Many dangers lurking traveler in extreme conditions. In different regions of our diverse planet these dangers very differing. But there is a need for all of us, are not satisfied that we die very quickly, regardless of the natural area, which is in distress. it water demand! And the dangers we have in the absence of moisture saving – this dehydration. Of course, in some areas of natural water simply get hold of (Antarctica, jungle, forest, mountains), while others are extremely difficult or even impossible (ocean, steppe, desert, savanna). Yes, the ocean was in the list of water-scarce regions, Read more [...]
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Colossus Aquifer Observed in Kenya

Scientists in Kenya let observed an aquifer subject of confluence the nation's irrigate inevitably for capable 70 days. The aquifer is persuasion to grasp more 200 1000000000 three-dimensional meters of freshwater, and is approximately the sizing of Rhode Island. UNESCO and the Kenyan politics proclaimed the breakthrough on Wednesday. The research for weewee was funded by the Japanese regime and spearheaded by Alain Gachet, Chair and CEO of Radian Technologies Outside, a French society specializing in lifelike resourcefulness exploration. The squad ill-used a combining of radian and orbiter imaging, Read more [...]
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The Next of Skiing: Jeremy Jones

    Picture: Courtesy of Jeremy JonesWe’re approach into clock of bamboozle downslope, but it’ll be branch by punk kids who retrieve sledding external is nerveless.In 25 days, we’ll be in the men of the future propagation—the multiplication of kids that Protect Our Winters has been lecture at schooltime. That gives me around trust that we’ll see about determinate variety as a guild. Our schoolhouse programs lay it out: this is the humanity you’re development up in, hither are facts, hither are solutions.  We’re workings to acclivity knowingness Read more [...]
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Extraneous Mag, Mar 2011

Giant in the River     Pic: Picture by Eliseo Miciu/Heading StrainCONSUMEDS African Hendrik Coetzee was among the humans's near gifted whitewater kayakers, possessed with exploring the removed rivers of Africa. But afterwards a dec of living extremely high-risk low descents and explorative expeditions, he was set to let it trail one finis run in the Congou. That's when his chance ran out. By Grayson SchafferFad AGAINST YOUR CarHurled epithets, furious fists, tip-and-run crashes: in the new refinement wars betwixt drivers and cyclists, it's my way or the highway. Tom Vanderbilt saddles Read more [...]
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In Krasnoyarsk had the annual rainfall

Weather anomaly in Krasnoyarsk has made major adjustments in the usual daily life of citizens. For several days the utility in an emergency mode trying to clear the streets of snow drifts and ice, and the roofs of houses - from giant icicles. This rainfall in the region is not excluded for decades. Almost a million town stands in a traffic jam. And if you believe the forecasters, the citizens should be patient, because in the coming days is expected to snow. A few days in Krasnoyarsk and the surrounding area had the annual rainfall. Such a heavy snowfall in the region was more than 30 years. Read more [...]
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Flooded part of Italy

Leadership of some regions of Italy has asked the government to officially declare the affected areas from the weather emergency. Over the last few days of torrential rains most affected central Tuscany and Liguria. In the area of ​​Pisa (Tuscany) military arrived - they will help local residents to eliminate the consequences of the floods caused by rains and river floods. Authorities of Lucca (on the border of Tuscany and Liguria) state that the total damage from the disaster in the disaster area is 20 million euros. While 1.1 million are needed immediately for emergency rescue operations. Head Read more [...]
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In Rio de Janeiro, a landslide killed 11 people

Eleven people were killed in a landslide at a hotel in the resort area of ​​Angra dos Reis near Rio de Janeiro. The tragedy occurred on New Year's Eve. In the state of Rio de Janeiro, it was preceded by two days of heavy rains, which have caused numerous landslides. Just in the last days of December, in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro in mudslides killed 30 people, 35 are unaccounted for, according to ITAR-TASS. In the resort of Angra dos Reis, today announced a state of emergency. There sent additional forces rescuers. Their work may be difficult, as a tourist hotel, littered with Read more [...]
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Europe in the grip of snow and frost

In Switzerland snowfall resulted in casualties. In the Alps, as a result of avalanches killed seven people - tourists, skiers, as well as a doctor of the rescue team. People looking for a few days, but found too late. Another six victims were rescued a few days ago. Continued snowfall in the UK. Thermometer goes there to -15 ° C. Throughout the country, schools are closed, airports operate intermittently. No better, and the situation on the railways: rail swept snow and ice-covered, trains are. On the highway, people give up their cars. Many cars are literally buried under snow drifts. In the Read more [...]
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Mudslides in Egypt. Photo

Mudflows and floods are the result of three days of torrential rains in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. Victims of raging in the Sinai and southern Egypt three days of heavy rains that caused mudslides and floods have become 12 people, including a British tourist. Another 40 people were injured, and tens - unaccounted for. Such showers that passed the day before, was not here 16 years.Hostage disaster in Egypt were also about 300 rosiyskih tourists. Several coaches have been blocked due to flooding on the road Cairo - Sharm el-Sheikh. Almost daily passengers spent without food and water. Read more [...]
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Tornado and storm over Florida and California

Several homes destroyed in one of the districts in the state of Florida powerful tornado. In addition, in the course of its movement felled many trees. By happy coincidence, none of the residents was injured. Forecasters say that the risk of new and powerful tornadoes in the region remains high. According to meteorologists, the cause of tornadoes in the state is the collision of two weather fronts. For several days in Florida did not stop strong winds, accompanied by heavy rain, thunderstorms and hail. Tornado speed vortex flows which reached 120 kilometers per hour, was recorded today at 07:00 Read more [...]
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In the south — cold, northern -teplo

