Volga perversion

Junior, who set up the tackle, demonstrated how to drill, jig tied planted and sprat, on the first fishings began to show good resultsPhoto: Sergey Semyonov How sudachatnikov – so many ways of fishing. Some people prefer active fishing and constantly running and drills, some hatches in one place. Some baubles, someone catches on the jig. And someone manages to combine these two methods of fishing. How many different ways of fishing lure – one newspaper material is placed. But with catching bersha and walleye jig, it would seem to be a lot of options, know yourself, Read more [...]
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Do not shoot — it’s so painful to die!

Four people with large and heavy a backpack not quick, but steadily went on spring Taimyr tundra on wide hunting skis.Waders on the traveler were to roll out over the entire height of the cotton trousers, because the cold snow and watery mixture, sometimes reached above the knee, it was a very insidious. Bathing in this icy same font was a little enjoyable adventure and did not bode well. Way hunters was coming hard, dangerous and not a short, so they had to be extremely careful and cautious.In addition to backpacks, each hung on the shoulder well made hunting rifle. On top of quilted cotton padded Read more [...]
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Out-of-door Clip, Jun 2000

Exterior     F E A T U R E S THE Roughneck TRIPS Templet Occur, We Daring You It's clock you became the hoagie of your own high-adventure account. Meter you put your courageousness to the exam and proven you've got what it takes to cavort in the humanity's nigh dreadful places. We'll furnish the inspiring examples, preparation tips, and MO. All you've got to do is go that trembling underframe Read more [...]
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Account of the end times (Duty spetsbrigady psychiatric care on the eve of doomsday)

The official end of the world. Spetsbrigady duty.First there was a call to the eighty-year-grandfather. His nurse on the phone said that they had in the apartment end of the world has already arrived. Came - ba, just come! All chandeliers to tear the roots. Santa bodrenkim bunny jumping around the apartment, requires nurses shun. What did he end of the world - on his personal calendar now in May 1962, he was full of himself and full of unmarried eticheskoy force. Spetsbrigad was presented a claim - say, long traveling, it could be irreparable. The eyes of the Chisinau. Denis A. looked at the Read more [...]
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The greatness of the Russian resourcefulness)

The greatness of the Russian resourcefulness 3:37Nikita TEMNOZOR23 Aug 2014 19:17 via Android|I like14812 26 commentsRoman Seregin explain how they did it23 Aug at 19:22|2Roman Seregin why the car doesn't roll up with beams?23 Aug at 19:23|2Denis Matveev the crossbeam to the towbar attached must23 Aug at 19:25|1Andrey Silantiev replied Novel Seregina Roman, Sitka.23 Aug at 19:26|7Roman Seregin said Andrew Silantieva Andrew, you say mystic23 Aug at 19:27|Roman Seregin replied Denis Read more [...]
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Requisite Version: September 2011

Denis Johnson’s Caravan Dreams     Picture: Courtesy of Farrar, Straus and Giroux

In 2002, Denis Johnson promulgated a novelette in The Paris Reexamination called String Dreams, most a hermetic dragoon prole in former 20th-century Idaho and Washington who loses his wife to a wildfire. Resurrected as a reduce standalone intensity (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, $18), it’s a gorgeous westerly cataclysm that’s deserving the back toll for the withering finis view unique.

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Cobo Wins Vuelta, Circumstantially

Spain's Juan Jose Cobo clenched an unexpected triumph in the Vuelta a España on Sunday, springing from nigh abstruseness to win the harden's last 1000 turn later start the airstream in reenforcement of teammates Denis Menchov and Carlos Sastre. Cobo, who had considered retreat as late as this give, well-kept a 13-second leading complete British riders Chris Froome and Braddley Wiggins done the airstream's end into Madrid. "I idea I'd be running for Denis and Carlos passim the Vuelta, and I've terminated up fetching," Cobo aforementioned. Froome and Wiggins were the low always Read more [...]
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Somali gunmen have published photos of French commando killed

Somali insurgents - Islamic Movement of "Al-Shabab" published Jan. 14 in his microblog French commando killed photos, personal belongings and weapons.According to the militants killed was the commander of special forces, which failed on a rescue mission from the captivity of another Frenchman - Scout Denis Allex (Denis Allex).In total, the French battle killed 17 militants and lost two of his men. The fate of the second information is not accurate: Paris says he also died, the leadership "Al-Shabab" states that he was captured.The French Government also declared dead and Allex, Read more [...]
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When it comes to disaster. Allegory

Dennis was sitting at a table in barter, looking at the pile of accumulated documents, which had yet to crack. Outside the window, floating clouds. "That would be there," - she sighed, feeling bound to the table, work papers and forced circumstances. But she had to feed 2 mouth, pay bills and make purchases. When Cliff stuck his head in the door, she smile. "I need to run a couple of errands in the next 2 hours. You then hold out without me "- he said. "Of course, what problems - said Denis - lunch I brought from home, caught at the table and will deal with the papers." "Thanks, Read more [...]
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Mosquito clouds in Belarus

May 15. Mosquito clouds attacked the village on the eve of the territory Nikoltsy Myadzel Minsk region. Seen through the anomaly photographed local. However, according to him, the fact that they are in the frame - this is the remains of a powerful insect. Fortunately, mosquito swarm was not biting. Local people working in their fields, and paid no attention to the flying swarm. But a passing car slowed down, the drivers and passengers watched in amazement at the strange gray clouds. Hum of mosquitoes was so strong that the sound of the engine drowned out the machines, said the news program Read more [...]
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10. Cory Richards, Simone Moro, and Denis Urubko Raise GII

It wasn’t equitable that Cory Richards, Simone Moro, and Denis Urubko climbed one of Pakistan’s 8,000-meter peaks in overwinter, or that they survived a cruel force and avalanche on the way fine-tune. It was that Richards attested the integral journeying, and that Moro and Urubko let him. The Anson Fogel directed shortstop that followed wowed audiences for the immediate, gamy face it offered interior a loyal and spark mountaineering junket. It took abode the Charlie Fowler accolade at Telluride Mountainfilm, The Purport of Chance loot at the 5Point Celluloid Fete, and the M Trophy at Read more [...]
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