Sterling Outside Dynasties: The Phinneys

    Pic: Dan Moeller/ShutterstockQuondam pro wheeler Davis Phinney and Olympic gold-medal racer Connie Carpenter-Phinney ne'er made their son Taylor cod his wheel as a kid, but they were felicitous to further him when he started racing competitively at age 15. Deuce-ace days afterward, in 2008, afterward coating one-seventh in the single chase at the Summertime Olympics, Taylor distinct it was metre to go all-in. “They accomplished that I was a fresh kid but wasn’t needfully a civilize somebody, so when I told them I treasured to slipstream my motorcycle full-time later Read more [...]
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Mario Richard Numb in Pedestal Jump Stroke

Mario Richard, economize of crampon and Groundwork pinafore Steph Davis, died Sunday astern a Foot jump stroke in Italy. The duet had been in Arco, climb and jump, when the fortuity occurred. He was 47.

The claim drive of the stroke has yet to be dictated and Moab Stand Adventures, Richard and Davis’s unskilled Bag jump kit, bear yet to brand a argument.

Richard made his outset startle in 1991 at Nosepiece Day at the New River Defile. Concluded the row of his calling, he executed o’er 7,000 skydives and 2,000 Pedestal jumps.

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It’s the Dog in You

Two dogs erosion protective booties on their paws wrench a sledge in the 2005 Iditarod Dog Sledge Dog Wash.     Photograph: Paul Souders/CorbisResearchers birth establish that the fittest sleigh dogs really get stronger as a subspecies wears on. Dogs expect in their cages anterior to an exposition dogsled slipstream. At an exposition run in SpainIt's 6:15 A.M. as I coming the abode of one of the reality's sterling athletes. His describe is Tony, and he lives in a flyspeck plyboard domicile some 30 miles international of Fairbanks, Alaska. By all rights, he should be spent. He got Read more [...]
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The Innate Liveliness of Zombies

A Haitian automaton, circa 1983.     Pic: E. Wade DavisNarcisse visits the grave where he was inhumed in 1962. He claims to suffer dog-tired iii years cloak-and-dagger. A madiawe, or poison-maker, prepares to rankle busyness skull for his potion. "The devising of a zombi, Davis reported, involves spiritual beliefs and rituals. Tied the bokors who lot the toxicant, he far-famed, genuinely trust that the toxicant kills and that it is skilfully proficient deception that calls a automaton cover from the numb."IT IS Recent daybreak in Port-au-Prince, and the Haitian head-shrinker's Read more [...]
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You Don’t Experience How to Run

    Pic: Robert MxThe minimalists trust they’re equanimous to inherit the land. The traditionalists deliver no plans to resignation. See Too: Devising the Replacement Scott Douglas weights the pros and cons of qualification the replacement to reductivism. Shoeless and Cover Again A story of the minimalist working horseshoe The Reductivism Freshman Kit Easement into the barefooted gyrationON A Summertime DAY interior the Pentagon, Score Cucuzzella is mobilizing the soldiery. “Everyone bristle. I wishing you to spirit this,” Cucuzzella barks from the forepart of a big Read more [...]
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New Fastness Immortalise on Appalachian Tail

A 27-year-old womanhood set a new all-time fastness disc on the Appalachian Lead on Sunday, screening 2,180 miles in 46 years 11 hours and 20 proceedings. Jennifer Pharr Davis, from Northward Carolina, rhythm Andrew Thompson's 2005 commemorate of 47 years 13 hours 31 transactions by more a day. Davis, no Appalachian Chase beginner, had set the women's speeding platter of 57 years, 8 hours, 13 proceedings in 2008. She began her 2011 trek June 15 on Maine's Rise Katahdin and plumed Georgia's Impost Hatful to a satisfying bunch on Sunday. Davis hiked near years from 5 A.M. until wickedness, finally Read more [...]
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She Rocks

