Novgorod, Suzdal Bulgars: Scramble for Ural

But not for long monopoly of Novgorod took abundant, more­gatuyu tribute with Permian and Ugra tribes. Having heard about tamoshnem silver and fur galore flocked only Novgorod bins, they decided to grab some of this good and eager for other people's property Volga Bulgars. Gaining momentum northern Russian principalities, too, began to equip their squads to profit precious furs. The first phase of the struggle between them for zavolotskie tribute length­familiarize about a hundred years, until the Mongol our­tion. About a hundred years in a row in the annals of Russian come across something Read more [...]
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Kiev: the Sun and the object

on 2 may. For our office Aidar has sent a letter with the video. Here is what he writes: \"About half an hour ago saw over Kiev halo around the sun, decided to shoot from the window of the phone. Video came out, halo you can see, but when viewed on the computer noticed near the sun a little ball, decided to shoot him. At first thought it was a flare, but it has not been changed, not distorted and not acted like a flare in the video there is a glare, it is possible to distinguish one from another). In General I understand it is \"the same\" planet Hae.\" Update put the dot on the sun Read more [...]
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9 most unlucky people in the world

If you think you are unlucky or something goes wrong, believe me, there are people who are much worse. Some residents of the world are doomed to live with horrible defects, there are those who can be called clear outsiders among others. And on their background, many problems seem minor and not so scary. Take a look at this list of people.1. Big win in the lotteryThe whole village has won the lottery, except for one guy. Each year, on the eve of Christmas in Spain play large sums of money in a lottery El Gordo, which translates as "Fat Man."Residents of a tiny village called Sodeto Read more [...]
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In Tokyo, the restaurant opened, serving with the dirt for $ 110

In the capital of Japan, a French seafood restaurant, which offers visitors a special "Small menu tasting" for $ 110. Each delicious dish from the list seasoned unusual ingredient - mud. "This is a seafood restaurant, so that all the dishes are filled with aroma of the ocean - the restaurant owner said Ne Pas Quittez Toshio Tanabe in an interview with CNN. - But I was looking for harmony and to balance the elements, has decided to add fragrance of the earth. " Signature dish menu - it's truffle soup, oysters and ice cream. All of them are prepared with the addition Read more [...]
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The monument bears in Kamchatka will be under heavy guard

Bear on the right is the master of Kamchatka! Last year kamchattsy owner of this place was built a monument that has become a hallmark of the Kamchatka region. The monument was erected in the vicinity of Elizovo.The composition is carved out of stone in the life-size bear and cub. In this bear is in its stone mouth "Kamchatka Gold" salmon - a fish that is found in abundance in the waters of Kamchatka. The monument is crowned with the phrase: "Here begins Russia."It would seem that this beautiful monument destined to stand for decades, but human stupidity brought about changes. Read more [...]
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Meet the winners of the Darwin Awards – 4

We have become accustomed to the annual award of the outstanding people who have attained some success in a particular area, marks of distinction. For example, filmmakers awarded with the prize "Oscar", the musicians - "Grammy", distinguished scholars and writers marked the prestigious Nobel Prize, etc. But people are so arranged that they want to highlight not only the successes but also failures. For example, there was a prize "Silver Shoe", awarded for the most ridiculous achievements in show business. And the Darwin Award, which conditionally awarded to persons Read more [...]
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Meet the winners of the Darwin Awards -3

Prestige Award Darwin is questionable. For her sake, do not make movies, do not compose great music, do not make plays. And it honored only those lucky ones who have managed to go to the forefathers in the most ridiculous way, mainly due to the own stupidity. Sudden passion Two lovers could not keep the passion and decided to indulge in amorous pleasures right where she was overcome them. All anything, but it happened on the busy highway in Brazil - Via Dutra. Early in the morning, when normal people are asleep, the lovers decided to make a stop to enjoy the proximity of each other. Their Read more [...]
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Meet the winners of the Darwin Awards -2

Darwin Awards - a virtual prize, which is awarded to those members of the human race, who left the world of the living most stupid way. Human stupidity, unfortunately, is unlimited and not to repeat the mistakes of others, there will be more than familiar with some heroes deserve, maybe not so honorable, but still reward. I went in a little A native of the U.S. state of Florida, Shawn Montero, returning with friends from the bar, stuck in traffic. Drunk beer gradually began remind yourself, but the movement, unfortunately, was not restored. At one point, Sean realized that endure longer in the Read more [...]
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Meet the winners of the Darwin Awards

Darwin Award winners never went for the award on the red carpet. These people have never heard the applause of enthusiastic fans and posed for photographers, taking a picture pose. Moreover, they are never kept in the hands of the prize and did not receive monetary compensation, as at the time of the award of an honorary award they have left this earthly world. The most ridiculous way. For which he won the award. Last supper Fan of beans and sauerkraut, whose name was not disclosed, had dinner before going to sleep tight. Fearing freeze, poor guy decided not to leave the window open Read more [...]
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A resident of Uruguay tried to repeat the action shooter from Connecticut

17/12/2012 A resident of Uruguay tried to follow the example of Adam Lanza, who was shot in a school in the town of Newtown Konniktikute, USA, 26. A young man of eighteen entered the building of the medical center in Paysandú and began shooting at people were present. However, he could not even hurt anyone - the police stopped the shooter after the third shot. Despite the lack of deaths and injuries, the medical center staff and the local population had fallen into a serious panic.The failed assassin told about several reasons for his action: first, he liked the action of Adam Lanza and he decided Read more [...]
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Weather satellites can skip the next hurricane Sandy

