Almost all pharmaceutical plants owned outright several healing qualities - this is their advantage over chemical products. Herbs that have antiseptic, in other words bactericidal and cleansing action, very much.If you use grass and flowers, it prepares the infusion of the medicinal raw material is poured hot boiling water and infuse for 30 minutes to 2 hours.Roots, rhizomes and bark used for making decoctions. They are filled with cool water and boiled on a water bath for 30 minutes.Alcohol tinctures for washing, rinsing and irrigation of the nasal mucosa and larynx, also the ears are not recommended Read more [...]
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means so I'm preparing for the apocalypse survival after such (unless of course will survive at the time of its occurrence) after which nothing will never be still. think about this, no matter how many products do not prepare, sooner or later they will end, and that someone was paying attention to vitamins in his haversack generally not seen here. and I'll put in the collection thereof, at least there food because looting has not been canceled and a maximum of vitamins. Scurvy, or as it is called skobut - a disease that is a consequence of the lack of the human body of vitamin C, that is scurvy Read more [...]
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Health care during survival. What to do?

General recommendations: • During halts wash your hands with cold water, remove clothing, vytryahivanie her and ventilate. Shoes need to be dried. • Daily wipe the skin between the toes with a soap solution. You can also pour skin folds pounded into dust dry mushroom-tinder, pounded into dust sheets Ivan-tea, sphagnum moss. Sphagnum moss is widely distributed in the swamps, he has a red or yellow tint. His tear, purified from crude lower parts of the stem, wring out by hand and dried in the air. Then grind to make it softer and softer. This moss absorbs moisture and contains Read more [...]
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survival greenish pharmacy

Pharmaceutical forms of plants: infusions, decoctions, tinctures, extracts, ointments.* Infusions and decoctions - water extract of pharmaceutical raw materials or water a mixture of extracts, specially prepared for this purpose. Infusions prepared from a frail parts of plants (grass, leaves, flowers), just giving your existing start; from the rough parts (stems, bark, roots, rhizomes), if you retrieve just volatile substances (essential oils) or substances simply decomposing under the influence of higher temperature (glycosides). Prepare infusions at a rate of 1:10 (bearberry leaves of digitalis), Read more [...]
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For tourist: Mushroom extract

Take only the white mushrooms, aspen and boletus. After painstaking washing shredded mushrooms are added to the pan where the water flows at the rate of 250 g (one glass) for 1 kg of mushrooms, with lemon acid are added (on the tip of a knife) and 1 teaspoon of salt. All it boil for 30 minutes with constant stirring and removing the foam.Cooked mushrooms Recline on a colander to drain the broth to give time, after which they mince and squeeze out the juice of mushrooms. Decoction mixed with the juice squeezed out, and the whole mass is boiled twice The resulting extract is poured into jars Read more [...]
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Natural medicine and remedies

For many diseases, there are natural natural remedies, if you know where to look. For millennia, medicine and drugs were made from various herbs, plants and natural substances, and many of them are currently in use, are made from plant materials. Not all traditional medicines are approved by modern doctors, some were based more on the association with the plant, than on their medicinal properties - although unusual color and appearance are often characteristic. Such plants as pimpernel field and burdock, used to cleanse the blood, are mostly red, and those that are used to treat jaundice, including Read more [...]
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