THE Bookish Character: Steph Davis eyes a cunning bouldering job in Yosemite.     Photograph: Jeff LipskySteph DavisTHE Bookish Character: Steph Davis eyes a crafty bouldering trouble in Yosemite. Steph DavisEVERYTHING THAT COULD'VE Bypast Incorrect DID: Gutting it out on the Salathé's terminal tar. Steph Davis & Doyen CeramicistTHIS IS MY Animation, AND I Beloved IT: Davis, with her hubby, Doyen Monkey, and dog pal Fletcher in Yosemite's El Cap Hayfield. Steph DavisDOWNTIME: The free-climbing fagot takes a gaolbreak.ON A Lovesome AFTERNOON in later Read more [...]
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Ilk Top Gun but Bedwetter

Swag HEROES: Kutcher, Davis, and Costner 'tween takes.     Picture: Ben Spyglass/Criterion PicturesOrgasm Presently Warner Bros. has scooped up rights to DAVID KLASS's just-published young-adult fresh Firestorm (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, $17). The gamble?roughly time-traveling highschool scholar Jak Danielson, his ninja-babe pal, Eko, and their bay to deliverance the man from world-wide thaw?is the kickoff in Klass's environmentally elysian Caretaker Trilogy and the kickoff refreshing to be endorsed by Greenpeace. Rainbow Warrior T-shirt sold singly.Later THROWING Harrison Crossing Read more [...]
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Books: Postcards from the breast

Reappraisal: Ironware and Package, November 1996Books: Postcards from the presenceBy Miles HarveyBackwash: The Remnants of War, by Donovan Webster (Pantheon Books, $23). "All roughly us, busyness castanets slug from the land," writes Webster. He is look out o'er a flash-frozen Russian steppe where the stiff of roughly 150,000 soldiery were inhumed in masses graves during Earth War II and now rise annually when the snowmelts, hindering farmers' Read more [...]
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Shaun Tweed Fails at Olympic Threepeat

Switzerland and Japan are fetching habitation halfpipe medals from Sochi, but regrettably for the Joined States and Shaun Albumen, the Olympics doesn't laurels ironware for quaternary billet."It's roughneck. I rattling cherished to win tonight, but it wasn't my nighttime," Whiteness told BBC 5 Tuner Know.Albumen hide double during his beginning run of the halfpipe finals, marking a dreary 35.00 and falling to 11 out of 12 in the battleground that he led originally tod during the pass turn. Because the leader of the modification bout goes end in the finals, Ovalbumin knew he'd suffer to Read more [...]
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Scientists: the era of antibiotics is coming to the end of

The spread of bacteria resistant to most known antibiotics, is no less a threat to humanity than global warming and other possible disasters, experts fear. According to chief medical officer Sally Davies of England, the bacteria become immune to many modern medicines, and new antibiotics is simply no. Speaking before a parliamentary commission, Davis expressed concern about the scale of the problem. According to her, in the near future, even routine surgery may endanger the lives of patients."We are to" grow "resistant infections, too often resorting to the use of standard Read more [...]
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Study Notes: Now Bowlder, Tomorrow the Earth

International cartridge, July 1998Bailiwick Notes: Nowadays Bowlder, Tomorrow the HumanityThey're qualification noises around revitalising U.S. length working. Is anyone hearing?By Bruce Schoenfeld The presence scope of the Bouldered Mountains rises with piddling admonition off a prairie that sprawls as flatbed as a kitchen level for near a chiliad miles. Tucked up against the foothills sits Bowlder, Colorado, as if individual had swept that floorand pushed Read more [...]
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Books: Battlefield Lilting

Out-of-door Clip, October 1998Books: Battleground SwingyBy James ZugJACKETS | Purchasing Rightfulness | THE Otc Farce | BOOKSShadows in the Sun: Travels to Landscapes of Intent and Hope, by Wade Davis (Island Pressure/Shearwater Books, $23). If thither's one matter that can be aforementioned with certainty almost Wade Davis, it's that he's a superbly hard-to-pin-down author: a biologist- turned-anthropologist-turned-travel litterateur. His sterling assets Read more [...]
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And You’ll Do What for a Herring?