In these days of January frosty anticyclone put everything upside down. In the south of the European part of severe frosts, and to the north of anomalously warm. The reason cyclones moving through the water areas of the Arctic seas, do not miss the cold air, and the mean daily temperature on the eve of the north-east of European Russia was above normal by 12-16 degrees. In addition to heat, cyclones are snowfall, wind increase, raising the snowstorm. And in the area of ​​inclement weather, first of all, are the extreme northern regions of the Republic of Komi Vorkuta, Inta, Pechora, Usinsk. Today, Read more [...]
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Cheremshanskaya career

Mined nickel ore in it and passing the white marble. Over 40 years of service career, it was the depth of 250 meters. On the days of career two lakes, connected with each other channels. If you look from the top, aqua system remembers bukuvu N. Color of water in these 2-different lakes. In one color scheme of water over green. In another contrast, the blue gives. This fact is not marvelous.  Everything is depending on the composition of metal salts dissolved and in suspension in vode.S west side of Old Cheremshansk career is a road and it is perfectly visible. You can drive up to the edge Read more [...]
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The ridge Inaccessible

1 According to the Northern Railway Station Pechora (from Moscow 40 hours) or Kosyu (42 hours). 2 From the station to the village Pechora Voroshilovka on passing truck (up to 1 day). 3 Skiing Voroshilovki from ridge to Saber, 50 km (3 days). 4 Climbing to the top Sabres, 8 km (1 day). 5 Skiing through Aranetsky Pass (10 km) and along the eastern slope of the ridge to the river Vangyr Saber (31 km). Only 41 km (2 days). 6 Up the valley to the headwaters of the Right Vangyra Vangyra (40 km) and crossing the ridge impregnable to the border forests in the upper Parnuk (8 km). Only 48 km (3 days). 7 Read more [...]
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The tract Tishekle Tau Holey mountain

Funnels have a depth of 10 meters or more. Inside their trees grow. Ponor have some significant amount of up to 15 meters in diameter. Have a rugged form. On such days are open Ponor cave entrances. Here for a long time does not melt the snow, since sunlight seeping badly, and the cool air in the days of stagnant Ponor.It is said that the cave here stretch right up to the Big Kurmanaevskaya cave. But it is all natural stories. Although the tunnels underground, gypsum strata really is ina this account there are plenty of stories. Tunnels communicate with the surface wells, funnels. On certain Read more [...]
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Fogs, ice, drizzle

  Fog is the phenomenon of cloud air just above the surface of the earth, caused by suspended water droplets, ice crystals, or a mixture thereof with Visibility reduced to 1km and less. In most of the districts in the area of ​​excessive moisture and lack of heat supply Fog produced rare no more 11-26 days per year, compared to YAMAO from 12 to 40 days or even up to 151 Pa-ize. The greatest number of days with fog observed in Birch (26), Surgut and Khanty-Mansiysk (24 and 23 days, respectively), are an effect of large bodies of water of the Ob and Irtysh mode fogs. Maximum fog occurs in late Read more [...]
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In Western Siberia, the weather anomaly. Video

In some areas of the Omsk region at night the temperature drops to -50 °. This winter there have already recognized the coldest in the last 40 years. A similar situation is in the vicinity of Tyumen. Be on the road in this weather - a serious risk to life.For the freezing of the driver on the track to meet the crew of rescuers - means to survive. In the arsenal of every mobile location heating necessarily have warm clothes and hot tea. With the onset of winter just to the south of the Tyumen region emergency workers rescued thus almost 100 people. Rescuers are recognized: errors drivers Read more [...]
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Northern Urals. Climate and weather

The climate of the Northern Urals is sharply continental with long severe winters and short, cool summers. Spring is longer than the fall, since the transition from winter to summer is usually accompanied by frequent returns of colds. Overall severity of the climate of the Northern Urals due to high-latitude geographical location, large absolute and relative height and width of the mountain area, deep and complex dismembering her. This determines the nature of the typical mountain climate with a vertical change of climatic zones and the high variability of air temperature, precipitation and wind Read more [...]
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Flooding in the United States, people were rescued, clinging to trees

July 22, 2013. Severe flooding in the south-western United States. High water in the normally arid raided Arizona. The flooding was a heavy downpour - left the river banks. Water was coming very fast, flooded highways and dozens of motorists trapped in their own cars. Had to release them with the help of helicopters. Situation is not better in neighboring Mexico. In the north, the showers did not cease for three days. During this time, had the annual rainfall. High water has caused significant disruptions in the transport message. Podtopilo International Airport Chiuahua. Air carriers had to Read more [...]
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Radiation climate factors Urals

 Solar radiation is one of the main climate factors. There are direct, diffuse and total solar radiation. The net of all incoming and outgoing radiation fluxes  is the radiation balance.  On the light-resource areas to judge the duration of sunshine [1].  Duration of sunshine  radiance depends on latitude (day length), clouds and terrain. Frequency of clear days in the county more than at the same latitudes of the European part of Russia, respectively, and more Duration sunshine. The annual duration of sunshine in the district  changes  from  1700 (Brezovo) Read more [...]
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Practical recommendations for the route

Travel on the river Ufa has many advantages. These include first and foremost that it is circular, and it takes about a month. To move by rail from Moscow to the station. Nyazepetrovsk spent 21/2 days. 27 days takes boating on the river Ufa from Nyazepetrovsk to the city of Ufa (800 km), way back on the other rail from Ufa to Moscow 11.2 days. If sent from Moscow, the train tickets must be taken to the station Nyazepetrovsk through Kazan and Druzhinino. It is recommended that an express train Moscow Kuznetsk. At the station Druzhinino transfer to South Ural road. Trains here have to wait hours Read more [...]
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