Beaver in belehovski

So, today we are preparing a beaver.Take the sleeve for bakingBeaver meat soaked 12 hours changing the water at least 5 times.Then you can soak another 5 hours a solution of vinegar (optional)Take the cabbage and separate sheets, laying on the bottom of the sleevesSeasonings can be any. I took these:Cut the largest Bulgarian pepper. It will be laid meatDo not forget to salt !!We close the sleeve and put in the oven at 200 degreesBe sure to poke a few small holes sleeve. Otherwise, the sleeve will break par!An hour later, the temperature has lowered to 150 degrees. Next product looks soRemove the Read more [...]
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The Track Moon-curser’s Pail Leaning: Hellgate 100K, Virginia

    Exposure: Courtesy of Wikimedia CommonalityHeld rich in the Dark Ridgepole Mountains, the Hellgate extremist covers 66 miles, with 13,500 sum feet of alt advance. If that's not decent, it starts at midnight in December; on backwash day, it’s been 12 degrees and icy, 70 degrees and humid, and everything in betwixt. Participants in the backwash can wait yearn mound climbs, river crossings, and infuse proficient sections.Acquiring into the Hellgate is nigh as laborious as run it. The slipstream is minor, with solitary 140 competitors, all handpicked by wash conductor and Read more [...]
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The Reductivism Appetizer Kit: Durability and Lightness

    Photograph: James ProvostDo these drills double in successiveness two years a hebdomad for 30 to 50 yards on matt background.Rearwards LUNGES: Helps actuate your glutes and hamstrings, which improves coordination.Fudge AND PIGEON Walkway: To addition ankle mobility, twist your feet in 45 degrees (see supra), don’t curve your knees, return foresighted strides, and remain the out-of-door of your arches. So routine your feet out 45 degrees, don’t crease your knees, yield myopic stairs, and remain the interior of your arches.SKIPPING: Try and precipitate immobile, which Read more [...]
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Indian Apple Farmers Mind to Himalayas

Trembler missional Samuel Evans Stokes outset introduced American Red Delectable apple trees to India in 1916 and they get full-grown thither always since, encouraging a full-bodied apple agrarian manufacture. But now the trees are threatened by a ever-changing clime, drive farmers promote and encourage up into the Himalayas to acquire their crops.Speedy heating has open many high-level areas such as Kinnaur and Lahaul, antecedently intellection to be too cold-blooded and dry, to finish. According to a Harvard sketch, median rise temperature rosebush by 1.5 degrees C since 1982, a hale stage grater Read more [...]
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The Train Offset’s Pail Number: Hellgate 100K, Virginia

    Exposure: Courtesy of Wikimedia CommonHeld inscrutable in the Blueness Ridgepole Mountains, the Hellgate extremist covers 66 miles, with 13,500 amount feet of alt gather. If that's not decent, it starts at midnight in December; on backwash day, it’s been 12 degrees and icy, 70 degrees and humid, and everything in betwixt. Participants in the subspecies can bear foresightful mound climbs, river crossings, and plunge expert sections.Acquiring into the Hellgate is well-nigh as grueling as functional it. The subspecies is modest, with lonesome 140 competitors, all handpicked Read more [...]
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Warmth Batters Spell of California

Deuce-ace riders are out of the Amgen Hitch of California afterwards lacking the clock cut on the day's commencement phase. Temperatures reached overrun 90 degrees with readings on the sidewalk transcendent 100 degrees. Two of Orica GreenEdge's key domestiques, Michael Hepburn and Fumiyuki Beppu, on with Taylor Shelden of 5 Hr Vim/Kenda befuddled near 37 proceedings abaft organism distanced on the climbs."They had a genuinely bad day, and a bad response to the oestrus. They've arrive from a genuinely insensate springiness in Europe, where at its warmest was 20 degrees (Celsius) tank than it Read more [...]
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Cycling Pro Tips: What to Wearing in Any Conditions

