Your choice is very important

Anonymous votingWhat kind of political regime You choose? Democracy1018.9% Democracy47.5% Democracy23.8% Democracy35.7% Democracy917% Democracy59.4% Democracy611.3% Democracy47.5% Democracy1018.9% Get the codeVoted 53 man.27 Oct 2012 14:31|I like510 commentsSergey Shachnev The USSR 2.027 Oct 2012|Oleg Kuryshev the reason why:)27 Oct 2012|2Vladislav V. idocracy27 Oct 2012|Eugene Siberian Read more [...]
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Remember enemies in the face so he 1st echelon occupation

Link The salting of the USA in the Russian Federation met with representatives of the opposition23 Jan 2012 13:14|I like46 commentsSergey Vladimirovich this clown has long been time on the rack.23 Jan 2012|3Vladimir Catherine I would be so all this crud on the Gulag would have stuffed Though somewhere in the taiga "compete for democracy"23 Jan 2012|3Misha Radchenko Oh...them with me to the cottage......poborotsya for cleanliness and collection, and I in the past year a bit back was not Read more [...]
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Risk Adviser — The Dominican Democracy

Jeopardize deflection: the smooth beaches of the Dominican Democracy     Pic: Adalberto Rios Szalay/Sexto SolGamble deviation: the placid beaches of the Dominican DemocracyQ: Is thither any trouble travel to the Dominican Democracy, politically or medically? It seems I've heard something almost it in the tidings lately. I'm reasoning approximately an jaunt thither with the Pelagic Club to bailiwick the humpbacks. What else can I do thither?-Ann Hampson, Pismo Beach, CAHazard Adviser:A:The tidings you heard was likely some the late poliomyelitis irruption in the Dominican Democracy Read more [...]
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U.S. democracy and freedom is killing thousands of people around the world

This is the price of "values" of Western democracy.
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Moscow 2006

Title of the book by German writer Lion Feuchtwanger "Moscow 1937" became a household name - synonymous with blindness, conscious or not, left the Western intelligentsia. Feuchtwanger was not as outspoken as the smug bastard Bernard Shaw which, refuting the "speculation" of the bourgeois press about the famine in the Soviet Union during the collectivization, said that never ate so well as when visiting the USSR. He had a different role in the system of Soviet propaganda. Feuchtwanger, the language of intelligence, used to the dark. And doing it is the highest of all the Read more [...]
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Our pobedasty

Security officers around Putin make me much less hostility than the so-called "liberals." Agreeing with the half-forgotten classic, I would say that Surkov and Pavlovian - it is not brain presidential administration (brain there has long been amputated), and it's another substance. No security officers, and "liberal" and PR advisers waged two bloody massacre Chechen political technology to improve the ratings of their clients, and both times repeated that while reviving the Russian army, and each, who thinks otherwise is a traitor. No secret police, and Sonderkommando Read more [...]
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After August 8, sovereign democracy was taken for granted

Subject sovereign democracy cheered sleepy ideological space Russia's domestic policy, and filled-in any way, but still meaningful political stagnation party monster "United Russia", and this reason alone it should not be avoided. Especially, one much and does not avoid. "Sovereign democracy" was the first sign of real ideological state and authority of the Putin era. Articles on this topic at some point out, one by one, and the leader of "United Russia" Boris Gryzlov, in general, some grinning to himself, proclaimed "sovereign democracy," the foundation Read more [...]
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Who democracy?

Immediately after September 11, the United States began to happen quite strange changes. Not that they were unexpected - on the contrary, it is quite predictable. It is surprising that no one in the western world did not pay them much attention, let alone study and analyze. The day after the attacks, even before the official announcement of the investigation of sudden, Bush said the following. Thus, in response to the attacks of the U.S. is going to unleash a whole war, a war against evil on a global scale. Who is Evil - ought to define America. Is not that sought the true organizers of events Read more [...]
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Lessons in democracy

When the Soviet Union fell apart, its fragments formed from a number of independent states. But the biggest and strongest of them was still Russia. With the collapsed economy and a demoralized population, it still represents a fairly formidable force with which perforce had to be considered. So West continued to monitor the young state, preventing any attempt to increase its influence and pushing him closer to the brink. Stood at the head of Russia Yeltsin. Not so important who he was - a traitor, as told to Filaret, the agent who had plastic surgery, to use Gerard, or simply unscrupulous vlastolyubtsem, Read more [...]
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Formula sovereign democracy: what it lacks

Discussion of sovereign democracy revealed some significant moments in this compromise, the liberal-conservative world view of the power elite. In general, the formulation of sovereign democracy - a true vector. However, as mentioned above, Russia's sovereignty is not so much a national (folk), but the nature of civilization. This means in addition to the nation (democracy) and power (sovereignty) significant third principle, the third link[1]. This should be the third link is not yet the end of the clarification of the wording of substantive content of Russia's elite, the permission Read more [...]
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