Bringing death

Bladed weapons Indo-Iranian region. SwordsPersian miniatures depicting hunting scenes. XVI-XVII centuries. From the collection of GMV. But not only the straight and curved swords, some of which we have already discussed in a previous article, famous for the Indian subcontinent.Starting with the Muslim invasions, are increasingly replacing light saber swords come. Western researchers determine the type of sword (and some swords) in the form of a handle.This view does not seem very true. It is necessary to consider the subject in complex — and handle blade. Read more [...]
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Knotty Utah ‘Backwoodsman’ Captured

The infamous "Frontiersman," precious for a efflorescence of cabin break-ins concluded the death septet eld, was arrested Tuesday astern a abbreviated gunfight good Ferron Source, Utah. Troy James Knapp, 45, was reportedly tracked to a cabin in the Ferron Mountains, where he pink-slipped at a Section of World Prophylactic whirlybird. No one was injured in the catch.Knapp is a survivalist convicted of tercet burglaries even to break-ins, and suspected in 30 others. He was known for incoming summertime cabins in wintertime, stealth any guns and supplies he requisite, and going eccentric Read more [...]
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Navy Drops Bombs On Bang-up Roadblock Reef

The U.S. Navy jettisoned quadruplet unarmed bombs terminated the Large Roadblock Reef death hebdomad, sparking concerns among Australians that the undischarged gun could price the Humankind Inheritance Situation's ecosystem. Two jets on a grooming employment were conjectural to dip the bombs on the nearby Townshend Island bombardment stove, but were strained to abort the commission when it became unclutter that the place was not elucidate of civilians. A Navy representative explained that the jets were low on fire and that they were ineffectual to nation with the bombs onboard, forcing the pinch Read more [...]
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Promiscuous Campfire Desserts: Mythic Frozens

This is not a formula but a mere taxi to livelihood hooey quick-frozen aside from the deep-freeze. I’m death to try it on a multi-day mass or canoe stumble. You motivation: Icy treats. The more kinds, the amend. Medium-big tank. A newer, super-insulated, multi-day whole is scoop. Dry ice. Fin to vii pounds testament bed for 24 hours, 15 to 20 pounds for ternary years. Cinque to septenary pounds of dry ice should livelihood frozens for 24 hours, 15 to 20 pounds for 3 years. Duncical gloves Paper Channel tapeline Bear gloves to hold ice, which flash-freezes chassis on liaison. Enclose slices Read more [...]
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Adjoin of the Engines: The Almost Challenging Gelid Excursion in Story

    Picture: Tyler OlsonFive-spot eld ago, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, oft referred to as the man’s superlative support adventurer, began plotting to glom one of the death big milestones in glacial exploration: skiing 2,000 miles crosswise Antarctica in overwinter. Fiennes, who was the get-go to stretch the Northward and S Poles by country and is the oldest Britt to get climbed Everest (at age 65), primitively conceived the despatch as a two-man violation. But the commission was deemed so parlous—a saving is almost unimaginable in wintertime because of the frigidity—that Read more [...]
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Nearing the new year's eve..The whole world will celebrate. including Our Motherland..Champagne, Olivier, tangerines, the proclamation of the President , the chime. BUT..December 31, remains forever in the memory of a terrible date ..A disaster for the Russian Federation, have lost many of the best private otpriski.. a disaster for inconsolable mothers , wives became widows, for already grown up children who lost fathers..1994, December 31, new year's eve The 1st and 2nd battalions 131-Oh Maikop brigade, without the support of aviation and artillery, by order of the 1st of the freaks in the government Read more [...]
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Do more expensive pedal helmets match improve auspices?

A:Helmets but excogitate routine economical realities. You can expend $100 on a moderately full rainfall crownwork, or $400 for a Rattling goodness one. But the execution gap isn't a component of 4?it's more a constituent of one and a one-half or two. What do you get, so, in a $200 helmet such as the Giro Sole Ace Pneumo? In parting, way?the Only Asterisk exemplar of the Pneumo has conjuration red, tweed, and blueness artwork that you won't get elsewhere. You likewise get more chilling; the Pneumo has more, larger vents than near helmets. This way it weighs less, too. And, you're purchasing the Read more [...]
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Nikolai Sokolov

Nikolai Sokolov (1882, g.Mokshan Penza Province. 11.23.1924, Salbris place near Paris, France), a lawyer who investigated in ECAT., Then in Siberia and abroad circumstances of the death of the royal family and its relatives W. Penza graduated from high school. Then jurid. Faculty head of the Kharkov University. Served by the Department of Justice investigator for particularly important cases in Penza. Bolshevik government did not accept. Being harassed. In January. 1918 of the Court. authorities dismissed. Summer of 1918 he moved to occupied white Siberia. Was appointed court investigator for Read more [...]
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Ahead of time

    Among the mournful dates that Nizhny Tagil ever celebrate, should be attributed to 16 May. On this day in 1854 Lesser Wallachia in battle with the Turks killed one of wonderful people in Russia Andrei Karamzin, which to sketch "Dam" DN Mamin-Siberian wrote: "At the hospital area left of the road, stands a rather massive cast iron monument Kolmogorov Karamzin son of the famous Russian historian. This Karamzin was the second husband of the grandmother of the current factory owners and went missing in the Crimean campaign on coca something cavalry attack. On plants Read more [...]
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He was born eight years before the beginning of the past century