Equitation in the blow requires particular appurtenance.     Exposure: Don BurkettTied the almost experient racers can be caught short by the conditions. But in an pinch, the pros can DNF and hop into the squad car. That’s not an choice for the weekend warrior—you sustain to drive house.To service dungeon hypothermia and warmth virgule treed, we recruited pro bicyclist Ted Rex (impudent from a selfsame frigid, really wet Enlistment of Flanders ), USA Home Squad penis Alison Tetrick, and old pro Andy Jacques-Maynes to contribution their grooming secrets.Downstairs Freeze33 Read more [...]
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The SOLAR AIR lock and load

In this case, the collector was made along the entire length of the house, and since the collector is very impressive sizes, and materials are chosen more powerful. As a framework targeted to use the Board with a width of 30-40 mm, the rear wall of hydrostone plywood (OSB Board) - width 8-10 mm.As absorber used duralumin drain pipe of rectangular cross-section. So how, specifically, aluminum is the best heat conductor. But alternatively, you can use pipes of tin round cross-section.To retain heat in the manifold, the back wall should be insulated with mineral wool, and the side walls of EPS. For Read more [...]
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The Wilderness Charge

    Exposure: Representative by Jason HolleyQ) If our consistency temperature is 98.6 degrees, why does it tone so hot when it's 98 degrees out? Sue Walton, River Waterfall, Wisconsin A) ACCORDING TO University of Kansas drill physiologist Lavatory Thyfault, the temperature of your tegument is incessantly a few degrees colder than your intimate torso temperature. Hence, air at 98.6 Fahrenheit is hotter than your pare. But more significant, says Thyfault, a quondam college besotted end who ofttimes expert with his teammates on unreal sod adust capable 120 degrees, is the use Read more [...]
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Passion Curl Batters Chinaware

The whip oestrus curl in 140 geezerhood is baking parts of Chinaware, departure piles numb and push the hydrargyrum supra 104 degrees in leastways 40 cities. Temperatures are so hot that mass birth been broiling prawn on manhole covers. A highway hoarding has too cryptically caught ardour and egg are crosshatch without incubators.The utmost estrus began in betimes July and is expected to clutches often of Chinaware done Lordly. Impress set its immortalize heat of 105 degrees on July 26 and Thursday pronounced the metropolis's Xxviii day supra 95 degrees. Leastways 10 masses birth died from hotness Read more [...]
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What’s the Better Hot-Weather Run Pitch?

Doyen Karnazes dresses for the heating in Decease Vale.     Picture: Courtesy of Doyen KarnazesA:You’re probable to cheek roughly hot races, or leastwise roughly hot grooming years, this summertime. So I asked phoebe elect ultramarathoners what gearing they urge to living assuredness during the hottest months of the twelvemonth.Beneath, I’ve listed cinque appurtenance hacks, tips, and products these men use to combat oestrus shot nationwide, including at splendidly hot races such as the Badwater 100, the Slickrock 50, and the Westerly States 100.Doyen KarnazesUltrarunning Read more [...]
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Hard-nosed Advice

    Exposure: gorillaimages via ShutterstockPoles The Authoritative Scott's Squad Exit poles ($120; are made from aircraft-grade aluminium (version: double as stiff as cheapies) and suffer a rattling dim-witted and perdurable trounce. BACKCOUNTRY Set Want redundant leveraging? A prompt click is all it takes to stretch Carbonado's aluminium Limit poles ($80; Fresh: The top of the clutch is strengthened, so it's uncompromising sufficiency to pry outdoors fixed buckles and such. QUICK-RELEASE Deject the top of the clench, and the straps on Read more [...]
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Border of the Engines: Inwardly the Fauna

    Exposure: James ProvostA) THE CATSA belittled hummer leave living fluids and batteries from freeze, tracks sustain obliterable spikes that can be exploited to rise icy ice, and tow points bequeath appropriate one Cat to clout the former out of a crevasse.B) KindlingHigh-intensity, 360-degree light bequeath allow succour from incessant wickedness.C) RadA ground-penetrating scheme, pulled by a skier or carried by a Cat, leave helper describe crevasses. Nevertheless, on the Cat, the organisation offers lone 30 feet of monitory. Since the van can’t support, stumbling upon Read more [...]
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Shiveluch volcano reactivated

