• Interpretation of traceMark always asks interpretation, because all moved or thrown exposed to time. Time will affect the trail from its inception in 3 main ways: repeated movement, erosion and premature camouflage.Repeat the move is due to the fact that the trail case displaced by others who have it or through it. Garbage, for example, dropped in one place, can be moved to another, sticking his to the shoes of the people walking or moved by the wind. Combat position can be occupied by 2 different groups at different times, the result will be overloaded with traces of 2 different periods. When Read more [...]
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Weirdest Upwind: Haboobs

A haboob forward-moving ended Khartoum, Sudan, April 2007.     Exposure: STR/GettyWHAT: A roily bulwark of sandpaper and debris capable a knot high-pitched and moving at speeds capable 60 mph.WHERE: Principally in Northwards Africa, Australia, the Center E, and the U.S. Sw.HOW: As a thunderstorm dies, dry downdrafts capable 100 mph cast unloose guts and debris into the air.SUPERFREAKS: In January 2013, Australian tower workers close the coastal townspeople of Onslow snapped cell-phone photos of a Creamsicle-colored haboob, a 50-mph orangish giant that integrated with a billowy ovalbumin Read more [...]
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In Mexico, crashed and exploded unknown object

On Wednesday, February 10, in the skies over central Mexico swept the fireball, which fell in the end at the border of the states of Hidalgo and Pachuca. According to the locals, was witnessed by "a bright flash followed by a crash from which shook homes and buildings." What it was - a UFO, a military strike, meteor, space debris? In the first minutes after the outbreak of the population there was panic. It has been suggested that there was a falling meteorite. The police, who had left the scene, decided that the approximate time of the fall of the celestial body to be considered Feb. 11 15:30 Read more [...]
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Landslide in Sochi

Due to the vanishing of debris landslide in the area ferrying Chemitokvadzhe - anchor slot in the Big Sochi movement stopped 12 passenger trains heading to Adler in the opposite direction. "Debris Flow weight came off at 4:30 MSK just before a passenger train Vorkuta-Adler. The engineer could stop the locomotive. At the scene, sent about a hundred specialists North-Caucasian railway and recovery train "- told in the administration of the railway station Adler. The reason for the vanishing of debris landslide I became heavy precipitation. Source: Newspaper Read more [...]
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survival note vyginalnye stuff

With the rapid development of science and technology in our world come in tons of new waste and, consequently, obstacles to its disposal. Camping is no exception. The main discrepancy favorite tourist sites, places for picnics or camping is a great trash. Though guilty of this in the main city "plans" coming to the picnic, if our tour brothers, everyone should respect one fundamental rule: "Always leave the Parking lot after themselves cleaner than it was before the arrival". If the Parking lot is littered regardless of who was here before you cleanse it.For beginning to advance to abbility Read more [...]
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Heavy rains pedophile houses in Karachay-Cherkessia

In the heavy rain in the night of Friday, six houses in the village Casinomost Karachai region Karachaevo-Cherkessia flooded, - said the head of the administration of the rural settlement Azret Ali Karaev. Garayev said that debris flows that come down from the mountain gorges, damaged roads and flooded the gardens of the villagers, the water is in the basement and in the courtyards of houses. The head of the settlement also stated that victims among the population there, and the reconstruction work will begin immediately, as water will fall. In the data point is calculated the damage Read more [...]
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SEL fell in Almaty region

In Almaty region fell SEL, cutting off the village road. According to the press service of the emergency Ministry of Kazakhstan, there were no casualties, informs IA news-Kazakhstan. \"On Tuesday evening in the pool of the Aksay river in the past intense precipitation occurred a small debris flow discharge\", — the message says. According to the Ministry, debris mass blocked the road. The height of the descending mass amounted to 20-40 cm. Source: Read more [...]
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The carcasses of animals that died as a result of Typhoon \”Fnapi\”threaten the South China epidemics

Maoming About a thousand Chinese soldiers hastily buried in the burial lot of dead animals and other debris remaining on the banks of rivers in southern China after Typhoon \"Fnapi\". According to the Xinhua news Agency, rotting garbage threatens the supply of settlements with clean water and creates preconditions for the emergence of epidemics. Especially dangerous is the situation in Momine - the city's seven million population is most affected by the disaster Guangdong province. After the Typhoon has left tons of debris and animal remains which bear river reservoir, Gojo - third the size Read more [...]
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Brazil recorded a strong tornado

September 24, 2013. After the crushing blow of a tornado in the Brazilian municipality Taquarituba, located 328 km to the East, Sao Paulo, state of emergency declared. Residents of the municipality still can't understand heaps of crumpled cars, fallen trees and other debris left by a wind funnel on almost every street Taquarituba. At the time of natural disasters here, two people were killed, another 64 were injured. One of the victims was the bus driver raised in the air flow of the wind and thrown on the road; bus passengers survived. The second man died under the debris of the sports hall. In Read more [...]
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Hundreds of homes were damaged in Afghanistan due to debris flows

Hundreds of homes Afghans were injured and thousands of hectares of fertile land have been washed away as a result of descent from the mountains of debris flows in the Western Afghan province of Herat. In the night of Saturday debris flows down from the mountains once in seven districts of the province — Both, Shindand, the Injil, Hazara, Qurban, Kohistan and Cock. Most suffered the Shindand district, where the flood had carried away in an unknown direction home about ten local residents. Currently the site of a disaster has left the rescue teams. Source: MK Read more [...]
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In South-West China by the mudslide blocked 7 thousand cars