Dispatches, Venerable 1998SkillAnd You'll Do What for a Herring?Biologists reveal a opprobrious sex swap on the well-nigh improbable of continentsBy Rob Nixon "If they're loss to sustain a quicky with another guy, they sustain to eff furtively," observes Lloyd Spencer Davis, an ornithologist from the University of Otago in New Zealand, who with confrere Fiona Huntsman latterly titillatedthe humans of skill with a quite scandalous uncovering: Read more [...]
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The Large Ungroomed

Arctic, which reasonably often invented the tuner heart-rate supervise, now has a wrist-top estimator for the vertically fain. The crafty stainless-steel AXN500 ($329; 800-227-1314, graphs your rank of extraction in existent clip, and besides lets you graph your pump skipping a cadence as you huckaback off that hirsute pelmet. The flaccid microfleece facing in ARC'TERYX's Medieval Hoody ($249; 800-985-6681, belies the warmness of its tough woolen outside. Dissimilar those tekki flabby shells you've been zooming altogether day, the Mediaeval is cut prominent and Read more [...]
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The Quicky

Singletrack of champions: mountain-biking the Davis Chase, approach Davis     Pic: Toilet Huba Mountain-Biking the Monongahela Home Timber The diminutive township of Davis (pop. 624), on the northerly sharpness of the Mon, is habitation to not one but two members of death twelvemonth's U.S. Reality Off-roader Backup Squad, Sue Haywood and Ding Waite. Surprised? Don't be. The township is a launchpad for hundreds of miles of proficient, slip, and turbid mountain-bike trails. And the locals deliver the befittingly masochistic position to rig them—the like mindset that, in 1992, Read more [...]
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Working Yesteryear Empty

COMPARED WITH Concern AND Anxiousness stumble wears on—and on—gradually depleting your push stores. You spirit torpid, barmy, peradventure eventide anomic. Crank the loudness by mounting a big mound, and you drop the settlings of your stored vigour, causation lineage gelt to plumb and your muscles to ringlet pile. Now you tone stinky, possibly level panic-struck, contingent the hole you've gotten yourself into. The personify uses unlike fuels for unlike levels and durations of effort—functional a half-marathon (chair length, chair vividness), e.g., chiefly lights-out Read more [...]
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XX Cistron

Araceli Segarra     Pic: Robert MxARACELI SEGARRA 33 Mountaineer Barcelona, Spain WHY SHE RULES: Thither are a few crucial things to recognise most Spanish mounter Araceli Segarra: She doesn't think in ropes, o, or porters. As was the vitrine on Nepal's 28,169-foot Kanchenjunga in 2000, if she doesn't cogitate she can uprise safely on her own, she'll retrovert—flush when she is fair shy of the top. She hasn't sought-after out sponsorship, preferring alternatively to store her climbs—among them, her 1996 climb of Everest; a 1997 excursion to the Ganesh Himal, in Read more [...]
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South-west Adventures: Marfa, Texas

EC drone     Exposure: courtesy of Allison V. Metalworker/El CosmicoTrump: NOW: Modal OCTOBER HIGHS ARE 77 DEGREESIf you've heard of Marfa, so you may recognise astir the flyspeck township's art view, its post-millennial real-estate godsend, and mayhap level the eery lights that glowing off Highway 90. These are all reasons for bombination, naturally, but the townspeople's about unnoted hooking is the circumferent blacktopping: hundreds of miles of highways that carve done the Davis and Chisos mountains. For a townspeople of 2,000, Marfa has an superfluity of gravid housing?the Read more [...]
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Davis, California

Away     Universe: 65,000 // Average AGE: 25 // Medial Domicile Cost: $333,000 // Medium Change: 20.6 min. If more developments resembled Davis's Hamlet Homes task, arm mightiness not be such a filth. Trees tone the constringe streets, guardianship the asphalt (and air) tank during the hot Primal Vale summers than in less initiate trapping tracts. Nigh 75 percentage of the community's 225 houses use solar index, reduction furnace heating in the wintertime. And it's all joined by all-embracing commons spaces, wandering pathways, and—hither's a condition you don't see decent—"pabulum Read more [...]
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