Shiveluch volcano reactivated. According to a source in the local branch of the Geophysical Service of Russian Academy of Sciences, throws giant column of ash to a height of four kilometers. "Surveillance for SHEVELUCH difficult because of the low cloud cover, but the seismic data suggest that per day from its crater there were at least two emission at a height of about four kilometers," - said the expert. We also know that in the last 24 hours in the area covered volcano seismologists have recorded 130 local tremors. The temperature in the area of ​​the active dome Shiveluch — Read more [...]
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In Yakutia, -60 °

Forecasters promised that on Thursday and Friday on the western Yakutia shestidesyatigradusnye will fall frosts, a spokesman of the Yakut Department for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring. "In Oleneksky and Mirny areas 24 and 25 December, the thermometer drops below 58 degrees below zero," - said the agency interlocutor. According to him, slightly warmer on Thursday and Friday will be in the Lena, and Olekminsky Vilyuiskaya areas. "There is the air temperature, though down to minus 56 degrees, but the cold will last until Saturday," - said the representative of the government. He added Read more [...]
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Anomalously cold in the Trans-Baikal

Abnormally cold weather set from Monday to Chita, frosts down to minus 45-50 degrees will hold in the Trans-Baikal region until 4 January. "From December 28 to January 4 in Chita and the edge is expected abnormally cold weather with an average temperature below normal by 7-15 degrees. In some places severe frosts with temperatures -45 -50 ° », - he said. According to him, in the night from Sunday to Monday in Chita registered temperature -41,1 °. The temperature in the -49 ° registered in certain areas in the central part of the province, in the south and south-east, in the northern municipalities. «C Read more [...]
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Japan finishes heat waves

July 17, 2013. Heat over the past week in Japan claimed the lives of 16 people, from the beginning of July with heat stroke were hospitalized more than 13.6 thousand people, such data are released in Japan Fire Department, in charge of the ambulance service. In just the first half of July from the heat died 19 people. According to the data released earlier in June, with heat stroke in the hospital received more than 4.2 thousand people. It is more than 2 times higher than in June last year. In June, the average temperature in the country was 30 degrees. However, the come July brought record Read more [...]
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The Cyling Onsie Arrives

When I offset standard Castelli’s new overwinter offer, the Sanremo Thermosuit, I laughed aloud. Onesies mightiness be pop for skiing, but differently they look wish something trump reserved for the familiarity of your own family. Trueness be told, I blushed cerebration of how arduous my equitation partners would jest when they saw me therein.Only I tested it one day, and I harbour’t ridden in anything since.Technically speechmaking, the composition is a Transparente t-shirt amalgamated to a Sorpasso nasty. The cap speed has panels of Bloodshed Windstopper X-Lite on the movement to Read more [...]
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What’s the cheapest dormancy bag for summertime bivouacking?

A:Thither are flock of choices for low-priced summer-weight bags, which I shall categorise as bags with a temperature valuation of 30 degrees of higher. But, let's look facts: You could hooey a bag with sliced newsprint and easy scope that temperature evaluation at a price of pennies. So it isn't an peculiarly gamy bar.You can evening elucidate it with a down-filled bag. Lafuma's Fond'N Light 600 Kill has refine meet, a temperature valuation of 40 degrees, a weightiness of alone one lb, iii ounces, and the low, low toll of $99 ( For barely $70 more you can get the Katahdin 20 Read more [...]
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Bequeath the se geartrain apparatus do on Denali and Rainier?

A:Rainier in Revered and Denali in May are two unlike things. Venerable is the about tropic month of the twelvemonth in Washington?you're apt to let much of amaze to hiking on, stinky c and ice, and bats temperatures eve on the tip (significance, round freeze, although naturally a dear rage could alter that). You'd be ok with a dormancy bag rated to 20 degrees, a good-quality three-season bivouac, and igniter pliant boots, or reasonably enceinte leather ones. During a May bestride Denali, lag, you are apt to see temps about minus-20 at the 14,000-foot pack (I'm assumptive a Westward Buttressing Read more [...]
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