Several roads in Wenchuan County, Sichuan province in southwest China blocked as a result of gathering debris debris flows caused by heavy rains. At highway speed, room 213 destroyed a hundred-meter section of the road. As reported on Monday, Chinese seal, remain locked about 7 thousand cars. The rains also caused landslides and change the course of rivers, said the Xinhua news Agency. About the victims of the disaster are not reported. In some areas of Sichuan province over the weekend dropped to 100 mm of precipitation. According to weather forecasts, the rain will continue, ITAR-TASS Source: Read more [...]
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The landslide cut off the road in Lanao del Norte, Philippines

December 31, 2010. Linamon, Lanao del Norte, Philippines - Thursday, 20:00 local time landslide caused by heavy rains, blocked part of the national highway along the border of two villages - Lapinig and Dongguan. Lieutenant Jayson Tornio, the group commander Charlie 35 infantry battalion, said that the early rains have washed away the hills near the highway which flows of mud and debris had blocked the road. Hundreds of passengers travelling in the midst of the holidays, was blocked until 2 a.m. Friday until the detachment of local traffic engineers using heavy equipment to clean debris from dirt Read more [...]
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Dust storm in Pakistan

Satellite image of sandy storm over Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The layer of sand almost completely hides the outlines of the continent. on may 21. Strong sand storm has hit many coastal districts of Sindh and Balochistan. Visibility was less than 200 meters in some places it fell to 50 meters. Difficulties with landing experienced aircraft on international and domestic routes from several South-Pakistani airports (Sukkur, Nawabshah, Quetta and Gawadar). Many of them just left and flew back to either landed at airports in other districts. For reasons of security at the airport, Karachi to Read more [...]
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The height of the ISS orbit raised by 2.5 km

The average altitude of the International Space Station (ISS) has been increased by almost 2.5 kilometers, to create optimal conditions for the docking of manned spacecraft "Soyuz TMA-07M," the representative said Sunday near Moscow Mission Control Center (MCC-TsNIImash).Earlier it was planned that the correction will take place on Thursday, but the maneuver was unexpectedly postponed at the request of the American side in less than an hour before the start of the operation, because at the right time is one of the structural elements of solar panels had not taken the required position.ISS Read more [...]
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ISS solar panel meteorite struck

One of the solar panels of the International Space Station (ISS) is damaged micrometeorites. This was announced on Sunday, general director Gennady Raikunov Engineering Research Institute. "Most likely, one of the cooling pipe was broken solar cells. And what is - no one saw. Because the particles are obviously quite small. Now this whole situation is investigated. A complex of measures to address the problem, "- quote Raykunova online media. According to him, the specialists of the Russian-American Commission is currently studying the state of the ISS. Add Read more [...]
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Launch a satellite into space in 30 years will be the unrealistic

The existence of space as the industry could be in danger of extinction in thirty years. To launch a payload will be the goal malodostizhimoy. This unexpected prediction voiced head of the department of space astrometry of the Institute of Astronomy at the Congress Lydia Rykhlova astronomers at the observatory Kourovka UFU. "Every month the International Space Station have to make several maneuvers care to avoid a collision with space debris," - said Lydia Rykhlova our agency. According to the scientist, at the moment, Russian astronomers because of the small number of radars and Read more [...]
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ISS did not oppose the cosmic bullets

It was not even a meteorite, and a small splinter. However, the damage inflicted grave - a solar panel will probably need to be repaired. Micrometeors was so small that on Earth, its rapprochement with the space station is simply not noticed. And they could not see. Russian space control system, the heart of which the Mission Control Center outside Moscow, captures only an approximation much larger objects. "The screen parameters are visible to the dangerous proximity of the ISS space object debris objects.'s The picture the outlines of the ISS, the contours of the debris. Currently, Read more [...]
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Dead animals killed by typhoon Fanapi threaten South China epidemics

Maoming About a thousand Chinese soldiers hastily buried in the cemeteries many dead animals and other debris left on the banks of rivers in southern China after typhoon "Fanapi." As the agency Xinhua, garbage threatens supply communities with clean water and creates conditions for disease outbreaks. Particularly dangerous situation in Maoming - a city with a population of seven millionth located in the most affected by the disaster in Guangdong Province. After the typhoon left tons of debris and remains of animals that are in the river reservoir Gaochzhou - the third largest reservoir Read more [...]
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The Ministry of emergency situations: the Number of landslides will increase

January 25, 2013. Center \"anthestiria\" when EMERCOM of the Russian Federation promises to increase the number of disasters caused by debris flow, landslide and landslide-scree processes in 2013 compared with the previous year, reports \"RIA Novosti\". The main reason for the increase in the number of such difficult situations rescuers called the growth in the number of dangerous hydrometeorological phenomena, such as increased melting of glaciers, high precipitation in autumn and winter, deep freezing of the soil, and the imposition of rain on melting snow. The highest risk of landslides and Read more [...]
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USA: Tornadoes in the state of Georgia

March 8, 2013. Early in the morning in a small village in County Glascock, GA, swept by a tornado. The wind speed inside the funnel reached 160 km/h From people no one was hurt, what can be said about local attractions - a small Baptist Church. Its bell tower was taken down by a gust of wind together with the roof. In addition funnel dealt with dozens of trees in the area and tombstones in the cemetery near the Church. During a tornado damaged three houses. In this regard, about 10 people were forced to seek temporary shelter. Assistance in accommodation for families left without a home, invited Read more [...]
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