Measurement of strain wads dynamics

Discussion on the pages of the iris of the wads of deformation does not fade, and the number of comments is approaching fifty. Of course, different people have different points of view on this and other matters, which is quite natural. As you know, in a dispute born truth, and the criterion of truth - practice. I'll try to expand a little bit about it, adding to the static requirements (see. EGR №10) dynamic tests. For this purpose, the device has been made, shown in FigureTests were conducted as follows. In the sleeve 3 inserted two wad-container Donets, directed towards each other. The gap Read more [...]
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Treatment of deformations maxillofacial region in patients with congenital cleft lip and NBA

One of the important problems in the complex treatment of patients with congenital cleft lip and palate is to prevent and eliminate strains maxillofacial region. If before the main task was considered restoring integrity of the upper lip and palate, it is now considered the need to remove and related strains. Much attention has been paid to this issue in the last two decades. A number of papers on the nature of deformation maxillofacial region in children with congenital cleft lip and palate. However, to date there is no consensus in the assessment of causes of the deformity. There is an assumption Read more [...]
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Fractures of the phalanges

Fractures of the phalanges more common in skiers with incorrect use of cable (tether). Symptoms. Often occurs comminuted fracture primary or middle phalanges. Fracture, usually with displacement, comminuted, characterized deformation and shortening the finger. Significant swelling and bleeding smooth deformation. Axial loading thumb causes pain at the fracture site, there is defined an abnormal mobility crepitations fragments. Treatment. Treatment closed fractures of the phalanges are generally conservative. At the fracture site is introduced 2.1% solution of novocaine, then made manually Read more [...]
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X-ray picture of gastric cancer according to tumor location

In cancer of the gastric body, depending on the structure macromorphological tumors can create a variety of X-ray picture. The most common radiological signs of tumor in this department are: the characteristic deformation of the stomach, filling defect with the presence of ulceration or without him, and a combination of these symptoms (Fig. 10a). Basic methodological condition early recognition of cancer of the body is the study of the form of the stomach, its contours and topography of the mucous membrane with polipozitsionnoy fluoroscopy and radiography at different degrees of filling a suspension Read more [...]
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Changes in rocks

*) 143 000 person-cm. Annex A-Note. Ed. **) By 1977, further surveys materials suggest that some of the lift has already started to fall, but the swelling of the crust was stretched along the San Andreas Fault at 600 km.It is known that almost all a few meters below the surface of the Earth's rocks saturated with groundwater. Water saturates the rock and fills them all cracks and pores. Researchers investigated what happens to the samples vodonasy-saturated rocks, when subjected to laboratory testing in compression, which uses powerful press, similar to car jacks. It Read more [...]
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