The ability of meteorologists to predict the approach of various storms depends on weather satellites, several times a day fly around the Earth. However, warns General Accounting Administration, USA, confusion reigning among military and meteorologists, could adversely affect the performance of various natural weather phenomena. Since the seventies of the last century, America led a polar orbit weather satellites are two types: one is under the control of public weather services, others belong to the military. In 1994, the U.S. government decided to merge in order to save the satellites under Read more [...]
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Myths and legends of Buryatia

Whether the story, whether true story. Who will wave a hand, they say, nonsense! And someone had seen. Of sound mind and memory, as they say. In this land where Buddhism and shamanism are intertwined, the spirits are revered and worshiped gods, anything may happen. The real mystery of nature, or a joke? No one knows, but that's what people said ..."Ghost" against the traffic police postThis story took place in the mid 90's in the village of Bar Mukhorshibirskiy district. Police decided to put the local road traffic police post. Took the initiative as it were, in the home Read more [...]
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Scientists have discovered a bird's milk

European scientists have found that there is indeed a pigeon milk. And it is not candy, but a real. According to the latest data, it can be found in a number of birds, flamingos, pigeons, parrots, crossbills, some species of penguins. It bears little resemblance to the usual liquid milk, the consistency it seems, rather, to cottage cheese. Formed in the crop and that they feed their young birds. And the pigeons both parents can give the milk mixing thymus liquid with particles of food. But in ancient times, did not know about. According to legend, it was such a bird of paradise milk to nurse Read more [...]
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Scientists decided to disturb the remains of the father of Alexander the Great

For this it was specifically authorized by the Central Archaeological Council, authorizing the removal of the remains of a great king and commander of its conversion into a museum of the underground tomb in Vergina in northern Greece.Greek scientists decided to disturb the remains of Philip II / 382-336 years. BC / king of Macedonia and the unifier of Greece, father of Alexander the Great. A small part of the skeleton of the monarch, subtle diplomat and fearless warrior, who became lame and lost an eye because of personal involvement in countless battles, and killed the conspirators before he Read more [...]
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Weather satellites can skip the next hurricane sandy

February 20, 2013. The ability of meteorologists predict a different storms depends on weather satellites, several times a day falling the Ground. However, warns the Main government accountability office the U.S., the confusion that prevails between the military and meteorologists, may adversely affect the efficiency of the forecasts of various natural phenomena. Since the seventies of the last century, America put into polar orbit two types of weather satellites: some are controlled by the state meteorological services, others belong to the military. In 1994, the U.S. government decided to save Read more [...]
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Lisp Russia

Authoritarian China, overturning the traditional European view, not only created a dynamic economy, but also extremely effective system of selection and periodically changing senior government officials. By the way, the first thing it would hardly be possible without the other. No tandems, no nuggets to grab the power drain from the bottom of some of Shanghai Municipality. Around the world have long known that in two years at the head of China's rise PRC Vice President, Member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, President of the Party School of Read more [...]
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AL project Zavenyagin

The Super 1956 weighed 26 tons. Dump it was a Tu-95, in whose charge bombolyuka not even placed. In the ground "to get different degrees of destruction," had planned to bring the ships - the leader of "Baku" destroyers "Furious" and "Terrible" minesweeper T-219, submarine S-16 and S-19, and a pair trawlers with Wooden case: for them wanted to find out - they will be burned by radiation or not burn? Such a powerful bomb feared even Test yourself: in fact, according to their calculations, the overpressure from the explosion could occur not only in the Amderma Read more [...]
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Gives a way

In Elovka, by our calculations, we had to come in 12 hours, as the track was good. Crossed two clearing overgrown grass taller than a man. 2.5 miles from Elovka trail going influx Erldagou suddenly split up: the right was an old, overgrown, and the left - fresh. Turned left, steps were 200, and our trail disappeared. But looking it up a bit and decided to look for rail-seat center. They were nowhere to be found. Circling in search zatesok we finally lost direction ... Cudi go? We departed from the river so that it could be heard. Therefore, lost. It's a shame, because the village Read more [...]
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Home test and the first impression of the dynamo lights (hand and forehead)

I decided to write about a mortal, of bread. O devices and devices that can we (everyone) to help in case of emergency. At the project a lot has been written about dynamo lights. The very idea of an independent source of light and, more importantly, power (even for charging casual phone or GPS-navigator), bribes and makes thoughtful. And I'm on my own experience (which is better remembered and noticeable) decided to try the Offline dynamo lights (lamps, charging and working on muscle strength of your right or left hand, with the integrated dynamo-machine).The other day I bought two dynamo Read more [...]
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Eye injuries

The vast majority of injuries occur in the home, with the introduction of industrial training in the school there have been cases of injury and in the classroom work, school workshops for non-compliance with sanitary requirements for plumbing, woodworking and other industries, due to improper placement and inadequate fencing of machinery and other equipment , to conform to the height of the growth of students, low-quality tool, improper lighting of the workplace, as well as lack of or improper use during collective and individual eye protection. Vadim P., age 14, completed its mission without the Read more [...]
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