekycha, demotivator

KU all three times, writing such pushed on reading articles, BP eyes of an artist (All parts), as well as on the internet can not collect pictures, you spread your photo collection, unless the moderators who will translate miniatures illustrations will be grateful (for the most failed). So flooded from sharing (CAUTION TRAFFIC) please otnositya this as a Demotivatory whether that fotal I, personally in 2007, everything looked so (gray and dirty) if anyone interested can not comment on that name only the number of pictures. Number 1The current number 2 complex of government buildings (the former Read more [...]
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Bandit base, and caches nychki

Riot police from the blog Ingushetia.A local resident found not very long traces of bandits. Exploration confirmed - there were bandits.That's how it happened that morning I went to the mountains in state tibia. In tibia walk in the mountains is not convenient. Well, yes, I'm all about myself, but about myself ... some whiner, honest)))) Early in the morning locked area (and suddenly someone from the militants remained and will clash?) Around ambush cordons and limit motion of the left in the transport sector.Mining and woodland. But beautifully ...Echoes of War stuck in the branches Read more [...]
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Filters for drinking water pitchers type fairly inexpensive, relatively comfortable and popular. But they are characterized by certain deficiencies. In the 1-x, their low capacity, 2-3 liters from power. And this is just the daily drinking water for 1 person. A family of 3-5 people such filter (single instance) not very satisfied.In 2, they are quite awkward to use. As it is arranged as a capacity over capacity, broken filter cartridge, the Bay water in the top container, we will be obliged to wait until she is filtered by down virtually all. Differently, you cannot tilt the jug and pour clean Read more [...]
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KAF — South Park

South Park, mikrorayonchik base of the camp of our company Lots of pictures!Continuing the story of life on a military base KAF (continued) in Afghanistan (beginning). Due to the nature of the "object" most of the pictures are not made by me, taken in the public domain. However, the author makes sure that all the images he had seen them with my own eyes, touched hands, stomped their feet, etc. etc. The text will be meeting a lot of anglicisms. Please understand, their use in the story is intended to convey the atmosphere at the base, not the author shows no desire to show off.    Life Read more [...]
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KAF — EDL (Everyday Life)

Continuing the story of life on a military base KAF (Start, continued number 1 and number 2 continued) Due to the nature of the "object" most of the pictures are not made by me, taken in the public domain. However, the author makes sure that all the images he had seen them with my own eyes, touched hands, stomped their feet, etc. etc. The text will be meeting a lot of anglicisms. Please understand, their use in the story is intended to convey the atmosphere at the base, not the author shows no desire to show off.      Anyway, based on the life does not stop for a minute, with the darkness Read more [...]
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Lots of pictures! Continuing the story of life on a military base in Afghanistan Due to the nature of the "object" most of the pictures are not made by me, taken in the public domain. However, the author makes sure that all the images he had seen them with my own eyes, touched hands, stomped their feet, etc. etc. The text will be meeting a lot of anglicisms. Please understand, their use in the story is intended to convey the atmosphere at the base, not the author shows no desire to show off. Work    The first night on the base was relatively calm. However not do without surprise. First Read more [...]
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(Moscow: Voenizdat, 1973)Short table of CONTENTS:IntroductionChapter I. the Base of anatomy and physiologyChapter II. Lekarstovedenie. Honey supplyThe Tutorial discusses the base of anatomy and physiology, drugs science, military hygiene and epidemiology, background diseases and their methods of healing.It provides the necessary information on the organization of medical support for the troops; specify methods of first aid for injuries (fractures, bleeding, burns, frostbite, with the defeat of nuclear and chemical weapon, in some unfortunate cases and poisoning poisonous plants and technical liquids.The Read more [...]
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Tourist note: Applications for iPhone-ToiletFinder

Who did not happen this situation, when it is about and it will be late. Frantically trying to find out where to run, saving mark WC nowhere to be seen, well, toilets European McDonalds entrance only by check. It's a shame. In such a situation will ToiletFinder. Open the application, and it will immediately indicate how many meters to the coming "lifeline." The database contains over applets 60,000 WC worldwide. Once all cases are settled, you can rate a place that you just visited. In addition, it is possible without the help of others to add to the database a new place or Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).