And in Nizhny Tagil appeared in 1922 with a degree in Medical University of Kazan. Slim, beautiful brunette in fashionable coat and hat, sitting on it with elegant negligence, caused the first caution in the team. What can we expect from this dandy, smacks of the fashionable rake?     However, the young specialist found such vast knowledge in medicine, especially in surgery, that of a hat and bright tie immediately forgotten. Within a few years Sergey A. Botashev became widely known in medical circles and enjoyed a great reputation. In those days was considered a very complex operation Read more [...]
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ATTENTION Mortally fearful kit AI-2

The hive mates, be careful , and if someone got - check the composition, not blindly trust your life to a negligent pharmaceutical companies.. And better - Collect the Indus. first aid kit for yourself.The video is narrated and illustrated history of the personal first aid Kit 2 (AI-2), its membership in the past and real (and this is a very different thing ) Now follow the annotations embedded in the AI-2 may be unsafe for health and even for life ..Mortally fearful kit AI-2 7:50Helen Adeyewa Read more [...]
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The weakness of the poet

Profession, vocation, hobby, hobbies, illness, mania, pathology, entertainment, general method of thinking and suffer, trash, second, third or fourth job, just self-expression, attractiveness writing, the only opportunity to speak, the writing itself, keeping a diary, memoirs, correspondence , notes with or without cause, provocatively-proklamatsionnoe pismotvorchestvo, scientific writing, stihopisanie, versifikatorstvo of any kind, and stihodumanie stihostradanie, word creation and tekstotvorchestvo - that's for you to the writer. No writer (person writing, often a journalist, PR and so on. N.), Read more [...]
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On the death of fish in the river Ohta

July 3, 2013 employees of the department of Fisheries in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region of the Northwest Territorial Administration Rosrybolovstva left to survey the waters of the Okhta River in the vicinity of the house №8 primer on the highway in order to check the other day and received disk imaging mass death of fish. In marked place Fisheries inspectors found in the middle of the Okhta River, near the left bank and on the riverside dead fish. As reported by the press service of the Northwest Territorial Administration Rosrybolovstva a total length of coastline, where the deceased Read more [...]
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Do not be sad, I’m with you

    With any death can not be accept. Especially when it seems that nothing of her portends. The death of Tagil artist Nicholas The nose is still difficult to believe it. Read more [...]
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Certificate of fact of death. What to do?

According to the law the fact of death must be certified by the registry of civil status. On the basis of medical certificates they issue a death certificate. If the death occurred in a hospital or other medical institution, it certifies the attending physician who makes the appropriate entry in the history and issues a certificate. If the death occurred outside the home (on the street or in care), then it should be verified by the ambulance doctor, you want to call. If the death occurred as a result of accident or of an accident, it can be verified by the police officer or the Read more [...]
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Deputies are trying to prevent the possibility of mass death of fish in the Volga

In April last year located on the River Volga Zhigulyovskaya hydroelectric power during the flood was produced by high-spirited water discharge. Due to the hydrostatic pressure differential death occurred 10 s of thousands of fish during the spawning season. In January of this year at a meeting of the Committee on Agriculture and Food Samara Regional Duma deputies spotted draft proclamation in JSC "RusHydro". The letter offered to change the mode of operation of hydroelectric power stations during the flood, set hourly water flow through hydroelectric. Earlier the same appeal was directed to Read more [...]
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Deadly diseases of the Apocalypse …

Continuing the theme of medicine after BP want to describe some of the modern pose no risk of diseases that can lead to death due to lack of modern methods of treatment. Need for a separate topic caused quite optimistic and careless attitude towards my warnings ... (Evolution as bent)Since I am a practicing physician and have some idea of ​​the general nature of the disease process and the organism's response to them (he studied pathological physiology) I consider myself competent enough to write this material.When the apocalyptic conditions of life, "a typical survivalist" will suffer Read more [...]
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Those responsible for the mass death of fish in the river Ohta have not been identified

Experienced inspectors surrounding the company discharged waste water with a high content of pollutants, but these faults were not a prerequisite for ecological disaster in Okhta, Leningrad region. August 8, 2013 RPN published the results of administrative investigations into violations of the requirements for the protection of water bodies - the Okhta River. Recall, first of July this year, local residents said on conservation organizations about the death of fish in the river Ohta. Specialists RPN together with the employees of the FBI, "Center for laboratory analysis and process measurements Read more [...]
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Giant rabselkorovskoy Army

     Under the headline May 5, 1935, Day 6 press, "Tagilke" published an article dedicated to the memory of our newspaper Rabkor Gregory Semenovich Bykov, brutally murdered on April 12 of that year.     In Nizhny Tagil street named after him in the neck of one of the districts, and there stands a monument to him. However, in our time, when many faces blurred, black becomes white and vice versa surname Bulls have little to say to a new generation, even those who live on the street that bears his name. Well, there was supposedly a Rabkor (that someone Read more [...]
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Abamelek-Lazarev mine owners, successors and heirs Lazarev. Regular-lyami dynasty were Khristoforovna Elizabeth (1832-1904), daughter and heiress of the last member of the genus Lazarevs patrilineal H.E.Lazareva and her husband gene-l-Ret Prince Semyon Davidovich Abamelek (1815-88), who came from a noble Georgian family, was a relative of the king's native Georgian Bagrationi, who after the death of H.E.Lazareva decree in 1873 was assigned to the name of Lazarev, after which they were named Abamelek-Lazarev. In 1863 Semyon Davidovich of the Permian Gornozavodsk behalf of his wife, and in 1871 Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).